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October 01, 2008



Some of this seems pretty dated. I imagine Lou is still trying to cash in on the low-IQ rhetoric and hate talk that made right-wing talk radio so popular, powerful and a cash cow for so many.

(An example is chucks' most recent post on the gregoire-rossi thread.)

Hopefully, that time is over. Hopefully.


I miss Lou Pate, whose overnight show on KIRO was the most authentic, fitting and intimate kind I have ever heard.

Ah, the soothing smooth snarty sleepy yawning that is of Pate in the wee hours made my insomnia so much easier.

No more. Now I turn on the radio at night, it is just dead air.


Lou Pate is 100% correct about Muslims. Islam produces the most despicable bunch of folks anywhere on earth.


This is the first and last time I'll show any sympathy for Lou Pate.Imagine young Lou growing up sorrounded by Soprano's type Goombahs in his Bronx mafia neighborhood,day after day, hearing these ignorant thug men spew their gutter level, foul and vulgar racism.Remember how Tony Soprano warned off the half-black kid who wanted to date Meadow, later saying a "butterhead" would never marry his daughter.That was a realistic portrayal of the super-racist atmosphere of these "oldschool" neighborhoods. Of course Pate is a racist. He could have said that Obama was the black Bill Clinton. When he talks in terms of Clinton in blackface and Mammy, totally unnecessary and inappropriate references, he's making it obvious just what he is.

Bob Formerly Kirkland

I used to live in Seattle, and now live in Philly. Lou Pate has been doing shows on WPHT in Philadelphia. I heard him last night.


Re: Tommy008 comment. Isn't the Sopranos in New Jersey? Let me guess, you've never been farther away than Vancouver or Portland... try crossing the Mississippi River once in a while -- Seattle isn't the center of the universe.


IMO Lou Pate was/is an interesting personality. Was he a bit contoversial...heck yeah and it spiced up the late-nite/early morning KIRO Show. His New York roots and upbringing were a boon to the diverse programming they then had at the station. He seemingly got along well with all, was great at the battles of the talk show hosts. Local media should have given him a chance at a prime time show; he could have surprised a few people.


My aren't we condescending and superior Stan.Try not posting the first childish impulsive crap that comes to mind and removing all doubt about what an ass you are, when beforehand people merely suspected you of being one. ive been to new york city at least three times, staying there for several weeks on one occaision,and Ive lived on the esst coast for three and 4 months at a time on several different occaisions. Ive driven across the country and back twice,visited 30states. The Sopranos arein the 5th Ward Newark, not rural New Jersey. Same neighborhood model as the Bronx. ass.

Gregory McKie

I never understood as much as Lou Pate hated Seattle, Why did he say so long?

Lou Pate reminds me of an angry Bobby Fischer.


Lou Pate hated Seattle so much that he tried to do a verbal anal rape of the city every night. That's pathological hatred. I think basically he's jealous of Seattle because we've shown up New York in so many ways. Why didn't New York come up with Microsoft, instead of Seattle?,etc. Why does Seattle have more millionaires per capita than New York? The list is long. His main,mindless tactic to diss Seattle with was to point out what a small city we are compared to NYC as if pure size of a city was some sort of virtue. New York has about a two hundred year head start on Seattle. He tried to sterotype us in ways that simply weren't true such as his claim that we are some sort of lillywhite enclave. He said Seattle white people put Celebrate Diversity bumper stickers on their cars but they don't have to deal or live with minorities day to day, like he does back in his hometown of NYC. He would quote some irrelevant radio business magazine which covered the whole SPRAWLING radio market here,not the city itself, to supposedly prove that we had tiny minority populations. His bogus radio survey said we had 4% Asians whereas the city census numbers say we have 12% or more. The total census numbers for the city show us us to have a more than 35% minority population. This blows his crapola that we don't mix with minorities daily in Seattle copletely out of the water.


I have lived in both Seattle and New York. Sorry but Seattle couldn't even measure up to Staten Island. For the record, The Sopranos was based on a mob family in New Jersey. Sorry T-008. Unless you lived and worked for years in NY, visiting the Empire State Building and the Seinfeld Diner dosen't count.


You prefer NYC Bob. Great.Proves nothing.I don't prefer it. never said i knew NYC intimately, Bob. This clown Stan accused me of being some provincial that's never left the state. I never said The Sopranos lived in NYC,Bob. It's the Italian section of Newark. I said Pate grew up with Sopranos-LIKE characters in his (by hisown admission) mafia dominated neighborhood in the Bronx. Sorry to you "livedandworkedthere" Bob, but I don't have to have lived in Lou's old neighborhood for twenty years to know that a hood like that was and probably still is a heavily ethnocentric and strongly racist neighborhood. All you have to be is reasonably aware and perceptive. And have been to NYC for more than a day or two as i have. Are you saying that the Sopranos writers don't know what they'retalking about and haven't done theirr esearch when they portray Tony and his pals as heavily racist? NYC is alL about clannishnes, ethnic enclaves and racism


Lou Pate is just a little man who wasn't a big enough and goodhearted enough fellow to transcend the everpresent, nasty racism that he grew up with in his NYC neighborhood. Simple. "You have to be carefully taught"- Bali High


it's amusing to read posters who chime in here and think they're winning in a "gotchya" game by shooting down claims that you never even made in the first place. They don't seem to have even bothered to read what you actually stated, just skimmed over it and misinterpreted it.


Chucks, you got your wish. Bill fried that Franks character. And Franks just weaseled himself from blame.

I got to say this, I was in Vegas two weeks ago and in MGM there is a booth where you can go and get your head transfixed onto other bodies as you sing a song. Watching Barney Frank the last two days reminds me of this because it looks like his head is pasted onto the body. I think its his big neck but it is weird.


A sign of things to come next month ? Very possibly... More than just a conspiracy theory. Remember: We elect who we deserve..see ya

Unstoppable destructive force seizes power over U.S. voters

These ACORN people are nuts. The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, has been putting together bogus and forged voter registration applications in Lake County, say local Democrats and Republicans in county politics, and both sides want it stopped.

If there is going to be any vote fraud, by golly, we can handle that ourselves without any help from outsiders. Anyhow, ACORN, which on Feb. 21 endorsed Barack Obama, is doing him no favors by clogging Lake County with an avalanche of fake registrations that could foul up the Nov. 4 election.

They're up to their old tricks, the locals say, which earned them felony charges in Seattle in 2007 when they used phone books to create bogus voter registration cards.

According to the ACORN Web site, it "helps those who historically have been locked out" of the electoral process.

You know, people like "Jimmy John," who oddly enough shares a name and address with a Crown Point sandwich shop. Or the man from Gary who died in November but was somehow resurrected in August to register to vote.

The allegations and others came from Lake County GOP Chairman John Curley at a Thursday news conference.

Now, one could accuse Curley of playing partisan politics, but one of the people who blew the whistle is Elections Board Director Sally LaSota, whose credentials as a Democrat are unquestionable.

Why would the Democrats and Republicans get together on this? Maybe they remember how poorly Lake County fared at the hands of the national media in the primary and are determined that this time no one is going to make us a laughingstock.

At least no one from outside the county, like the jamokes from ACORN, which is based in New York City, New Orleans and Washington, D.C.

Local Obama campaign chiefs are concerned about their man's name being linked with ACORN's shenanigans and have called here to say so.

Maybe they fear people will think Obama is not about hope, but about hoping to get elected. That the only change he really wants to see is himself in the White House.

That he is in reality no different from Republican operatives who stole a presidential election in Florida in 2000.

Because Obama did not just learn community organizing in Cook County.

He also learned politics there, where election stealing is an art. As the late Chicago Mayor Harold Washington would remind us were he here today, politics ain't beanbag.

- Mark Kiesling


Is that the same Mark Kiesling who wrote that McCain should pick Condi because she is black???

Discredited Republican voter-suppression guru Ken Blackwell is attacking Barack Obama with naked lies about his supposed connection to ACORN.

• Fact: Barack was never an ACORN community organizer.
• Fact: Barack was never an ACORN trainer and never worked for ACORN in any other capacity.
• Fact: ACORN was not part of Project Vote, the successful voter registration drive Barack ran in 1992.

In his capacity as an attorney, Barack represented ACORN in a successful lawsuit alongside the U.S. Department of Justice against the state of Illinois to force state compliance with a federal voting access law. For his work helping enforce the law, called “Motor Voter,” Barack received the IVI-IPO Legal Eagle Award in 1995.

Ken Blackwell is best known today for disenfranchising Democratic voters in his dual role as Ohio Secretary of State and chair of George Bush’s Ohio campaign in 2004. To see him shed crocodile tears for the integrity of the vote while making accusations about Barack and ACORN with absolutely no basis in fact is disturbing.

Blackwell’s attacks against ACORN and community organizers continue a vile Republican pattern of mockery and viciousness against this noble profession. Community organizers are the very individuals Republicans should be celebrating for helping people to help themselves rather than depending on the government.

The truth is that Barack was never a community organizer or trainer for ACORN, and he was never employed by ACORN in any other capacity. ACORN was not part of the historic voter registration drive that Barack led.

Not that I expect you to believe it, but for all the people who read this blog but dont post comments--it would be a shame for them not to know the facts.


Will whoever the guy or girl was was who beat up Tommy 008 repeatedly when he was little please apologize. Then maybe he can be more positive. If someone knows his family, can you please call them and ask them to make up for all the times they did not hug him. Man, talk about a guy with issues. No to mention a man cruch on Lou Page. Get some therapy mi amigo.


You are right Sparky. Another fact is that Hussein requested a $1 million earmark for tThe University Of Chicago Medical
Center where his wife Magilla had just been appointed Vice President.


Or maybe, just maybe this is fact.

"Obama’s grandmother on his father’s side, his half-brother and half-sister all claim Obama was born not in Hawaii but in Kenya. Reports reflect that Obama’s mother traveled to Kenya during her pregnancy; however, she was prevented from boarding a flight from Kenya to Hawaii at her late stage of pregnancy (which, apparently, was a normal restriction, to avoid births during a flight). By these reports, Stanley Ann Dunham Obama gave birth to Obama in Kenya, after which she flew home and registered Obama’s birth."


Hey Nevets, you were dropped on your head when you were a kid, werem't ya?

hahaha, Bob!

haha Bob you sound like a typical, smug, superior New Yorker, who thinks his town in the center of the universe. I demolished all your nonsense in your post, and now you have to resort to ad hominems. The point of my original post was that Lou is a racist because of the heavily racist neighborhood he grew up in, and you're response was, i guess, apparently, that i can't know or make conclusions about Lou's NYC neighborhood unless i've lived and worked in NYC for years, like you. I trashed your claim thoroughly and soundly. Tommy008 p.s. no i don't have a "mancrush" on Lou, Bob, you'd know more about those things than i would. i just really, really dislike him. i'm not your "amigo".


hey, your little article about lou pate and his on air comments. SO WHAT? you libs just don't get it to save your asses.


Oh we get it. What we don't get is why some of you want to comment on a thread that has been dead for weeks.

steve o

I met a man.. He was a good man..Sailin' and shorin' ahh yea.. I wanna live in Los Angeles!!

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