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August 12, 2008



Speaking of commercials, I noticed that right off the bat this morning. Dave Ross now has the sound quality of NPR but he tosses us to the commercials every two seconds while I could be on NPR receiving an unbroken stream of enlightenment.

The ulitmate solution I'd want but can never have is an option to pay a subscription fee and get KIRO without commercials. Why can't I allocate the money I would donate to NPR (which I don't) to a commercial free version of KIRO? Even with XM I'm pretty sure that would be impossible to manage because the host has to stop the program while commercials run.

BTW, do you have any idea how hard it is to get out of bed with Ducks Bed and Sleepers Sofa adds talking about how comfortable beds can be? WTF?


When I listened to Ross on podcast, I didn't get commercials and I heard the whole show in less than twenty minutes. They doing podcast commercials now?

Give it a try. In the meantime, listen to NPR.

Having said that, they are biting off their noses to spite their face by overloading us with commercials. I hate them, too.


And kudos to Dave Ross, for actually bringing some dry sarcasm and pointed questions for this "Carl" dude to deal with...the interviewee was definitely uncomfortable while giving his tepid replies to Ross' pertinent questions--and the guy clearly could have answered those questions if he had done his homework....hope that Ross keeps this edge going down the road...


That 97.3 doesn't come in as good as some other FM stations. And 710 KIRO AM comes in better than their FM station. I tried it in my car, and in my home. I get better reception from their AM station than their FM. And I'm right outside the Seattle city limits.


Yeah, that was cool 'salient'; DR with his tenure doesn't have to 'suck up' to any one and he proves it time after time. He's one sharp cookie!
KIRO on FM works out very well for me as I couldn't otherwise listen during the day because of poor-to-no reception in our big all-steel building. IMO they're (KIRO) doin just the right thing. I can only wonder what KVI must be contemplating at this point???


Good point, Duff. I remember when I worked downtown and I had trouble getting KIRO on AM - getting anything on AM! FM was much better. I hadn't remembered that. Should make a difference for a lot of people.

KIRO should put that ad on the downtown buses. Get the word out.

DT, I always got KBSG just as well as KIRO almost all the way to Birch Bay. I'm surprised you don't get it clearly.

Mike the Driver

I heard the interview on KIRO today too. DR was keeping the guy going.

I still don't see KIRO getting ESPN from KJR, unless KIRO might agree to broadcast MLB playoff games in their entirety, KJR is selective in that, then brag "We are your World Series Station"

I still think that Fox Radio Sports will switch to Bonneville and drop KHHO. KIRO signal covers far bigger area than KHHO does. Depends on your radio in your car too. My truck can't pick up KHHO but my company van does in Southend up to say Bellevue.

But, jeez KIRO staffers are going at this like the FM simulcast is the best thing since sex....mmm maybe for some of them it is...


Isn't there a sports station at 810 or 820 on the AM dial? Seems like I used to find that just below kixi occasionally. I thought that was ESPN for some reason. This was several years ago...


Ross did a brilliant interview with the VP, Gardner. UNLIKE the KIRO reporters and anchors who were basically puppy dogs lapping up every word management fed them, Ross used his critical thinking skills and asked Gardner real questions. AND the fact that Gardner didn't know the answers, was shocking. Better yet was the Ross comment "how do you get to be VP without knowing these things" or something to that effect.

KIRO reporters should be ashamed. And I don't mean to lump them all together because it was one person doing the story for the most part, don't remember his name. Probably Jim? It makes me wonder if they have the skills to report any story, if they can't even be skeptical about one that's handed to them.


I think Ron &Don should have every day off, the freaking radio


Yeah Dave was riding this "Carl Gardner" - "Vice President for Alternative Frequency Broadcasting at Bonneville Internmational", at first I thought he was being funny, and maybe he was, but a few of his remarks really hit bone:

"How do you executives get your jobs?"

"That's two things you haven't thought of yet and you're the Vice President for Alternative Frequency Broadcasting"

Ross: Why couldn't you get an FM frequency that was closer to 710? Like, 97.10?

Carl: "Th-that's a great idea...we didn't investigate, but we will..."

Seriously? Oh



Well, I wasn't laughing.

One naturaly assumes that they thought of this from the very very beginning and all this was never a possibility for whatver reason, like we assume the sun will rise and set.

And we can assume that when Dave Ross was contemplating these things on the way to the station in his Prius he wasn't chuckling, thinking, "oh, those goofy guys in marketing", because it's really not funny at all. He was probably pissed. You know you would be.

It's nice to see Dave Ross leverage his seniority to put some people to the coals. Dori has aparently been stretching his influence to its breaking point for a long time.


>That 97.3 doesn't come in as good as
>some other FM stations.

The 97.3 transmitter shares the tower site (on Tiger Mountain) with most of the other major FMs in town (except KUOW and KEXP which are on the Channel 9 tower on Capitol Hill). So there shouldn't be any significant difference in reception. http://www.fybush.com/sites/2007/site-070504.html contains a description of the Tiger Mountain complex.

I was awake at 4:00 this AM, so I heard the dying gasps of KBSG: They played about 20 minutes of "that's the end" songs with no announcements or commercial break, and then at about 4:20, there was a "This is KIRO-FM" ID, followed by the Rolling Stones' "Start Me Up." When that ended, they faded into the middle of a commercial and picked up the KIRO(AM) stream in progress, which was running the syndicated Wall Street Journal report. No announcement of the new signal or anything else -- just business as usual. So I went back to sleep.


Dave Ross is a lib buffoon. He wasn't angry at Gardner. It was obvious he was doing his milquetoast Mercer Island cocktail party style ribbing. Not serious , not angry. He's an annoying buffoon with no passion, no gutsy positions, just this banal selfsatisfied, smug Mercer Island lib crap.


T008 Don't know if it's just me, but your comments are getting to be irrelevant. Same 'ol patter with no real analytical critique.
Dave Ross is the best thing Seattle radio has going and if you think otherwise you're a fool and know abolutely nothing about people's taste.


I very much agree that Dave Ross is one of the best in the business

Mike Barer

I wonder if KJR will become like "The Buzz" and bring Tom Leykus in. With the "Bigger Dance" and sportstalk audience demos men's talk would be perfectly suited for JR. Then KIRO would have the chance to reinvent sports talk radio.


Duff, you're starting to sound relevant! Good for you.


He's a buffoon. A silly, tiresome little man.

Coiler for more am dx'ing

The car manufacturers must think terrestrial radio is going. The antenna in my Subaru is located in the left rear quarter window. Looks like a large defroster element or a dipole design by some lazy engineer. I miss the good ole vertical spikes that were mounted on the right front fender.


Coiler, you need to push the button to make it come up.


Duffman is a hypocrite of the highest order.

Mike the Driver

I listened to KIRO FM 973 tonite and the signal is the same as AM in my company vehicle.

I don't understand why they are not broadcasting the FM in stereo though. The VP said on Ross's show that it would sound better as mono. I don't hear a difference. When KIRO had the Seahawks on last weekend, the quality of sound was better on AM than FM, I could hear some background noise on the FM.

And again, don't think KIRO will get ESPN Radio. Can you imagine John Clayton being on both KIRO and KJR? LOL

With KRKO coming up to 50,000 watts soon, they already carry ESPN and their signal will overlap with KIRO.

Mike the Driver

Is KOMO gonna be the next one to broadcast on FM? Say goodbye to KPLZ?

In Canada, stations are leaving the AM band for the FM band, Vancouver has a few that have switched already.

Oh, and maybe KVI could switch over to "All Traffic, All the Time", just like the station 730AM in Vancouver BC


When they played music on TBTL you could really tell the signal is mono. Stereo would sound "bigger", in your car mono seems to be coming from the middle of the dashboard while stereo will seem to come at you from bother sides.

KOMO to FM? How is KOMO not dead? They went to Mariners/News to escape a losing formula and have left themselves utterly without the one thing that makes KIRO work, talent. KOMO couldn't be an emptier shell of a station if it tried. Do they have some new and exciting syndicated programming planned? Weekend specialty programming perhaps? Oh wow I can't wait.


'Duffman is a hypocrite of the highest order.'

AuthenticAndrew: care to expand on that statement there smegma-breath.


>>Is KOMO gonna be the next one to broadcast on FM? Say goodbye to KPLZ?<<

No way.

Unlike KBSG, KPLZ's a cash cow for Fisher - a company that needs all the cash they can get.

The cost cutting consultant will be filing his recommendations soon and you can expect the gutting of KOMO to kick into high gear at the end of the month


Rev, Start Me Up at 4;20? The significance of that wake 'n bake timing from KIRO is stunning! Ha!


Did anyone else get the 4:20 allusion? Wiki it, if you give a shit...


..duly Toked!


Any one know why Goldy isn't sitting in for Dave Ross today?...was he unavailable?

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