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October 31, 2008



I seem to remember you predicting during the primaries that Obama would be completely eviscerated by the dreaded Republican smear machine by now if he were nominated. Who would have guessed just how badly the Republicans' smear tactics were to backfire?

If McCain can't eke out a victory, through vote suppression or whatever the latest campaign strategy is, he will be left to wonder what would have been, if only the rubber bands, chewing gum, and bailing wire holding together the financial system had just held a month longer.


Statistically he’s correct; Blacks more than any other group have fatherless households. But when did Libs ever let facts get in the way. And by the sounds of his mother, no wonder his heads so fucked up!


He'll vote for Obama, its a sure bet. It will ensure his employment for at least the next 4 years, unless he does something more stupid than usual.
Nice Christian hand signal there.

blathering michael

Hey Yella Pup: You are so right. I'm such a worry-wort. Obama has innoculated himself from the splatterings of the Republican shit machine. I was so wrong, and boy am I happy about that! Maybe there is such thing as "new politics."


Sometimes it seems like this blog is trying to keep pace with the other Seattle radio blog what with all the cerebral references to genitals and body odor, etc.


I don't know if black households have higher percentages of single mothers raising kids. It wouldn't surprise me.

Any more than the fact that poor and unemployed people have a higher incidence of incarceration.

Do you think - assuming, yellowpup, that you can think, (not a given with everyone on the right) - that there might be more to the story or reasons why such statistics occur?

There is no "new politics." Only people with short memories and skewed perceptions.

I am not convinced of a win yet. Jonathan Alter was on Ron Reagan's show today. He talked about all those people for whom politics comes around every four years and get their "enlightenment"/information through the easiest channels. Like the Ohio focus group I watched last week on CSpan. They are clueless. Each of them trying to sound so smart...but in the end demonstrating a complete lack of information.

We may be the beneficiaries of another election decided by the lowest common denominator. That's the only hope for Palin/McCain. And it is a hope...that may see the light of day.


It is amusing that some bag on Senator Obama's early personal life. But look what he has accomplished: a foot away from the presidency. Imagine if W had switched places with him at age 2 - he would be lucky to have a job sweeping the street now.

Ted Smith

Joanie said he would be lucky to have a job sweeping the street now.

Ha! And we would now have an award for the Worst Street Sweeper Ever.


Wish I had but credit where credit due, Ted: Mark said that. Good on Mark!


Randi just said that "we are a very ignorant - not stupid - ignorant country."

I had a parent who wrote a letter to the Seattle Times and was interviewed by Mike Webb and he said the S factor is what elected Bush! Can anyone guess what the S factor is?

Overly wrought,strenuously tight Conservative




Overlywrought is overlysexed.

Hope you watch Bill Moyers Journal. A very interesting discussion about Obama and whether he's pragmatist or liberal/progressive idealogue.

Race neutral or not?

Watch it online.

Overly wrought,strenuously tight Conservative

stoopid was too easy, but he was a male cheerleader at Yale

blathering michael

We love the genitals and body odors. As topics, they're never not hot... Digging into those issues is what makes BW what it is. We're thinking of getting into snot, nose-blowing and nasal picking... always keeping ahead of those other Seattle radio blogs. Anyone know if Dori has handkerchiefs or does he do Kleenex like the rest of the AM jock class?


yellowpup: Bill Moyers discussion is meant for you. They are even showing the propaganda that is being sent out on the right. The promotion of a "white identity" and despicable associations.

As Dr. Loury says, they are not only trying to win an election but are poisoning the well that will make governing difficult should he win. This is a thoughtful, content-filled discussion.

I think chucks, steven, KS and yellowpup should watch and respond. I'd like to know how you can support the tactics on the right.


My first crush in junior high school was on the head male cheerleader. He was hot.


More about body odor, Michael.


Sorry-can't get on the jolly "i'm with Barry" train that's choochooing all over prosperous Queen Anne Hill here with it's silly Dave Ross type naive selfhating and guilty white libs on board. A certain ominous gestalt of the man has been building up in my gut this summer and fall- all the negative news stories about him have a common theme- the guy's a demogogue, an authotitarian and an intolerant fascist at heart. Look at today's news about the reporters from the three papers that happened to endorse McCain being thrown off the Obama plane. His campaign lied and said it was about limited seating but then it was revealed that their seats were given to Glamour Ebony and Jet magazines. Sticking it to whitey. he does not particularly like white people and we'll be taking the stick at the hand of blacks and immigrants out for revenge and evening up the score if he gets in power. I don't favor letting that happen- hence my solid vote for McCain. A serious Bradley factor will be in plaqy come Tuesday-already anecdotal evidence of this is rolling in from early voters. This is from people who aren't racist although some of that will occur, but rather folks who finally admit to themselves in the voting booth that the guy is just too damned arrogant to deserve their vote.


There's neo-cons like Bush/Cheney and this go-around there are neo-commies Obama/Pelosi and Reid.

We already know what damage the neo-cons have done, but that pales as to the long term damage and corruption that the neo-commies will inflict to the USSA.

You think it (a totalitarian pseudo-democracy) can't happen here - guess again- it sure as hell can happen here if youall continue with your head up your ars and your mind in Arkansas.


Now i have an idea of what Alabama blacks felt like the week before George Wallace was elected to his first term as Governor. The silver lining here is that momentum has already turned strongly in favor of McCain. There are rumors of a poll surfacing toorrow that has McCain up by one point. The laws of Karma are simply against nasty big-eared Barry- he ultimately will not be rewarded for running such a vicious, racist, illegal and sleazy campaign.


so much for faux pitbull reporter Bill OReilly. Even though he still makes a show of being a tough guy analyst of Obama, he's now regularly kissing the big-eared butthead's ass and being an apologist for him. He's clearly and erroneously convinced Obama can't be stopped and fearful of the career consequences of being on his enemies list. Bill lost his credibility with his hardcore viewers when he caved and allowed the Chicago thug Obama to order and blackmail him into putting Barry on the show during the night of McCain's acceptance speech or else lose anyfurther chance of an interview.


Over 70% of black children grow up in fatherless households. Cunningham did not create that problem. He is not a racist because he stated the obvious.


Obama is not being elected by the racist black block vote alone. It's a combination of blacks and suburban white women- who have until recently been in favor of B by 30 percentage points. White men oppose Obama by a healthy wise margin. These are the sily things who listen to Dr. Laura and Oprah and watch Oxygen and Lifetime. I believe many of these types will have a non-racist Bradley effect conversion to McCain betwen now and up to if not right at their moment of truth Tuesday. The non-racist Bradley is based on a belated realization or self-admittance that their man is an arrogant humorless power-hungry fascist and totalitarian.



Do you think - assuming, yellowpup, that you can think, (not a given with everyone on the right) - that there might be more to the story or reasons why such statistics occur?

You're mixing me up with Recife, an apparent expert on the sociology of race, whose brilliance appears below mine. Ask Recife.

I think I think, but I'm one of those "Libs who don't let facts get in the way."


Here's how I would like you all to vote
POTUS: Hillary Clinton (Write-in)
US Rep Cong Dist No 1: Jay Inslee
Governor: Dino Rossi
Init 985: Yes
Init 1000: No
Init 1029: Yes
Lt Gov: Brad Owen
Secy of State: Sason Osgood
State Treas: Jim McIntire
State Auditor: Brian Sonntag
Atty Gen: Rob McKenna
Comm Pub Lands: Peter J. Goldmark
Supt of P.I.: Randy Dorn
Ins Comm: Mike Kreidler

I've discounted other (what I feel are 'lesser') positions/issues.

Now, I would like each of you to examine this closely and possibly take it to the polls with you as a guide. Vote EARLY and (if you live in King County) OFTEN! Thanks folks...it's been a great ride, hasn't it...but alas aren't we glad this fricken thing is OVER at last. -Your friend in all things political, -Duff


Dino Rossi has a single claim to legislative fame for the two terms he served as a State Senator from 1997-2003: that he balanced the state's budget in the face of a significant revenue shortfall, like the one our governor will face next year.

The only problem is, he didn't.

The myth that Rossi "wrote" our state's 2003 budget is the bare thread upon which his entire political career has always dangled. But the truth is that on April Fools Day of that year -- got irony? -- then-State Sen. Dino Rossi (R-Sammamish) unveiled the Senate Republican budget at a news conference featuring a presentation entitled "Following the Governor's Lead."

Democratic Gov. Gary Locke had already done all the political heavy lifting with his session-opening budget proposal to defy voter-mandated teacher pay raises, freeze state employee salaries and make the other social-service cuts necessary to resolve the projected $2.6 billion revenue shortfall. Rossi merely tweaked Locke's no-new-taxes proposal -- restoring some nursing home funds here, cutting more than 40,000 low-income kids off health care there. Rossi devoted much of his April Fools news conference to praising Locke and urging House Democrats to follow Locke's lead, just as he had.

Flash forward to today. The Yakima Herald-Republic reports today that Rossi is on a four-day 33-city "Victory Tour" telling his audiences, "I can balance the budget without raising taxes, and everyone knows it. I did it before and I can do it again."

Perhaps it should surprise no one that a politician tries to take credit for something he didn't really do. But this seems unique. Dino Rossi is taking a victory lap -- albeit a premature one -- in his bid to become Governor. And yet, here's a guy with only one public-service accomplishment, and it wasn't even his. Maybe that explains why a Republican with such a thin résumé was the State Republican Party's fourth choice to run for Governor back in 2004.


My sincere apologies, yellowpup. I hereby redirect my post to that scoundrel, Recife, who is hiding behind you.

But, yellowpup, liberals in good standing do let facts stand in the way. We can't help ourselves. We have this compulsion to get it right the first time - not eight years later.


"NEW YORK (Updated Friday) We're in the homestretch! And the Obama-Biden ticket maintains its strong lead in the race for daily newspaper endorsements. The Democratic team now leads by 240 to 114, a better than 2-1 margin and an even wider spread in the circulation of those papers -- see full tally below as of today. The circulation of the Obama-backing papers stands at over 21 million, compared with McCain's 7 million.

Obama's lopsided margin, including most of the major papers that have decided so far, is in stark contrast to John Kerry barely edging George W. Bush in endorsements in 2004 by 213 to 205. "



Liberals can't help themselves - they have little self control. One party rule is unhealthy for this country and state. The party is control is almost always overreaching. It would behove you of sound mind to vote for a balance in power that will create healthy debate over one party rule that will bring suppression of debate.

Duffman, even though I don't agree with some of your choices, your write-in vote for POTUS is clearly better than the actual Democrat candidate. She clearly has the edge in experience and an edge in judgment over Nobama. However, it goes back to what I said earlier - one party rule is not healthy for this nation. We most recently saw it from 2001-06 with nearly catastrophical results by the Repubicans. This time I fear, it will be more so - because of the vendetta that mainstream progressive wing wants to inflict in the pursuit of absolute power.


Yes, I remember how the Republicans were wringing their hands in concern when they controlled the White House and Congress, and for all intents and purposes, the Supreme Court. They were very worried that there would not be healthy debate. So much so that they began having meetings in the middle of the night, locking out any Democrats who happened to wander in up hearing of something going on.

If you were going to sweep everything, you would be jacking off to your stained pictures of Anne Coulter. If you think a "vendetta" is restoring the tattered Constitution and trying to repair our reputation around the world, then so be it.

Duffman's "plea" for everyone to support an Obama administration slithers its way into a plea for people to write in Hillary instead.
And yet he supports Rossi, who is against everything Hillary stands for.


The stupidity in the average Republicans is becoming embarrassing. If they are as ignorant as they have demonstrated in this election, America is in real trouble. The sad thing is that these people are not a small minority of the Republican base. When 23% of Texans believe Obama is a Muslim despite any evidence, it is worrisome.

joanie for steven

Oh, Kevin. I hope you stick around. You are a man after my own heart . . . even if you don't always agree with me or like my way of putting things, I like you.

I do appreciate and admire people who can humorously/sardonically confront ignorance!


Sorry. That was not for Steven.


joanie/sparky: if you wouldn't mind, I'd be interested in how you voted on the candidates/issues I listed?
[particularly Wa State SPI]


Do you really want the likes of Lindsey Graham, Boehner, and the rest of these neocon fascists to have any sort of power anymore. I would think torture, spying, two wars, and bankrupting this country would be enough for any good right wing evangelical, but apparently I am wrong. I am really amazed though how you morons are willing to buy anything the GOP is selling. As long as it is a lie, full of hate, and completely fascist, you’ll go along with it.


marcus - How about backing up your statements with facts ? If you don't - which I doubt, then get your head out of your ars dude.


Klueless, you haven't heard or read about the torture, overseas and domestic spying, wars and bankruptcies of major financial firms yet?

And you wonder why I call you klueless?



Great article: "Following the Script: Obama, McCain and ‘The West Wing'"

It's all n the West Wing - the NY Times. Art precedes life.


Thanks joanie...that was a tough one for me, I was torn...now I feel reinforced. :)

Does Dorn necessarily mean no WASL?


I think so . . . or one dramatically changed. I'm for testing but the WASL is not a very good assessment for all kids. There should be more vocational opportunities. The WASL is very good for those children who expect to continue to university. And that does not include all kids nor should it.

We turn very bright kids who would otherwise happily go on to vocational schools into failures. That is unreasonable and foolish.

Dorn is the candidate of the "Where's the Math" folk which is not a group I'm affiliated with nor with which I agree but he is more in touch with the reality of education. Bergeson has been in her evory tower much too long.

You know. I think few of us would agree on what education should look like. I am for vouchers and charter schools which is not typical for public school teachers. Still, I'm a realist and Dorn is my candidate.

Sparky may disagree.


I did a huge research paper on vouchers for my principal certification. Average tuition at private schools is 15K and it goes up from there. The most I have ever seen that was going to be offered to families in a voucher was 7K, which means they cant afford to go anywhere but a church school, and the church schools have already said they don't want to be forced to take kids they dont want. Same with the secular schools. The Bush School, Lakeside, Charles and Annie Wright, etc etc want to hand-pick their kids. They dont want special needs kids. I called and asked about admissions as if I was a prospective parent of a student. I asked flat out if it would be a problem since my "child" was autistic. I was told they were unable to offer us a spot. So, the disenfranchised special ed kid gets left out. Charter schools are fine with me. Vouchers belong to snake oil salesmen.They promise everything and deliver nothing.


I'm interested in your opinion about Dorn/Bergeson.

As for vouchers, there are always ways to make things work. I think people should have choice. And I think vouchers will make public schools stronger.

I know of cases in Seattle where schools were facing closure and teaching staffs buckled down and made their schools better. I like that. Sometimes it take some pressure.


I have met Terry on a number of occasions and I like her personally. Her heart is in the right place, but she got sucked into the vortex of pressure from Boeing and Microsoft to have schools produce the drones to work for them--especially Boeing. I have been teaching long enough that I got into the very beginnings of writing state standards, which have gone through numerous name changes, and this year they are called CBAs. Accountability is important, but we have lost sight of the goal of improving education, and have ended up focusing on the punishment part. My initial support was going for the man who is retiring from the Richland School District as Superintendent this year, but he had to pull out for family health reasons. Dorn isnt exciting to me, but Terry needs to step down and let someone else try to fix this WASL mess. I talked to a friend the other day, a guy i went through principal school with and is now an administrator, and he said it wont matter who wins, the WASL isnt going away.

Kristi S.

Just heard McShame say that he's "never asked for pork barrel projects" but that Obama has asked for "over a billion dollars worth."

That's pure deceit and desperation. Will it work?


What does CBAs stand for? In math, they've changed to PEs - performance expectatioins. But I haven't heard about CBAs in writing. In Seattle, we had CBAs in math a couple of years ago.

If anybody thinks all these anacronyms are funny, well, so do I. That seems to be the business of education at the state and local admdin levels.

Tests became assessments became rubrics and standards became benchmarks became expectations. I'm sure I missed a few!

Oh dear. Why don't they just put all that administrative money back into the classroom?

Well, stupid Richard Green is blathering on on KPTK so I'm switching to podcasts of Peter B on Green 960.


"you haven't heard or read about the torture, overseas and domestic spying, wars and bankruptcies of major financial firms yet?"

WTF ? Are you trying to imply it was all the conservatives fault ? You faux ignorance astounds me. Now wonder you are known as PH(jo)anie.


anacronyms? Funny. I know - acronyms. sorry.


sparky/joanie: your discourse on this State's education is interesting. Thx. -Duff


BTW, we have been doing the Columbia Teachers' College Writers Workshop for the last two years. Seattle is trying to implement that k-8 (maybe k-12 eventually?) classrooms. I don't recall what their rubrics are labeled.

Seattle teachers have a very strong union. Not all teachers are embracing it. Almost any program will work if it is consistent and aligned throughout the District. Getting all teachers on board is the key.

I like it. But it is an hour a day. That's a fair amount of writing for first graders. However, once started, students really take to it and miss it on those days we can't fit it in - very few. So, I support it.


just in. FOXNEWS and ZOGBY- ZOGBY JUST RELEASED his latest overnight polL that shows McCain AT 48% and Obama at 47% my INTERNET rumor is CONFIRMED. bwahaahahahaahahahahh Zogby is among the top 2 pollsters.

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