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August 29, 2008


Gay Gary

They may not have noticed -- they were deep-frying Twinkies on this night of nights.

Don't know what "deep-frying" means but it sounds positively scandalous! Like most of Seattle's gay community, I watched the B.O. speech but if I'd known they were talking Twinks on KIRO all of us would have tuned in there.


It's going to be virtually impossible for the Repubs to equal or better the impact that Sen Obama had on folks last night. It was 'John F Kennedy-esque' and then some - very appealing.
Having said that, I still feel we don't know enough about him and I hope all comes out and nothing gets quashed in regard to his Chicago dealings. He's looking pretty good presently.
I also thought McCain's ad last nite congratulating Sen Obama was pretty much 'class'. --Onward!

Regarding McCain's pick for VP...were I he, I would pick Sarah Palin, Gov of Alaska!

Puget Sound

Very heavy responsibilities. As you go, so goes the Hillary Nation...


..ha, I'm 'feelin the pain' ther Puts

Rabid Reader

Wow. I am glad you wrote it up. This was great. Thanks for the dig to KIRO too, because really... why not just do a "special Dave Ross Show" like on Saturday when he announced Biden? Well, in the old days, Carl and Goldy could've handled that and Dave still could have had a Saturday.

Have you heard about what happened at the Evergreen State Fair in Everett? Those Snohomish County Republicans are really "d.b.'s" (d---che bags). (posted link)


the speech was carried live on one of the big radio stations because i was listening to it. i think it was KIRO. ITS SARAH PALIN FOR VEEP! SEMI- OFFICIAL NOW! way to go, cactus John, Arrogant old BO was sure he'd be running against two old white guys so he could play his racial politics against them. haha cactus John played your race/sex game against you, champ! one good thing- yea she's prolife but she's a Catholic prolife- not a bornagain liKE that cow Carleen on KVI. hahaah he's out-youthed BO(SHE'S 44), out-womaned him , AND SHE'S PRETTIER THAN mICHELLE. her kids are just as cute as hers also. bwahahaahahahaaah grin an bear it stick it up your ass as this VEEP choice eats up all your media buzz from your speech/convention, BO. looks like a brilliant move. Savage and I won't be going to white male re-education camps IN 2009 after all. bwahahahahaahahahahahh

Puget Sound

As the Blatherrwatch Representative of the 'Hillary Nation' will you be willing to take a look at Alaska Gov Pallin of Alaska.

Gay Gary

Did McCain tap Sarah?
(uh ... that came out wrong)

F - I was hoping for Bobby Jindal.

But I'll support Governor Palin (even if she does seem a little too blue collar for my taste) short of actually voting for her since I'm voting for Bob Barr.

I don't know about her policies but I like the fact she's admitted to smoking mary jane (the GOP needs someone to match Obama's drug-crazed past), she is a NRA member with a small armory and her husband is full-blood Indian (hello casino money! stand back Queen Christine!).



Puget Sound

that 'whooooosh' sound is the balloon going out of barack omania.

and yes, that sound of 'swwwweeeeeet' is hillbilly-in-chief bill clinton looking to 2012!

tommy, i guess since they slam you as a racist for not supporting barrack you can slam them back as sexist for not getting on-board with gov palin as the vp!

Puget Sound

another nice thing is her strength of character in regards to not aborting her youngest child during her pregnancy.
"In a move that goes against the “generally accepted” thing to do and abort unborn babies with Down Syndrome, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin gave birth last week to their 5th child … a child they knew had Down Syndrome before he was born."

Gay Gary

Hmmm ... I'm not sure someone choosing to have 5 children in the first place is really something I would consider a feather in one's cap.

However, anyone who is a NRA member for more than political expediency gets my support so on that count I'm thumbs up to Palin.*

* - disclaimer: as I've said before, I am voting for Bob Barr so my support for Palin will be moral and monetary only / as I've said before I think the NRA is too liberal on gun policy so I personally support more aggressive rights-protection groups like the 2nd Amendment Foundation and CCRKBA

Puget Sound

you can't slam us breeders...
as long as we keep the act out of your face, don't engage in any overt displays of heterosexuality out in public, i am hoping that you'll be tolerant of my lifestyle 'choice'....

Puget Sound

i suspect we may have the usual suspects skedaddling although we can expect the alias's to appear in droves ONCE they get instructions.

care to make any predictions.

Gay Gary

LOL, touche!

But it's not the vagina I have a problem with, it's the children! I can't stand kids - they're dirty and loud and they're always running around in public, hootin and hollerin. Have all the hetero sex you want as long as you use protection!

Anyway, kudos to McCain on a well-timed pick - the stadium rally is now a faded memory. I'm anxious to see Monday's polls, I honestly can't believe the Democrats let this year - of ALL years - slip through their grasp. Offend the wife of the party patriarch, pick a state senator to lead your ticket and the senator representing the country's collections agencies in a nation of dead-beat debtors as his running mate -- yeah there's a real recipe for success! And based on his performances to date, the presidential debates are going to be the killing fields for Obama. What was Dean and Co. thinking?


Puts: the 'regulars' have had such bad luck with poor judgement calls that they may in fact be lickin their wounds and just plain trying to 'recover'. Putting your faith and trust in folks like Bernie Ward and/or John Edwards just isn't good for the ego. [smile]

Puget Sound

Howard Dean will become Fredo Corlene.
As Michael said, 'You are my brother (fellow dem). I love you. But, never go against the family (clinton's) Fredo.'
Terry Mcauliffe will be taking Fredo fishing one day. It'll be a replay of the Godfather scene at the dock where young Coleone (Obama) is called away from fishing with Dean at the last instance and Fredo/Mcauliffe go out on the lake...


A governor with 2 years under her belt and a prior stint as mayor of 7500 people--which means the experience thing is off the table.

Gay Gary

LOL PS - I like it! But I think you're being too conservative -- on Nov. 5 there's going to be hell to pay at 403 S. Capitol St. but it'll look more like Hotel Rwanda than Godfather. The upcoming DNC purges are going to make Stalin look like mother Theresa.

I'm still hoping Barr can crack 3% but I'm not that optimistic with Palin now on the ticket.

Puget Sound

You mean the 'lions of the left?'


...and really, how well can she (Ms Palin) perform (sing/dance) to the tune 'The Villages'...these are things we need to know...

Puget Sound

So we can equate Gov Palin (for the VP Slot) with Barrack for the Pres Slot.
Not a very flattering comparison.
With the Clinton's in the background sabotaging events this may turn out to be a Repub year for the Whitehouse. Hmmm..., you'll have to let us know how that crap-sandwhich is gonna taste come November.

Gay Gary

Wow Obamaschill Bill Burton is on CNN right now trashing female politicians. Might as well go back to the days when the Democrats were opposing women's suffrage and the Republicans were pushing it through, apparently.

Puget Sound

can't wait to see Olberman. his head will explode.


" "How can McCain walk out on a stage with any confidence after this?"

McLame has done it again...he's bolstered his floundering image with a young, beautiful woman. More of the same with John McLame...

Hey, Bla'M, nix the pernicious senior bashing. Ageism is politically incorrect and offensive to those of us posters who are the same age as McLame. It's not his fault he's old.


Joe Biden or Sarah Palin ....Hmmmmm, what a dilemma!

Duff Rocks


Here it is - your dream come true
I'm posting this alias just for you.

Gay Gary

I didn't realize Palin and her husband are both card-carrying AFL-CIO members. Could Palin restart the ball that our own ex Congressman Jack Metcalf briefly started to roll? In five or ten years, given enough hard work on that front, would it be possible to start putting cracks in the Democratic strangehold on organized labor?


2 years Executive experience Coiler. Not much I'll agree, but its more than both Hussein and Biden put together. Again the Republicans prove they know what this country needs.

They don't need someone who hears whispers on a train and then when he goes back to Washington the next day, forgets about them.

They don't need someone who preaches responsibility and then lets his half brother live on a dollar a day.

The American people need leaders who are not afraid to make tough decisions.

McCain and Palin are the clear choice to run this country for the next 8 years.


Lolz at Obama, and congrats to McCain for playing his hand so much better than Barack "I Need a Stadium" Obama, with his ever so valuable white angry running mate. Way to win the uncoverted.

In fairness republicans have the house advantage of picking second, but so far Obama has been making bad moves and McCain good ones, and I think the quality of judgement is inherent to their campaigns. This won't change. I give McCain good odds.

Puget Sound

poor coiler,
I think nevets will be pulling the handle on you and watch you head to the sewer.

just slink away....just slink away.

Puget Sound

Just watched her speech. Electric.

Go ahead Dems, attack the accomplishments of this wonderful women. See how that works amongst the 18 million Hillary Supporters...

Biden vs Palin

Hairplugs vs the Hottie.


Watching the both of them in Dayton right now. I need to make an observation in Husseins appearance yesterday in Denver and thiers today. Yesterday, the chant was "Obama, Obama, Obama". Today in Dayton it is "USA, USA, USA".

And that Sarah Palin. Like Tommy said, is alot better looking than the magilla faced Michella and she definitly speaks better than both of them. Go USA. Go USA. Go USA.


A marriage from hell: the squeaky clean young beauty-ethics queen next to the Keating-Five Lobbyist-in-every-pocket grumpy old man!

Only the Republicans could try to sell that!


Oh, and only in the Republican party is the VP really the P!

Gay Gary

LMAO, I have to give jjoanie credit on that line!

Though one could say, only in the Democratic Party is the First Lady really the P ... but I won't be the one to say it!


Nevets sez "2 years experience...more than Barack or Biden put together"... I really hope you keep thinking that way. btw, it will be telling just how close McSame gets to Bushler next week at the convention, or will Americans really be tuning in? It is a 10,000 seat venue. I guess people in the GOP are not getting that close to the katrinaIraqDeficit prez.


Actually, if I thought she'd started cleaning up after her own party and the last eight years, I might vote for her myself.

Now that's a thought...


There seems to be a 'fear' presence in the air from the so-called 'regulars'. Haha

Gay Gary

OK, if Joanie is saying she might vote for Palin - even as a joke - you know the DFL is in trouble. It will be interesting to say how that party reorganizes itself after Nov. 4. I almost think keeping the White House could be a blow to the GOP. A renewed concentration and housecleaning by the Dems could translate to a stranglehold on Congress by them. (If Nancy Pelosi doesn't lose her election to Cindy Sheehan.)


Why, Gigi, I thought you did say it? I guess my eyes are failing...

Your celebrated sexual preferences notwithstanding, I bet Hillary gives you wet dreams.

Hillary Clinton ... Hillary ... Hillary Clinton ... Hillary...

You getting it on, too, Duff?


IMO..if the Dems win I think their first order of business is to figure out a way to get rid of Nancy Pelosi...what a frickin 'farce' she is, a complete disgrace to that office.


Now you're touching on something reflecting a tad bit of intelligence.

If the Dems would start housecleaning... Exactly. Watching the whole Dem Convention as I did, I was never angrier nor more disgusted with any speaker than Nancy Pelosi. My feelings about her are visceral. She's the one who will have lost this election if we lose it.


I’d watch out for any Alaskan pol. Like Stevens, they are tightly aligned with big oil. Palin's husband, Todd, is a production operator for BP.


And a hunk!

Just listening to Dave Ross' callers. Perhaps he's tried too hard to hit it out of the park. All things to all people . . . may not work afterall.

However, last lady said she had decided not to vote because just didn't like anybody until she heard this speech. Why? "She sounded sincere."

My God! Did George Bush sound sincere? Look what we've had for eight years.

Anyone heard of Hollywood?

She sounded sincere.

People who vote based on emotions should have their registrations revoked!


".......a slick Chicago thug..." -Bill Clinton bwhahaahahahaahahahaha

Gay Gary

tightly aligned with big oil. Palin's husband, Todd, is a production operator for BP.

... a fairly blue collar gig that only requires a high school diploma ... he's a member of United Steelworkers ... I'm guessing he's not having 3-martini lunches with the CFO of Exxon and advising the Board on stock repurchase plans ...


Exactly. So how can Sara compromise her position by matching up with Lobbyist-in-every-pocket-McCain?

Gay Gary

Joanie - I don't think you're helping your cause by arguing in support of Miss Palin! This is like when Joe Biden endorsed John McCain! I still love ya but your kind need a scorched earth strategy.


Joanie- "People who vote based on emotions should have their registrations revoked! "

How can you explain Barack Obama's meteoric rise to the top if it was not based on emotion?

Last night was the first time I ever heard him speak policy point by point. It's all been a love-fest up to that point.

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