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September 25, 2008


Gay Gary

Will Nader fill-in for McCain? Obama Girl has allied herself with Ralph now, apparently, according to this video.

Who do I vote for now?

Dave Ross and Luke Burbank?

OMG! Luke Burbank commenting about politics? OMG I didn't know he was so knowledgable. Of course, one way to make him work and earn his pay...

Who do I vote for now

Oh yeah, is Jen going to join in and give us her insight? I hope not.. Keep your mouth shut and play producer, not wannabe talk host.

Gay Gary

Oh gawd, I thought that was a joke. BARF --

Well, KIRO may have missed the political balance but they did get the intellectual balance: the Ivy Leaguer and the Idiot.


The Note: You Break It . . .
'Pottery Barn' Rule Bites McCain, As Deal Collapses and Debate is in Doubt


..your link doesn't work genius!


Can't be highlighted enough: McCain is trying to make hay on Obama not holding subcommittee hearings, when McCain never even shows up to vote.

How many times has McCain accused Obama of not understanding something, only to have Obama display prodigious knowledge of said subject?

I am guessing that PugetSound and KS and Duffman are quite pleased with McCain's performance tonight because McCain smirked a lot, tried to insult Obama on several occasions, and launched into war stories from the last century--all Hallmarks of Leadership no doubt.


I like your objective view on the smirking, Hidden - NOT ! Granted McCain smirked a few times, but Obama was doing it all night long when not speaking - and being disrespectful that way. Both men were generally respectful. Sen. Obama's views were dissembled on a number of occasions by Sen. McCain.

When McCain accused Obama of not understanding something, he was spot on. Obama is a pretty good student and agreed with McCain's stance on us being safer than on 9-11 and our policy with Russia. John McCain prevailed in this debate, but that was expected. If Obama (aka the Manchurian candidate) would have not lied so much about his economic plans or tried to distort McCain's,
I'd have gained more respect for him (his connections to the ACORN voter fraud organization aside).

Puget Sound

here the Obama looking at the bracelet moment.

If you are gonna invoke a dead soldier's name, have it memorized...here is his 'Looking at the Watch' Moment ala George Bush Senior in 92.

judge for yourself. i call p(J)oanie

super eight

Mccain looked like a stiff old white dude who had never spoken with a black guy before. i bet mc cain has a puckered butthole even lee rodgers would like


Sen. Obama's views were dissembled on a number of occasions by Sen. McCain.

And vice versa. Why is it you can never be fair and balanced, klueless?

Leave it to sputsie, the bean counter, to notice a detail and miss the main idea. I have a reading group ready...

Ew! Forget I said that.


"Why is it you can never be fair and balanced ?"

Back at you, Ph(Jo)anie. PutS made a valid point, but you won't even acknowledge it, Ms. Manchurian Candidate Kool Aid drinker.

Actually, I viewed the consensus on other websites and it was perceived as a draw to a slight edge for McCain, while the dumbed-down political types gave a slight advantage to the Democrat, but it probably cut down party lines but may have moved the polls back closer to even.

Puget Sound

hey KS
she is making progress. at least she is using Fox News lingo with the 'fair and balanced.' If we can only get her to say, 'we report and you decide' to go with it we'll have made real progress.


I only read interesting posts with at least a small amount of original thinking, klueless. Haven't you figured that out yet? Probably not. You guys are stuck with him. Sorry for you.


...I viewed the consensus on other websites and it was perceived as a draw to a slight edge for McCain,...

Oh, so you checked out your conservative blogs and they gave it to McCain by a slight edge?

Well, that's it in a nutshell: Obama won.


"Well, that's it in a nutshell: Obama won."

Where's your non-partisan evidence ? Ph(Jo)anie's flippant comment. Do you think a progressive website has ever said a Republican has won any debate ? Twisted logic once again.

Obama displayed that he was a skilled liar tonight, with his spin on the economy - lower taxes for those less than $250,000 (really $125,000) and he was against offshore drilling - past 100 miles - bfd before was for it. McCain didn't want to meet with the Pres. of Spain - WTF ? (not true anyway).

Now, we'll get back to what he really brings to the table - for his policies. Fund ACORN as much as he can get away with, pass the Fairness Doctrine, way more Government control in Health Care, using fascist tactics for those who put out ads they perceive to be untrue in Missouri, his far-left extremist ties with William Ayers, which is trying to hide. This is the ugly and real side of Barack Hussein Obama that earns him the moniker of Manchurian Candidate. Of course, I realize that you and others leftists like fascist tactics when your candidates do it, but if a Republican tries it, they are Rethuglicans and worse than Hitler in some cases. Laughable - hypocrisy.


My evidence is you, you idiot. Read your own post. Your conservative blogs gave the win to McCain slightly which means Obama won.

McCain didn't want to meet with the Pres. of Spain - WTF ? (not true anyway).

How do you know? I don't know if it is true or not. So, tell me how you know it is false. Document it please.

Here's the play-by-play for those in the know. Dare you check it out?

"... 9:38: McCain said “We’re sending $700 billion a year overseas to countries that don’t like us very much” How about we’re sending $10 billion a month to a country, Iraq, whose people want our military to withdraw.

9:37: John McCain’s proposal for an across-the-board spending freeze in discretionary spending would entail large per capita cuts in everything from education to the FBI and federal prisons to national parks, highway and bridge repair, food stamps, etc. Along with having a deleterious impact on people who rely on these programs, the cuts would cause a contractionary impact on economic growth at a time when the country is in need of a second stimulus to forestall the risk of a deep recession.

9:37: The Wonk Room dissects John McCain’s promotion of his “45 nuclear plants by 2030” as a job creation boon.

9:34: 34 minutes in and no questions about foreign policy in this foreign policy debate. (Update: First foreign policy question comes 39 minutes in)

9:32: McCain said unequivocally that he is against ethanol subsidies. But in 2006, he said “I support ethanol and I think it is a vital, a vital alternative energy source not only because of our dependency on foreign oil but its greenhouse gas reduction effects.”

9:30: McCain commits a fashion faux pas. The effect of his red and white striped tie produces a wavy, strobing effect on regular televisions, one of the first tips media trainers tell men to avoid. It looks better in HD.

9:29: In his list of wasteful earmarks, McCain made no mention of the infamous Bridge to Nowhere, which his running mate supported.

9:26: McCain declares that there’s “a lot more than $18 billion” in earmark spending. Perhaps he’s returning to his unsubstantiated claim to be able to cut “$65 billion” in earmarks “that’s already on the books.” That figure included aid to Israel, which McCain later said he would not cut.

9:25: While the United States does have the second highest corporate rate in the world on paper, the effective tax rate is in line with the rest of the world’s leading economies. Further, two-thirds of American corporations pay no taxes. ..."

And lots more...

This is a site for smart people, KS. Try it out.


Is this what Hussein meant when he said we needed to support education like the Chinese. Huh, what does he want us to do. Go backwards. We did this in the 60's I beleive or was that just a dream.


I like it when Hussein said he would go line by line and get rid of the pork. Whats he thinking, there is no line item veto power to the President. Another lie to those who are politically dumb like liberals who do not know what GOP stands for.

Puget Sound

yes...smart people.
fashion faux pas?
bridge to nowhere that obama and biden voted for twice!
spending freeze is not a cut. just means you won't be increasing the amount spent. that is not a cut.
uh, the dems have the votes to defund the war in iraq. they choose not to do so. hmm...
2007 mccain went to iowa and told 'em he wouldn't support ethanol.

any other 'claims' made by the folks at 'think' progress.

no wonder you're ignorent, ph(J)oanie...


And reading the book cover . . . as usual. Try getting inside the book. You might learn something.

Oh, I forgot. You're not a deep thinker. I started to raise expectations. Sorry.


"This is a site for smart people, KS."

How alcohol affects the brain. Just the other day Joanie was praising KS for his original smart thinking with the likes of Sparky. Now the above today. She was probably behind that lawsuit that was dismissed today about Rossi using GOP instead of (R) on thwe ballot. Wake up Joanie, follow the light out of your cave this year and get behind the winning ticket of McCain/Palin. You will feel good to be able to tell your grandkids you got it right once in your lifetime.


9:09: Flashback: Karl Rove attacked Obama for not wearing a flag on his lapel, claiming that “to a lot of ordinary people, putting that flag lapel pin on is true patriotism.”

Hmmm...fashion unimportant now?


Gee, Steven, we've missed you and your reliance on alcoholic attacks when substantive ones are lacking.

I'm still praising Klueless. I think you're jealous. I talk to klueless because klueless occasionally does his homework.

Homework is important to teachers. Helps the brain get smarter. You might try it sometime.

Puget Sound

didn't know it was such a chore to wear an american flag pin. i guess for some it is.

A lot of people are laughing at Obama because he said eight times that he agrees with John McCain or thinks John McCain is right. Ok, well, maybe he was trying to look “bipartisan” or something.
Anyway, this is my favorite Obama line of the night:
McCain: And I’ll tell you, I had a town hall meeting in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, and a woman stood up and she said, “Senator McCain, I want you to do me the honor of wearing a bracelet with my son’s name on it.”
He was 22 years old and he was killed in combat outside of Baghdad, Matthew Stanley, before Christmas last year. This was last August, a year ago. And I said, “I will — I will wear his bracelet with honor.”
OBAMA: Jim, let me just make a point. I’ve got a bracelet, too..his name was.... ah...it was...(starts to look slyly to his right wrist) ah....yes...here it is...I mean...


C'mon joaine, it is a well known fact that you like to drink before coming on the BW. Why deny it. And if KS did do the homework, then why do you need to tell KS to...

"Document it please."

Like I said, wake up.

Puget Sound

hey nevets
click on the tab called negotiations. very funny ad.

ph(j)oanie actually thought this would be the first female president

Puget Sound

Drinking While Internetting
Joanie is soooo over the line with her meanders it becomes comical.


Yes Puts, that was a great line. But is persistense that Kissinger said the US should meet with iran with no preconditions was hysterical, Never has Kissinger said that. And that Adm. Mullen agreed with him that we should pull out the troops from Iraq now. Adm. Mullen has said it would be very dangerous to do so and would not do so unless the conditons on the ground improved enough to warrant such action. Where does he come up with these lies. Does he have people wearing Hussein hats all over the country asking them what they want to hear.


Was that a picture of the Grinch.


Well, it's time for bed. As everyone on this blog knows, when you guys resort to your drinking attacks, you're at the bottom of your thinking barrels.

Understanding that those barrels aren't very deep to begin with, I bid you good night.


PH(Jo)anie - That is from Thinkprogress - mindless twit ! Just as I thought there could be a reasoned debate, you resort to Obamaesque tactics. Try a non-partisan website next time and I'll consider. Or it looks like I'll have to counter from Newsmax or Powerline if you want to play that game. I noticed that Obama's purported lies/gaffes are missing - big frickin surprise.

How many drinks have you had up to now ? Truth, please. Drinking that progressive electric kool aid again.

The flag on the lapel was forgotten until you brought it up.

Now, I challenged you about what the Manchurian candidate brings to the take. Go ahead, bring on your rebuttal. (There's more to throw out on the table where that came from).


I was watching the entrance of Hussein and his wife maggila going into the debate. Was that the Secret Service protecting him or the Black Panthers?


From the debate.

OBAMA: "Well, let me just make a closing point. You know, my father came from Kenya. That's where I get my name."

"And in the '60s, he wrote letter after letter to come to college here in the United States because the notion was that there was no other country on Earth where you could make it if you tried. The ideals and the values of the United States inspired the entire world."


"(1959) Obama, who was interested in economics, wrote to dozens of universities and was awarded a scholarship to the University of Hawaii."

Someone should have told Hussein it was the fifties, not the sixties like he mentioned at the debate how his father sent out letter after letter to Universities across the US to go to school. Something smells here if he cant recall this little tidbit of information about his father.


This from Husseins Acceptance speech in August.

"Our universities and our culture are the envy of the world, but that's not what keeps the world coming to our shores."

"its the American Spirit"

Today at the debate after talking about his father wanting to come to school in the US.

"I don't think any of us can say that our standing in the world now, the way children around the world look at the United States, is the same."

A month ago, our Universities were the envy of the world and people from all over the world were knocking at our door. Now, one month later he says they are a disgrace and no one wants to come to America. Which is it?


sputsie: "didn't know it was such a chore to wear an american flag pin. i guess for some it is."

9:02: Barack Obama enters, wearing a flag pin on his lapel. John McCain has no flag on his lapel.

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha - I'm still laughing!


I didn't know they outlawed the "S" word here at the BW. Joanie must have friends in high places here.

Puget Sound

Yes Joanie, evidently McCain left his flag pin at the Hanoi Hilton.

Hey, did Obama finally figure out who that soldier was during his 'I gotta bracelet' also moment?

Readers of the blog note that Joanie still hasn't answered questions posed by KS. All you do is fritter away any credibility you may bring to the table.

Obama 08

Readers of this blog are noting that Puget Sound and Nevets must be a couple of teen aged boys who have nothing better to do? Does anyone else post messages here?


i iagine the Dave/Luke coverage went somewhat like this- Dave- "Obama scored points on the economy but I think McCain had the edge on foreign policy wisdom" Luke-"Yeah but isn't McCain like all gnarly and well, like OLD, dude? Today's Fun Fact- Only roughly three dozen adult males who have walked this earth since the time of Christ have been as annoying as Luke Burbank.


There's too much spinning going on from both sides, but I am judging who won by the fact that my 66 year old wife who supported Hillary Clinton at one time, was impressed by Obama. She had not been inclined to McCain after his antics last week. In the middle of the debate, she said about Barack, "he could be my president." It was a turning point for her.
I have liked Barack since Joe Biden dropped out of the race. I believe he will win.


That was funny, Tommy. I guess Luke was representing the pre-teen vote.

Nobody has mentioned how Dave handled it. Did these two connect at all?


Actually I was rather surprised at how well Sen McCain did. Expecting something similar to the Kennedy-Nixon debate where there was such an obvious telegenic difference between the young good-looking, calm Kennedy and older, flustered, and sweaty Nixon - it didn't come off that way.
Yes, Sen Obama looked good in a suit and performed admirably sans teleprompter, but Sen McCain looked like 'America's President'. And by that I mean he looked 'seasoned' yet sharp on his facts and recollections and in many instances he seemed to be humbly and politely 'schoolin' Sen Obama (accounting, I think for the many 'I agree with Sen McCain statements...).
As a veteran myself and baby-boomers both my wife and I resonated with Sen McCain more, but could see that the youth of America (will they turn out?) would probably be drawn more to the good Senator from Illinois.
Bottom-line: a very close call; but I think I would give the 'edge' to Sen McCain.
Bring on the VPOTUS candidate debate...and Sen Biden try to refrain from commenting on how 'good-looking' Gov Palin is. (we've heard enough of that from foreigh leaders) :)


And his dentures never flew out of his mouth and clattered on the floor.:)

Puget Sound

yeah Loris, many of those missing teeth courtesy of the VC at the Hanoi Hilton.
Hope your proud that line. 'Loris'


The post at 10:05 was not me as a poster on this blog. Someone copied it from another blog and posted it herein under my name. And, for whatever reason I'm having difficulty posting, with many of my posts going away?...so we'll see if this one gets posted.

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