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August 20, 2008



Ken Schramm has much seniority so I doubt he'd be fired, however I think it would certainly be in KVI's best interest to have John Carlson on alone and focused on local and national political issues. He excels at that. That would be the only thing that might get me to tune in again. KIRO RULES!


What I don't get is why KVI gives up 3 hours in the morning for Dr. Laura. Does she really appeal to the KVI audience?


>>What I don't get is why KVI gives up 3 hours in the morning for Dr. Laura. Does she really appeal to the KVI audience?<<

Whether she appeals or not isn't the issue - it's a matter of programming on the cheap (a Fisher specialty).

You can expect Carlson to move back to middays on KOMO once the M's leave and AM 1000 begins its transition back to news/talk. KVI will be gutted - Kirby will be the only live/local programming on weekdays.


The 9-12 slot in Seattle is tough, with Dave Ross and Steve Scher owning local content, Rush owning his audience, Thom owning his, and not much room for more politico-intellectual talk. KVI is smart to do something else and something inexpensive. I might prefer a Dave Ramsey or a Clark Howard as something different, but I can understand why they chose Dr. Laura.


Frank Shiers TOP STORY - it's his daughter's birthday. Wow! Rly?! That's why they don't know what to do with you Frank.


That w/be superceded only by his inability to have mailed in his wife's absentee ballot.


gawd I wish Clark Howard was on the air in Seattle again - sometimes one just needs a diversion...


Those comments are so typical of the right's way of feeling. They sound like children being force-fed their peas and carrots. (Or beets, in my case.) I bet their faces were all screwed up like Hannity's in the video while they were writing these comments.

We have trained a whole group of people to prefer - become addicted to - hate radio. Smear, distort, put down, go negative. Well, when reality rears its ugly head and many can see themselves becoming what they hated - the poor, the sick, and the left behind - a lot start looking for something different. Thank goodness.

And the commentors above represent that very small group of people still in the hate mode. Apparently, Schram doesn't do a good enough job at the hate. If, as you say, his views are little different than Carlsons, how else can you account for it? He doesn't convey those childish feelings of anger and mockery well enough. I mean, just look at the guys who are still highly rated including Weiner.

It's delivery and style over substance on the right.

BTW, as a listener of informational radio, I hear more and more callers who say "I used to listen to..." but have come back to radio that informs over propagandizes. I hope it's not too few too late.


When it comes to feelings of hate, noone tops the rantings of Randi Rhodes, Al Franken, Jeanne Garofalo or Michael Moore (even though he isn't on the radio) spewing hate toward the right. The conservatives have their outliers like Mark Levin and Michael Savage and Hannity (I guess) who have been known to spew hate at the left.

I agree, Clark Howard warrants more than 3 hours/week on KTTH. He is good, apolitical, but maybe a bit dull at times. Bob Brinker with Money Talk is probably the best talk show on the air.


I prefer Howard.

And Savage is sure full of facts, isn't he? Oh, and "screws up his Irish kisser" Hannity? He's another objective and unemotional pundit. Honestly, KS, how do you process information?

Just finished watching some of a Dem/Rep pollster panel on CSpan. Didn't get to see it all. But, the message is that again it's the economy, stupid on both sides.

Also, the Repub pollster said his quetion right out of the box was do you know who you are going to vote for? He said 79% of the people said unequivocally yes. I think it was 39% Obama and 40% McCain. I might have turned the numbers around but almost equally split either way.

Also, 90% of those polled believe that the energy crisis is complicated and requires a combined effort of conservation, alternative energy sources and additional drilling. That number came from the Republican pollster.

He was surprised at the level of sophistication that people had about this topic. Few were "drill now" advocates. Most knew better.

Gives me hope.

I wish I could remember and provide more information. CSpan usually repeats and this was a very interesting panel.


It may all pale in comparison with the problems we may face regarding the Russian situation. Can you all say reinstitute the Draft?
This is getting 'stickier' by the hour; I hope POTUS Obama and his complimentary Congress is up to the challenge.


What did we do when the Soviets put missiles in Cuba? How did Kennedy handle it?

You think Putin won't do the same?

I hope Obama keeps his head about him and begins that long path back to peace again.

Mike the Driver

When I turned on Frank Shiers today and heard the chatting about "I forgot to mail my wife's ballot" and it's my kids birthday, I turned it off.

I've been a staunch supporter of Frank when he was on KIRO cause he let us know about the issues and could comment on them at nite when I don't listen during the day. From what I've heard this week, his pace is much faster and doesn't keep the callers on much for rebuttals of his comments.

Plus, the subjects change ever hour like Dori. Frank didn't do that on his nite show, he let the callers keep the topic open if the lines were jammed.

But, I must admit, I found that portion of his show today not a topic wanted to hear and turned it off and didn't listen to the show at today.

I would have thought other topics could have been done, including results/comments on the AG race, Gov race etc.


Did anyone else hear the guy on Ross (I think) who said the GOP stands for "grouchy old people?" I love it.


Different kinds of Missles Joanie. But do tell what Kennedy did to Cuba for shooting down a U2 on a recon flight. Maybe I should help you. Nothing.

Obama will not get the chance anyways. He is toast. If the Libs don't nominate Clinton in Denver. They might as well say goodbye to the White House.

Here is a bit of info, I have been critical of the Libs in Congress for this countrys economic woes since Jan. 2007. Gas prices are highest ever, unemployment, stock market stagnant, bank crisis, etc...Here is why. What happened in the last two years of Bill Clintons second term when the Republicans controlled Congress with a Lib President? Balanced Budget, Gas prices were low ($1.25), stock market was booming, etc... If the Republicans can work with a Lib President to keep this country running smoothly, why couldn't the Libs do the same with a Republican President?

super eight

who said the dems have a filibuster proof majority--I think you're confusing numbers with actual votes.


"And Savage is sure full of facts, isn't he? Oh, and "screws up his Irish kisser" Hannity? He's another objective and unemotional pundit. Honestly, KS, how do you process information?"

Joanie, your reading comprehension is questionable at best. I wrote: "When it comes to feelings of hate, noone tops the rantings of Randi Rhodes, Al Franken, Jeanne Garofalo or Michael Moore (even though he isn't on the radio) spewing hate toward the right. The conservatives have their outliers like Mark Levin and Michael Savage and Hannity (I guess) who have been known to spew hate at the left."

I was stating that the above have been known to spew hate. Got a problem with that ? I didn't expect to see any criticism of the lefty talk radio haters from you.


Nevets - I think you may be right about "The One" and the buyer's remorse that Dems must be starting to feel at this time. Anyone want to bet that the Clinton's pull one out in sudden death ? Duffman may take that bet.


Every time I listen to Ken Schram he reminds me of the Jack Nicholson character in the movie, About Schmidt. The Schram clock is counting down and he is about to be sent out to pasture.

Puget Sound

Flop Sweat time for the Left.
Just a deeper shade of Ned Lamont. Thank god you got that 'awful' Joe Lieberman out of the Senate...oh, you only managed to get him out of the Party. Hmm, how'd that work out...
The pressure is all on the Dems. Once again they may snare defeat from the jaws of victory.
The wailing and knashing of teeth that will ensue in the event Dems lose the Presidential Race will be entertaining. And all of the second guessing amongst themselves over dumping the 'sure thing' Hillary for the untested Obama. Not to say that they will let the Repubs off the hook with the charges of 'the machines were rigged' or cries of 'Karl Rove' or the ever reliable 'Swift Boating.'

Although it will be tempting to sit back and watch with the bag of popcorn we won't have time. The Repubs have a country to run...

Puget Sound

and dontcha know that Duffman will be going 'I told you so' for the next four years...

Hang Tough Duffman.

Ed Scherer

I can hardly listen to John Carlson when he is alone. If hubris were $'s, this man would never have to work again. I agree, Schram is not a liberal no matter how much KVI attempts to paint him as such. Having said that, any kind of counterpoint to the right wing pablum that is spewed by KVI is welcome.

Wicked Warren

I know Schram personally--worked with him for years at KOMO-TV4. In my opinion he is an arrogant, self-centered schmuck. He was hired on the basis of ethnicity, not talent. Birds of a feather flock together.

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