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September 02, 2008



I might not be able to spell it, but I know it when I see it Bla'M.


I agree, electing McCain would amount to destroying the Palin's family. Are they all going to move to DC? Are some going to stay in Podunk? It's an 11 hour flight. Is that family totally fucked, so to speak?


hey chucks...did you see the video of Grampy checking out Palin's ass while she was speaking to the crowd at her introduction?? It's a classic.
Funniest thing I have ever seen...

Norm Coleman just said at the convention that John McCain "has a face that says YES!"

Apparently he saw that video too!


Dr. Laura is my role model, wish she was still perky and tight-butted like in those pitchers.


Sarah Palin beoives in outlawing abortion. PERIOD. That's good enough for me.

Gay Gary

Kudos to Dr. Laura. I can't stand her show but I'm happy she's taken a solid position on this point. But there needs to be more conservatives than Dr. Laura and Gay Gary calling into question the efficacy of nominating the parent of a lascivious slut. Absent that this nomination will proceed full steam. Republicans actually interested in what's best for the party - not what's best for the McCain candidacy - will be well served to start raising a rucous and raising it loudly. (I stopped caring about the well-being of that party 3 years ago but I know most conservatives have not.)

Gay Gary

BTW - I know Sarah Palin likes fishing ... I wonder if Bristol Palin prefers crabbing? RIMSHOT

But seriously, as loathe as I am to see McCain and the whore elected, if Biden-obama makes it on November 4 - which, now, I can't see how they won't - I will honestly consider moving to Switzerland as soon as we can get residency visas approved (this is my version of the "moving to Canada" thing the libs do) - everyone can bitch about my patriotism for saying that but, at the end of the day, the United States is a social contract and one is free to remove oneself from the binds of a contract once the contract is seriously breached as I'm absolutely certain would happen under the stuttering disaster of an Obama-biden regime.


Fred Thompson keeps burping during his speech...ew..

Gay Gary

Oh, and the young trailer park king is apparently a high school dropout. Why else would they be unwilling to refuse to confirm if he'd graduated from high school? But he's packed up his pickup truck, a couple jugs of moonshine for the road and is heading to the big city for the RNC. He's undoubtedly been offered studding privileges and the opportunity to impregnate select members of various GOP state delegations.

Gay Gary

AP reports that Levi's Johnston's mother says her son impregnating Palin is "a bonus!" After election will McCain try to negotiate access to the Saudi royal brothel to satiate Levi's virility?

McCain starts "revetting" Palin? Christ, a circus of idiots. http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200809u/palin-eagleton


"Why else would they be unwilling to refuse to confirm if he'd graduated from high school?"

Is that one'a them Mensa Brain Teasers or do you consider English to be a second languish?


Watching Grampa Fred give what was supposed to be the speech that Ahnold was going to give, I'm sitting here thinking that the Oompah Loompah's were in charge of his makeup.

Gay Gary

er ... strike the "to refuse" --- sorry, I've been spending too much time practicing my Deutsch for my impending move to CH


If Dr. Laura trashed her, she must be good - right ?
The progressives are in a bind - if they demonize Palin, they are on Dr. Laura's side.

Moving to other comments, Fred Thompson does not have the delivery of Bill Clinton or an Obambam, but he is a great wordsmith and connected well with the crowd and those who saw him on TV - he was politically incorrect in parts of his speech, so the alphabet networks only showed about half of it - he referred Obama to the most liberal and least experienced candidate ever for President - that's risky as hell in these dangerous times IMO.


Then here's a big Gutenachtkuss to ya.


I watched him on C=Span, where I got to see him burp his words in all his Orangey goodness.


geezus, Dr Laura looks like one of those figures that you point a pistol at in a penny arcade and suddenly comes to life. Her turkey neck makes her look more of a screed she is.


That Schlesinger Bitch is a cruel, cackling sadistic creep and degenerate who enjoys making her obsequious,sycophantic callers cringe and cower under her withering, caustic approbrium, delivered in a pious, morally superior tone. A deceased LA radio personality named Bill Balance claimed he had an adulterous affair with her while she was married some years ago, during which time he took several nude photos of her. The celebrate photos, which he eventually release to the public, in an effort to expose her as a hypocrite, show her displaying her now famous overgrown, unkempt bush.




I looks like the National Enquirer is at it again.

"Palin planned for the wedding to take place right after the Republican National Convention and then she was going to announce the pregnancy.

But Bristol, 17, refused to go along with the plan and that sparked a mother-daughter showdown over the failed coverup.

The ultra-conservative governor’s announcement about her daughter’s pregnancy came hours after The ENQUIRER informed her representatives and family members of Levi Johnston, the father of Bristol’s child, that we were aware of the pregnancy and were going to break the news.

In a preemptive strike Palin released the news, creating political shockwaves.

The ENQUIRER has also learned that Palin’s family is embroiled in a vicious war that is now exposing her darkest secrets, threatening to destroy her political career.

Palin’s ongoing war with her ex brother-in-law Mike Wooten, a state trooper, has caused multiple sources to come forward with shocking allegations about the governor."


Why isnt the boyfriend signed up to go to Iraq?


Of course Palin should be home with her newborn with Downs and her pregnant daughter. She's ignored them enough--You're all stupid for thinking for a moment she should remain in office. And Obama blathering on about how his mother was 18 when he was born. That was a different time and was she running for vice -president?

I'm sick of the way they sweep certain issues under the rug (like why not go into detail about the medical needs of a child with down's syndrome and mention that Palin is neglecting the newborn?).
I'm not voting for either one of them and someone tell Palin to take her glasses off, it doesn't make her look professional.

How dare you put Dr. Laura down over this.



Sounds like you and the 'good' doctor (in name only) need each other.



I'm gratified to see that people are agreeing with me. I'm listening to THE VIEW, where they basically said everything I said, not the greatest source of intelligent TV but others that you would probably approve of are saying the same thing. You need to listen to the good doctor.
Also, children with Down's Syndrome are not just the cute, cuddly huggy bears you see on Lifetime Movies or in The Special Olympics. Though they usually are lovable they can also have heart problems and suffer from blindness, deafness and severe retardation. So who should be nurturing this baby? The mother or a nanny. I'm through commenting so your snide remarks back will be ignored.


Yes, Send Levi to Iraq.


Sandy..Duffman has been reduced to one-liners. Stick around and join the rest of us.

D. Donnalee Devoe

I agree with Dr. Laura. I am an early childhoold professor, and have seen it all when the children are not tended to in the early years. Irreparable damage does occur. No one can take the place of the mother.

Furthermore, Palin is not fit to lead now because she lacks experience. We are sending the wrong message to the public. A crash course to be the vice president is okay, and zero national security experience is all right? It is a disgrace.

Parading her daughter out in public and basically saying it is okay to be a teenager and get pregnant, have a newborn and go back to work after three days of delivery sends the wrong message to the public.

Working moms are fine if they go back when the children are in school.

God help this country. We are on the wrong track and what does it say about McCain's judgment? He makes snap judgments-a bad trait to be commander in chief. And then there is the question of his bad temper. The whole McCain/Palin ticket is very troublesome and scary. I say no to this ticket.


ddd: and therein lies the beauty of this country, you CAN say no, yes or not say at all. Doubt you could have done that under Sadaam's regime.


Oh, I forgot to add ddd; you can also say (as your leader apparently so frequently does) 'present'.


You see what an idiot you are, duff?

Devoe makes points to which you could respond but what do you do?



So Professor Devoe
Does that mean that our fathers were correct in the 50's and 60's when they kept our mothers at home raising the kids? So women should stick to being teachers and school bus drivers so they can be home after school is out and in the summers to take care of our blessed little milk suckers.
Seems to me that many great minds would have been wasted by leaving women at home. Many children would have missed out on seeing mom produce more than just a clean, well managed home.


Professor Devoe, have you seen the videotape of Karl Rove saying how unqualified Tim Kane was to be considered for Vice President because he has been a Governor for a short time and before that a mayor of a town smaller than Chula Vista, California? Apparently he, and some conservatives have no such misgivings about Gov. Palin and are upset at us for asking the same questions about her. What I find really interesting is that people who dont normally care for Dr. Laura are giving her points for being a consistent Conservative.


chucks: Does that mean that our fathers were correct in the 50's and 60's when they kept our mothers at home raising the kids?

My mother wasn't home in the 50s and 60s. Why make such a generalization if you don't know?

Did your father tell your mother what to do?

Conservatives are so out of touch.

Besides, chucks, without the little woman working her well-paid gumment job, your kids wouldn't be in college. At least, not if you were telling the truth about your Walton-chat at the table one night when the missus decided to go back to school so she could get a good gumment job and send your kids to college. Thank god one of you is working, huh?


I've never jumped on the hate-Dr. Laura bandwagon because while I desagree with her most of the time, she does say what she thinks. I love that.

And I do also think it best for moms to be home in the early years. I see that a lot among my highly capable kids. Moms home for the first three or four years and then preschool, K and on. But not home watching soap operas etc. Home teaching, reading and assisting kids in their early learning and enrichment.

Two or three years out of a woman's life isn't asking too much. I've actually a few dads who have chosen to stay home those years because the wives made the most money. Worked out just as well.

But, chucks, duff, steven, all-cons and repug (doesn't include all Republicans): you guys have turned this economy into such a state that not only do women have to work to survive, men and women are working two jobs when they can find them.

With an unemployment rate between 6 and 12 percent, it is getting harder.

I suppose your answer to that would be to send them all to China where the jobs are...

Thanks, Devoe, for participating. God help this country because McBush ain't going to do it.


You are pretty damn full of your self today. Most days I guess.
My then new bride, quit her job as a clerk where we both worked and went back to school. She went to The University of Puget Sound. She got out of there with a 3.97 GPA with a duel major in math and computers. In the month she graduated, my daughter graduated from HS, my middle son from JH and youngest from elem.
I did without shit so she could excel. I did without shit so she could graduate without debt (student loans).
We got our kids out with out debt (fer them anyway).
Screw it, you are not worth the energy today. Continue your moronic rants about how bad and evil I am. After your first week of school, you deserve to abuse those who generously pay you salary.


Old news, chucks. You said that before. Am I supposed to give you a sticker or something. Something from the prize box maybe?

Generously pay my salary? It isn't generous esp. compared to someone who used to sell gas guzzlers and whose wife is still taking out of the gumment trough so hated by her husband.

Abuse? Speak clearly. Who have I abused? More trash talk from you, chucks.

And I am always worth the energy. Too bad you're so used up, chucks. But then, the kind of energy I require is fueled by intelligence.

I am not nice to people who are part and parcel of the destruction of this country. You are one of the worst. You take without giving. You hate without loving. (and sex isn't the same as loving, chucks) You blame without knowing. And you judge without information.

I am angry.


You'd better channel some of that anger to our good Governor, lest you may have to worry about the sanctity and fiscal safety of your pension plan. She may bankrupt this State.

Puget Sound

Dino is running under the radar but I think he'll take it this time. Of course, the Dems were running those 'hey, did you know Dino is Italian' under the guise of 'you don't know Dino Rossi' ads but most people thought he got robbed last time.

Joanie will be spitting up her metamucil and screaming about the 'machines' come November.
Why she doesn't take Sparky's advice I'll never know.


joanie: angry
joanie: bitter
Some days I get confused and have a tough time recognising which of her two moods Miss Joanie is grasping on to on any given day.
Joanie, love you like a sister, but you need to get another kind of mood in your life.


You conservatives have a talent for trying to pigeon-hole people because you are so superficial yourselves.

Liberals are not easy. That's why we rarely march to the beat of the same drummer unlike you.

Bitter? Your word. But one I've been called by another so-called conservative. I think you have very few descriptive words in your vocabularies to describe truth-telling, direct and intelligent women.

You default to "mood" and other subjective words that really get back to describing your own frustration at making a successful response that is intelligent, thoughtful, reflective or honest.

You want to rely on your emotions for everything. But some things deserve time, effort, study and judgment.

Charm simply isn't enough for some of us. I'm sorry for you. But it isn't.

It is easier to accuse me of being in a "mood" than to respond intelligently to my claims. Have I said anything untrue? Anything at all regarding you or your family?

Your wife feeds at the trough of the gumment you so hate.

I would probably not put it that way if I were talking to another Dem or even a thoughtful Republican. But that's the way you guys talk. Not okay for us women?

Double standard? Maybe you're really the one in a mood. Are you sad and feeling defeated because you have to find a job at your age?

Think about it.

Puget Sound

you have to excuse her. facts and reason make her a little off kilter.
joanie has issues that can only be solved by the good folks at western washington.
take a cab joanie. you're in no condition to drive in this mood.

Puget Sound

if you were joanie, you would be angry too.

just thank the lord you don't have to live it.

Go Sarah, Go Sarah, Go Sarah...


so the conversation on sputsie's part has devolved to drunkeness - again. Ho hum. But keep trying, sputs. Someday you may, as duh'f puts it, say something original.


You know, chucks. I think the day may come when you'll have the courage to tell this freaking echo chamber that constantly thinks you need him to speak for you where to go...

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