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September 27, 2008



Mitt Romney said today "Mitt Romney, McCain's erstwhile rival for the Republican nomination, said the deal on a Wall Street bailout worth up to 700 billion dollars would never have happened without the Arizona senator."

Speaking on NBC television, the former Massachusetts governor said "this bill would not have been agreed to had it not been for John McCain."

He said that right before the bill FAILED.


It failed for one reason only...piss-poor leadership at the SOTH position. She's a farce!


dos that mean your not going to beat-off over images of pelosi?


I'll leave that for you re-coil; she's all yours! haha


But the whole point of McCain going to Washington and "suspending" his campaign was to bring leadership to the GOP and get this thing passed. I am no fan of Pelosi, but she isn't the only one who didn't come through.

Im glad it failed. It was a lousy bill and they can do better.


Douglas Holtz-Eakins,one of McCain's stupider economic advisors (he subscribed to the Phil Gramm "whiners" theory), just blamed the Democrats for killing the bill in order to deprive John McCain of credit for having saved the economy.

No! Repubs killed bill to make Obama look bad!!

( that was snark, steven.)


It was because of existing 'politicians' period...lots of blame to go around. They are NOT earning their keep...none of 'em. Let's put THEIR pensions and medical coverage 'on the line' and see what happens then. Strong reform is needed along with real leaders and not just politicians sucking off the nations teat.


May be instead of Sen McCain going to Wash DC to get things done, he should send Sarah...she might be able to shake up the good 'ol boys...and that dolt, Pelosi.


yes, he can sit out another debate like he promised...


You havent seen the video of her latest interview on CBS. McCain is sitting next to her to jump in and answer questions for her.
She is not being allowed out there on her own..
When she was asked about the bailout, she said it was time the taxpayers got to stop carrying the ball. Except that the banks are ( or were) privately owned, not taxpayer subsidized...she doesn't understand the problem. If he wants to totally tank his campaign, by all means, send her.


Or may be we can have Senators Sparky and/or Re-coil copy and paste us out of this turmoil. They seem to like to do that.


we have plenty of people helping us in Operation Sabotage. I remember reading about collaborators who supported the enemy back in ww2 and how they were dealt with. We need to bring back Nuremberg trials for republicans.


Head-in-the-sand is not going to save your gal Sarah, Duffman. See for yourself on the CBS evening news. Go ahead and give it a cute name like Palin-Fear or whatever you want to call it, but even conservatives are asking her to step down. I dont want that to happen...I want her to stay the VP candidate.

PugetSound-Open Letter to Michael Hood

What are the new rules here? I -and I am probably not alone- am being locked out from posting for periods of time.

You solicited funds from us.

At the very least, you could post the new rules.

Thank You


Anyone hear that speech Pelosi gave before the vote. She is aware that during those 4 years of budget surplus that the Republicans had control of both houses. Something her party has now. How dare she say it was Clintons doing when it was really the Rebublicans who balanced the budget. I'm sorry, but ever since the Libs put her in charge of the House as Speaker, this country has gone south of the border. I hope Cindy whats her name beats the pants off her in her re-electing bid because she is terrible for this country. I hope Palin, if given the oppourtunity, dosen't blow it like she has.


Another part of her speech I liked was...

"When was the last time you were asked to vote for a $700,000,000,000 bill."

Was she there the other day when they passed a $650,000,000,000 bill to keep the government running for the rest of the year. I think the Botox is starting to make her senile.


Pelosi is an idiot. She obviously didnt do her home work with respect to the vote.

You libs desrve what you have chosen. Lower % than W. That is a scream.


she might be able to shake up the good 'ol boys...and that dolt, Pelosi.

Yeah, just like Palin "shook-up" Couric. Who's the dolt again?

Since you are on this big "Blame-Pelosi" kick (as per usual). Let's test your me(n)tal

A.) The Majority of reps that voted against the bill were members of the Republican party. Not Pelosi's party, Bush's party.

B.) With Bush/McCain (supposedly) trying to rally Republicans to vote for his 700 bil, doesn't the blame land squarely on their shoulders? How about this: Bush is too much of a lame duck to get anything done!

C.) And wouldn't the next logical blame-gun target be Minority Leader Boehner. After all, it's his job to rally the Republicans - not Pelosi.

Most importantly - and answer directly Duffman - if you were a congressperson, would you have voted for 700 billion bailout?

Straight question, straight answer.

Coiler on crybaby republicans

Yes, it is great when someone like Pelosi can push the boys around and make them cry. bwaaahhhh! This is change we can hope for

Also mc cainvereck could not get a single vote from AZ, wha hauppened?




merci: now may I please?
Are you a fan of Pelosi?


'Head-in-the-sand is not going to save your gal Sarah, Duffman.'

sparky: obviously you're so busy googling and copying and pasting [possibly on school/taxpayer time?], etc that you don't read my posts very carefully. I've already concluded that Palin and McCain will not win this thing...doesn't mean I can't like her. I heretofore gave my thoughts on how this election will turn out.


Just in! Luke Burbank is doing the 8 to 9 p.m. hour with his exclusive analysis of The Bailout Bill Crisis- and Why it, Like, Failed


I do not know if this thing passing or failing is better. If it had passed, it would have been financially better for me and my family. But at the same time, it goes against my core beliefs. If it is in fact better for the nation, in the long run, I would have swallowed my pride and voted for it (if I were a Congresscritter). As a finance manager, in cars, rv's, boats or any other high ticket, loose finance is better. But to loan money to people who can't or won't pay it back is stupid.
Anyway, Congress had the votes until the witch from California got on the floor of congress this morning and slammed the Republicans for be unpatriotic. Lost twelve Republican votes that had said that they would vote for it against their better judgement.
She, along with Bush, McCain and Boehner had the deal closed. Then she opened her big mouth and talked them out of it. Even a first year salesman knows to quit talking when the deal is closed untill after the final paperwork is done.
You guys, your Nancy Peelosi is a fucking moron. Somebody tell me what that idiot Cindy's name is that is running againt her and I will send $538.00 to her campaign. That is this weeks unemployment check in full.


After today's pitiful showing by the Speaker of the House (who ought to be replaced ASAP), who was a big part of why this bill failed. However, the bill was not good enough and I commend the Republicans and Democrats that voted against it. Those in control of Congress (ie. the leadership) are pimps and Ho's posing as politicians - or is it the other way around and one of them is running for President - B-HO.

John McCain showed some leadership and encouraged them to pass it, but also stated that they need to do and do it right, while B-HO was dialing it in and hiding from the problem that he and his cohorts - Frank and Dodd helped bring about. Back in 2005, McCain and the Republicans (Bush even favored it then) tried to re-regulate Freddie and Fannie, but the Dimocrats, led by Frank and Dodd - blocked it from going to the floor. Therefore, this problem is more the Democrats making - for the record.

As McCain also said - Now its time to put aside politics, make it a better bill and git UR done !!
B-HO's response - nada.

This election is B-HO's to lose. It will take some doing at this point, but if just a chunk of him that he has concealed gets exposed for who he is, people will flock to the other side - for the people do not want fascism - which he and his Chicago thugs bring to the table, nor are people wild about the socialist utopia that he promises for all - veiled by Hope and Change.

John Zogby said that this election follows the model of 1980, where Carter actually lead slightly or was close to even up to a week beforehand, but it soon became a blowout.

blathering michael

Open Letter to Puget Sound and and anyone else who wants to talk to me: write me at [email protected] I'll gladly explain what the spam filter may be doing to you.
This is such a lovely Aristotelian conversation out here, I don't want to mess it up with housekeeping...



Later B'lam...


I walked right up to his restaurant table. It was a back booth,just large enough for his highness, Star and the girls to fit in comfortably. Oh, and his Pastor, as well. Apparently at this new place there wasn't any chummy, musclebound manager to attack me, since he was merely staring at me in cold fury, and not caling out for anyone. Marblesville was a very new joint in Belltown and oddly, enough this was the second time I'd seen him in there.I was a regular dinner diner. The first time, I was already out the door when I noticed him being seated, slone, and I just couldn't have cared less about him that particular night. Tonight was different- i was ready for some fun. 'Good evening Pastor,girls," i said, genially."Oh,and who's this? The Midget of Marblesville"? His face reddened but he simply continued the thousand yard stare. Suddenly he blurted out,"Pastor! Get the two homeless guys! They're on call- hiding in the men's room." "Feets don't fail me now!," I shouted, as I beat a hasty retreat to the back exit, remembering the pummeling I'd taken at the two mendicants hands, or rather fists, last summer.


If the opposite of Pro is Con. What is the opposite of Progress?



Later B'lam...

Posted by: PugetSound | September 29, 2008 at 08:44 PM

Hope I didn't detect a note of finality in your post, Puts?


I'll cruise by on occasion but it gets tiresome seeing the 'usual suspects' not having to actually be intellectually honest or held to account.

I'll catch you all in awhile if I don't see you on the other boards.


I hear ya PutS. SImilarly I have become bored with the nature of the comments here - I'll be by to check out the posts periodically and also cruising other URL's, but no more comments here until ???? Time to cut out some of life's clutter and here is a good place to start.

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