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August 27, 2008



His association with Ayers doesn't bother me as much as the current unknown depth of association he had/has with Vesco? As many herein have hopefully learned, objective judgement of character (w/out being swayed by politics) is important and one can easily be fooled by smooth-talkin con-artists (i.e. B Ward, J Edwards, to name just a couple..).


Well, I guess if a campaign spends most of their time on this crap then they don't have to spend a lot of time explaining their own programs. If they actually have any.

It is, acatually, a big dick waving contest. Except that no one wants to show their's.

Congress makes the laws. Make them tell us what they have on their agenda. As far as the prez goes I want to know what actions he might consider to stop the Russians from re-establishing the old Soviet Union. (Unless the U.S. wants to go to war there really isn't anything. Its not like the Russians give a hoot aboout sanctions.)

Now will someone tell Dori to shut up once in awhile when he says he is going to take calls. Yesterday he said he would take calls in 15 minutes. It became an hour. Dori's show is becoming less of a talk show and more of a jerk-off session in front of the mirror.

Me, I like rabbits.


i know it's fun to make fun of Dori, i do it all the time, but come on- this isn't a rightwing wacko versus sensibleDems issue. The man has refused to be remorseful or regretful about his actions. Instead he said he wished he could have done more. IF i was Obama i would have run not walked away from this guy as soon as i was aware of those comments. He deserves what he gets from them on Ayres. This guy is the big strategic, brilliant politician? ha


Obama obviously has a real problem with lack of judgment. Ayres, Rev Wright, Rezco, I'm glad that the right wing media is there to point these things out.

So the candidate hangs out with a domestic terrorist, does deals with a now convicted land developer, sits in an American hating church for 20+ years and his wife has almost never been proud of her country in her adult life. I don't see the problem, heck, he's only running for President of the US/leader of the free world, give him a break.


Just in- Stefanopolous says Clinton 'must do tonight what Hillary failed to do last night". hmm seems not everyone thinks hillary took the pledge for Obama. Obamanistas uneasy about Bill's speech- he's let it be known the hated Mark Penn has been brought back in to write it. Word is Obama camp doesn't want to help pay off any more of Hillary's campaign debt because it includes millions for Mark Penn for his duties, which they consider were a below the belt job against the Messiah. I WILL be watching bill's whole speech. i caught a few moments of Michelle's speech- enough to see it for the phonus balonus that it was.


So, is what is being said is that it would be better if we did not know these little facts about Obambam? We do not need to know about Rezco or Ayers? Is this a fine "don't worry your pretty little head about the details, just vote as I say" dimocrat guide to voting? Should we just rely on NBC or MSNBC. No doubt that those fine examples of journalistic ethics are the perfect soarce for complete and fair information.
I say bullshit to that. We need to know the truth. As for Ayers, that is old news and maybe the guy is reformed. But I doubt it. Real estate favors by Rezco are current and need to be researched, vetted and reported. Rev Wright is current as is black liberation theology, whatever the f*** that is.
Chicago politics with its inherent corruption needs to be vetted. Gee, maybe we can get Jack Cafferty or Rachel Maddow to investigate for us and report back a full and impartial study.
We need conservative talk radio to keep us abreast of what is going on, just like you need AAR to keep us honest and you informed and entertained.


Amen Brotha Chuck!


I didn't know it was all about Obama's church, what about McCain's pastors of Intolerance, John Hagee and Rod Parsley? We all know about another bigot when Billy Graham was taped in the nixon Whitey house talking trash about jews. Barack has already denounced Wright's comments but the white trash on here won't let it go.


Just in-Bill Clinton is being quoted today by Rush as telling a reporter several months ago that Obama is basically 'just a Chicago thug" politician. Most of his elections were won by getting his opponents eliminated from the ballot before the election, through various thuggish, dirt-spreading activities. Apparently the word is Obama dislikes Bill personally and Clinton knows about it. Should be an interesting speech tonight.


Obama has to explain to the American public why he continued his association with an unrepentant terrorist who, in the aftermath of 9-11, said his only regret about his terrorist activities is that he didn't do more.


Tommy the proud kkk klansman, how the hell do you know any of this crap you are claiming? Oh, could it have been reported by some leftardly bent reporter or radio blatherer? Should we shut them up?
By the way, Obambam only denounced Wright when he became a political liability. Surely you are not dumb enough to think that there was any other motivation.


Increible. CNN is joining MSNBC in bending over and grabbing their ankles for Obama. A few hours ago the CNN gang had the DEM GOVERNOR OF Montana on from just off the convention floor and he was directing us around an electoral map of the states and giving a biased pro-Obama count of the states, saying how well Obama was going to do and how many new states would soon fall into his column. Outrageous- no Repub to counter with his map. I've never seen this kind of crap from a major network at a convention before. These guys are just kissing the man's ass, all day long, as Bill O'Reilly would put it.

coiler for Obama

That is eggcellet Bill Clinton is hitting some hardballs out of the park right now. it is worth tuning in to see this historic moment. I predict Bill Orally will die of consumption soon.


Oh call Tommy a WAHHHHHHHmbulance.
You get your turn next week Tommy.

Meanwhile, my other bad news for you is that Bill Clinton's 3rd sentence was how he was here tonight to support Obama...no fireworks, no anger, no fighting, NO DRAMA..

Coiler for locking up for crazy republicans

Yes, vg. The so-called 'riots' and re-create 68 never happened. Looks like the gop ratfucking was all talk.


Senator Biden in his speech tonight;

"You know, I believe the measure of a man isn't just the road he's traveled; it's the choices he's made along the way."

This is the "road" Biden has taken for the last 18+ months since the Liberals have had control of both the Senate and House.

"Almost every night, I take the train home to Wilmington, sometimes very late."

Then he goes on;

"As I look out the window at the homes we pass, I can almost hear what they're talking about at the kitchen table after they put the kids to bed."

"Like millions of Americans, they're asking questions as profound as they are ordinary. Questions they never thought they would have to ask:"

* Should mom move in with us now that dad is gone?
* Fifty, sixty, seventy dollars to fill up the car?
* Winter's coming. How we gonna pay the heating bills?
* Another year and no raise?
* Did you hear the company may be cutting our health care?
* Now, we owe more on the house than it's worth. How are we going to send the kids to college?
* How are we gonna be able to retire?

What were the choices Senator Biden made in the last 18+ months on the train ride to Washington that to still hears those whispers on the way home today?


Remember the Librarian getting pushed around in Denver at a McCain gathering on public property. Check out the video of this newsman getting roughed up by the Democrats KGB officers on public property. Totally uncalled for. Chucks, is this appropriate Police behavior.

These are the type of officers Biden refered to in his speech when he said;

"Barack Obama will put more cops on the streets"

Is this the future you Libs want. Being pushed around by police into traffic and then arrested for being in traffic. I beleive this is just a glimpse of Hussiens future for America.

coiler for Obama

Since when were you concerned about police brutality? ROTFLMAO


latest- Obama will enter the football stadium tomorrow through a column of pillars made to look like a Greek temple. Later there will be fireworks and rainbows. May i suggest- The full Denver Syphony Orchestra onstage at he stadium, with the two choirs , two grand pianos, (required by the score), performing O Fortuna- the opening section of Carl Orff's Carmina Burana. The dissonant, dramatic, famous opening chords, followed by the chantlike, frenetic singing by the choir in Latin, which leads inexorably to the stunning crashing climax, will make for a perfect entrance for the Messiah.


Seriously, though, a man like Obama is not worthy of music of this caliber. I've heard it performed live in Benaroya Hall and it sends shivers down your spine.


latest from Dori in Denver on Radio Row- Governor Gregoire appeared on his show today, argued with him for 20 minutes, then chucked him under his chin, put him in a headlock, gave him a "noogie" and said " What am I going to do with you, you little knucklehead?". . Well, actually no. She didn't.


recoil spews:
'That is eggcellet Bill Clinton is hitting some hardballs out of the park right now.'

Better 'out of the park' than under the desk in the oval office.
Former Pres Clinton was great last nite and demonstrates how a speech should be given. I'm not a fan of his per se, but I thought he made a good POTUS.
As he was speaking, when they'd catch a shot of Hillary and Chelsea I wondered how in the hell do you explain Monica BJ's to your daughter?? Oh well if ANYone can it's good 'ol boy Bill.


When the hell did this become such a right wing blog?


Good question, Tony.


Some place on this thread, somebody was boasting about the expected violence not occuring. That the Republicans lose because our rioters could not riot. I doubt that too many R's were there to riot.
I was going to post about the quality of the job the Denver PD and other police dept's doing a great job to maintain control. Then I see the vidio of this police action. Sheesh.
The violations of our Constitution frighten me. I understand the democrats not wanting their corruption being investigated by press. You know that there was smoke comming from the doors and windows of that meeting. To have a member of the press investigating the soarse and looking for the flames is frightening.
The cops were out of line. So much for a free press and the right to peacefully assemble.
The Republicans meet next week. I wonder if that reporter will be treated the same way while he is investigating their corruption.


I will wait to see if this hits the Randi show tonight. If it does not then my call that the libraian incident was a set up was right on. Back in July, the police were very polite in removing that Libraian from the premises. In this case, they were downright unprofessional and inconsiderate of the reporters safety. Probably an isolated incident, but these deputies need to be fired. I dont even want to think of what would have happened to the reporter if he was black. He probably would have been thrown under that Bus that was going by like Hussein has done many times to those around him he has called family and friends.

On the rioters, I have been saying for over 4 years the 70%number of anti-war Americans was overblown.


Whats the over/under on the times Hussein will bring up the Rev. King in his acceptance speech tonight.

Speaking of King and his dream, I had a weird dream this morning.

Sitting on the roof of this huge house with this beautiful black woman, a powerful earthquake violently shakes the house. Afterwards, dozens of other black men come out to the safety of the roof. Looking around across the city, all I see is destruction. I then wake up.

Interestingly, there was a quake off the coast of B.C. this morning. Strange?


Tony,it's really not a conservative blog. But the level of "concern trolling" has reached a point where most of us have decided it is a waste of time to respond, so we are off doing other things. It's Michael's blog, and it is his decision how it operates. So, they are free to make all their predictions and accusations, and then after the election, I am not sure what they will talk about. It is interesting to watch them be on the defense for a change.


...or translated 'we're tired of getting our asses handed to us' because we are blinded by political persuasion...


chucks, it was probably me, referring to how, for weeks, you guys have been predicting mayhem at the convention. Hillary was going to pull a coup, the angry Hil supporters were going to demonstrate, the party would be split, and it was going to be 1968 all over. Some on here were licking their lips in anticipation of a mess.

Well, it didn't happen.

So excuse me if I smirk a bit. It has been hilarious to listen to how the right wing of the media has tried to spin each night, each speech, into being something less than it really was, since they don't have any drama to crow about.
How disappointed they must feel not to be able to say "We told you so."


The charges against Bill Ayers were dropped because of a technicality, not because there was nothing to charge him with.


Dori Monson gets the Inside-scoop on the planning and set design of tonite's speech.


You got it Duff. I was wondering why they were so quiet in "thier moment" of this election cycle. I think you hit the nail right on the head. They are seeing that it is all smoke and mirrors. Husseins speech tonight was a failure. He has gone against everything the Liberal Media has been praising him for. Randi probably feels like a rag doll after he threw her and her fellow talk show hosts under the bus. Biden must feel like an ass for being contradicted. And the list goes on.

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