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August 22, 2008



I still haven't forgiven this guy for his attack on Stephen Colbert.

Gay Gary

Who the hell is this? The depth of that political analysis seems right out of a community college poli sci class. Is this like a public access show or something?


It really does not matter who Obambam picks for VP. It will just end up being another Edwards or Lieberman, somebody who ran and lost to the Republican candidate for POTUS.
The Democrats should have taken Clinton when they had a chance.
This country will not elect somebody like Obambam. We are not ready for one of them to be POTUS.
We need (I am sorry to say, but it is true) McC to keep this country safe from the bad guys in this world. Maybe when he grows up, OBambi can do the job.


Joe Biden. Maybe better than Bayh or Kaine, but does not have the gravity that Clinton would... If he somehow decides to choose her, that would give him a fighting chance. Nuff said.


Twitter has announced that the choice will be revealed tomorrow, 2 hours before Obama and the VP Candidate appear in Illinois.

Clinton as VP would bring out the right wing base to vote against her specifically.

Puget Sound

Oh well, Biden is a decent VP Choice.

But I have a feeling that come November Duffman will be yelling 'I told you so!'

'Every Duff Has Its Day'


It is being reported that the Secret Service has dispatched a detail to babysit Biden.
I hope he gives up his Senate seat.
It would be nice to be rid of him for a while. Just my humble opinion.


A prominent Philadelphia lawyer and Hillary Clinton supporter, Philip Berg has filed suit in the Eastern Dist of Penn. againt Barry Obambam, the DNC, and the Federal Election seeking an injunction againt BO's candidacy for POTUS. Something about not being a US citizen and not even having been birthed in Hawaii.
Buttah the pop corn. Hillary is not done, as if we thought she was. The fun begins.
(PS get your guns and ammo. If this guy wins, there will be riots nation wide).

bye bye gop

it is done, joe biden is the VP, his seat will be filled by another dem and we will start rounding up republicans for elimination


Damn, I was hoping for Owen Wilson, the first Buddy Presidency...

Puget Sound

i can think of one person who is still probably waiting -with a randi podcast in the background- for that promised 'text' message.


Chucks, I was reading that the birth certificate is the real deal and that that myth has been busted. But, the certificate the Hussein camp is putting out there is dated Jun. 6 2007. What I want to know is which method did Hussein use to prove he was a citizen when he was sworn into office in Jan. 2005. Senators need to be a citizen for 7 years to take office. Why did he have to get a new one only 2-1/2 years later.


bye bye gop - grow up moonbat..


If he used his passport, where is the certificate he used to get that. These are documents you don't throw away.

Proof of U.S. Citizenship can be demonstrated by a:

a full validity U.S. passport
Certified U.S. birth certificate; or
Report of Birth Abroad (Form FS-240); or
Certificate of Citizenship or Naturalization from USCIS

Gay Gary

What an uninspiring adult life Biden has led ...

Student 7 years

Attorney 2 years

Full-Time Politician 37 years

I guess Biden is playing Cheney to Obama's Bush. The Democratic institutional babysitter to make sure the change stays cosmetic and doesn't use too much rouge or eye shadow. Biden is the cardboard to Obama's cup of confetti.

Now McCain just needs to choose Mitt Romeny and the SS Boring can cast the anchor lines and pull out of dock as we gear up for Election '08.


The Ken Doll and GI Joe against Obama and Biden. Bet Biden makes Mittens cry.


You got it NOPE...cue the choir:

'pla·gia·rism [ pláyjə rìzzəm ] (plural pla·gia·risms)



1. stealing somebody's work or idea: the process of copying another person's idea or written work and claiming it as original'


Just for starters...

bye bye gop

we know about operation chaos and limbaughs attempt to have hillary on the ticket--it didn't work this time. biden will eat the gop for lunch ROTFLMAO

Puget Sound

So Duff.
On Nov 5th what say you about the Obama-Biden Ticket?


IMO we don't know enough about Obama...he's just not ready for prime time. I don't like Biden...ergo I likely exercise my right to not vote...or I might consider voting for McCain. I'm torn at this point - and I look forward to the 'vibes' (either subtle or outright) that I pick up from Mrs Clinton at the convention.


By the way, I got my "lawyer files suit" report from a right wing blog that I had never seen before.
I don't know who owns it, but it must be true.
Obama-bin-Biden is going to be fun. Maybe in 2012 or 2016 you guys will come up with a winning combo for POTUS and VP. But for now, thanks for your help in electing President McCain.

Puget Sound

So Duff
I have this mental image of you sitting cross legged in front of the TV set, intently watching the Convention, and attempting to 'Channel' Hillary-speak.
Don't forget to also 'Channel' the Bill-speak. And let's not forget the need to also interpret the various 'Chelsea-looks' that the media will give us.

What's up with the lefty regulars? They haven't gotten the word yet? Still waiting for the 'text'?

Puget Sound

and of course you are fully clothed...

bye bye gop

yes very good McSame will probably pick Joe Lieberman LOL


'What's up with the lefty regulars?'

Puts: 'aliases'...they're here rest assured...trying to get a 'bearing' on how to play this out...Haha

Puget Sound

I gotcha, still awaiting the Randi podcasts, et al.
Kind of like the ol days when the Political Commissars had to get 'the word' from Moscow...

Oh well, you and I can be free thinkers.

Nope to Obama

Joanie is no where to be found...

Obviously the official Biden decision is a BIG disappointment to her and her loyal Socialists.

The early polls show no change...typically you get a small bounce with a VP choice...but none here. McCain has taken the lead and will not look back.

Puget Sound

kind of road runner cloud is what you're saying, eh?
if only...but we can dream.

so the swing 'duffman' voter will play a crucial role.
my prediction: as duff goes, so goes the nation.


So, what MSM moron is going to be the first to refer to Biden as a "centrist" or "moderate"?


No way McCain will pick Lieberman. He'll probably pick Pawlenty. Obama showed how he makes tough decisions by picking Biden. If he had picked Sen. Clinton, many people would have taken notice - maybe this guy is more than an empty suit - but alas, he chose a safe pick. Obambam backed down from taking the Duffman challenge - LOL.

Biden, with loose lips that sink ships, who once said that McCain is the only person qualified to be president in this time of war on Nov. 30, 2007 and another time he said that Obama was not ready for prime time with his lack of security experience.


Oh yes, and the "gravitas" meme. When does the "it gives Obambam gravitas" start. You know that one is comming.
10,9,8,7,............ Gravitas!!!


You nailed it chucks...if you were just watching ABC's coverage of the Obama/Biden speech in Illinois...the 'G' word was just brought into play.

Puget Sound

So Obama fails on the Duffman Challenge...
(you were away for that Duff, but it was kind of funny to see 'their' reaction to that phrase...moonbatty to a certain degree)

I am being half serious on that as Duff goes, so goes the country.
Me, KS, Chucks, Nevets, et al are gonna vote McCain.

The usual suspects will vote Obama in lock step. Some of them with the Randi podcast in their ear...

But Duffman, the disaffected Clinton supporter will foretell for us how the election will go. So mighty Duffman, use your 'powers' wisely as your constituency may be the one that sways the election.
Don't forget, at best McCain is a one termer which aligns the stars for your Ms. Clinton.


I Ain't Kissing Duff-dud On His Ample Backside to Win.
Somethings Just Ain't Worth It.
Besides, He Has Rethuglican Leanings.

Nope to Obama

The record for the plagiarist Biden!

1. Two huge failed presidential runs

2. The Iraqis despise him and his three (3) ethnic nation country break-up plan

3. He's a blabbermouth

Puget Sound


Will these insults never end. They just don't respect poor Mrs. Clinton.
Check this out from CNN

Hillary Dis-Respected by Obama People


Incredible Puts! Thx for the link...I'd read similar elsewhere. I simply don't understand...unless there is substance to the rumor that Hillary has met with McCain and she is poised for +4-years hence?

Puget Sound

Something to ruminate inside that mighty Duff-Brain.
Don't let 'em 'cow' you into blindly supporting
Hillary was dissed. I'll bet that Nevets, KS, Chucks, et al are also highly upset about the Dissing and wonder what you'll do about it.
Denver, Denver, Denver, Denver is the chant...
You don't have to take that kind of insult you know. Stand up and show-em that you have some power!
Make 'em rue the day that they called you Duff-fuck and those other horrible names.

(Sorry, having a little too much fun.)


:) I know this all rests on my decision PUTS and I'm feelin the heavy responsibility, believe me. I should think I will be hearing from Merci and the minions..forthright. Oh the heavy burden of an Independent.

Puget Sound

A 'heavy load' to be sure, Duff, but one that you have carried for a long time.
They should be treating you and your 'peeps' with respect. It's gonna be a close race and mistreating Hillary -a strong, proud, and independent lady- with such bad manners is outrageous and DEMANDS retribution. Or at least a good faith 'Initial Step' such as paying off her large $24 million campaign debts incurred during her Historic run for the Whitehouse and so as to allow the Clinton's to move on with dignity.
If the Lockstep Left was smart they would be courting her supporters.
Since you have been the most loyal of Hillary supporters -suffering some serious slings and arrows- since Day 1 on this Board it is only appropriate that you serve as a proxy for all Hillary supporters.


I will be in touch with the 'Hillary for McCain' folks in short order.


Hey Duffy
My friends on this board are laying a lot of responsibility on you. May I suggest that you consult with your wife as you set a new coarse. As you have shared with us in the past, she sounds like a brilliant woman.


I'm shopping for my uniform as we speak! [smile]

Puget Sound

Chuck has a good point. Want to get the whole tribe onboard. Plus that is yet another vote...
I am betting that she won't like the way Hillary was mistreated either.

Lets order some of these shirts. Right now I am ordering my 'Re-Elect Rossi' garb. :)


Right Puts, the truth is that Hillary had more substance than Obama and is more qualified, but that's beside the point. The moonbat fringe of the Democrat leadership has prevailed - to the chagrin of our country and millions of voters. Joanie and Sparky have skeedaddled for now - so be it...

I still look forward to hearing what the Clinton's have to say or don't say next week. Hopefully, the coattails of this will help Rossi win for the third time in four tries come November outright.

However, I have to say that I have been less impressed so far with Dino than I have been with McCain over the past two weeks. Dino Rossi needs to make the sale by showing us more substance - what are you waiting for ?


Dick Morris popped up on Kox after the Biden announcement, and was all smiles over Obama's "huge blunder" as he put it. Picking Biden over Kathleen Sebelius, Governor of Kansas was a huge blunder according to the Dickster, because he blew his chance to assuage the angry women who supported Clinton, by at least putting a woman on the ticket. He said the fact that it wasn't Hillary wouldn't turn off or anger most of the women voters but that Obama "wimped out" in fear of offendinG the CLINTONS by picking some other woman. The diss job of Hillary was a big mistake. I sense the cold hand of Obama's hateful witch of a wife in this diss job business.

Puget Sound

How'd you like to be Bill Richardson right now.
He can see the Obama ship sinking and he knows -or at least will soon know- that you don't go against the Clinton unless your damn sure that you'll win.

I suspect post the 08 Election that Mr. Richardson may find himself at odds with some fairly powerful and vengeful forces: Terry Mcauliffe; James Carville; Bill Clinton; and Hillary Clinton.

Mr. Richardson, to paraphrase Michael Corleone to his hapless brother,
'Never go against the family, Fredo. Never.' The Clintons helped to make Bill Richardson on the national stage. He owed 'em. He welshed. Not a good idea.

Hillary never struck me as the 'forgive and forget' type. More like scorched earth. And the lack of consideration or understanding of Hillary Clinton is simply amazing. They had the winning ticket. It would have been unbeatable.

Everyone else go grab some popcorn, this will become damn interesting.

Puget Sound

oh yeah, and releasing the Text Message officially announcing Biden at 3 am was an obvious dig at Hillary's 3 am campaign ad was just another sign of disrespect. In your face if you will.

Obama 08 we will win

You guys are such sore loosers This is the best you can do LOL

victory will be ours

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