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September 25, 2008


Ted Smith

My memory must be getting worse. I could have sworn that Lee Rodgers did middays at KIRO.


Pat O'Day indeed. We had a typical 'garage band' back in the '60's and we'd cut a 45 RPM record (remember those?). We were basically centered in E. Wash and regularly toured the PNW states. I remember being told that our only chance of success with that record (didn't matter how good the song was) was to get on the good side of Pat O'Day. I guess we did, cause KJR, et al started playing it and it eventually made the top 10 (just in the greater Seattle area). Pat is/was an icon of the era, the most powerful and influential disc-jockey/promoter of that period and one who helped many musical groups flourish. We were but one. Happy Birthday Pat...stay well!

Puget Sound

You are correct. Lee Rodgers was midday at Kiro for awhile but couldn't make a real dent up here so went back to SF. His spot was taken over by a young man from Ballard who calls himself Dori.


Oh My Toto Could It Be???

Puget Sound

Good stuff for you Duff. Looks like Bill is engaging in some payback for being called racist a few months ago.

Check out Bill Clinton on ABC this morning telling us that it wasn't the Repub or him, rather it was the legislative Dems (ie Frank/Dodd/Pelosi et al) that made this financial situation so bad.
Clinton also shows the lie about McCain not wanting to debate pointing out correctly that McCain has wanted more debates and Obama has been ducking. That McCain is acting in good faith for the good of the country.

the good stuff is at the 2.35 mark onward

Ah the Uptick Rule! Bob Brinker has been railing against that for years.

Puget Sound

Nice pic of Lee Rodgers. At least he isn't one of the Lyons of the Left like Bernie. One can only imagine what kind of pic that would be with Bernie and no doubt some nubile young thing. Too young thing..the sick SOB.

Hey, another good thing about Lee is that he helped to bring Melanie Morgan around. She made the move from Lib to Cons. A lot of us didn't know she use to be up in Seattle also with hubby Jack Swanson. Interesting story about her and her gambling addiction she got up whilst here in Seattle-topia. She has a great voice.

Melanie Morgan...when you coming back on the air?

Puget Sound

KGO Ronn Owens is having a nice show on Bill Clinton and bitterness.

Puget Sound

very funny. some excerpts from kos, du, and others on anger towards bill clinton. The funny part is the left has discovered that there is gambling at Rick's place and that Clintons work for Clintons...party be damned.
oh the left, so predictably dumb and so predictably angry. ignoring facts until reality hits 'em in the face. grab some popcorn and read:

"This caused a firestorm of anger at both the Daily Kos and the Democratic Underground. So just how angry is the leftwing blogosphere with Bill Clinton? You can get an idea by reading this sampling of comments posted at the Democratic Underground:

SHUT THE HELL UP BILL!!! I can't stand his ass anymore.

the reality is that his presidency was All About Bill, he screwed interns and progressive values with equal abandon, and he ushered in Republican control of all three brances of the government.

What "Jewish Holidays" was he talking about on Larry King,He said he would campaign for Obama after. The Jewish Holidays, WTF message is he trying to send. This is a man that knows exactly what his words are and mean.

Bill Clinton is a black hole that runs on egotism. I am so sick of tired, old act. Don't go away mad, Bill. Just go away.

The Daily Kos is also quite angry with Bill Clinton as you can see:

he has now put his legacy and his wife's future on the line with his comments this week...people will look back and place a lot of blame on him...otherwise Obama wins and Clinton is sent into the dust bowl of history...

now Bill clinton is hiding behind his freindship with McCain as cover for not attacking him. Would he be so charitable if Hillary were the nominee? i think not. The sooner we get both Clintons off the national stage, the better off we all are. I for one intend to rally New Yorkers to defeat Hillary in the next Senate race. Hers ad Bills type have seen their best days, and we should put them out to pasture. We all saw the real side of Bill Clinton during the primaries. He is a two faced little coward who once did some good things for the country, but that was then. What exactly has he done for anyonre lately besides side with Hillary in dragging down the Democratic party? besides, if he is the great all-knowing and powerful campaign person, why didnt Hillary win? Give me a break!!!! "

Rick Tresner

Barack Obama and Joe Biden will win this election with the help of Bill and Hillary Clinton. McCain and his liteweight right-wing bimbo will lose. Period. All aother discussion about the Clintons is just right-wing attempts to insfake up a conspiracy that isn't there. McCain' campaign is flailing... the Bush tragedy is playing out andthe Republican party is taking a much-deserved drubbing that will keep them in the margins for a generation or so.

ex republican

It doesn't matter, McCain is getting tired now and won't debate. He is such a pussy. Where is the Maverick? Will he have a tummy ache next week?


damn it puts quit insfaking!

Gay Gary

I haven't said many nice things about Nader on this blog but this is quite hysterical and doubly true.


STEIN!! Nooooooooooooooooo!

Mike, your a good guy, and we disagreed on everything political, but it was never personal. That's why your in the "good radio guy" column. people like you have their messages returned quickly.

BTW- KFI returns to 50,000 watts of Amplitude Modulation tonight at 5pm PST!!


Whoa...Bryan aren't you glad you left that sinking ship?

Sad about Fisher

Sorry to interrupt the politics,
but let us take a moment to grieve Fisher Communications, KVI, and KOMO. Once a proud Seattle company like like WaMu, it's also a victim of its own and Wall Street's greed.


Everyone knows it. Kirby is next.


And Carleen will be lone survivor? Wow- she must have the goods on someone of influence.

Puget Sound

more good news for you on the Bill Clinton front. Best quote:

"As for 2012, Clinton knows that these same folks will vote Hillary just because she will be best-positioned to win. They don't care about "policies" or "philosophies." They just want anyone with a "D" after their name to win. Period. What are they gonna do, vote Republican?

Clinton is fully aware of what he's doing. He's a purely political animal, it's been noted for years. If there's one thing Bill Clinton knows, really knows, it's how to win elections. "


Senator McCain is running for President.
The President is an executive position.
McCain should stop acting like a senator if he wants to be president.
Chances are good that as president McCain would have to keep many plates spinning all at the same time.
If this moment is a test of leadership, then McCain has chosen to behave like a legislator.
He can’t spare 2 hours for the voters to see him discuss the economy, and the myriad of issues tht will confront him in the months to come?
If McCain wants to be a senator, let him be a senator.

If he does not want to debate Obama, then send in Palin.
She is ready to be president according to McCain. He told 60 Minutes Absolutely, absolutely.

America held elections during the Civil War!!!! The Great Depression!!!! WW2. And during the tortuous year of 1968.
I think that we can have a campaign, a debate and an election this year.

The right to vote for a leader is the most vital aspect of a democracy. It defines being a democracy.

John McCain has either punted away his chance of being the president or there is something unexpected about to be released by the press that is not going to be pretty.

Get used to saying President Obama.


KVI or KOMO should snag Bob Brinker since KIRO is going to interupt his show wiht all the sports programs....


I tend to agree rmc. I don't think that Sen McCain particularly wants to be seen on the same stage as Sen Obama (remembering back to the Kennedy/Nixon debate). Sen McCain is not very telegenic and he knows it. I've stated herein prior that I really do think it's a foregone conclusion that Sen Obama WILL indeed be our next POTUS. I only pray that he can handle the Nation's problems and that he finds an activity to keep Sen Biden busy so he (Biden) doesn't get involved in actual decision making. OR, EVEN BETTER, like is being hinted...have Sen Biden drop out (for health or whatever) reasons and ask Mrs Clinton aboard.

the Mad Lad

Wow, KJR I remember them when I was dj'ing for KALE in the tri-cities back in the day....I also remember Gary Puckett and the Union Gap coming out of C Wash. Who else was around back then doing music from east of the mtns?


Are we not still paying obambam and McCain to be Senators? At this point, POTUS is above both of their "pay grades".
As for staying out on the campaign trail and leaving a $700,000,000,000.00 problem and its possible solution to Harry Reid, Nancy Peelosi, Chuckie Schumer, Chris Dodd and Barney Frank, well, are you freaking nuts? They are up to their necks in creating and/or perpetuating this problem.
No sir/madam, we need a real leader in DC working on this problem. Maybe you are partially right, we don't need obambam in town, just McCain.


Well, it’s good to know Mr McCain is so focused on solving the problem that he has to suspend all activities to act on this problem. Also, it’s good to know when he is president that if there is a crisis, he would have to stop everything to focus on one problem. That’s what he need as a president, someone who is myoptic, unable to multitask, forgetful about his previous statements, and in conference with the exact people that caused this meltdown.


"his 'liteweight' little bimbo"- yeah she's the lightweight that took on big boy corrupt bastards and the oil companies in man's state , not a matriarchy like Washington, and won both fights. Meanwhile your boy Barack was sucking up to black racists and demogogues in his church and corrupt Chicago machine gangsters and honchos because he knew he must get along to go along- and go ahead. Yeah there's a lightweight running in this race- it's Barack Obama. He's an effeminate, pussywhipped, skinnyass dweeb trying to be "ghetto macho" out on his stump speeches.


I continue to wonder how McCain and Palin can expect our votes when they hide from the American people and the press and call time-outs when things are not going their way or when there’s just too much going on at once.

It’s a dangerous world, I don’t think terrorists or the leaders of belligerant nations will play by McCain’s and Palin’s rules or honor their requests for photo-ops and “more time to learn”.

If McCain cannot handle a debate and a Senate vote in one week, how will be able to handle the responsibilities of the Presidency?

In any case, McCain holds the record for missing the most votes in the Senate and has admitted he doesn’t know much about economics. He also missed many chances to propose or vote for legislate to regulate the failing giants that paid his campaign manager so handsomely for access to McCain.

Puget Sound

spot on tommy 008

what's wrong with taking some time to concentrate on this $700 billion bailout. we ain't talking about naming a freakin post office. and you can't get away with voting 'present'
the fact that mccain was willing to stop campaigning and start solving the problem gives him stature.

look, he was a fighter pilot. that is the ultimate in multi-tasking. you can do that you can do pretty much anything in terms of making quick decisions.

Puget Sound

So he’s not going to have rallies for a few days and he’s not going to run television commercials, and he’s proposing that a debate scheduled a year ago be postponed for a week.
Jeez, get a grip.
Campaign suspended on behalf national interest.
Hmmm, what a novel concept.


The idea is to participate in the drafting of the law, not just vote on a piece of legislation. This piece of legislation just happens to involve an estimated $700,000,000,000.00. I don't know about you, but it would take me a little over 4,666,666 years to make that kind of money. That would adversly effect my retirement plans.
By the way, where is Joe Biden on this issue? We are still paying him to do his senate job.
On another subject, did anybody see obambam's speach this AM? The teleprompter was running slow. He stood there for up to 10 seconds waiting for the next page to come up. It was pretty sad to watch the man not know what to say next.
So much for being a man that can think on his feet.


I should have said that it's McCain's campaign team that likely don't want to see him on the same stage as Sen Obama for telegenic reasons. I don't think Sen McCain is afraid of ANYthing and I believe his motives for this latest move were honorable.


And I do agree with Puts. Flying a fighter jet is the ultimate in 'multi-tasking'; flying and maneuvering one in combat is the highest order of 'thinking on your feet'. No fricken bout a dout it!

someone who knows

ya, he lost about 5 jets doing that rofl!


So where was all of the outcry when Obama REFUSED to debate McCain in Town Hall meetings after Obama stated "Any time, any where"? (-wuss)

You would think Obama would want to be in Washington doing his job (which he's never really done) during what's billed as the largest financial problem since the great depression.
His answer was, "I'll be ready to help if called upon". Wow! What a great display of leadership! I think there's a tingle running down my leg...


CNN is reporting that a compromise solution has been reached. Good on them if so. Maybe Obambam was right to leave it to the adults. He seems to know that which is above his pay grade and beyond his expertise.
Dodd and ol' Barney Frank know where a huge amount of blame will fall, therefore want a quick resolution.
Kudos to President Bush on taking leadership and getting this taken care of and John McCain for bringing conservative legislators to the table.

Puget Sound

meanwhile, in another part of the country Obama was reading off a teleprompter...

I love the 'lost 5 jets' comment. Keep it up. Why dontcha go with the Randi Comments about how 'easy' John McCain had it with the VC? Go ahead, it really plays well.

someone who knows

McCain left it to the not so white old dudes,, he arrived after a deal had already been reached and Matlock was over on the in-flight movie. LOL

Sen. John McCain returned to Washington on Thursday after declaring that he has suspended his campaign, but he appeared largely detached from the flurry of negotiations on a $700 billion economic rescue package that appeared to be headed to a successful conclusion.

McCain's "Straight Talk Air" landed at National Airport just after noon, and McCain's motorcade sped toward the Senate. But by then, senior Democrats and Republicans were already announcing that a deal in principle had been reached.

McCain could of just ejected over the WH to save time.


'someone who knows'...we know you!

someone who knows

In a world exclusive The NATIONAL ENQUIRER names GOP VP Candidate Sarah Palin's secret lover!

No less than three members of the man’s family including one by sworn affidavit have claimed that Sarah Palin engaged in an extramarital affair with hus­band Todd’s former business partner, Brad Hanson.

Hanson owned a snowmobile dealership with Palin’s husband Todd, who immediately dissolved the partnership after he heard stories about the affair, which occurred around 1996, according to the sources. At the time, Palin was mayor of Wasilla.

oh my!


sure it wasn't John Edwards...haha

someone who knows

no, it wasn't john edwards. are you retarded like the rest of the palin family?

someone who knows you're full of shit

You are pathetic.
Just thought you should know.


For $700000000000.00, I could buy 1950000 new Rolls Royces.
Sure glad obambam got out of the way.

Puget Sound

gawd, that secret lover stuff was crap sparky brought on this board ten days ago. it's been looked at and dismissed as crap.

Puget Sound

right sparky?


E Mail Alert...
I just got this warning in my E-Mail
The subject line reads: Naked pictures of Sarah Palin.
Do not open it, it contains a virus.
The subject line on the second one reads: Naked pictures of Hillary Clinton. Do not open, it contains naked pictures of Hillary Clinton.


What ever else you may say/think about Sen McCain, you can hardly think him gutless. That's a ridiculous statement. I doubt Sen McCain is afraid of ANYthing. He was answering an appeal to go to Wash DC and do what he could to help and that's exactly what he did. Country before politics...to be exemplified!


04:17PM post was not me...surprise, surprise. Some chicken**** doin it yet again.


chuck: did you see that apparently upon meeting Sarah a high Pakistani official remarked 'you are georgous' and another remarked 'how do you keep so trim and fit with all that you're going thru'.
Doubt Sen Biden ever heard that...except possibly in the Minneapolis Airport?

someone who knows

You have first hand knowledge of airports, duffman?


I'm sorry 'someone who blows' were you speaking to me? I was busy watching the piece on KING5 on Idaho Vandal cheerleaders' outfits being banned. Now, if you have something better than that to offer ...bring it on, otherwise STFU. And DO have a nice day!

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