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September 01, 2008



You love Biden's foreign policy experience and judgement?

Didn't he vote for the Iraq war?

Gay Gary

he comes from a blue collar, union background

Er - what union does/did he belong to?

But he's from Scranton, so I guess he's not all bad.


>>We know unions are kind of out of style and way too many workers don't know the security of knowing your back's covered by a strong union.<<

And some union's actions are beginning to kill companies - look what's happening to GM (with their union-mandated pension plan expense that works out to about $1300/vehicle) and the soon-to-happen strike at Boeing.

There was a time for unions - but that time has passed.

chuckfrom Mountlake Terrace

Old Joe is from Scranton!!! Thanks GG. I guess that I am from Mountlake Terrace. Lived there through the 6th grade. Bwahahahahahah.
More phoney balogne from the Dems.

Puget Sound

"You love Biden's foreign policy experience and judgement?

Didn't he vote for the Iraq war?

Posted by: DT | September 01, 2008 at 05:28 AM"

I like how Biden thinks Obama is unqualified and stated as such just a few months ago.

In terms of 'strategery' the Dems are pulling defeat from the jaws of victory. Bypassing the sure win with Hillary and going Obama-Biden.

The cries/knashing of teeth will be sweet music to the rest of us come November.

Puget Sound

Oh yes, Dem Strategist Joe Trippi -the man who ran the Howard Dean Campaign in 04- has some salient points on the Obama-Biden and McCain-Palin tickets:

"McCain picked in Palin someone who has taken on the corruption in the GOP in Alaska, turned against her own party’s establishment, and fought for reform.

The McCain/Palin duo will challenge Barack Obama’s claim of “a new kind of politics” and chastise Obama and Democratic vice presidential Nominee, Joe Biden, for their “silence” in taking on corruption in their own party in Illinois, Delaware and Washington, DC.

The McCain campaign intends to claim that “more of the same” in Washington means Barack Obama and Joe Biden and will make the argument that if you want to “shake things up” then McCain and his reform minded running mate from Alaska will get the job done.

My initial reaction was that in picking Palin, McCain had taken away the argument that Barack Obama wasn’t ready to be president. I now think my initial assessment on that score was wrong. Over time, the McCain team will insinuate that if you think a first-term Governor isn’t ready for the number 2 slot, are your really sure that a first-term Senator is ready for the number 1 spot?"

When it comes debate time, the expectations for Palin will be low and for Biden to take it to her. But we'll see how that actually ends up. Biden can't be too aggressive and must keep that sharp tongue of his in check lest he blow it. My money is on Palin to do well enough not to lose and people will look at her to be acceptable as the Number 2.

coiler for Obama

With growing concerns about her readiness to be Commander-in-Chief should anything befall Mr McCain, another Alaska newspaper, the Daily News-Miner, wrote in an editorial: “Republicans rightfully have criticised the Democratic nominee, Senator Barack Obama, for his lack of experience but Palin is a neophyte in comparison. Palin is not ready for the top job. It’s clear that McCain picked Palin for reasons of image, not substance.”

Even her mother-in-law, Faye Palin, who said she was still thinking of voting for Mr Obama, sounded sceptical. She said: “I’m not sure what she brings to the ticket, other than she’s a woman and a conservative.”

Cindy McCain said in a television interview that Mrs Palin had knowledge about Russia because: “Alaska is the closest part of our continent to Russia”


I see where our military has handed Anwar Province over to the Iraqi military this morning.
We all can await the news conference to be held by Peelosi, Dingy Harry Reid, and Jack Murtha announcing the sweet victory our guys provided for the Iraqi people. It is great that our troops go ahead and fight and win this battle in the war on terror in spite of the sissified Democrats.
We on the right are trying to come up with a name for the sound of Democrat heads exploding when we win in November.
I like Obambamsplodidope.


Joe is better suited for the working person, he rides Amtrak every Friday back to Wilmington, knows all the on-board staff by name as evidenced by the tv spot a few days ago where he said his good byes for now. Where is mcsame when it comes to Amtrak?


I just heard that apparently Ms Palin has announced that her 17 year old daughter in pregnant, will have the baby and will marry it's father.

Gay Gary

I like how Biden thinks Obama is unqualified and stated as such just a few months ago.

I prefer how Biden endorsed John McCain for the executive branch just 4 years ago. The question is: will Biden follow his own advice and vote for John McCain? Or will he vote for someone who was a senior in high school when Palin was a sophomore?


Just heard on FOX that Sarah Palin will be a Grandmother soon. A gramma. Something even Hillary hasn't been able to become. Let the dogs at Daily Kos loose now that the rumors of Thom Hartmann are true.

Gay Gary

I just heard that apparently Ms Palin has announced that her 17 year old daughter in pregnant, will have the baby and will marry it's father.

... and that's why I'm voting for Bob Barr. A choice between the mindless Senator Barack "I Voted for FISA and the Patriot Act Because They Told Me To" Obama and Senator Mastercard on the one hand or Melanoma Joe and his Blue Collar, Alaska Trailer Trash sidekick on the other.

No thanks. I'd rather not bear any moral responsibility for the complete shit-storm that's going to befall this country over the next 4 years regardless of which of this foursome of idiots makes it.

Bob Barr '08.

Gay Gary

Oh hey, check it out - it's official - John McCain is a moron! Christ - was there really such a dearth of candidates out there that he couldn't find anyone who was about to be grandmother to a bastard? Kay Bailey Hutchison? Bobby Jindal? Anyone?

Senior McCain campaign officials said McCain knew of the daughter's pregnancy when he selected Palin last week as his vice presidential running mate, deciding that it did not disqualify the 44-year-old governor in any way.


Poll Watcher

Why force your 17 year old daughter to get married just to save face? Why not let her have the baby and let a couple adopt it? What are the chances this marriage will last?

Coiler for rubbers for republicans

Exactly, and how did the family values mommy let her daughter get pregnant in the first place? it's always the "I'm so moral" crowd that lets this happen to their family in the first place. insert ROTFLMAO here. geezus maybe Palin needs to go around and tie surveyors tape around each penis in Alaska and tell all the kiddies that's where babies come from?

Gay Gary

If Palin is elected is this what the front lawn of the Vice-President's house at the USNO will look like?


look what's happening to GM (with their union-mandated pension plan expense that works out to about $1300/vehicle) and the soon-to-happen strike at Boeing.

The lack of nationalized healthcare adds a similar amount to each car. Or didn't you notice? Rather selective in our facts, aren't we?

Sure don't want to give people any safety net for their health or old age. That's just too too socialized. Socialized: kindness, caring, humane, decent, civilized...unRepuglican.

And do the car companies sell cars built in Canada which has nationalized healthcare cheaper than those built in the US?

Listened to a woman caller from Alaska yesterday who said Palin represents the bible belt in Alaska. From one of the most conservative regions in that thinly populated state which gets back from the Feds $1.80 for every $1.00 it sends to Washington. (per Ross this morning)

Repuglicans live in lala land. They prove it with every post.

Bob Barr? In your dreams, Gigi. And only in your dreams, chucks, a gun-totin' Annie Oakley of the still wild west in Alaska - a "barefoot" and usually pregnant "miss congeniality" who gives you wet dreams.

I've done a lot of thinking and I'm not crazy about Biden. I can't get past the bankruptcy bill. But I'll still have to support the party closes to us progressives that so far still uses brain cells and judgment over gonads in picking its candidates. What else can an intelligent woman do?

Republicans love money, Hollywood, war, and sex. All of which represent profiteering at its red, white and blue best!

Gay Gary

Bob Barr? In your dreams, Gigi. And only in your dreams,

But I admit that Joanie ... I'm just not ready to bear 1/125,000,000th of the moral responsibility for electing McCain-Palin and yet I still want to vote. You could free yourself of 1/125,000,000th of the moral responsibility of electing Biden-Obama by voting for Ralph Nader. Whatever happens in the next 4 years, my conscience will be free.


I feel sorry for the daughter, on a variety of levels.

Gay Gary

Remember, unlike hetero Americans, I don't suffer from penis envy! I have no testicular need to back a winner so that I can go around pounding my chest and jumping on tables after they win. I have no problem backing someone I know is going to lose!


chucks, support Palin if you wish, but dont let Duffman leading his parade of Little Tin Gods fool you into believing the left is angry/afraid/upest with Grampy's pick. We're not.

Gay Gary

I feel sorry for the daughter, on a variety of levels.

I don't at all. She's going to get what she deserves. There are a lot of 17 year old sluts out there who get knocked up and don't have the benefit of having the familial support network being the daughter of the Governor of a state affords. She should suffer the embarrassment of being the butt of the monologue on Leno and Letterman to level the playing field.

This girl can live the rest of her life knowing that she may have impacted a presidential election in the world's richest, most powerful country because she couldn't keep a dick out of her. That's her legacy and she better embrace it.


She is 17, Gary. She has the rest of her life ahead of her. Yeah, thats all we need, another screwed up kid who knows her parents find her not only to be an embarrassment, but standing in the way of her mother's ambition. Making her get married is a throwback to the 50's, like somehow that makes it legitimate. Like someone else posted elsewhere, let her have the kid and then let someone who can raise it, adopt it.

Gay Gary

I agree, she should have the child and put it up for adoption. Two morons raising the child like this slut and her boyslut friend is not going to help society. (And, BTW, based on her photo she looks like she might be the Wasilia town well. I seriously wonder if they even know who the father is or they're going to have the DNA swab the entire wrestling team.)


Upset over Palin? My gosh, she's a gift from heaven for us libs! Keep her coming, chucks. She gets better and better!

I don't feel sorry for her either, Sparky. Everybody needs to take responsibility. We don't ask enough or expect enough of anybody anymore.

You know, gigi, I'm closer to a libertarian than most people here think. I do expect everyone to have an ethical and an industrious core. Notice I left out moral. That is too much in the area of religion for me and certainly nobody's business but my own.

Given that we ask people to be ethical and industrious, I recognize and expect to provide that safety net when needed. Social security for old age in this profiteering society is absolutely necessary. Medical care for all is ethical as well as humane and cheaper.

Social security is necessary because profiteering is not ethical but is very important to the right. Profiteering enables CEOs to make 400x that of their average worker. When that average underpaid workers body finally gives out, a safety net in the form of social security is essential if you have any decency about you at all.

chucks is happy when he has his. Repuglicans are happy when they get theirs. We all want people to earn what they have. But progressives recognize that we don't live in a perfect world and that ethically we have a responsibility to make sure that all people have a decent and humane baseline. I can't shut my eyes and my heart to those in need.

There, but for the grace of God, ...

Gay Gary

I can't shut my eyes and my heart to those in need.

That's why I give to charity. Not why I file 1040s. (Anyway, I'm not a Libertarian, I've explained exhaustively I'm voting for Barr so I don't have to bear moral responsibility for the impending disaster of either Biden-obama or McCain-Palin. If Hitler, Stalin and Ron Upshaw were running for President and Ron Upshaw had no chance of winning I'd still vote for him rather than insisting on getting behind a "winner".)

But, annnywhooo, back to the topic at hand -

Palin's daughter's so slutty a polar bear looked at her and got scabies!

Palin's daughter's so slutty John Edwards could have been her baby's daddy but the guy in line behind him had correct change!


Palin's daughter's so slutty John Edwards could have been her baby's daddy but the guy in line behind him had correct change!

See, you are a Repuglican. Sex,sex,sex! Get over yourself, gigi.

moral responsibility

What's that?

You're losing it, dear.


that's why I give to charity

You do not give to charity, gigi. I can spot a moneychanger a mile away. And no way do you give. In fact, I bet you steal money from the blind man's cup.

You're transparent, my dear.

Gay Gary

See, you are a Repuglican. Sex,sex,sex!

Don't be such a prude, Joanie!

Q - How does Bristol Palin dim the lights to get in the mood for sex?
A- She closes the car door!


I can be a prude if I want. I'm free, white and twenty-one to use an old and racist cliche.

You ever had a fantasy about a repressed school teacher and you? (Pretend that school teacher is male and gay in your case. Or not gay - whatever.)

Good joke. I think Sarah's in for a lot of good jokes. Don't you, chucks?

Gay Gary

I can spot a moneychanger

Is that a knock on the fact I'm (ethnically) Jewish?

I've already been called a pedophile by a "liberal" on here because I'm gay, now I'm a moneychanger because I'm a Jew!

But in fact I have my pedophiliac, greedy Jew bank account set to auto-draw from the following:

- Scenic America

- Smile Train

- Food for Life Global

- International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology

- Privacy International


Is that a knock on the fact I'm (ethnically) Jewish?

Are you? If the shoe fits...

I bet that bank account is just bursting at it's selfish little seams, isn't it?

You're a model repuglican, gigi! And I like authentic!

Gay Gary

I can spot a moneychanger

Is that a knock on the fact I'm (ethnically) Jewish?

If the shoe fits...

I think anti-Semitism is below you, Joanie. Don't you agree? I'm sure you do.


Even if you are a jewish money changer, I still think you're a big ol' hunk of gay man. You wanna be beneath me?


I just watched the video.

Custodian: if a teacher needs us, we stay...

Not in Seattle! Even during the day, you can't find them.


In fact, how many filteres are in that school? Apparently, he hasn't replaced them very often.

At our school, if a custodian has to move a box, forget it. He won't clean there.

Do you know they will not clean around computers? It's not in their contract. Is there any place in the room that attracts dust like a computer?

This is a crock. And, Rob, a good reason why unions have lost power. The people in them no longer know how to work.

Yes, I'm compromised. I'm a union person and believe in them. But the poor workers in them are screwing it up for the rest of us.


BTW, filters at our school get replaced ONCE A YEAR! And it is in the summertime.

Gay Gary

LMAO, Joanie! We can cyber-kiss and make-up.

Okay, well I'm heading to Mr. Airport so this will be my last post for a week but I'd just like to say I think this whole situation betrays what a totally bankrupt parent Sarah Palin is - if she really cared about her daughter she would have declined the vice-presidential nomination knowing it would put her teenage daughter into the spotlight of national embarrassment and the butt of jokes told by a quarter billion people - me included. In a previous thread I said that, though I'm not voting McCain I supported the Palin pick. Allow me to now completely and totally retract that statement. John McCain is a hopeless idiot, Sarah Palin is a selfish bitch, Barack Obama is a pandering yes man and Joe Biden is a sick sycophant of Mastercard.
God help the Republic.


Fly safe and leave the poor pilot alone. K? J

Gay Gary

OMG, don't ask me to tell you about a KLM co-pilot and an Embassy Suites in Toronto! LMAO! OK, enough of that - bye bye!


just in- CBS poll says Obaa got a whopping 3% bump from his convention and speech. woohooo The speech just wasn't the stunner that the pro-Obama press and edia tried to say it was with that kind of pathetic boost. McCain helped ouT some by killing the speech press hoopla for fiday and the rest of the weekend. bwahahahahaahahaha


Dave Ross type morons,like the poster here who arrogantly assumes Palin is a godsend for the libs, and they can cartoon her like Ellen Craswell (she isn't, and they won't be able to) are calling into Monson and trying to score brownie points for Obama over the Bristol Palin affair. What annoying and disgusting dweebs.

Puget Sound

Getting married early is tough especially when you are having a baby at age 17. Obama's mother was similarly situated and had a difficult time.
I don't know -and no one here knows- the dynamic of the family situation. What is amazing and a little demoralizing is the political points people try to score off of this. DailyKos, DemoUnderground, et al and their ilk really need to take a bath. Then rinse and repeat.
Understand that you are doing all this to a 17 year old girl who has no choice or say in the fact that her mother is a public figure.
Lets have some class and give the children of all the political candidates a zone of privacy unless they are doing something like breaking the law.
Geez, I still feel bad for how Chelsea Clinton was treated. Is this what we want to do to this young lady? She is carrying a young child and the last thing she needs is additional stress.
Have a heart. Go after the adult public figures. Leave the private figures -esp the young ones- alone.

Puget Sound

those are the same ones that throw the 'racist' label around so casually and unfairly on you.




I have contributed money to McC in the past and believed in his patriotism. I have castigated liberal friends for what I saw as unfair cuts at McCain for his marrying into wealth, brown nosing the radical religionists, etc.

Now, I am convinced that he is in the tradition of self serving pols with no more love for his country than for one of his mansions.

The USA can NOT take another Reprican who leads with guidance from the radical religious Christians. We need a pragmatic, scientific approach to rebuilding our alliances, to global warming, to education, etc.

McCain’s bizarre choice of Palin establishes an amazing level of irresponsibility. Appointing Palin is akin appointing Clarence Thomas, Alberto Gonzales, etc. The entire Bush II and now McCain eras are reminiscent of Reconstruction when African Americans were appointed to government by carpet baggers with no real respect for the people of the South.

The election of GWB itself was a similar example. We now know that many high level Repubs were aware of George's lack of the qualities needed to be a President. The Rep leaders put party politics above patriotism.

The issue is not party ideology, this is an issue of personal patriotism. McCain has shown that he cares less for his country than he does for getting elected.

At a minimum, Pain implies a serious lack of judgment. So. Since SJ believes there are patriotic, good red wearing Republicans, I am watching for this:

1. Outrage over Palin from Hillary, NARAL, Sierra Club, etc. I know these foks were already supporting BHO, but McC just gave them red meat.

2. Criticism of Palin for her neglect of her own family, including her decision to have unprotected sex KNOWING she had a high probability of producing a Down’s child.

3. Further lack of support for JMcC from Wall street. Perhaps open support for Obama from Buffett, Pickens, et al.

4. Out and out endorsement of BHO by Hagel, Luger, and Powell.


So Seattle jew
I take it that you have not seen the little Israeli flag in Palin's office window. I do not know if it does or should mean anything to you. Just curious.


Joanie says;

"I can't shut my eyes and my heart to those in need."

That is unless they are Arab and ruled by a dictator.


Even Obama himself announced that no one in his campaign and no one of his supporters should be making an issue out of Bristol. Shows the moronic, lowclass level of our local Dave Ross lib types who have already tried to score points with it. . ALERT the lastest ad for DOND definitely sai tonight's the night foR the million dollar winner. it said it WILL HAPPEN TONIGHT. nbc5 AT 8P.M.


All I've got to say is that if the town ride who can't keep her legs shut ends up deciding this election the GOP better destroy Palin's career. She shouldn't be electable as Nome dog catcher.

And the moron McCain better tuck away his precious ethics, start working on weekends and begin slamming Obama as the recovering cocaine addict he is.

Fucking insane that a trailer park slut from Nowhere, Alaska could impact the future of this country. She can spend the rest of her life back flat on a mattress in a oil rig on the north slope for all I care as long as she stays the F away from the campaign. It's like McCain is trying to lose.

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