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August 18, 2008



You got Sam to come have a drink with you? I'm green with envy! (Green is my favorite color, BTW.)

That's the best pic of Malloy I've seen. He doesn't look quite so old or creased...or cross.

"come by for drinks" - at your house? Where?

Tell all, Michael. Wish I could have been there. I know Sam's best friend in high school. One of them anyway.

Usually the Seattle channel videos these things. I'll look for it there as well.

Oh, you lucky puppies!


Thanks for posting that pic of Steph Miller...my crush on her is now officially over.

Rachel Maddow

I was full of regret for not making it out for drinks! Until I fell into a near-comatose state - interrupted two hours later by the alarm clock getting me up to go back to the airport. Michael -- you're a gentleman and a sweetheart -- thanks for the invitation (I won't bail next time, I promise) and thanks for the understanding.


Rachel is an all around nice person. I think a BlamFam get together would be in order next time, and I would buy the first round....


We miss you on the radio lately, Rachel.

Dave had his usual Monday segment with David Sirota, one of my gurus. He's so right about where the Dems should be headed.

Dave Ross was too cute by half - again.


" Michael -- you're a gentleman and a sweetheart" Wow! Either Rachel wasn't referencing the real Michael or the writer wasn't the real Rachel! (J/K!)

The only plus of the venue was the air-conditioning (unlike Town Hall), but one would expect the audio to be as cool as the temperature.

Rachel spent much of the time seated cross-legged in the sukhasana pose...probably kept her jet-lagged cognition from floundering. They were all impassioned and sharp! Kudos to Ron Reagan for upholding his genetic title to "The Great Communicator."


Are the above pics from your digital camera, Bla'M? Mighty fine...

Mike Schank

"The economics aren't there right now,"

Yeah, when you can’t even pay a board-op to run the board during traffic reports, and the traffic guy gets cut off before he can read the sponsor, sponsors don’t like that, they pay for that mention and will no longer do business with you. The economics aren’t there for you to pay a guy minimum wage to run the board? CBS radio has Jack-FM and KPTK and business isn’t good, what a shocker!

"It was a demonstration of what a big deal Rachel Maddow has become"

Yeah, she guests hosts the 6th highest rated cable news program, is on a bunch of stations that can’t pull a 2 in ratings and 1 in 595 Americans know who she is, what a BFD. She’s gay, she’s not gonna give you any head, move along loser.

Stephanie Miller looks awful, like a botox witch. You’re an old broad, give it up, and play some news drops and get some new bits, your show was stale 2 years ago.


Won't go with all the personal trashing of "Mike Schank's" post,(he probably works at KTTH) but he's right about AM1090 -- it doesn't serve its listeners or its clients. with some investment, they could get so much more than a 2 share if CBS really gave a shit about anything besides scraping a little cream off the top of a small investment. There is such an avid listenership here for progressive talk. Media corporations are too greedy to invest in anything local. And more local can help save an industry that's in deep trouble.


You know, Duff and Mike (and a whole lot of other brain-shrunk guys), pancake make up, klieg lights and Hollywood make-up artists have ruined your for the American woman.

Perhaps you should just buy yourselves some big, perfect blow-up dolls and an even bigger bottle of viagra and have at it.


As for 1090, they do need more local except that I find lots of local on other stations. Also, the repetitive PSAs and commercials actually move me to turn down the sound often and I don't always get around to turning it back up.

Lee Callahan is getting better but her contributions end up sounding silly. She insults my intelligence frequently.

But, she's learned to modulate her voice and she could be an asset. She's trying. She needs to keep working on it.

1090 is improving. Got a long way to go, however.

I've often wondered why their engineering seems deficiant. Guess I now know.

Oh, and why do I hear so much repeat programming?


I know how to spell "deficient" thank you. (insert frowny face)


KPTK is going nowhere. it will continue to be a shit pipe for liberal talk off of the birds. Vera is right. They will do nothing to improve it. The radio audience doesn't know any better or expect any more from a radio station. It's just corporate media using libs the same way they have the conservatives all these years. It is let them eat the crumbs we get for free off the satellites. Except for a few things over at KIRO, there hasn't been any thing new on Seattle AMtalk radio since KVI's glory days. It's dying off. Because ;listeners don't demand more is part of the reason that real talk is being replcaced by Ron and Don and TBTL. And that's the good news. NPR any one? Oh, that's right, you're already over there.

Too Bad To Listen

..."real talk is being replcaced by Ron and Don and TBTL. And that's the good news. NPR any one? Oh, that's right, you're already over there"

Wow if this is good news than I would be scared to hear waht really excites you Sam.


"She’s gay, she’s not gonna give you any head, move along loser."

Always wondered why Hood puts up this blog. Now we know: for oral sex from national talk hosts. Miscalculation with Maddow, eh Hood? Who's next in your evil plan?


KPTK is not trying to do anything but get a 2share and some progressive business's money. They try to claim that advertising with them is a political statement. It's not, it's just giving money to CBS and getting very little in return. I should know, I tried them.

My Man Dori

I would love to get My Man Dori in a one on one debate with the fraud Rachel...Dori would kick her ass!


'You know, Duff and Mike (and a whole lot of other brain-shrunk guys),..'

I guess it was just time for an insult, huh (you seem to have that need every so often). I'm a customer, a client...I have every right to give my opinion on hosts.
I also have a drop-dead gorgeous wife, ergo that aspect doesn't enter into it, so fuggettabout it.


BW has realy sold me on the idea that local talk is 100x better than national syndicated talk which is basicly the content of cable news shows without the budget, guests, pictures, clout, talent, production values, and decency among a myriad of other defecits. "I gotta be honest..." I can't bring myself to read anything about Rachel Maddow, Air America, Michael Weiner or any other national talk show.

Outside of rare exception, nothing a national talk show host says or does matters to anyone or anything (unless they happen to simulcast on cable). When they poor salt on a slug nothing happens. When they jack off nothing comes out.

The only reason local hosts are any better is because they tend to cover local unique subject matter, stuff that is happening within driving distance but there again when I hear about the kind of monetary rewards received by Dave Ross and Dori Monson for the nature of their contribution to society I'm left in awe.


I was at this event last year at Town Hall and the other night at Seattle Center, and other than the much-needed air conditioning at the Center the venue SUCKED. That HUGE room is not designed for a stage at one end and thousands of folding chairs on a flat floor, to say nothing of the HUGE FUCKING PILLARS that blocked the views, and the horrible acoustics. An event like this should be intimate to be effective. By choosing this venue KPTK (or its Masters) obviously was going for the money. I love the hosts and I'm glad the staion is there, but I won't attend another one of these if it's at the same place.


Local programming is good for a station... they can have some syndication, but without local anchoring, they are destined to low numbers. Fat ass corps like CBS, have lots of stations like KPTK they don't have to spend anything on and reap them modest, but reliable profits. The community loses... radio stations used to be real local forums and community centers. As this has been forsook, we've watched a whole new generation with no idea of how radio once served. The InterNet is trending to community, so maybe radio deserves to die... could it come to that all radio is like KVI on the weekend? What's stopping it?


Media is controlled by Wall Street who doesn't give a damn about regions or cities or small towns. They'll spend little and give us less. That's the so-called market-driven business model. We lose.


PSAs and colon-blowing ads, that's what you hear on KPTK. That's because it is a liberal station, and nobody listens to it. Hood says the forum hall was filled by 50-somethings, and reflects the listenership. He's right. What does CBS do when they're all died off? Flip it to music and infomercials, or sell it to the Arabs, that's what.


Duh-f, if you "have a drop dead gorgeous wife", how come you're still alive and kicking blog butt? "I have every right to give my opinion on hosts." Of course you do, dear Duh-f; and, if anyone challenges your rights, I suggest you retain Bradley Marshall immediately.


Don't see the 'conflict' in the two 'dear Fremont'...ha Yeah, good one don't think I'd resort to retaining said barrister even if he were pro bono. But thanks for caring for my rights.


Troll-off! Apply Directly to the Asshole! Troll-off! Apply Directly to the Asshole!

Interesting how so many people who hate am1090 go to such effort to post something here. Sounds like Mr. Schank got turned down by Stephanie yet again....heh..

KPTK aint perfect but right now that's what we have, and I'm happy. I stream what I cant get on the radio. I have bigger problems to whine about.


'I have bigger problems to whine about.'

You obviously certainly do...and 'whine about them' you do...continually.


I listen to KPTK trying to get another side of the story and soften my conservative edge.

Heck, if I listen enough I figure I'll become more of a centrist or maybe even a "progressive".
So far I haven't heard much that's compelling, some outright lies, unsubstantiated rumors, name calling & juvenile jokes.

I just about deleted them from my radio button last week when Thom Hartman proclaimed the conflict in Georgia as being planned and executed by McCain as his "August surprise" to win votes. Talk about a Moon-bat! I can never take that Thom seriously again, too bad Ron & Don aren't available in the same time-slot, their crap makes more sense.


I understand your points completely Brian. I have tried to tune in to 1090AM a number of times. All that I would hear is bitter people. Full frontal bitching.
Come on people, lighten up a little bit. Be funny as well as informative. If you want to grow, radio is like any other business. With the possible exception of funeral homes, people want to have fun when doing business. Talk radio is fun for us polical wonks (or wankers). When we are tuned in to your radio, we are customers doing business with you.

Gay Gary

I don't even know what frequency AM1090 is on -- is it the Radio America station here in Seattle?

BTW - has anyone seen this video of Eyewitness Blues Band playing their song "I Hate NPR"? It's here and it's queer! (i.e. awesome):


Okay GG...the message was clear, but the band was atrocious...having 'played a bit' if your wanted a band to 'convey a message' this w/be the last one you'd pick. So, while I'm not a vast fan of NPR...I am a fan of music and talented bands...this was a farce. But good effort...bad portrayal.

Gay Gary

Thom Hartman proclaimed the conflict in Georgia as being planned and executed by McCain as his "August surprise"

I don't know who Thom Hartman is ... is he the guy who stakes out Bohemian Grove and follows the Trilateral Commission, UFOs and such along with Alex Jones?

.I am a fan of music and talented bands

That must be why I liked it ... I have no ear for music. I only know the lyrics to two songs: the Star Spangled Banner and Dark Lady (Cher).


Hey Joanie, what does your source Cisco say about who Hussein will plant by his side for VP.


Speak English, Steven, if you want an answer. I can't read your mind.

And the only thing I've recently planted are some heather and lavendar plants up at Birch Bay. They are doing fine, thank you.

Now, Brian, I don't think you'll ever become progressive so not to worry, dear. You don't have either the brain cells, the balanced temperament nor the good sense to ever become progressive.

Stick with the Saturday cartoons and Bill Orally. We'll do just fine without you.

Chucks, I know you spend most of your time studying the four fs but try to find just a pinch of time for those who represent a fifth f: our Founding Fathers. Democracy depends on each of us knowing and caring just a little bit about civics. Thanks, sweetness.

I'm seeing this image of a sixth? f detailed by you earlier: flopping. Imagine how smart and industrious you could be if you applied even a tenth of the energy towards good government that you do towards studying all those fs.


Did anyone else notice that Rachel and Sam were twins> They wore similar shirts and they look alike. If it weren't that I know Rachel's voice, I could have believed that it was Sam on the video.

I love you both.


Shoot, I was thinking if some of that liberalness rubbed off on me then Joanie might like me better ; (


Giorgio, find a current thread and post. Upper left-hand corner.

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