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October 31, 2008



NEW ZOGBY: Obama 50.9%, McCain 43.8%
Obama also has nice leads in PA, OH, VA, NV, FL, MO, NC

Pennsylvania (21)
Nov. 2
Obama: 53.7%
McCain: 40.0%

Ohio (20)
Nov. 2
Obama: 50.2%
McCain: 43.9%

Virginia (13)
Nov. 2
Obama: 50.7%
McCain: 44.6%

Florida (27)
Nov. 2
Obama: 47.5
McCain: 46.2


If there's one person herein not deserving of grammar and/or punctuation criticism, it's Sparky. She is more accurate in her haste than most are in their diligence. :)


funny i just heard this morning theObama lead in Ohio was 2 points and the Obama lead in Penn was something like 4. Different poll of course. These radical shifts in polling which has been happening for weeks proves the polls are b.s. these huge undecided votes in key states are 95% white prople." oho! racists!" the lib simpletons wil shout. but not necessarily. they probably aer mostly whites who aren't thrilled with having a guy who they KNOW doesn't likE white people and who suspect and fear hates us and feels superior to us, in keeping with his religious teachings at his church. . EVERY GROUP rightly votes for their self-interest.Whites aren't interested in being made scapegoats when we live in a scoiety with now more black racists than whites. this election is far from over.p.s. Obama just gave the finger in a speech after faux praise of him. the old scratching his face with his middle finger trick. thug. 2nd time hes done this at least.


Maybe you saw the Seinfeld episode where Constanza chased the athlete all over NYC over a broken finger. A lot of old folks loved that one.


Tommy- Are you for real or just some buffoon trying to sound intelligent? Either way you are failing. Comparing yourself to an African-American living in Alabama when Wallace was elected is ridiculous! No one has ever heard Obama say Segregation Then, Segregation Now, and Segregation Forever. How many whites were lynched by Black mobs in the last 100 years? How many whites churches were bombed? How many whites were blasted with water hoses during a civil rights protest? You have no idea what it is like to be on the receiving end of racial discrimination. You are one of those people who are angrier than hell to see a minority make it. The only thing you had to put up with is a strong possibility of witnessing a black president in office. Wow, that is nonentity as compared to what minorities in this country had to endure on the receiving end of white racism. Aside from what African-Americans had to endure, there was the Trail of Tears and Internment of Isei’s and Nisei’s during World War 2. Obama’s presidency is not a payback for past white discrimination but seeing a county live up to its promises of equality and opportunity. Fortunately, your opinion and your type are in the minority but stupid enough to be dangerous.


George Will predictions:

Winner: Obama
Electoral College: Obama 378 McCain 160
Senate Seats: 57 Democrats 41 Republicans
House Seats: 254 Democrats 181 Republicans


Ah, but Rkat,,Tommy will be the first to tell you that YOU are the racist, for accusing HIM of being one. It is how his logic works.


Roszkat is a typical Seatle buffoon lib a al Dave Ross. Blacks have attacked and murdered whites in every monyth of every year for decades in America. 90% of racial hate crimes are black on white. I bet there have even been some lynchings. I'm all for a black prez, just not this one. Becaue he's "black' the Dave Ross/Queen Anne Lib fools think i should just shutup about my dislike of and problems with him, and just usher in the historic day.


Absolutely correct, you wise old Tom.

No black man who has risen from common folk and achieved a law degree from Harvard, a professorship, become a poltical pantheon, member of the Senate, worked for the good of his community, and become the leading candidate of his party for the Office of President of the United States is the right black man for this job.

Now let me see . . . how about Farrakan? Smokely Carmichael? Maya Angelou? I like Maya. She'd be a hell of a President. Or, let's see. Maybe someone more like Bush Jr. Ah, I've got it! Bill Cosby - no too smart. Flip Wilson...

I've got it: the guy on Sanford and Son, what's-his-name? Red something. Now that's a match for HW. Bet you'd like to have a beer with him.

You're a racist.


duh you're a racist- that the best you lib fools for Obama got? bwhahaahahahahaahahahahahahah oh by the way- Mason- Dixon and Investor's Business Daily,the two polls who called 2004 the closest, have all the battleground states tied ohoh


Oh and Joanie- what about the white L.A.lifelong liberal woman, a film industry worker, who got into the voting booth after being prepared for months to vote for Obama, and just couldn't go through with it because, in her words" i thought to myself- he's just so arrogant. It's like my vote for him is just a plaything". She voted for McCain. Is she a racist,too?bwahaahahaaa


Everything is race with you joanie. Has it nothing to do with ideas or experience? Your slick candidate has spent less time and has less experience in th US Senate than a first grader has in school.
Your slick candidate got his mansion with the help of a convicted felon. Your slick candidate started his political career on the coat tails of a murderous terrorist. What has he done for the good of "his" community? ACORN? All that that man has done has been for the good of Barack Obama. Nothing more.
He is a used car salesman and you are what used car sales people refer to as a grape. The kind of customer the unethical ones look for every day. Present it with the right story and you will buy any thing.
Say what you want about Bill Cosby, but at least he is an ethical man.


Obama won in Dixville Notch NH this morning. They have predicted most winners.


Tommy who was the Liberal Film Industry Woman?

By the way, Dixville Notch just turned in and counted their votes...Obama won there. Traditionally, how they vote, so goes the nation.


oh coiler beat me..neverrrrmind.


I don't know her name. She was mentioned by Tammy Bruce, former president of the L.A. chapter of N.O.W., who was filling in for Laura ingrahamon KVI on friday. It was one of her business acquaintances who told her the story of her voting booth experience. She didn't care to divulge her name, and it's not important anyway since she is just one of many who won't be able to pull the lever for Obama.


O'Reilly is being an ass again. He's saying McCain only has only one poll that says it's tied, the IBD POLL, but he had to admit it has the best track record. He ignored Mason -Dixon, a poll with a similar good record for accuracy, who also has it tied. Assclown. He wonders why McCain won't come on his show, and then pompously blows off any thought that it's because McCain doesn't like him. Believe me, Bill, it's because he doesn't like you.


Tommy – You are such a yawner. You always back your assertions from sources who are telling you what you want to hear. If you are opposed to Obama, oppose him on his position and back it up, not repeating propaganda broadcasted from campaigns, partisan blogs, and especially right wing talk shows. I have yet to see those who oppose him indicate their opposition on his stances. All I have heard is the rubbish you spew and the atypical “socialist” bovine fecal matter.

You are more than welcome to call me a “typical Seattle lib” but “buffoon?” You do a good job of presenting yourself as one so we will leave it at that.

According to FBI statistics, majority of hate crimes are committed against Gays not black on white. I do not know where you get your stats about those particular crimes but are those from web sites based out of Northern Idaho or the local KKK chapter? Further dumbing down of America has succeeded.

I am thrilled to see a right-winger call Bill O’Reilly an ass! I just love to sit back and watch you guys beat each other up! “I am more right wing than you are” or “I am more conservative than you are” as it is such a joy to see conservatives in disarray.

As for Tammy Bruce’s “business acquaintances” that is same as saying, “yeah some of my best friends are black,” or “I have a friend who is a Muslim and he…”

Hate to break it to you but Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, KVI, KTTH and Sean Hannity and are not a credible sources.


Roszcat i used to be a dem lib so i understand the conceit you have of imagined superior intelligence over anyone to the right of you, and the need to put a simpleton's label on them like "rightwinger". Save your condescending lectures for your kids, koolaider. I said "racial" hate crimes,ass. Last time i checked, gay wasn't a race. Sitting in a hateful, wacked church that preaches racism and black supremacy for 20 years and not stepping up to the wackjob,racist preacher and objecting IS an ISSUE, not irrelevant trivia. It's my opinion that Obama doesn't like or hates white people, an opinion gained by a lot of study of this fellow. That is also an issue, just as a white candidate's hatred of black people would be an issue. I don't gain my opinions from rightwing talkshows and blogs, again that's your conceit of intellectual superiority coming in.I listen to right and left talkshows, read a variety of sources, and make up my own mind. My conclusion is that Obama's policies are too extreme,and his character doesn't pass the smell test, based on the above ISSUES as well as others.


Roszcat, what is a credible source to you, MSNBC or CNN, two betworks that have been on their knees giving free oral to Obama all year long? FOXnews is juat as credible as they are.


Sorry Tommy but black on white hate crimes are rare. Because I am a minority and you and I punch it out, does this constitute a hate crime? You are just throwing out rubbish to justify your excuse to point out Obama’s race. Someone you were never going to vote for in the first place.

You are the whack job racist here, not Reverend Wright. However, I do believe that the First Amendment gives both Reverend Wright and you the right to express your opinions, no matter how unpopular it may be; just don’t yell fire in a crowded theatre. In addition, there is no law against stupidity either. At which both of you seem to be quite capable of.


Tommy – You are bringing up non-issues such as Reverend Wright. How many whites were lynched or assaulted by church members after Wright’s sermon? Was the content of Wright’s sermon excusable? No, it was not, but the reverend is not the one running for president either.

I recall a GOP candidate for president in the primaries named Mitt Romney, who is a dedicated Mormon. Do you advocate he renounce his Mormon religion and leave the LDS church because of its past and present racist beliefs and anti-Semitism? Romney was running for president, as Reverend Wright was not! When it comes to 2012, Reverend Wright will be a non-entity as for Romney he may give it another shot. I could not vote for Romney not because of his religion but over his conservative views. However, he being a Mormon along with my experience and familiarity with the LDS Church only adds to my disagreement with his stance.

Religion should never be a litmus test for political office, but it is. Who made it an issue? Conservative Protestants at issue with John Kennedy’s Catholicism in 1960 and Moral Majority allied with the GOP in electing Reagan in 1980. I would love to see reaction of those in the conservative arena if Congressional Representative Keith Ellison of Minneapolis, Minnesota runs for higher office.

Tommy, it appears you are looking for any excuse to not vote for someone you were never going to vote for anyway, so what is your point? You are entitled to your opinion as with anyone else but the way you present it ranting the anti-intellectual bent shows the Palin influence. I never said nor presented myself in anyway of being more intelligent than you are. Your writings will determine that.

As for my sources, well the list would be long including my own analysis. With what you said about CNN and MSSNBC being on their knees, do I sense frustration on your part not only with your politics? Was it necessary to make your point that way? Moreover, you accuse me of “conceit of intellectual superiority.” I do not need to do or display that as you are doing it for me.


On this guy... Most of what you say is true... He's not much.. My objections to him is that he lies.. When he says he has millions holding to talk to him...Then he says you'll never get a line, but gives you the number to call... If he will lie about things like that, he'll lie about other things..
Just a note..

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