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September 23, 2008



I have concluded that the whole nation has gone insane. Also, the whole economy is going tits up because rather than fix anything all anyone wants to do is blame others.

God in Heaven needs to get down here quickly and establish this promised kingdom of his.

Otherwise, just pass me the kool-aid.


Omg...a picture of the Missing Link.

Cant wait for Tommy's explanation on this one.


So Jug Ears Hussain is a member of the Luo tribe. Bet that helps clear it all up.
Pretty sure that this is all cleared up now. The press says so.
At least he will be re-elected to the Senate in a couple of years because the people of Illinois will not care what tribe he is a member of.
I fully expect him to renounce his tribe before this gets out of control.


Anyone who would believe this or any other bullshit coming down from Lush Rimjob deserves Palin/Mccain. Ooops-- I said that about Rush and Bush Cheney. Look what happened.

Please America, vote for Barack Obama. You don't deserve another 4 or 8 years of Republican rule sold to you by pigs like rush.


"Rush's blarting over the radio to 13.5 million listeners, gives them both options to choose from."

Every word Rush blarts isn't heard by 13.5 million listeners.

13.5 million people supposedly listen to at least five minutes of Rush's blarting in the course of a week, but the number listening at any one time is far lower. I listen to him for about five minutes per week, but that's all I can take.

Puget Sound

Check out the results of the Pelosi/Reid Congress. The not so mighty 110th:

"Not only did Democrats fail to achieve their broad policy goals, they failed on almost every specific goal they set in 2006. They failed to stop funding the Iraq war, they failed to impeach George Bush, and they surrendered on energy policy. Their only policy goal achieved — an increase in the minimum wage — came in a war-funding bill."

But they did do one important thing: Repeal of the 25 year old Oil Drill Ban off the Coast. The Dems got tired of hearing from their constituents about the $4 a gallon gas. So the Repubs and the American People got a victory. And not that 'Iraq war is lost' crap from Sen Maj Leader Reid.

ex republican

mc cain still has to pull it off, after this week it looks inconceivable.

Puget Sound

hey, as david boze said today it really has been more like 'obama's race to lose'

too bad obama didn't choose hillary.


Correctomundo PutS - If articles like this keep coming out, Obama will have to resort to even sleezier ads.
Check this out; http://www.worldtribune.com/worldtribune/brief.asp

People need to see that Obama is really an extremist, but his ace in the hole is a problematic economy. There are factors beyond our control. Until the perfect financial storm is resolved (hopefully with a long term fix, which doesn't mean a $700 billion check), uncertainty can be thrown into the mix.


The World Tribune? You mean the rag that is published by one of the founders of the Moonie Times? Whose Advisory Board consists of Fox News analysts?
That is where you get your information from? Jesus Christ, that explains a lot.

ex republican

lol that or wingnut daily.


Ben, Did you read the article from World Tribune or did you just make an ASSumption ? Does the truth bother you about your candidate Obama-messiah ? It should because he actions are showing him to be more like Beezlebub or the Scarecrow all the time.


should read:
It should because his actions are showing him to be more like Beezlebub or the Scarecrow all the time.


So long as you libs keep the muzzle off of Randi, Rush can say what he damned well pleases. There's a lot more factual truth to his program, and a lot more psychotic ranting from her. Sez a lot about you, that you appreciate her so much.


Michael, you overhead a conversation between chucks and tommy? Did they know you were listening?

Chucks, you gonna talk like that in front of your wealthy great-grandkids one day? Really, since you're so into civil discourse, that's what you're going to teach them?

Civility? Imagine, you actually used that word. Do you really know what it means?

Oh, Michael. This column speaks for itself.

BTW, Ryder. You're a rethuglican yourself. If you were on the side of righteousness, you'd want more than a quick fix. You want justice.


If anybody watched Paulson today before Congress, there's wild desperation in his eyes. That man walked away from Goldman Sachs with $38 million.

Now he wants me to bail out his company.

What next?

Hey, chucks, you've got some easy extra cash on hand. Why don't you bail him out?


I wonder how much of his $38 million is in stock?


Wow, Obama's road keeps getting rougher with Biden's antics and now Bill’s apparent love of Todd.


And it seems their Bridges aren't any better. Oh My Toto...I don't think we're in Wasilla any more.

Puget Sound

some DWI stuff. Duff, can you break this post down and make rational sense out of it. She's all over the line.

Joanie sez
"Michael, you overhead a conversation between chucks and tommy? Did they know you were listening?

Chucks, you gonna talk like that in front of your wealthy great-grandkids one day? Really, since you're so into civil discourse, that's what you're going to teach them?

Civility? Imagine, you actually used that word. Do you really know what it means?

Oh, Michael. This column speaks for itself.

BTW, Ryder. You're a rethuglican yourself. If you were on the side of righteousness, you'd want more than a quick fix. You want justice.

Posted by: joanie | September 23, 2008 at 11:05 PM"


DUHH!! Thought I had it figured out with the time (I was thinking 23:39), but then realized it was in the MORNING...now I'm really starting to feel for those kids.

Puget Sound

Now, if I am not mistaken these are not Rethuglicans...so I am confused here. It appears that this Daily Kos Article -since removed- is pretty damn full of DeThuglican tactics.

"September 22, 2008
Shock: Daily Kos Diary Asking Readers to Send Video to Ten Friends Each Now Disappeared As Well

Viral attacks are where it's at in 2008. Emails, blogs, online news sources. Content flows upstream in today's media environment.
We can be the gun.

Indeed, if Barack can't or won't do the dirty work, then we have to do it for him. No excuses. No more hand-wringing.

Let's get to work.

How, you ask? Simple.

It's all about finding really damaging stuff--news stories, YouTubes, informative blog posts. And then circulating those with the intent of having them work their way up the media stream. Email it to your friends. Email it to any journalists whose email you have. Post it in diaries or blog comments.

Example, here is a devastating YouTube on Sarah Strangelove:

[The Palin smear video was inserted here]

You should email this to ten people. Or ten bloggers. Or both. Spread it far, spread it wide.

If you would like to do this on a regular basis, I've set up a couple of Google Groups to help out with that process.

One group, [group's name] is a gathering point for potentially damaging stories about the enemy. Folks who belong to that one can post whatever stories they find anonymously. Just post a link or create a page, and others will take it from there.

That brings me to the other group, [other group's name]. This group is the actual action group--the one where the most damaging stories collected by folks at the VMP. It's real simple. You log in or get an email alert, you copy and paste, and you email it to various folks--either friends and family or content-based websites like blogs and online news sources.

I am more than happy to add folks to either group or both. Just email me at:

[redacted e-mail]

and let me know which you'd like to join.

Let's go out and expose these bastards for what they are.

To the barricades.

Note: If you don't believe in scorched-earth politics, no one is forcing you to join this effort, of course. We all contribute in our own way."

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Funny! The only answer sputs engendered to his very long post was spam! I love it. Exactly what he deserved.


No joanie...it's actually complimentary; you see no one thinks they can refute it. CPP3 tried going up against Puts many moons ago and look what happened - yes, he was handed his.....well you know how it goes...

Tommy's sick of Karel

Karel is just a silly faggot, a mincing bitch queen with no political sense at all. He's been on the air all weekend ranting against Congress voting for the emergency bailout bill. What a moron


And HE has a radio show, and you DON'T! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH


It is actually 50% white, 43.75 Arabic, and 6.25 African. I think they just left off the decimal or fraction part so they wouldn't confuse the liberals with difficult math.


Leaving off decimal points is confusing? Just like Wall Street is really a charitable institution...

Seems to me, the kind of math that leaves off decimals is the kind of math that led to this mess we're in on Wall Street. If that was to confuse liberals, was it worth it?


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