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September 05, 2008



Yeah, milquetoast Ron you go gal guy! Always like his show on KIRO.


Did you post this on SP as well? If you think he's milquetoast,why listen?


Because, like him I'm same [to my lovely and gracious wife, that is] [smile]...and I think he's fair.


I wish they would put Ron in the Ed Shultz slot, and put Ed in that hour between Rachel and Randi. That would mean we would have LIVE radio from 3 am--Bill Press, through Stephanie, Thom, Ron and Rachel. Ron would give people an alternative to Dori, and he could give you guys that local piece you want. Ed's show is delayed 3 hours so there is no reason to call in.


Negative...because I know better; he told me so. [and that word is 'disrespectful']

blathering michael

You go gal? Ron can defend himself, but I've had enough of this shit, Duffman. Making implications which you probably don't even believe to curry favor with your flame-throwing right-wing buddies is unconscionable. Ron Reagan's heterosexuality hasn't been in question to anyone but Republican smear artists since 1986. I expect more out of you than being a 2nd rate troll, fag-baiting like a frat boy. Take that shit to SP where it's appreciated. Again, try to bring something of substance to the conversation if you're going to live here.


Hmm, On Kiro Ron was a bit boring, snide, often bent the truth to hisd liking.

If he couldn't make it stick there what's to say it will be better on "all Lib, all the time" radio?

I guess they don't care if they don't have real listeners.


I like Ron, good to see him back on somewhere. A hour isn't much though.

Too bad KIRO doesn't give that fascist Monson the boot, he's much more suited to Stormfront Radio.


Message received loud and clear big guy...did that make you feel powerful.
And, Oh btw: you're welcome.


Ron Reagan doesn't scream, and speaks with nuance. That makes him a fag in the eyes of these righties. SWelcome back to the radio, Ron Reagan.

Puget Sound

I like Ron Reagan even though I disagree with him on some issues.

Glad to see him back. He just needs to work on his radio show chops to be successful. Not sure why it didn't work out last time except for the fact having an hour long show was a problem. I think a host needs at least 2 hours a day to make it work.

Sara Richter

This is great news. Welcome back, Ron.


Ron Reagan's kind of radio is never successful. He's not angry enough. He should get a pitbull( with lipstick?) as a side kick.


So Bla'M are you concerned when a more subtle dig is made at someone 'on the other side', as was done in previous post? i.e. 'Sara Richter'...and obvious reference to Sara Palin and her husband's former business partner Scott Richter?...as is being touted in the National Enquirer.

blathering michael

I like subtle, Duff. I don't think the comment you posted is "and obvious reference to Sara Palin..." If it is, it's so subtle nobody got it but you. The National Enquirer thing is rising in the press. The divorce papers were just petitioned for sealing by the husband involved. There might very well be something there, otherwise, why would they try to quash the evidence? If she's innocent, and such a fine Christian woman, why not let the sunshine in? The Nat'l Enquirer pays for stories, they're rarely wrong about people who have the dough to sue them. They're too smart for that -- they have more lawyers than an Indian casino -- my hunch is there's something there. I'll definitely be reporting on this as it breaks on the radio. Hell, Duff, if the NE's info was good enough to bust your pal John Edwards, it's good enough to get the goods on the stainless steel housewife from Waspilla. McCain, always the maverick, didn't know what he was getting into with his hurry-up decision that he hoped would save his candidacy. Lookin' forward to the weeks to come.

Andy Amos

Seems these Palin gals can't keep their drawers up.

Joe from Cincy

Been hearing Ron Reagan on Sundays on Air Amewrica. He is great. Wish his show with that blonde rightie hadn't gone off the air on MSNBC, it was quite good. I'll be looking forward to his new show. Hope it works so they will give him a full 3 hour slot.


'Hell, Duff, if the NE's info was good enough to bust your pal John Edwards, it's good enough to get the goods on the stainless steel housewife from Waspilla.'

..my pal indeed [smile], I think God is getting back at him for all the soliciting that he and his family did to all of us. Wow, that was about at least an E-Mail a day for a while during the heat of the battle. And all in response to a suggestion I had for his wife as to a possible new comprehensive way to treat cancer.


Lo siento mucho...alas, if only Hillary had the hips and thighs of Sarah Palin...this would be a done deal by now. [I like the suggestion of a one-on-one basketball game (for chariity, of course) between Obama and 'Cuda.


Sorry...meant to post this on the 'Open...Sarah thread...'


The Alaska supreme Court just refused the sealing of the divorce documents.

Puget Sound

seems like you don't mind those 'politics' you bemoan if it means nailing down republicans.


If Sarah Palin had an affair wouldn't that make her more presidential to those on the left?

We were told over and over during the Clinton presidency that those things don't matter.

Maybe there will be a surge of Democrats jumping ship to vote for McCain/Palin since she's acted much like Slick Willy who they are all so proud of.

Oh, but trashing her after supporting Bill's little problem wouldn't be at all hypocritical, that only occurs on the right.


"If Sarah Palin had an affair wouldn't that make her more presidential to those on the left?

We were told over and over during the Clinton presidency that those things don't matter."

And WE were told over and over that they did matter...


Politics based on facts, Puts, is fine with me. John Edwards messed around, got caught, and it was 24/7 hilarity on the right..a lot of anger and disappointment on the left.
It is beginning to look like Palin did the same thing and now the supreme court of Alaska ruled the husband's business partner is not allowed to seal the divorce documents. How is that "dirty"? Do you want Obama to get elected? Hell no. Do I want Palin to get elected and take over the reins of the Presidency when McCain keels over? Hell no. Were you glad Edwards got caught. Of course you were. Will I be glad if Palin gets caught? of course I will. But that is NoT what I was writing about on the other thread.


Another Palin smear bites the dust (Palins not mentioned in divorce papers)
hotair.com ^ | 9-5-08 | Ed Morrissey

Nutcase bloggers will have to find another smear against Sarah Palin … again. Did you hear that Todd Palin’s former business partner tried to get his divorce records sealed? Conspiracy theorists immediately began speculating on line that Sarah Palin — that vixen! — must have had an affair and broken up the marriage. Why else would the partner suddenly act to seal his records?

As the Smoking Gun discovered, Scott Richter wanted them sealed — to protect himself from conspiracy theorists:


So when the blogosphere discovered today (via an online court docket) that Scott Richter, a Palin associate, personally filed a sealing motion in Alaska Superior Court, well, conclusions were jumped to. Was Sarah Palin named as the other woman in a messy divorce action? Well, since Richter’s September 3 motion, a copy of which you’ll find below, was denied yesterday, his divorce filings remain open to the public. And a TSG review of the 98-page file shows that the Palins are only mentioned in Richter’s sealing request.

According to the filing, Richter wanted the documents deemed confidential in a bid to cloak details about his home, workplace, and phone numbers because “reporters and news agencies” were using that information to contact him. Richter, a 39-year-old contractor, noted that he is “friends and land owners in a remote cabin” with the Palins and, as a result, journalists were intruding on the “cabin life and private life” of him and his 11-year-old son.


Isn’t that an extra dollop of irony? Mr. Richter wants to protect his son from lunatics. What happens? The lunatics use that as “evidence” that Palin had an affair with Richter and descend on him to get the dirt.

(Excerpt) Read more at hotair.com ...

Puget Sound

well so far none of the stuff thrown up on the wall has stuck.
to be honest, i wish the edwards thing hadn't been discovered for the sake of mrs. edwards.
politically speaking, edwards was irrelevant and wasn't going anywhere.


Well hell
Did anybody see where the NY Times printed a retraction on the rumor mongering about an alledged affair that Sarah Baracuda did in fact not have?
Sparky, please tell me that that was not the surprise to which you were refering yesterday.
It is beginning to look like the battle is going to have to be about ideas (novel concept) and not gotcha's with Palin. Looks like she is a genuine good person with political ideas that you on the left don't agree with.
But keep digging, we are apealing to the undicided and the vascilating voters and like seeing every fake sleazie thing you come up with shot down.
With your less than honorable efforts, we will win.

Puget Sound

Good Catch Habu
and don't you love the kiss she sends off. straight to ya Sparky!
the link

I don't blame him at all for trying to protect himself from the likes of the nutroots

Puget Sound

They can run with crap all they want. I gotta friend from that little berg and he says she and the family are good people.

Any apologies there Sparky?


No, that wasnt what I was referring to. But you really think it makes sense to hide something that is innocent? Especially to take it to the Alaska Supremes? That is what got the attention of the media in the first place. Are you as concerned about all those false rumors about Obama? Not so much?

Chucks, Im glad to see you want the conversation to be about issues. Unfortunately, Mccain's campaign director said "This election is not about issues," said Davis. "This election is about a composite view of what people take away from these candidates."


Sparky; For you, me and most others on this board, it is about issues. We are political wonks. To most of the rest of the people, it may be about issues, but not the depth to which we care. It is much more superficial, ie Sarahs nice smile or Obambams pleasant deep voice.
If somebody comes up with a real hot scandal, the folks will jump on that. If that is the case, it will most likely come out of Chicago and not Wascila.


oh, and the reason the divorce papers were trying to be hidden by the business partner is because the press has used those to get contact numbers for Palins partner. He got tired of it and tried to stop it.
Crap, I would hate to get my last set of divorce papers out there. The shit that ex and I put each other through should be sealed and forgotten. We are great friends now, but sweet jesus, we weren't very nice to each other then.


'Breaking news?"

Hardly. I heard this on Air America several days ago.

After hearing Reagan along side Bender at the Repug Convention, I'm not sure he's up to a national show.

I liked him in Seattle but we'll see.

I like Ed.

Issues, chucks? Mccain's campaign director said "This election is not about issues," said Davis. "This election is about a composite view of what people take away from these candidates."

Reponse requested, chucks.



I'm glad they're hiding Sarah Baracuda from the press. How long can they hide her from Joey the Shark?


Also, regarding KPTK, don't they know that repeating a "news"-oriented program like Rachel Maddow's does not lend itself to repeats several weeks later?

They ought to be able to afford a fill-in for a show that is supposed to be current and topical. Hearing her programs repeated as if they reflect breaking news is tacky to say the least.


Bla'M You know between the negative nasty posts abut Rachel and now R.R. I'm just sort of amazed. I don't understand the reasons for it. Closet cases, I guess.


Puget Sound

name a false obama rumor that i have peddled?

and yes, why is it soooo hard to believe that sarah palin is basically a decent person -with a different political perspective- who isn't a slut, isn't covering up the birth of her kid, isn't selfish in 'having' a child with special needs- etc.

and how about saying maybe yes, you were wrong on saying she belonged to AIMN, saying she is some creationist zealot, etc.

you are in a horse race. mccain made a great pick. people are directly comparing your top guy with the the repub vp pick. and they are not dismissing it out of hand.

Puget Sound

And this issue with Hillary.
Answer this if you dare.

What if Hillary puts herself on the line and goes all out to campaign for Obama and it still isn't enough?
What will that do to the Clinton brand then?

The smart play for Hillary is to hold back. To campaign but not go all out. Let Obama lose.


Why would Ron Reagan accepted such a shitty job? A one hour radio program amounts to less than 15 minutes of actual airtime after the swarm of obligatory news updates, traffic, weather, commercials, station IDs and sweepers complete with sound effects.


May be it fits his schedule. Doesn't he have a standing committment to MSNBC?..I thought I'd heard that he's sort of 'on call' to them?

Puget Sound

Okay, I sent off an email thanking management for bringing back Reagan.

I think Ron Reagan could do a good and thoughtful show on the topic of what happens when the experience arguments backfires on a political campaign. Here would be a good substantive comparison between the Repub VP and the Dem Pres candidate.

"Palin was a mayor of a town with a budget of close to 13 million dollars and sported several hundred employees. She left the job still quite popular with her voters and moved on eventually to the Governor's mansion with a budget of 11 billion dollars and 15,000 employees. There she has approval ratings in the 80 percent range as we speak.

She has managed billions of dollars, fought for and managed that budget, and guided its formation through the legislature. She has also dealt with many thousands of employees.

So, let's see what our "community organizer," Barry Obama, has been up to for roughly the same number of years. Well, he had a tiny office with but a few staffers as a state senator in the Illinois state legislature and as a Senator in Congress has a budget of about 4 million dollars. He also has a staff there of less than 100 people. Further, he's not had to fight for his budget among voters and the legislature, either. He was just handed it when he walked into the office on the first day."


Since facts, truth, intelligence and integrity are winning, we're bringing out the varsity team in lies, smears, and swiftboating:

NY Times Sept 7

ST. PAUL — It was what aides to Senator John McCain describe as probably the worst night of his campaign. As Senator Barack Obama claimed the Democratic nomination before a cheering sea of faces on national television, Mr. McCain countered with a lackluster speech in a half-empty hall, posed in front of a pea-green screen that became fodder for late-night comedy.

Steve Schmidt...announced — to anyone who would listen — that he personally would make certain the McCain campaign would never again embarrass Mr. McCain...

... the McCain organization has become a campaign transformed: an elbows-out, risk-taking, disciplined machine that was on display this week at the convention that nominated Mr. McCain. And the catalyst for the change has largely been Mr. Schmidt, a 37-year-old veteran of the winning 2002 Congressional and 2004 presidential campaigns, where he worked closely with Karl Rove, then President Bush’s senior strategist.

Mr. Schmidt’s stamp ... was reflected in the sharp tone of the scathing prime-time speeches, all of which Mr. Schmidt reviewed and approved, and some of which were criticized as stretching the truth. It was evident in the campaign’s fierce attacks on news organizations as they examined the extent to which Mr. McCain had vetted Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska when he chose her as his running mate, and reported on the pregnancy of her teenage daughter (the disclosures were released just as Hurricane Gustav was hitting shore, in a gambit of news management that is one hallmark of Mr. Schmidt’s style).

And it could be seen in the ubiquitous slogan “Country First” — as in, Mr. McCain puts it there, Mr. Obama does not.

...Republican leaders, who once despaired at Mr. McCain’s chances against Mr. Obama.(noted) “It’s steadily improving — in terms of performance, organization, offense,” said Fergus Cullen, the New Hampshire chairman. “There were definitely early bumps and now things are getting accomplished.”

Mr. Rove said that Mr. Schmidt’s increased authority — ... has been the best thing to have happened to Mr. McCain.

Still, the campaign’s new tone has been jarring to some veterans of Mr. McCain’s previous presidential run who worry that the campaign exudes a cynicism that undercuts the senator’s old reputation for “straight talk” and a more elevated style of politicking. On a number of occasions, Mr. McCain’s campaign advertisements have been described by campaign watchdog organizations as false or misleading, particularly those attacking Mr. Obama on tax votes.

And the level of aggressiveness and risk-taking advocated by the hard-charging Mr. Schmidt leads to misses as well as hits; it certainly stands in contrast to the more orderly, controlled campaign they are facing.

It was just that sort of thinking that led Mr. McCain to give Mr. Schmidt, and his street-brawling style of politics, such prominence.

Mr. Schmidt is not quite a grand political strategist or tactician like Mr. Rove. His role for Mr. Bush in 2004 was running the war room — orchestrating often savage attacks on opponents, responding instantly to breaking news, digging up damaging information, and pushing back on any criticism — and that shoot-first mentality infuses the culture of the retooled McCain campaign.

But with a drill sergeant’s hectoring and a football coach’s motivating, Mr. Schmidt,... has largely imposed on Mr. McCain’s once loose and feuding campaign the Bush tenets for success: relentless consistency in a combative message honed to disqualify opponents, hammered home by a campaign with clean lines of command...

Mr. Schmidt is considered by members of both parties to have a superior sense of a greatly altered news media environment, caused by the proliferation of political Web sites, and blogs, providing all different ways of getting out information. This new environment, Mr. Schmidt has told friends, is easily manipulated because of round-the-clock thirst for news, increased competition, lowered standards created by the proliferation of outlets, and hunger for the outrageous.

It was Mr. Schmidt, a fan of both pop culture and Ultimate Fighting, who pressed for the campaign to include Britney Spears and Paris Hilton in advertisements attacking Mr. Obama, aides said. It was Mr. Schmidt, they said, who pushed to drive blogs and other media organizations to present Mr. Obama’s outdoor convention setting as a pretentious temple by circulating photographs of columns and sending out a news release calling it the “Temple of Obama,” which were gobbled up by Web sites and cable television shows....

... Mr. Schmidt had helped oversee the war rooms of the of the 2002 Republican Congressional Committee, the 2004 Bush campaign, and the White House’s Supreme Court nomination fights on behalf of Samuel A. Alito Jr. and John G. Roberts Jr....

Mr. Schmidt gave the war room a more central place in Mr. McCain’s campaign, streamlining its decision making so only a few key aides decide what is worthy of response and, more important in Mr. Schmidt’s view, what presents an opportunity to attack Mr. Obama as elite, out of touch, and lacking substance. Junior aides work shifts across 24 hours, scouring news outlets for tidbits with the potential to embarrass Mr. Obama through circulation to bloggers, The Drudge Report, cable news and newspapers.

...At the Democratic convention last month, a team of McCain and Republican Party operatives dispatched by Mr. Schmidt huddled in a Denver war room sprung into action when they found what they considered a gem: a photograph of Mr. Obama’s stage set at Invesco Field that they thought looked like a Roman or Athenian ruin.

The room exploded with a whoop of “boo-yah,” and instantly went to work, pressing the perception to receptive reporters and producing heavy coverage throughout the Web, newspapers and cable news.


But with a drill sergeant’s hectoring and a football coach’s motivating,

Team sports and war! The rich puppeteers at the top sure do know you Repugs.

BTW, notice that we now have proof that everything you think comes from from the top? Talking points, anyone?

Propaganda anyone?

I wish the Dems could learn how to do the thinking for everyone on their side.

No, I don't.


ms joanie..I know you mean well, but you get more boring by the minute. [smile]


Another biting one-liner from the Duh'fman. Yawn.


Try to be original, pensive and deliberate in your postings. You are undoubtedly an intelligent person but you engage your fingers on the keys before proper deliberation. Kick back...check out the Husky game, take a deep breath and then proceed in the thinking process.

Puget Sound

Joanie has confused cutting and pasting with analysis. Link Joanie. Link. Then bloviate all you want.
If only she would heed Sparky's advice. If only.


Oh, I love taking you guys on. It is so obvious when I'm winning.

Got any more cute generalities irrelevant to anything? Bring 'em on. Now where have I heard that before...

Puget Sound

probably read it in one of your many cut and paste jobs you confuse with analysis.

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