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August 11, 2008


Gay Gary

I didn't know that's was what it was but I caught 15 minutes of it last week (at least I think that's what it was) and thought it was Great with a capital "G". It's what KIRO's current evening show could have been or, perhaps, should be. KIRO should try to get these three for their open 7 o'clock slot.


Cute, but we'll see how long it lasts. Rumor is that Fisher has hired a cost-cutting consultant who is out with a report very soon. Expect the slash and burn to begin by next week.


>>KIRO should try to get these three for their open 7 o'clock slot.<<

Did Burbank quit?

Gay Gary

Did he? By the sound of it I guess I thought that was just a temporary filler for NY Vinnie, not a long-term program. But I didn't realize he quit?


A friend told me to tune in to these guys last week, but I missed it. Last night was the first week I heard and I was captivated by their commentary. Would love to hear more from these guys, it's about time KVI had someone interesting with a new perspective on. Yawn


Hey I like the Saturday morning line up until it hits 1:00 when I switch to Brinker on 710.

Remmeber Daryl the Pot-head? He actually called the car show to talk about Bio-diedel, then went off on his Hemp tangets and they cut him off. It was funny


Any one have a clue as to what is 'breaking out' tomorrow a.m. on KIRO? They've been hinting at it all day now but say they can't reveal 'till tomorrow? Could it be a switch to HD broadcasting?


Duffman, starting tomorrow at 5 a.m. KIRO will simulcast its AM product on 97.3 FM too. They're going to simulcast through the fall book and winter likely too, then when they get the Mariners, 710 AM will go sports and KIRO's news and talk product will be on FM only. Woopie. They seem to think it'll save their ratings because there are hundreds of thousands of people who would listen to KIRO on FM if only they could. Hello, memo to KIRO, people already know they can get news on FM, its called KUOW, the #1 station in the market.


Aaah yes, thx NBS, I now remember Bla'M posting on this previously but didn't remember when it was to happen.


OMG, what a testosteronic podcast...makes me wanna call in posing as a young, female slut!


(Nice profile page, Nobs...)

Gay Gary

Hey I like the Saturday morning line up until it hits 1:00 when I switch to Brinker on 710.

Oh sweet Jesus, yes. I often wish Bob Brinker were on during weekdays when I'm more likely to listen to the radio. If every radio host in America were infected with some exotic poison and I had the antidote but only enough for one of them, I would personally give it to Bob Brinker, mamma birdie style.

Did anyone see the Politico summation of this week's Atlantic Monthly article (now I'm doing what I said I hated - hijacking radio threads to talk about the erection)?


The famous 3 a.m. ad, written by Penn and approved by Clinton, almost didn’t run: “In the days leading up to Ohio and Texas, the campaign kept arguing over whether to air the [3 a.m.] ad. With the deadline looming, Bill Clinton, speaking from a cell phone as his plane sat on a runway, led a conference call on Thursday, Feb. 28, in which he had both sides present their case. As his plane was about to lift off, it was Bill Clinton — not Hillary — who issued the decisive order: ‘Let’s go with it.’ ”

The Penn memo suggesting that the campaign target Obama’s “lack of American roots” said in part: “All of these articles about his boyhood in Indonesia and his life in Hawaii are geared towards showing his background is diverse, multicultural and putting that in a new light.

“Save it for 2050. ... Every speech should contain the line you were born in the middle of America American to the middle class in the middle of the last century.


Burbank's arrogance , playing to adoring, chuckling straight girl Jen was beyond insufferable tonight. He ended an obnoxious 9on his part) interchange between them with some bragadoccio about what an incredible comedic talent he is. Arrogant, passive-aggressive ass. I see a return to a paper hat in Luke's future. When I see him behind the old counter on Broadway, I'll tell him, " Just stack my greasebomb's, Johnson, in that white Dick's bag, and hold the attitude."


NoBs, why did Dave say this was what he has been working for over 30 years to accomplish. Is broadcasting on two Bands simutanoulsly a big deal in talk radio?


Maybe it's "going FM" - quality "high-brow" radio.

Least, when I was a kid, FM was considered "special."

I'm laughing, of course.

Mike the Driver

In the Tacoma News Tribune, oops THE News Tribune...there was article that said KIRO FM goes simulcast on the 12th at 5 am. We all knew that already but to see the comment that the signal would be better and clearer... I don't think so.

I listened to the Seahawk Game Sat nite on both AM and FM. The FM broadcast was about 6 or 7 seconds behind the AM broadcast, and it was not as clear, it was fuzzy at times. So if they gonna simulcast, they better fix that. I went back to the AM cause it sounded better.

And KIRO AM going all sports? that's crazy. Why do that when KJR only pulling a 1.9 now? KBSG was higher than that, almost double. And if KIRO AM goes all sports, they either have to get ESPN Radio or Fox Radio Sports to fill hours. I'm betting they will take FRS from KHHO. KHHO doesn't even show in the ratings and "The Brick" is a great show. I listen to him more than Elise at nite.

Fox would be smart to move to KIRO AM

Rosie O

"The View with balls?" Are you implying that the women of The View don't have balls? I've seen that show and I'm pretty sure some of them do...


I like Luke and his show, but the other day I saw him in a new light. He came off like a total douche bag, and didn't even realize it. He was telling this story about how he belittled a meter maid/parking enforcement officer. He got a ticket one day, and the meter maid was still there, so he ran out and started to berate them, asking if this is what they envisioned they'd be doing as an adult when they were a child. And when the person said they were just doing their job, Luke said but they didn't have to take the job. Luke told the audience that he would never take any job where your primary function is to bring misery to other people's lives.

Yep, Luke showed me a different side that day. He tries to come off like he's concerned about other people's feelings, but underneath it all, he is a pretty cruel asshole who blames and belittles others when he's at fault.


"Luke told the audience that he would never take any job where your primary function is to bring misery to other people's lives."

After listening to TTL, I would say that is exactly what he does.


typical of a wimp like Burbank to start bullying a meter maid instead of a male traffic enforcement person who is 6'2" and 225 with a terrible weightlifting/gym addiction during his offhours. Think of how stupid the rationale of that rant is. Someone obviously has to do a job like that. Does Burbank really think parking and other laws under the meter maid's jurisiction should not be enforced? Of course not. He's basically just saying he's better than the meter person because he has a "better" job, that's all. He exudes the fact that he thinks he's better than everyone else during his shows, so this is just street verification of what we all feel when listening to him.


As for "why did Dave say this was what he has been working for over 30 years to accomplish", it appears that was a reference to speaking with Steve Raible about football.


'..just street verification of what we all feel when listening to him.'

You don't speak for me dude..as I enjoy Luke, Jen and the Show.


That sounds like when he said children of his critics should be assaulted or whatever it was or when he told everyone he'd told some customer service rep he would "eviscerate" their company on his radio show if they didn't reverse a late charge on his bill after he didn't send in his electric bill on time and "she like totally backed down". Or everytime he says he responds to people who write in with a criticism of his show with a message that says they must be a loser because he has his own radio show and they don't. Or when he opened his interview with Dave Ross by saying "when you started at KIRO, were you trying to emulate NPR?" --- but not jokingly, mind you, seriously ... and Dave said "well, um, no ...". Assholes can be funny on radio (see Howard Stern) but people who try to pull off the nice guy act but occasionally let the asshole within out have serious problems / self-esteems issues.

I, too, was a fan of the show but it kind of jumped the shark once he decided to start organizing listener parties to celebrate his "success" ---


Here is is. Here's Luke Burbank proving himself to be a total asshole. It happened Aug. 7th, during the 9-10 PM hour. It's about 4/5th of the way into the show.


This is him telling the story of how he confronted, then belittled a meter maid who game him a ticket, so he asked them if, when they were a child, if this is what they wanted from their life.

Luke is always making fun of "douchers," or douche bag-type of people. Luke Burbank IS a douche bag himself.

Listen for yourself.


"he confronted, then belittled a meter maid who game him a ticket, so he asked them if, when they were a child, if this is what they wanted from their life."

He's doing them a favor. They not only deserve it, they need it. They're like human mosquitos. Their only contribution is to buzz around stinging people who commit only the most minor of minor infractions. I know somebody has to do it, but such a person is not entitled to any self respect, or respect otherwise.

Gay Gary

I'm not a fan of KIRO's evening show, or its host --- despite what Sparky says! --- but I would like the opportunity to pile on and say I also find said hosts smarmy nice guy act to be a little game show host-esque.

THAT SAID -- I do have to agree with Andrew on this one. Several times I've been verbally berated by Seattle PEOs for my laissez faire parking habits. The PEOs are awful for enforcing the letter of the law instead of the spirit. There's a fire strip in front of Oculus Bleu and my place and SOMETIMES I'll park there but ONLY if I happen to be home at the time. So what sense does it make to give me a ticket? This is the question I've raised to the PEO. If there's a fire obviously I'd come out and move my car --- I NEVER park there and just "leave" my vehicle. Also, in Capitol Hill sometimes you end up with "half spaces" - for instance two cars will park close enough to each other that it eliminates a good space because you can only fit 2/3 of a car in it. Sometimes I edge in and I have to pull onto the sidewalk just a little bit. Again, who exactly am I raping by doing that? I spend quite a bit of time in another town between that and Seattle, the PEOs in Seattle are the WORST, hands down.


It's not Steve Raible to which Dave was referring but having his magnificent voice broadcast in living stereo that he's celebrating.

He's finally graduated from that monaural wasteland and into the high-brow heights of dual speakers.

Several people have commented on the clarity emitted by FM today.

Also, he just had Floyd Brown on. He's a glib guy, Mr. Brown is. You can sure tell a difference between the Ross callers and Monson callers when you hear a guy like Brown.

Man, I hope all this Russian war stuff doesn't give McBush the push he needs. All we need right now is a Putin-McBush standoff. Somebody would need to hide that red button.

Gay Gary

Joanie, whose side are you on Russia's or Georgia's? I'm on Russia's, personally, and hope they blitz the sniveling Ukrainians next. Pat Buchanan has warned us for years about Russophobia, the impending backlash of NATO expansion without end and the need for the US to quite Europe and forge a bilateral security and economic alliance with Russia.

The neo-cons and liberals keep beating this anti-Russia drumbeat and now look what's happened. If people weren't upset before that Bush cost Buchanan the '00 election they should be now.


Yeah, Buttcannon for President...that would have been real good.

It was the height of something to listen to Bush tell Russia they should not invade a sovereign nation. because it was not "acceptable behavior in the 21st Century."
He even said it with a straight face.


I work with an actualy Russian, he favors Russia. He says that Georgia played chicken and Russia called their bluff.

Supposedly a lot of people on the Georgian side of the boarder are more Russian than Georgian because the boundry is arbitrary rather than based on cultural divides, and they identify themselves as Russian. So, Georgia was mistreating them somehow and now Russia is supposedly just looking out for their own. I don't know if this is true but it did come straight from a native's mouth.


Ross talked about it and invited calls from Russians today and it is uglier than it first appears. That means I really don't know enough to make an education opinion.

The fact that there are a mix of Russians and Georgians makes it difficult. I guess tribes will just never get along.

A distinction was made today between the Ukraine and Georgia regarding a democratically-elected gov so apparently we hold the Ukraine in higher regard somehow.

Obviously, I have some homework to do on this issue.

But, I sure don't want another cold war nor arms build up. We can hardly manage the tiny countries of Iraq and Afghanistan currently.

Ross did make a point of saying that Europe may need to get back into the military business to protect their increasingly vulnerable borders.

Gay Gary

Call me the gay Charles Lindburgh but I was so sick of hearing Dave this morning defend the hapless Georgians. They got what was coming to them. I'd like Russia to steam the Black Sea fleet up Moldova's ass next (even if O-Zone was a good band back in the mid '00's) as pay-back for the treatment of Găgăuzia and Transnistria.

And, I haven't seen it covered anywhere except Wired's Danger Room blog, but Estonia is now sending military "advisors" to Georgia. Estonia should be considered fair game and NATO should keep out when the axe falls on them.


Regarding Pat Buchanan, he's a historian for sure. But, sometimes his take on things gets a little skewed...

He wrote a scathing and very biased article on Obama of which he should be ashamed.

I sort of respect his knowledge but not always his application of that knowledge. I'd take him with a grain of salt. Make that a shaker of salt.


Gary, quit the nonsense. I don't have time for it.


Big Ed's been talking Edwards all afternoon. He had one of the reporters on again. I didn't hear the whole story but they've got the story cold.

I'm most upset for Elizabeth. It is clear he is no longer in love with his wife. On the video, Edwards said she's a "fine person" and "sexy" and a bunch of other stupid words.

Chucks, you refer to your wife as your "bride." There's more affection in that than Edwards showed in the whole damn Nightline interview.

So, so sad. He's a dick.

Gay Gary

Gary, quit the nonsense. I don't have time for it.

Estonia sending cyber defense experts to Georgia

"In a historic first, Estonia is sending cyber defense advisors to Georgia."

Mistreatment of Ethnic Minorities in Moldova

"The dirty secret of Moldova's independence movement is that it was built on the persecution of ethnic minorities, particularly Russian-speakers ..."


My final words on this Edwards thing - maybe - posting parts of a Washington Post article that says it so well:

"...Now comes former -- and, I think it's safe to say, not future -- presidential candidate John Edwards with his own distinctive concept: 99 percent honesty.

In Edwards's exact words, explaining why he denied tabloid stories about his affair because, he says, they weren't completely true: "Being 99 percent honest is no longer enough."

He was once derided as the Breck girl. Now it turns out we're talking Ivory soap, 99 and 44/100ths percent pure.

But the thing about honesty: It's the last 1 percent -- even that last .56 percent -- that's the tough part.

And, to continue the soap metaphor, if there's anyone out there who believes Edwards is coming entirely clean now, I've got a job for you in the Edwards 2012 presidential campaign. Plenty of openings there.

...Elizabeth Edwards, mercifully, didn't stand -- or sit -- by her man during the "Nightline" interview. This was a good thing. Was there a wife in America who didn't want to slap him right across his smug face when he pointed out, "first of all," that his wife's cancer was in remission when he cheated?

...Or, in a March 2007 interview with Katie Couric discussing the return of Elizabeth's cancer: "I think every single candidate for president, Republican and Democratic, have lives, personal lives, that indicate something about what kind of human being they are. And I think it is a fair evaluation for America to engage in to look at what kind of human beings each of us are, and what kind of president we'd make."

What was Elizabeth Edwards thinking, sitting there with her husband the philanderer and Couric?

...The second, even creepier part is John Edwards's resort to the exculpatory language of pop psychology to explain his behavior. "I went from being a senator, a young senator to being considered for vice president, running for president, being a vice presidential candidate and becoming a national public figure. All of which fed a self-focus, an egotism, a narcissism that leads you to believe that you can do whatever you want."

Right. The adulation made him do it. I don't think this man is anywhere in the neighborhood of 99 percent honesty. "

Ruth Marcus
A Tad Short Of 99%

You have to register for the Post. I feel so betrayed by him. I think many of us do. I also think that the man we thought we were supporting was really a man made by Elizabeth. His ideas were probably hers. Well, he turned out to be a poor investment for all of us.

Gay Gary

O-Zone Fan Site

"In my opinion, O-Zone is the greatest band of October 2005."


'I feel so betrayed by him. I think many of us do. I also think that the man we thought we were supporting was really a man made by Elizabeth. His ideas were probably hers. Well, he turned out to be a poor investment for all of us.'

Very honest and straightforward of you joanie...others just wont admit it...and are afraid to touch it. You've said it well.


Network World? Good site, thanks. I now know why my gmail service went down yesterday. I thought it was my computer!

Now that there's a hub of so-called "sovereign" nations sculpted out of the old Soviet empire, I imagine there will be much realignment and support for each other. Doesn't really determine who has the most legitimacy. I would imagine none of them want to see a Russian aggressor again. Even if they think that Russia might have reason...

Regarding Moldovia, not much new about ethnic groups not getting along. Kosovo? Iraq? the USA? Israel?

Those Russians probably held superior positions for years before the Soviet break up. Seems to be the way of things, doesn't it? We're still working at it right here at home.

Gay Gary

Wait - so how was I being nonsensical?!

In any case, I see the Ukrainians are now threatening to stop the Black Sea Fleet from returning to port ... a provocation that western media are, of course, failing to report. If they actually try to pull that stunt Russia should level the whole country of Ukraine. The Russian Federation is one of the greatest forces for peace and human rights in the world today and it's high time the US aligned itself with the RF and dumped Europe once and for all.


My apologies, gigi. But, of course, nothing is so simple. The region is unstable to say the least.

We shall see.


We "others", duffman, don't feel like feeding your need for titillation.


Ewar kept Hillary from winning by dividing the pie of voters with his candidacy that was doomed from the beginning, which Edwards should have realised. Bill O'Reilly had the scanal info as early as Fall2007 and said he would have used it if Edwards got nominated. He's just one of many who would have inevitably broken the story. Selfish narcissistic bastard. I would have liked to have had a choice in November. Now the only serious choice is McCain. Obama, with his repulsive personality, poor character, ineperience, and overall ridiculousness , is not a serious choice.


Ah yes, Bill Orally, paragon of virtue. He also added that if there was hush money, it should be disclosed ASAP what the amount was, and what the conditions were.

Oh Andrea Mackris, yoo hooo!!


Closer to the topic at hand; This could have a significant effect on the programming at KVI and KPTK for that matter...



Try this -



...and thank you sparky for acknowledging that you were in fact one of the 'others'. I don't need 'titillation'...but you know what it does give me satisfaction to know that I was right. You recall I sent a genuine message of condolence and a recommendation for a particular health clinic for Elizabeth...and got no reply but was inundated with requests for $money from practically every member of that sleaze-bag's family. So pardon me if I'm a little 'pissed' at this dude but I am. He doesn't deserve the honor of shining Larry Craig's shoes...even away from airports.


I'm curious..are you as upset about McSame dumping his wife to run around with Cindy?

You might want to read this


And this from Politico.com

Just before the August recess, a group of well-connected young Republicans calling themselves Club 218 attempted to make up the difference, arranging a fundraiser for Dave Reichert, according to news reports.

The problem?

Roll Call recently listed some of Club 218’s members, including Mike Chappell, a lobbyist for the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Co. at Fierce, Isakowitz and Blalock; and Christopher Cox, a D.C. Navigators’ lobbyist for Alabama Aircraft Industries, which is fighting Boeing on a tanker maintenance contract.

EADS is teamed with Northrop Grumman in the tanker competition, to assemble the tanker in Mobile, Ala.

There are some 19,000 Boeing employees in Washington's 8th district. I wonder if Patty Murray knows about this?

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