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August 14, 2008



>>It'll be more sports, and less girls, says our guy. It is owned by the Mormon church, after all. <<

Just remember that it was Mormon-owned KIRO-FM that became 100.7 The Buzz - complete with the king of misogyny - Tom Leykis.

There's a story that in '96, someone from Bonneville corporate was at the (newly-completed) Eastlake building and heard Leykis coming from the in-house audio system. That person was quoted as saying "(Leykis) is really an embarrassment for us to air - but it does make a lot of money".


That Groz is one weird looking dude.

What about folks that can't get KBSG? I live in Lewis County and when I'm in the Centralia/Chehalis area it comes in fine but west of there (like at my house))the reception is poor.

Oh well, Dave Ross is the only program I still listen too and his act is getting real old.


Would serve my world. One button (for sports and news talk) and one for XM...a perfect setup!


KIRO going all-sports would be a really stupid move, KRKO already has ESPN and they're finishing up a move to 50,000 watts, KJR has ESPN as well, plus KHHO down here in the south end has Fox Sports Radio plus Jim Rome. If KIRO does go all-sports and move news-talk to FM they should do two things:
One, keep Phil Hendrie on the news-talk side and Two, pick up either Fox Sports Radio or Sporting News Radio. Because KHHO doesn't reach to Seattle first of all so Seattle can't listen to Fox Sports Radio and Jim Rome, second Dan Patrick isn't on in Seattle, so there's a possiblity and third, three sports stations in Seattle are just fine thank you. If anything there are some decent sports shows that aren't on in Seattle that KIRO could pick up if they go sports talk.


Now that TBTL is on FM, which you'd think they had planned all along, the management is probably expecting the show to prove itself now. TBTL's fate will probably be decided in the near future. Their ratings were good but there's no telling whether or not they had met expectations. It's probably a little expensive to produce. BTW do they have to pay royalties on those numerous sound bites sourced from copyrighted material?


ESPN Radio = Zero ratings.


Of course they are. Listen to how all the talk hosts are saying to switch over to the FM station. They aren't saying "now you have a choice." They are pushing that you listen to them on FM. If they were going to keep KIRO talk, they wouldn't be suggesting people switch, they'd be saying now you have another option.

Mike the Driver

Agree that ESPN has low ratings, look at the LA Station and othes who carry ESPN radio. Tom Leykis was bragging big time about the fact his show beat a bunch of others in CA Markets, including the all sports channels.

But KIRO will have better ratings because of Seahawks and Mariners.

KRKO will reach Seattle when they got 50K Watts, maybe even into Tacoma.

Don't see Tony V or NY Vinnie coming back either, their ratings on KIRO were bad, bad, bad. Groz? He may want to move since his wings have been clipped at KJR; but from sources I've talked to, he was out a lot sick for various reasons; that doesn't sit well with a company.

There are going to be sports people at KOMO looking for work too soon, plus they have some other people at KJR that might like to move up.


Vinnie and Groz make Ventrella look normal. Proves the old adage that radio is TV for ugly people.


ergo...Sabrina = TV; Rachel = radio [Rachel...not ugly, just NOT TV quality...sorry!]

Puget Sound

"ergo...Sabrina = TV; Rachel = radio [Rachel...not ugly, just NOT TV quality...sorry!]

Posted by: Duffman | August 14, 2008 at 08:10 PM"

Now be nice Duff.
The earlier comment about her looking like the tom boy sister of Joe Scarborough is one I agree with. And lets be fair, if I have to look at Pat Buchanan's weathered puss I can easily gaze at Rachel when she is putting her salient points across.


Bring back Nanci Donnellan, better known as "The Fabulous Sports Babe". She was great when she was on KJR and I hear she is back from her fishing trip.

Puget Sound

nevets, not the Fabulous Sports Babe...please.

How about if we bring back NY Vinnie...
I really wish he was back on the air talking sports.

Gay Gary

1. Why is it when I critiqued this Rachel woman's homeliness / "thin Rosie" look a few weeks ago people took me to the woodshed but now it's okay? Oh well!

2. Events in Seattle are validating my oft-stated point that the FCC must delicense all AM radio stations and move to license long-wave broadcasting on the AM band via 30 national super-stations. AM has nothing to bring to the table, the only way it can compete is as a free news-talk-sports alternative to satellite radio which is why we need long-wave broadcasting and we need it now! It would be a net benefit to consumers to be able to drive from Burien, WA to Fresno, CA to Fort Worth, TX all the while listening to Mike & Mike or Sean Hannity or Dr. Joy Browne or whomever on the same dial position.

If people agree with me on this I urge you to vote BARR '08. Once I'm appointed to a position on the FCC I will make it happen.



with the internet who cares about local stations? i use kfi part of the time.

Gay Gary

O/T -- Georgian apologists ought read this article on Popular Mechanics showing the relative between Russian and Georgian forces before continuing to race to the defence of the "underdog" Georgians.


PUTS: Welcome back.

Puget Sound

Thanks Duff.
Took a little time away from the Board.
Although I did have some fun reading the past message board comments. I see you have been 'stalking' with truth and facts again my friend. I was amused to see that you, KS, and even you-know-who had been posting over at SP a bit also.


Question. When KIRO puts a non-local professional fill-in like Paul Harris in Dave Ross' spot, who's call is that? Is it that Dave Ross pushed for him to be his fill-in? Or is it an upper management call? Why not use local talent, like a David Goldstein?

Geov Parrish

Some major AM player going sports is long overdue. I believe Seattle is the only major market in the country with only one all-sports station whose signal covers the whole market (KJR). Some markets have three or four. There's a reason for that. The format's ratings are never high, but sports stations bill really well for their numbers.

I find KJR's morning show and its reliance on soft porn annoying - but it's a lot worse on KISW, an alleged "rock" station that is never actually playing music whenever I try to listen. For that matter, a lot of this market's morning shows are unlistenable for that reason, among others. And it's amazing how KJR's morning show has given the whole station that girl-talk rep; after 10 AM, Dave Mohler is somewhat sophomoric but usually sticks to sports, and after 1 PM the adults take over for the rest of the day (including Elese Woodward, who finally has her own show, in the evenings.)

Groz was cut back to Groz With Gas + fillin work for financial reasons, because his contract was up. Clear Channel probably sees reduced billing coming from new competition (especially KIRO), and KJR has always spent an unusual amount of money on their air talent (hence the stability of their lineup over the years). Let's hope that's not a vicious cycle; sports bores some people, but at least KJR is live and local and successful. Not too many of those left.

Puget Sound

DT, don't forget that Dave Ross actually had his daughter fill in a couple times whilst he was away. I am guessing that Ross gets to call the shots or at least put the kaibosh on those he doesn't want filling in for him if he could get his daughter the gig.

Geov, I agree with what you say on Sports Radion Elese Woodward is very good. I am so tired of the Mitch In the Morning stuff. KJR does have an excellent M's PostGame with Jeff Nelson/Sandmeyer combo.


Speaking of sports:

Swimmer MICHAEL PHELPS' Typical Diet:

Breakfast: Three fried egg sandwiches; cheese; tomatoes; lettuce; fried onions; mayonnaise; three chocolate-chip pancakes; five-egg omelette; three sugar-coated slices of French toast; bowl of grits; two cups of coffee

Lunch: Half-kilogramme (one pound) of enriched pasta; two large ham and cheese sandwiches with mayonnaise on white bread; energy drinks

Dinner: Half-kilogramme of pasta, with carbonara sauce; large pizza; energy drinks


...and swims 10-miles a day


Yes, while I enjoy sports radio it certainly can't match HD TV for women’s beach volleyball !


I've always believed Mitch's ratings must be through the roof that he gets away with the kind of stuff he does. He's facile. Don't know why he relies on the redtube stuff.

I've never understood cutting back Groz. If it is for financial reasons, I hope it helped. He's the bet sports guy on radio as far as I'm concerned.



Have you listened to Mitch in the Morning lately? I've listened every morning for 10 years and I think the rap you and others give is undue. Mitch talks a ton of sports but like morning shows all over the country he talks about a whole host of other things. For three weeks out of the year his show does a thing called the bigger dance (a play off of the big dance in case you didn't know)and that is the only time his show revolves around girls. On top of that Mitch is the best interviewer the station has. Please educate yourself before you make inaccurate claims.


I don't agree, Ed. I listened to him for years myself and every morning was a panty joke, narrative, story line of some sort.

But, I think that's what sells with oyou guys. I'm not complaining. But, I did stop listening.


I should add that I also stopped when there was more Gas than Groz. I don't like Gas very much.


Sparks (re: Phelp's diet)

What does this tell you about American eating habits/diet? Answer: everything.

Duffman: My impending wedded-bliss with the greatest woman Chuthlu ever created has changed nothing. You are still a big fat stupid fuck. (see: Phelp's diet)


Puget Sound

C'mon, with all the good stuff you have going on with the upcoming nuptials you need to stop taking your frustrations out on Mr. Duffman.
Joy and Happiness Await.
Besides, I suspect you'll be the odds on favorite to be the camera man at the upcoming Blatherwatch v Marshall Court Hearing.
This time keep your finger off the lens...


yeah Nate, except for the lettuce and tomato on his sammich, they guy seems not to have heard of vegetables...maybe this is just his racing diet with all those carbs,,



You should listen to him now. I'll admit he was bad 5 or 6 years ago but not now.


He's changed? What happened?

If I can tear myself away from Stephanie, I'll give him a try. Thanks, Ed.


God, please don't bring back either NY Vinnie or the Sports Babe...


No Sports Babe - she was an angry broad and a pain to listen to. NY Vinnie is fair but am not enamered with him. I like Art Thiel or maybe Steve Kelley from the sports pages and John Clayton is the best on Football. For overall sports announcers, Kevin Calabro is near the top...

Wip the Lip

I am glad I am not in Seattle radio anymore. It is a joke. There are so many commercials on KIRO AM (and now the old KSBG) that little news or talk is available. Count the commericals. The limit was 18, now it's close in drive times to 22! It's not woth it!


I like the idea of KIRO Sports Radio. I listen to KJR all the time, I like it, but it gets stale at times. One name from KJR who I would love to see at KIRO would be Steve Sandmeyer. I think he would be great hosting the Mariners Pre and Post Game shows. He does great on KJR right now and better than what KOMO was putting out.

If they wanted to have ESPN Radio on KIRO, and Mariners during the spring and summer months, they wouldnt have to add much in terms of talent. A couple people would be enough, unless they wanted to bulk up with some crews. I dont see John Clayton going there because of his allegience to KJR.

Best Sports Betting Site

The Seahawks' health improved a bit with word from coach Pete Carroll that both defensive tackle Brandon Mebane and cornerback Marcus Trufant made it through Friday's practice.

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