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October 15, 2008


Gay Gary

And now Evita Clinton is giving him advise. If this doesn't make the case against McCain to any conservative, I don't know what does.


My oh My Michella speaking out.


If it was a done deal, then why even out here in Washington State is it getting its feet wet. Hussein has to come up with the proper documents to put this story to bed once and for all.


Hahaha.McCain chickened out on asking Obama-to his face-about Ayers. As he tried to just generally whine about negative ads, he looks at Bob Scheiffer and cant look at Obama.
So much for "whipping his ass"...
Really really sad.

Gay Gary



Hahahaha, what debate were you watching, debate 2.


Gary, I get the feeling you are a huge South Park fan.


Again, Hussein gets high marks for his Ands, uh, ugs, ers. A+

Now when it came to talk about Abortion. Why did Hussein not look into the camera. Every other time on important issues he spoke directly to the camera. On abortion, he keep away from the camera. Is he trying to hide something?


Hasta la vista McSame!


"10:55: Ambinder reports: McCain didn’t say “middle class” at all. Said Bill Ayers six times. ACORN three times.

10:51: Krauthammer on Fox: “It was a dead draw, which means Obama won resoundingly.”

10:48: CNN’s focus group gave the debate to Obama 15-10. 3 people changed their minds based on the debate. All three decided to vote for Obama.

10:44: ABC’s fact checker: McCain got “Joe the Plumber’s” name wrong, calling him Joe Wurzelberger instead of his real name, Joe Wurzelbacher.

10:40: A “clear majority” of Frank Luntz’s focus group on Fox News said Obama won. (Ambinder: “Four members of Frank Luntz’s 23-person focus group switched to Obama. None switched to McCain. Brit Hume did not seem happy to learn that.”)

10:39: Discussing McCain’s personal attacks on Obama, Republican strategist David Gergen said, “He got over emotional about it. He looked angry. It was almost an exercise in anger management up there for him to contain himself.”

I'm loving it.


gigi, hadn't you better start packing


I'd ask who is pretending to be me but pretenders don't usually reveal themselves.

Occasionally, I agree. You must have been enjoying my brief affair with gigi. But, it's over. He's just another gigi-golo. Not worth the time nor the dime.

Why do you enjoy being me?


One more...Gergen is a Republican pundit:

11:27: Asked how the race now changes for John McCain after this debate, CNN’s David Gergen responds, “Beats the hell out of me.”

(also from Think Progress cited above)


Steeeeeveeeen...where are youuuuu?



I find it disturbing that people would even consider questioning any American's citizenship, especially in Obama's case where he was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. I see it as another trend where many white Americans loathe at the thought of a black president or detest at the thought of any minority or bi-racial person holding powerful office in the upper echelons of government. I am sure if Senator Obama was Barry O'Reilly born in Boston of an Irish father and a white American mother, this would not even be an issue.

The Republicans at one time had captured a significant number of the Hispanic vote from the Democrats and others were following too, including African-Americans. However, the anti-immigration attitude displayed by a few powerful party members, English-only platforms, “Macaca” comment, along with constant attacks on Obama has alienated many minorities. The attack on Obama is never on issues. He is accused of being an Arab (clandestine for black), Muslim (clandestine for not American), socialist, communist and traitor. It is going to take some time for the GOP, perhaps several generations, to regain any footing with minorities after this election, no matter the outcome. And if their base is to be the minority in thirty years, I wish them the best of luck.

True colors (or lack of it in case of the right) and dumbing down of conservatives is fully exposed! The likes of George Will and other intellectual conservatives have been replaced by the "great white dopes" of Hannity, Limbaugh, Ingraham, Dobson and of course Palin.


C'mon Roz, isnt his "redistribute the wealth" policy an issue we have been talking about.

If Hussein doesn't have anything to hide, he should authorize the State of Hawaii to release his birth certificate. Not the phony one he has been using. And if you were not aware, the Libs in California tried the same thing with McCain. Even a few on here tried bringing it up. By the way, the McCain suit was dismissed.

The only dimbing down I see, is you turning a blind eye to everything negative about Hussein. Open them up.


I find it disturbing That Oblabla can not prove that he was born in the USA. When members of his own family have said he was born outside the US and that his mom flew to Hawaii to register him after the fact. It would be nice if he would just man up and provide a valid birth cert. I suppose that we could call you a racist if it were Michael Steele running as POTUS on the Republican ticket and you were against him. You racist MoFo.
I find it disingenuous that you and others keep harping on immigration as an issue when in fact McCain and most of us do not have any issues with immigration. We do have issues with people sneaking over the boaders, under cover of darkness into the US. You know, the illegal kind of immigration.
Oblahblah is a socialist. How is that debatable? He wants to take it from those that earned it and give it to those who didn't.
Traitor? Remains to be seen, but I doubt it. Had not heard that out of the McCain campaign.
As for being against a black man (or woman) becomming POTUS, nope, nobody in the main stream 90% left to right is probably against that. You have that 5% of fritcakes on the extremes of each side that have issues. You know, the kind of idiots that would wear a "Sarah Palin is a cunt" t-shirt in public.
No, rozzy, we are against your guy because he is an extreme left wing, socialist, regressive, tax the crap outta us, corruptable, lying, full of shit, ethics impaired democrat. Has nothing to do with his skin color.


Can you prove he's not born here? As I understand it, McCain was born in Panama. Is he not a US citizen?


Sorry Colier
Not my job. The question is out there and I am waiting for the evidence. Oblahblah seems unable or unwilling to put it to rest. We will wait and see what that slick lawyer back east digs up. That is far from the biggist issue I have with him.
I admit that I would enjoy the carma of his being sued and thrown off the ballot on a technicality. How many folks did he do that to in his shit stained career?


Not your job? LOL then we don't have to buy the rest of whatever it is your trying to sell us. You are trying to sell us something we don't need, correct?


No Colier
I am the last person on this blog that would try to sell you a socialist as POTUS. That is your meme.
You don't see the irony of your guy being thrown off the ballot over a technicality? Does a Senator have to be an American citizen? LOL here to boss.


Chucks, you might want to check factcheck.org regarding Obama's birth certificate.


However I have a feeling you are not going to change your mind


Chucks, I don't read any irony as Hawaii was admitted to the union in 1959 and Obama was born there 2 years later. What's your point?


Coiler, you are in denial. According to his paternal grandmother, his half-brother and half-sister, he was born in Kenya. His mother and father were visiting Kenya when mom went in to labor. She couldn't fly home because of her advanced state of preggers.
If his granny says it, I believe it. She was there. Nobody has privided any witness to his birth in Hawaii. Mom flew home to Hawaii later and registered his birth later.
We don't need some stinking liberal forigner acting as our POTUS.


I'm not in denial, you haven't proved anything. The birth certificates are available like expat said.

I have read the paternal grandmother is dead.

There is a paternal Step-Grandmother in Africa, is that what you meant? Did she raise him?


pssst....did you know...Obama is...BLACK. Cant have one of those as our president for god's sake.


Chucks and Steven, thanks for your response and posts. You proved exactly what I said in yesterday’s post. I was going to respond with specifics to back my claims but I would get better results debating a box of rocks. There is hope for both of you as you entertain me with your ignorance.

Rozskat – “stinking liberal forigner”


I nearly responded to your post after having read it without my glasses on thinking the post was joanies.
Don't know what kind of a moron you may or may not be. Can not tell if you are a bigot or sarcastic. Care to clarify? If you meant what you posted, many of us on both sides would like to "debate" the idiot in you.
If it was just ignorant sarcasm, well, sorry. (oh ye, and screw off).


Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Michael Rudd

Denmark Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rassmussen

Finland Prime Minister Matti Taneli Vanhanen and President Tarja Halonen

PresidentNicolas Sarkozy and
Prime MinisterFrancois Fillon of France

President Horst Koehler
Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany

President Olafur Grimmson
Prime Minister Geir H. Haarde of Iceland

President Mary McAleese
Prime Minister Brian Cowen of Ireland

Queen Beatrix
Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenede of the Netherlands

King Harald V
Prime Minister Jens Stoltenburg of Norway

King Carl Gustav XVI
Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt of Sweden

...and many others around the world are "socialist leaders" if we go by your definition. In the case of Denmark, particularly, the people pay the same amount of taxes we do and they get free health care and free college education. Same with Ireland. All of these countries have free medical care, and compared to many of our American citizens, lead a higher quality of lifestyle since they dont have to worry about medical care and are better educated than some Americans. Could it be, that because they dont funnel their tax money into the pockets of military contractors who just happen to be buddies with the VP, they have more money to spend on making their country as strong as it can be?

I dont remember reading about citizen unrest in any of these countries do you?

President Pascal COUCHEPIN
Vice President Hans-Rudolf MERZ of Switzerland


I take that back....France has problems with young immigrants who want to work but are met with resistance from the French.


...and who protects them in their time of need


Oct 16th, 2008 | NEW YORK -- Conservative commentator Glenn Beck is leaving CNN Headline News for Fox News Channel, where he will host a weekday show at 5 p.m. starting next spring.


they have military.,.they just dont dump billions and billions of dollars into occupations.


correct answer is: USA and the free world, as always.
Who protects the USA?...France?
Your comparisons are downright silly; however I agree with you on 'occupations' per se.


Uh, Duffman...those countries are part of the free world. They are not dictatorships. And the idea that we are the world's police is not so popular anymore, either with us or them.

Think of all the programs we pay taxes to support that are in existence to fill in the gaps of poor health care. Think of all the taxes we pay for programs to help keep people who cant find jobs because they dont have an education.

Creating a healthy, educated populace benefits everyone.


Like I said earlier, Roz, you just turn a blind eye away from the tough words against your Candidate. I'm sure if you had some kind of comeback, you would have posted it.

Hey ExPatBrit, have you heard that Factcheck.org is owned by none other than ACORN. Of course they will say it is a true copy. But why wont Hussein show the people of the US, we have a right to know if he is to be our next President. He has provided his IRS forms, why not his Birth Certificate like Senator McCain has done.

Coiler, the Naval Air Station McCain was born on is property of the US. Thereby, anyone born on the base is a Citizen of the US.


Sparky, you better start doing a better job than. If not for the US, this country and the rest of the world would be under the control of either or a combination of Nazi Germany, Imperial Japanese, or even worse, the Communist Russians. Which of those would you prefer?


None, Steven, and we don't have to live under a dictatorship to have free health care and an educated populace. Read what I wrote to Duffman. All those countries I listed, and many more, have a peaceful population who enjoy a healthy life and are able to send their kids to college, who then return to become contributing citizens. They are not dictatorships.

Now, about doing my job...do you REALLY want me to start correcting your spelling and grammar on here???


Well Steven

snopes says the same thing about the birth certificate.


No doubt you have a reason for distrusting them also.
Maybe they are owned by Michael Moore or George Soros. Yes that's it.


Factcheck is owned by the Annenberg Public Policy Center, The Annenberg's are contributors to McCain's campaign

Whois record for Factcheck

Domain ID: D101518303-LROR
Created On:29-Sep-2003 18:02:43 UTC
Last Updated On:20-Sep-2005 02:01:41 UTC
Expiration Date:29-Sep-2010 18:02:43 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:Register.com Inc. (R71-LROR)
Registrant ID:C36603267-RCOM
Registrant Name:Brooks Jackson
Registrant Organization:Annenberg Public Policy Center, UPenn
Registrant Street1:320 National Press Building
Registrant Street2:
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:Washington
Registrant State/Province: DC
Registrant Postal Code:20045
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone :+1.2028796708
Registrant Phone Ext.:
Registrant FAX:
Registrant FAX Ext.:
Registrant Email:[email protected]

US embassies and consulates are sovereign. US Military bases abroad are governed by Status of Force Agreements between the two governments. They are considered under the sovereignty of the host country.

The base has nothing to do with the citizenship, the parents have to be US citizens.


Some of you guys are really fucking pathetic. Hussein? talk of low-brow idiocy... don't you think that the RNC would have examined Senator Obama with a microscope and the best they can do is Ayres? Senator McCain is a great man, but is well past his prime - and does not motivate anywhere near like Obama. A great leader makes one want to excel - Obama can do this. And as a former sailor this militant idiocy needs to stop - how many weapons do we need? we already outspend the rest of the world on our military and is putting us in the poorhouse.


I find it disturbing that people would even consider questioning any American's citizenship,

Rozskat, you forget...Steven is disturbed.

Can't you tell?

Think about it: chucks and steven are the people who stood in line and sounded like uneducated thugs. They are the woman who said Obama was an Arab and to whom John McCain said no, he's a decent man - a family man.

When you see that woman - when you see those haters - you're looking at steven and chucks. "Shit weasels in sandals." Those were chuck's words. Do you hear or see any difference between them and the people at McCain rallies threatening and hating Obama?

Any difference at all?


You are actually trying to have a reasonable conversation with those people...

It is impossible.


Thats the one Coiler, I knew it started with an "A". Thanks for the correction. Can you see the connection now. Anneberg hired Hussein, Hussein worked for ACORN, Factcheck is now working for Hussein. All connected.

And again you are correct about the US Bases and the SOFA. But at the time of McCains birth, the base was located in the Panama Canal Zone, which was under US sovereignty.


I feel the same way about McCain, he stood shoulder to shoulder during an ACORN rally 2 years ago. I heard he did a Stephin Fetchit routine later on that day for the crowd and blew it. John McFlipFlop was ACORN before he was against it.


But what you fail to reconize coiler, is that Hussein said ACORN would have a say in his agenda for America. Is that payback for supporting Hussein all these years?


Now Sparky, go ahead if you want to. Like I have said before, I am not looking a job. But those students of yours will be in 8-10 years from now. And those students are the future of this country. They will need to be educated to fix what you and the rest of the Liberals might set in motion with the election of Hussein as President come November.


Gallup this morning- Obama with a two point lead. The greatest economic meltdown since the depression and your boy is within the margin of error! hhahaahahahahaah a whoo hooooooooooooo Can you say "peaked two early?'The reports of the economy's demise byObaa were premature. Dowyesterday- over40 points up. DOW today-about to turn green after being down 280 points- a repeat of yesterday. heehtteeheheeheeheheheeheeh


sorry DOW yesterday over 400 points up, not 40


My guess, Steven, is that you cannot provide the reference to where Obama said ACORN would have a say in his "agenda." Unless, of course, Newsmax or Drudge made it up.

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