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September 23, 2008



As a kid, Dino was the beneficiary of two rather good teacher salaries. Teachers were actually paid as professionals and the cost of living was easier.

I don't think his dad would "cherish" his son's current position on education.

BTW, how did your "awesome" person pay the mortgage on "cherishment?"


Also, didn't Reagan change the dialogue from issues to narrative? And haven't we been paying the price ever since? Look at Palin?

What's Palin if not just one more fictional storyline straight out of Hollywood? Hopefully, people see through it by now.


'What's Palin Obama if not just one more fictional storyline straight out of Hollywood? Hopefully, people see through it by now.'


Well, duff, if you don't know then you haven't been paying attention and that's why it is impossible to have a reasonable discussion with you.


Uh huh...just like JE; got to look past the surface doncha know.


I'm with Joanie on this one, though I have zero faith that people will see through it.

Had I published this piece earlier, I would have said Rossi was just following the Ira Glass edict:

"People don't want to go to school, they want to go to the movies."

Puget Sound

If by paying the price you meant having elected the most consequential President in the last 50 years then I am willing to pay that price.

Welcome to our world Bla'm about media bias. It's always in the eye of the beholder.

Gregoire -who someone on this board use to say would be the first female President one day- should take another lesson from Reagan and talk past the media and to the people. This is what Palin does remarkably well so the more pounding she gets the more it fires up people. So keep up the negative stuff on her family, please.

Repubs gave up a long time ago about trying to 'work the refs' by pointing it out to them in hopes of a change. Instead they use it to fire up the base. You'll call it hogwash but in large parts of this country it is accepted as conventional wisdom that the media is biased against Repubs. It is a primary reason why conservative talk show hosts flourish. Hell, Mark Levin gets 4 million listeners.
Throw a nutter like Olberman in the mix and it just tarnishes the NBC brand all the more so.

Puget Sound

Radio Wonk
Ira Glass has probably one of the best shows on earth.

Puget Sound

The same thing happened with Obama. You didn't seem to have a problem with that.
Here goes

Just asking why no problem when Obama does it but when Palin does we get the whining?

Puget Sound

So we got some questions here.
Biden is objecting to Obama's ad slamming McCain for being unable to use computer and we got Obama admonishing Biden for AIG comment in which he supports McCain. These guys can't even keep on message and they want to run the country?

biden miscue

bad ad by Obama


I would like to go over to Yakima for the next debate, and stand up and ask Rossi if he plans to suspend those two education initiatives ( reduction in class size and COLAs) like he did in 2003-05. Rossi’s budget has robbed public schools of nearly $1.2 billion in voter-approved funding as a result. Since he didn't have anything to say the other night about education, other than platitudes and cliche's, I would like to see him answer my question.
I will not, however, hold my breath that a media type person would ask that. I would ask Christine if she will continue to fully-fund them.


What if the state takes in less money than the last couple of years? Not meant to be smart-assey, just asking.
I have voted for every school levy, but my homes value has gone down, thus my property tax will be reduced (nominally but reduced).
I think that you folks in public schools had better get prepared to be pooped on again. Same for my wife as a state employee. Does not matter who is the next Governor. State employees are not going to have a great year. Me thinks when you consider COLA's, you think in terms of Pepsi or Coke.
The private sector is already feeling it. Gummint is usually a year behind. Gregoire is just going to try to hide it until after November's election.


Bellevue teachers seem to be liking life just fine. They showed us didn't they. Breaking the law and getting away with it....because 'the law' is trumped by 'union law'. Wow!
Teachers deserve more $money - school administrations don't!


yeah chucks, I think you are right about the poopin' bit. I forsee a lot of financial hard times for all of us. maybe you should get a headhunter to help you find a job?

Back in 1971, the Legislature passed a law that required the state to fully fund education. But it has never happened.

Puget Sound

i would also love to ask gregoire why she is underfunding federal way school district.
the state lost its case on summary judgement in may of 06 and she still refuses to fund federal way appropriately. plenty for bellevue or mercer island but won't even meet with the state reps from the federal way school district. again, won't even meet with the reps of the 7th largest school district. talk about your 'queen christine'
gregoire budgeted these unfunded mandates that do not fully fund pay raises for school teachers. the impact was horrible and forced the school district to lay off school librarians. so pardon me if i don't believe that christine gregoire is a champion of schools. my relatives have seen what she did to the federal way school district.

Puget Sound

Summary Judgement means that for purposes of the decision the judge assumed everything that the State put forth was true before deciding that Federal Way had proven its case. It's rare to get a Summary Judgement.

Wouldn't even meet with State Reps...thank you Queen Christine

Puget Sound

If you would care to read it, here is the legal document. Note that as Gov Chrisitine Gregoire is responsible for fulfilling the Articles of the State Constitution. Has she ever submitted a fully funded budget? You tell me.
Why did Federal Way have to go to court.


For the record, I think unfunded mandates are inherently wrong and do not like it when the Fed do it to the State or when the State does it to the County...

Puget Sound

and just to finish, note that you can't be blaming Repubs for over the last four years we have had a Dem Gov and a Dem Legislature.

So explain again, Sparky, why it's Rossi's fault? On your drive over to Yakima you may want to ponder that one...


You know, it is kind of funny that the number of state employees have grown by leaps and bounds these last four years and that Gregoire is boasting about a large surplus. Yet the Dimocrat controlled entire gummint, including senate, legislature, Guvner and courts can not, or will not fund the schools.
Tell me again, why do you vote for these people?


Chucks..it hasnt only been Dems in office since 1971. I agree with you that any and all of them should have funded it. I can also guarantee you that if the Legislature ever presented a package that would do so, Timmy Eyeman would be out with his petitions to overturn the legislation.

Brother Kanyus Paradigm

Just to be accurate - Austin Jenkins is not employed by KUOW, but by the Northwest News Network, a regional news bureau supported by about a dozen non-commercial stations and networks, of which KUOW is only one partner.


OK Sparky, but I don't remember the last time Republicans had control of everything. Hell, I am having a grampa moment. Don't remember who the last R guvner we had. Spellman, was he an R. If so, that was over 20 years ago.
No, Dems are wholey responsible for the whole freaking mess. I'm pretty sure of that.
But don't you worry. Just tell them what you want to hear and they will promise it.
As my dad use to say, "they got you by the short hairs".


Austin Jenkins, is usually just dry. Ever notice the lack of scoops or exclusive stories out of local public radio? they have a pretty good sized news staff, but the news isn't so much revelatory or exploratory as it is documentary. It's too bad they have pretty big news staff, and as the news paper and commercial radio folds up their news rooms, public radio could be a news organization to contend with. Like Oregon Public Radio. Of course they might try paying some decent wages...

Puget Sound

Gee Sparky
I hope you didn't already change your mind about going over to Yakima to ask Rossi those questions.
Still curious, exactly how is it Rossi's fault that over the last 4 years Gregoire hasn't fully funded education with a Dem Legislature.

Chucks is right, short hairs it is. Just be intellectually honest about it.

Puget Sound

Now this would cause a shitstorm of epic proportions.

Dems blow a fuse and take to the streets


I guess the whiz kids above never heard of Clyde Ballard. So typical of these guys to be so behind in their facts.

Why do you even try, Sparky?

Puget Sound

I'm just saying this is the thanks I get for trying to save her some gas money.

People just laugh at the image of ol Sparky waxing poetically about driving all the way to Yakima to speak 'truth to power' and give Dino Rossi 'what for' about school funding when in fact:

1)Clyde Ballard hasn't been in power in years-he hasn't served since 2004.
2) Dems have had the legislature since 04
3) Dem Gov Gregoire has been in charge and responsible for submitting budgets since 2004
4) Dem Gov Gregoire lost in court on Summary Judgement yet chose to appeal it again...just to buy some time and screw more children over. Nice.

Yet, you want to blame Dino Rossi?
I even gave you a direct example of what Gregoire has done to the 7th largest School District, Federal Way. 'Queen' Christine wouldn't even give the city or State reps the time of day and meet with them on this issue. They had to SUE to get her attention. I cited to the legal papers granting Summary Judgement for the city.

And yet you're gonna post that I am the one who doesn't know what he is talking about. Amazing.

Show me exactly where I am pulling stuff out of my rumbleseat?

I'm just saying...don't you get tired of working off of idealogy and not facts?

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