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August 26, 2008


Mike the Driver

You know, I could care less if she is pregnant.

Why doesn't Rush bend over, stick his head up ass and suffocate?

Oh yeah, he's got to much belly to do that.


You're right, Mikie. Bill O'Reilly and Rush never get to write op-eds for the Wall Street Journal or even the Washington Times. They crave the recognition and respectability of the MSM they claim to despise.


I agree Mrs Obama gave a fine speech, I was impressed. I will study this until 'game time' and make my decision at the 11th hour. As an Independent and supporter of Mrs Clinton I realize that 'as I go, so goes the Nation' is a big responsibility and I don't take it lightly.


Nancy Pelosi: what a frickin JOKE!
Do you notice that most folks don't even pay any attention to her...they apparently realize she's a non-event.

Dems should definitely try to figure out a way to get her the hell out of that position.

As an aside don't you just love the Convention gatherings...(and I'm sure both are similar)...it's like everyone that works voting precincts come together...and no one really knows WTF is going on? What a horrible waste of $money these things are!


Just how bad is with the democrats that Michelle Obama get's a standing ovation just for saying she loves America?


Indeed...but remember this is the ultimate 'captured audience' !
It's all such a farce...and the Repub love-fest will be the same


I realize how difficult it is to refute truth and honest perception. Silence is certainly understandable (& telling). [smile]


This is the first real offiicially anti- white male Demo Convention as Savage noted last night. It's been moving there stealthily for some time. Now, eboldened by their candidates own attendance at anti-white church hatefests, until embarrassment foced him to resign, at least one speaker yesterday afternoon, a black nutbar who called herself Sister Greenjeans or something, felt free to talk against white people.


Savage, consider the source...


I just watched the end of Michellas speech, the part where Husseins daughter Sasha aks him what city he is in. Boy did Hussein get disturbed. The look on his face is sheer anger. And that just got him more mixed up when he told his daughters to take care of the kids errr, uhmmm, your mother. ROFL.


steven...give 'em a break; doubt he had a tele-prompter at his location...

Sonny Forschner

What utter tripe this thread is. sheer anger? Hussein?
Republicans don't have a candidate, the Dems have a good one, and you-all have to resort to this kind of nasty irrelevant rhetoric. you're just vile and you hide behind fake names. Michelle's speech wasn't for assholes like you who already have their minds made up. She did very well with the independents the speech was for. You're just asshole conservatives afraid to sign your name. You got nothin and you're pissed off about it. We will win despite you.


It's called a 'sense of humor', ya got one 'Sunny Jim'?

Sonny Forschner |

The jokes are always on the Obamas. it's just conservative mockery. That's all you've got. We will win despite you.


Is that 'you' and 'the mouse in your pocket' there 'sunny jim'.

Sonny Forschner

That's all you've got?? Grade school taunts?? You'll need more than that. We will win despite you.


Let's hope 'we' (as a Nation) WIN...how 'bout that.


We should probably give the independents a few days to chew on what Michelle Obambam had to say. Being independents, perhaps they tend to not be emotional about speeches. When the inconsistantcy's are studied and pondered, we will see.
She did give a good speech IMHO (which does not carry much weight 'round here). Michelle was beautiful and charming in her own way. Ms Obambam did do no damage that I could see.
Her funniest comment was when she said something like his word is his bond. Which word, which day?

Mark W.

The Obamas are black people. We won't be seeing them swarming around in our White House any time soon you can bet. I'm not ready for the Easter Egg Hunt or the Christmas tree trimming to look like a James Brown concert. Neither is the rest of Americans. Just think of the sight of it. Are you ready for that? Just seeing a crowd of blacks scares most of us and in the White House? It's unthinkable. That is why McCain will win no matter how old and weird he is.

Mark W.

And oh yeah, did I mention he runs around with black radicals? Obama- not now not never.


I heard they picked up a couple of white supremecists (sp?)with guns nearby...anyone you know tommy0000008?


somebody didnt know the obamas are black!?! good work on spreading the word mark. im not erasist but i shoure think that the WHITE house should stay that way and because their isnt anything dummer than having to go through and repaint everything just be cause of one family. talk about wastful spending.

Nope to Obama

Affirmative action doesn't work for choosing the Presidency of the United States. Let's make our politicians earn their way to the highest office in the land. Obama should be the cook or bartender for the real president.


One thing about anonymity in these threads is the racism is unbridled.Scratch the surface, and you get the letters above. It is who conservatives really are. Pigs.


This is incredible...all of a sudden I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone...


Sonny, so sorry if a few of us here don't fall to our knees and bray to the moon over this obnoxious couple who obviously don't like white people (or "white folks", as he puts it-juat a code word for Whitey) very much. These two are just a couple of disengenious, scheming, grotesquely ambitious, repulsive humans, period. You'll find skunks like this in any race.


No, Sonny with the mouse in your pocket - you have the two candidates twisted around. Obambam is an empty suit with questionable judgment and maybe a decent candidate in a less dangerous time and if the Republicans were in control of Congress, but these are treacherous and uncertain times we live in, so John McCain is the best person for this job and his Vice President pick will be coming up in a few days - will it be a woman ??

One reason I don't care for Rush is because he tries to degrade the wife of a Presidential candidate and exacerbates the polarization between the two parties - seemed like a hit below the belt. I guess that she gave a decent, albeit boring at times and a different type of speech than previous last night to improve her image. She probably succeeded in doing that and don't plan to read anything more into it.


I agree w/Duff - Pelosi is friggin nuts ! The Dems had better get her out of that position after the election and she can take Howard "the Scream" Dean with her.

One of the reasons Obama can point to if he loses is her gaffes/asinine statements and lame attempt to upstage everyone else...


a few of Obama's Blunders (to date) 1.choosing a racist hater wackjob like Rev. Wright to hang with for 20 years. 2. Throwing his white grandmother under the bus in his big speech apologising for Wright. 3. playing the race card on Bill and Hillary 4. Going to Europe and trashing his country in a speech to hundreds of thousands of cheering lemmings.4. Dissing Hillary between the primaries and his choice of Veep, including sending the Veep Announcement text message at 3 a.m. 5. Popping up up on a huge screen behind Michelle after her convention speech- a silly, disembodied head with an inane grin, looking like a pathological narcissist who couldn't stand being out of the limelight for even one night.6. Insisting on making his acceptace speech in a huge sports stadium, when a mere covention hall was fine for all his Dem predecessors- grandiosity and tasteless excess.


Sonny, watch the video. Hussein looked like he was ready to slap little Sasha for correcting him.

And what is this that Ex President Jimmy Carter says:

"And if Obama is elected, which I think he is going to be, then I think that will be the transforming race for the end of racism, and prejudice, and hatred between races in this country."

But until then Jimmy Carter will think of Hussein as just an ordinary "Black Boy".


Like I said, look at the video and look at his expression at the 53 second mark. That is the look of anger.


yes, i watched the video. boy was he pissed that his precocious little Sasha caught his misstatement of where he was. Everyone would understand how he could make a mistake with nonstop hectic schedules. BUT HE WAS PEEEED OFF! Did you notice- I believe it was Sasha who yelled out "i love you Daddy," at the end, but Obama ignored her and responded with a generic "I love you all". wow, was he still pissed about her no-harm- intended, charming question?

Gay Gary

I think it's awful Obama chose to turn his innocent children into political props, like he left his brother to die in squalor on the streets of Nairobi. Now Obama's kids are "fair game" for every sort of vitriol. Really terrible, hideous stuff he's been doing.


GG you forgot one more important Repuglican talking point: those girls are just too well behaved, and that is evidence that they have been severely abused by their parents.

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