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October 10, 2008



He needs college money for his kids? Sell the jag, Dori.

I'm confused. First Wall Street was the answer to everything and now it's the problem?

Well, one thing is certain: there's enough idiots out there to keep the dori-man in his well-paid job for as long he wants to drive that jag.


Tsk Tsk Dori. If you lost money in the stock market, that is your fault because as you tell people every day, you, and you alone, are responsible for making decisions that affect your life.

Dori, Rush, Hannity, Beck, et al will all be voting for Obama, if only for the fact that an Obama presidency would give them something about which to express their faux outrage.


I disagree that Monson is insincere. He genuinely believes in what he says.


Waiting for Duffman to come tell me Im jealous of Dori.....


he must of lost some income after his "Stupid Prices" spots stopped airing.

He can't make it on 150 grand when others can send their kids to college on half that? It's called setting money aside, in a money market or similar account years ago. I think he's selfish, after all he bragged about taking his family to France bringing food on board to save money.


Does anyone know whether he actually owns the Jag or is he getting comped it for pimping them on his show.


I'm certain the Jag is comped. Mike Webb had a comped Lexus.

I wish Dori showed a little humility and admitted that MORE REGULATION is and was required. Their claim that this was caused by progressive housing programs is laughably desperate. Those greedy lenders did it for the MONEY not because some twenty to thirty year old housing program told them to.

It thought Dori made more than 150k. He talks as if he's exceedingly succesful and carrying the weight for society but that's nowhere near the highest tax bracket. The governemnt isn't taking nearly as much money from him as I had thought, his outrage seems all the more rediculous now. He's really coming off as someone who doesn't want to contribute anything to the society he profits from.


Duffman says to go ahead and discuss amongst yourselves, he doesn't have time for lemming-training today. No need to wait for my guidance. :)


Mike Webb owned his Lexus. It was a 2003. It was his pride & joy. Wouldn't he be disgusted hearing what Dori has to say? They hated each other, and the Dorster tried to get him fired.


I for one dxon't miss the likes of Duffman and the others who made this string so despicable for so long. I might come back more often if there is no more of that personal bickering.


Top 10 reason to vote for John McCain:

10. Because the only terrorists you want your president palling around with are the domestic ones.

9. He's already got 10 houses. What's one more?

8. It will keep him from behind the control stick of an airplane.

7. We finally get a real competitor for the Washington Times Vice Presidential Swimsuit Competition.

6. If we put the button high enough, he won't ever be able to push it.

5. At last, the Supreme Court will get a chance to re-visit Plessy v. Ferguson.

4. John McCain's middle name is Sydney and everybody loves Australia!

3. We desperately need to defend America from witches.

2. If I don't vote for him this time, I won't get another chance!

1. Jesus told me to.


Words have consequences...just watched video of a mcCain rally where people are screaming that Obama is an Arab, a terrorist and a Muslim. McCain was forced to defend Obama and his supporters boo'd him for it.

I hope you guys are happy. You have a mess on your hands and McCain has backed himself into a corner.

This morning I heard a gentleman say (on the radio) that he voted for McCain, and McCain won, the primary because he ran as John McCain. "This angry, racist-fueling flipflopper is someone I don't recognize, and I will not be voting in this election."


Hey Sparky. At least McCain stood up and defended Hussein. What class. Thats the stuff Presidents are made of.

Now, what did Hussein do all those times in the pews when Rev. Wright G.D'd America. Maybe you should look at those videos again. And look closely. Look at the others in the church hooting and howling. Jumping up and down. High fiving each other. Do you think Hussein just sat back and made a disgusting face while his fellow church goers were having fun at the expense of America? C'mon.


..and duffman returns the compliment cinco..he doesn't miss you either but wishes you well on this blog and hopes one day you have something relevant to contribute :)


he defended him? well I would call it saving face after nearly all his former peer group which had respect for him previously said he was blowing it by not calling out the bigots in the crowd UNTIL it had become a PR nightmare And it did blow up as it showed us who his base is when they booed him.


I'd say that McCain was too charitable IMO toward Obambam, but it shows class. He sees the race card coming out if he brings up Wright - I am not sure that excrement like that from the race baiters on the left should deter him. However, if he looks at the big picture, he will realize that ACORN is the one issue that BHO will try and run away and lie about it in the process. Even CNN (Drew Griffin) shone light on the truth that proved Obama and his website"Fight the Smears" to be LIEING about. He did have an affiliation with ACORN this year and in fact donated $800,000 + to CSI, who has the same board of directors as ACORN. He did this back when he was in the primary battle with Hillary Clinton.

When analysts look back on the Dem. primary, they will probably find that if it weren't for ACORN, Sen. Clinton would be the Presidential nominee and from what I know now, I'd definitely be more comfortable if she were the next POTUS than someone who works tirelessly at concealing who he really is and has less experience than Sen. Clinton in a dangerous world. However, this election isn't over until its over and there is still a chance that the electorate will come to its senses and vote for McCain/Palin (who has as much experience and more common sense than that hip-dude Obama), but in reality - only if the economy stops tanking and starts recovering. So you Lunatics for Obama will naturally keep hoping for more economic gloom and doom to distract the electorate - jackasses !


Coiler, how about Hussein. He could have booed. But he didn't did he. No, he went and defended the guy on national televison. No class there, just saving face and his political career.


He was too charitable? Like the white dude cannot look at the black man during a moment of discussion?

Something like justice delayed here. McCain gets everything he deserves , he ran a shitty campaign and played the race card based on allegations that the black man might be a threat to Americans.

It backfired and that crazy woman from Wasilla is the icing on the cake.


Stop with Hussein meme, Steven. It isn't working with me and only shows how fucked up you are with your view of what you don't know. Yes, Barack showed class, he didn't bring out the Black Panthers, like you wanted did he?


And what don't I know Coiler. That Farrakan called Hussein the Messiah. That kids are praising him with songs. That teeagers are pledging themselves to him. That he hides behind a "CHANGE" sign that you can't see through.

I already know those things. Now tell me something I don't know.

So showing "class" by your definition is defending Rev. Wright for his anti-America rants. Wow. Thats really messed up. Where did you get your education. SHoreline H.S.


No more than Hagee nevets, Hagee. ok? We've been all over the Wright issue and by the polls it is DEAD. What is it with Shoreline, you tell me. I have no idea what your referring to.


Nevets says:

" I already know those things. Now tell me something I don't know."

Based on this dreck, I would say you don't know your ass from a hole in the ground.


Isn't an acorn some kind of nut?


That's what I was going to say, Andrew. The only acorn I know on this blog is Klueless.

Steven, you're over. I don't know why anybody talks to you anymore. You're the guy I saw on MSNBC waiting in line to see McCain and the guy that was so over the top in his hate that even McCain recognized the pure evil his campaign had unleashed. It is becoming lethal. But you are those people. Do you like yourself?

Yes, I had some respect for the first time for McCain. Now, if only I knew whether it was decency that spurred his comments or the knowledge that his hate-talk was actually backfiring on him and his campaign.

I heard on Olbermann (I think) that Hannity is choirmaster and he's not happy with McCain's decent remarks. Hannity and the rest of the hate-talkers are about all McCain's got left.

Sparky, why did you have to ask Duffman back. Nobody missed him.

Gay Gary


I saw Geov Parrish, on the anarchist website he maintains, provided his endorsements recently. Since I seem to be somewhat better versed in geography than he (based on a previous exchange on this blog) I assume my own endorsements may be more erudite so I provide them here (except judicial races):

0 - President - Chuck Baldwin (C)

1 - US Rep 7 - Jim McDermott (D)

2 - Governor - Dino Rossi (R)

3 - Lt. Governor - Marcia McCraw (R)

4 - Secretary of State - Sam Reed (R)

5 - Treasurer - Allan Martin (R) ... but should have gone to Chang Mook Sohn

6 - Auditor - Brian Sonntag (D)

7 - A/G - Rob McKenna (R)

8 - Lands Commissioner - Doug "Hands" Sutherland (R)

9 - Insurance Commissioner - ABSTAIN


11 - I-985 - Yes

12 - I-1000 - No

13 - I-1029 - No

14 - KC Charter Amendment 1 - No

15 - KC Charter Amendment 2 - No

16 - KC Charter Amendment 3 - No

17 - KC Charter Amendment 4 - No

18 - KC Charter Amendment 5 - No

19 - KC Charter Amendment 6 - Yes

20 - KC Charter Amendment 7 - No

21 - KC Charter Amendment 8 - Yes

22 - Seattle Prop. 1 - No

23 - Seattle Prop. 2 - No

24 - ST Prop. 1 - No

25 - State House, 43-1 - ABSTAIN

26 - State House, 43-2 - Kim Verde (R)


So Cal, like Coiler you don't tell me something I dont know. If you and Coiler cant come up with something I dont know, then what I know is basically what you know of your candidate Hussein. So basically, wait let me think. Ug,Um uh,um. Yes, yes, "you don't know your ass from a hole in the ground."

And Coiler, the polls? This is an election year. The polls don't close until after the election. I am still surprised, knowing that Farrakhan is calling him the Messiah, Rev. Wright GD'ing America while Hussein sat in the pews, and Husseins own close relationship with a rapist who raped our country that you still support him. Totally surprised and dismayed. Do you do it do get attention. Or is your anger towards President Bush that deep that you would flush your country down the toilet like, well, a coiler.

Gay Gary

25 - State House, 43-1 - ABSTAIN

Yes, I'm not voting for the gay dude. I may be gay but I'm foremost anti-communist and anti-Catholic (actually I think Jamie Pedersen is Episcopalian but that's close enough).


Who's Gay Gary?

Gay Gary





Gee joanie, I posted a link a few weeks ago showing the threats, jeers and spitting towards a peaceful McCain rally in New York City by no other than Hussein supporters. Why do you give those actions a pass.

But at least McCain had the class to not play along and get lured into a trap by Hussein plants. Thats what it looked like to me. Like those that made a ruckus at a Hussein rally in Florida the other week. All a ruse. And all the while, Hussein the Messiah just sits back and laughs at it. THis is the dirty politics that is Chicago.


"You're the guy I saw on MSNBC waiting in line to see McCain and the guy that was so over the top in his hate that even McCain recognized the pure evil"

But if I am right, and he was a plant by Hussein. Then the guy cant be me, but is actually you Joanie. Think about it. Remember the faintings. Pure Chicago politics.


I did not see any post showing Obama supporters calling McCain an Arab or a Muslim or a terrorist.

I don't always read you, Steven. You are so general and irrelevant in your comments. The accusations and hateful language you spew are not relevant to choosing which man should run the country.

Now, I'm curious, where and when did Obama supporters accuse McCain of being a muslim, terrorist or Arab? I'm curious now.

If I am right...there you go guessing again. That's why I continue to gloss over your rantings. No there there. What if you're wrong?


Hey Sparky, check this out if you dare.

The political entourage included Alderman Michael Chandler, William Delgado, chief of staff for State Rep Miguel del Valle, and spokespersons for State Sen. Alice Palmer, Sonya Sanchez, chief of staff for State Sen. Jesse Garcia, who is running for State Rep in Garcia's District; and Barack Obama, chief of staff for State Sen. Alice Palmer. Obama is running for Palmer's vacant seat.

After you implicated Palin and her husband to the Alaskan Seccesionist Party. I thought it would be nice to get your opinion of the above.


I could have sworn that the "terrorist" was screamed out after McCain said Ayers name. Instead of taking Randis word. Watch it for yourself.

Like Sparkys post about McCain and his "My fellow Prisoners". Was I supposed to just take it as it was. No, I looked it uo and sure enough, thats what he said.

As far as the Arab remark. What did McCain do. He defended Hussein. Did Hussein defend America when Rev.Wright GD'd America. No.


So...what does that have to do with hate talk and what I already enumerated?

See, Steven, you talk in circles. I do not have a clue how this link connects to my comments above.

Can you not use your own words to convey a response? I do not understand your point here. I don't know what you and Sparky were talking about. But this link has nothing - zero - naught - to do with my comments above. Unless I missed something...

If I did, FCS point it out!

Sorry, but you can be frustrating and I don't want to have to repeat a third time my challenge to you.


You know, there are idiots on both sides. So, are you one of them?

BTW, apparently you didn't see the news item today about which we are speaking. It wasn't one hard-to-understand individual who shouted out a stupid remark. It was a whole bunch of em that were talking and booing in extremist ways. And the words they used were clearly heard by everyone. They thought such talk was normal.

John McCain refuted it. But, I notice, you didn't respond to the question about whether he refuted it for political reasons or decent reasons? Whichever, we'll never know for sure. Will we, Steven?


Obama challenged the petitions of his rivals and was able to get every one of them thrown off the ballot. By the time the ballot was drawn up for the 1996 election, Obama’s was the only name in the race.

Nonetheless, Obama still coveted the New Party endorsement.


C'mon. If you watched it, you would have noticed that right away he started backing away from the question. That tells me he did it for decent reason. And you are right. We might never know if those yelling those boos were Hussein plants. But the odds are high in favor of it.

The link was for Sparky. Try to keep up with the BW. Some can multi-task. How about you?


So? Keep going...


The last link was for you Joanie. Chicago Politics. Get it.


Some give a fecal matter. I do not.


Chicago politics. And that is another word for terrorists, arab and muslim?


"So...what does that have to do with hate talk and what I already enumerated?"

Class. Something Hussein lacks.


Y'know, if you did read what I post, you might understand. If you want to play games. Monday is around the corner.


I'm going to bed.

Steven, this is why we don't engage much anymore. I just don't have time to take your bus routes. I like a clear, direct path to my destination.

You have too much time on your hands, darlin'


Unless of course you celebrate International Day of Solidarity with Indigenous People then make it Tuesday.


Goodnight. Try to follow along next time.


I just checked the link...it doesn't say anything about anybody calling McCain a terrorist, arab or muslim.

It is a right-wing screed about socialism and tries to equate it to communism. Anybody can do that. Doesn't make it true.

Erickson's last statement is a straw man. Erickson demonstrates nothing about the New Party that it wants to overthrow the US. As for capitalism, there is nothing in the Constitution that makes capitalism the official economic system of the US. The United States is capitalistic only to the extent that Congress makes it so, not by Constitutional necessity.

One of the commenters responding to your link.

You see, Steven? We started out talking about name calling and specifically the haters who called Obama a terrorist, a muslimi and an arab - all of which were refuted by McCain. You then said that supporters of Obama have done the same.

I asked for proof and now you're talking above Acorn and socialism and providing as proof some article posted on a right-wing site and challenged on that very site by one of its readers.

This is surreal...

G'night, babe.


One last thing. Didn't the Olympic Mountains look fabulous today. You would think with Global Warming that something like that happening in October would be impossible. But, I guess not.

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