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August 16, 2008



This is interesting; I've maintained that Sir Dino has a 'slick' image to him and this just tends to reinforce that. I don't understand why he is so 'controlled'...are there ANY debates scheduled? Our current Governor has made some mistakes but Sir Dino just doesn't seem to be a viable alternative?

Berkely Baby

I don't trust Dino. He is a weasel. Why don't Republicans get McKenna to run? at least he's not dangerous. Only R's who win in this state are liberals like McCain or Sam Reed. Unfortunately, conservatives like Dino run the show such as it is.


First and foremost, we like Dino Rossi. If we wanted a Democrat, we would just vote Democrat. That is not real complicated.
I know that we are a minority in Western WA and electing true conservatives in this state is difficult, but why abandon our principals.
Again, the states finances are all screwed up and we will need a fiscal conservative to fix them. Gregoire can not do it because she is too indebted to the folks that will need to sacrifice to get back on track.


I'd heard that Sir Dino has received something like 40K individual donations from across the State; an unprecendented # and amount, so this could get very interesting. KING County may yet again have to pull this thing out.


chuck, if you want a candidate who is NOT indebted to groups, Dino is NOT your man. BIAW owns him. Why do you think he will care about issues that pertain to you? He only cares about his big business cronies. He says he will improve traffic--but the only way to do that will be to raise taxes.

Christine has balanced the budget every year and has even saved enough for a rainy day fund. That isn't exactly irresponsible economics.

If you read the entire article by Connelly, you will see that Mike McGavick welcomed Democratic reporters. Christine welcomes Republican reporters. Dino only wants invited audiences who agree with him. Why is that???


You don't have any principles, chucks. You're a team player. That means your team right or wrong; good or bad for the country; rah-rah because they carry my label.

That's the kind of voter you are. Screw what's good for your kids and grandkids. You're the perfect stooge for that Hannity-Limbaugh-Beck-Floyd Brown-Corsi crap. You don't know it's crap because you don't want to know.


Well, chucks, democracy and America are not sports teams nor hamburger joints. It's more than Wall Street, too. Democracy requires more than enthusiastic cheerleading.

Although, I do confess that Rossi may cut back on State "gumment." Ever thought about what it might be like to have two unemployed people in the "chucks" family? Healthcare's kind of expensive these days.

Sparky, asking chucks to actually read anything that doesn't have the label "right" on it is a waste of time.

Finally, you don't see those signs up around Chelan and Omak. I don't recall seeing any in Wenatchee either and can't remember if they were in Yakima. In Chelan and driving north there were lots of Rossi signs but that inflaming comment had been dropped.

They were Tri-cities, Benton City, and petered out as you drove north.


Actually, it did occur to us that Chelan is a vacation destination for lots of westsiders and they may not have wanted to offend our wallets!

Also, the Omak Stampede was last weekend and that draws from the west side as well

As chucks so well knows, money talks. Especially to the family values' right.


If Rossi is like me and opposed to taxpayer supported TV or Radio, would it not be hypocritical of him to appear on same?
Asking me to read anything from the PI is a waste of time. The PI hates us as much as you do joanie. I am just standing back and waiting for their demise. Can't come fast enough for me.
By the way, I am pissed off beyond belief at the Bush administration right now. So pissed I am spiting nails.
I just found out that I have to drive to Seattle for this evenings Seahawks game. Been taking the bus for many years, but that farking McChimphalliburtonnazicheney administration made it against the law. Bastards, I'd vote for Libertariots if they could be on the ballot in November. Asshats!!
Anybody want to buy my season tickets? They are on the forty yard line row 18 on the Hawks side. You can buy the single season or buy my charter.


Was there any reason stating why Dino Rossi declined ? There may have actually been a plausible reason, like time commitments.

One thing I can't blame him for is this Ross Reynolds isn't exactly a household name and he'd like to attact decent sized listening audiences. It would be nice to know more specifics about his plans to straighten this state's financial house. Neither he or the incumbent have been very specific yet.


Hi, I'm not sure how to use the search function on Blatherwatch, so can someone please direct me to a post BM has done on local politicians who refuse to be interviewed by Dori Monson? Thank you. I'll be awaiting your link to BM's post on how he is outraged by that fact.


Funny, chucks, how angry you get when the victim is you. Too bad you can't generalize that and have a little empathy/sympathy for people when it isn't you.

BTW, my taxes supported those buses you were taking. Being a good lib, I, too, think taking those buses away is a mistake. But, that's called putting tax-subsidized public transportation into private hands. I would think you'd congratulate them for cutting back on gumment spending.

What's with the hypocrisy here?

Also, the public airwaves belong to the public. We are giving them away. That is called subsidizing all your so-called "private" broadcasting stations. Subsidizing good for you but not for us?

More guesses, klueless. I'm sure he has more on his busy agenda than the CEO of the State of WA. Probably lots of meetings with the BIAW, hmm?

Go screw yourself, DT.


Actually, chucks, good entreprenuer that you are and all for private investment, why don't you start a shuttle service? Why depend on my tax dollars?

Besides, I helped pay for the stadium. How much public money you want to bleed me for? Get your own wallet out and pay your share.


Hello Joanie, how are you? I'm not sure why you are angry with me. I thought my last post was very polite. Don't you?


Lets see, Rossi is similar to Obama with his slickness and Gregoire is like Bush with her past economic record.

I know there is one initiative that I would support if it were on the ballot - Term limits !


Whatever you say, klueless. Maybe someday you'll include some facts. k?

DT, I was just suggesting an activity that might impart some joy into your joyless life. k?


Don't worry about your wife, chucks. I'll make sure she doesn't lose her job.

Just make sure you do your job this November.


I've been listening to a repeat of Democracy Now featuring Ron Suskind and John Conyers who mostly listened. Unbelievable! We might finally get this administration on criminal charges.

The smoking gun to get the smirking chimp has arrived.


"I've been listening to a repeat of Democracy Now featuring Ron Suskind and John Conyers who mostly listened. Unbelievable! We might finally get this administration on criminal charges."

I'd bet against it, because: 1) you think it might work and 2) it has failed before under similar circumstances and will fail again.
The moonbat wing of the Democrat party might want to read the Constitution correctly for a change before they press forward and waste everyone's time on charges that do not rise to the level of impeachable offenses. Maybe they should just sue the bastards, that's what the left loves to do. There is only 5 months left of this administration - so chill. Payback can be a bitch...


Tell me, klueless. Do you have a clue what I'm talking about?


"IGOETI, Georgia—Russian forces built ramparts around tanks and posted sentries on a hill in central Georgia on Saturday, digging in despite Western pressure for Moscow to withdraw its forces under a cease-fire deal signed by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

The United States and France said it appeared Russia was defying the truce already. Russian troops still controlled two Georgian cities and the key east-west highway between them Saturday, cities well outside the breakaway provinces where earlier fighting was focused.

"From my point of view -- and I am in contact with the French -- the Russians are perhaps already not honoring their word," U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said."

Those Russians sure are scared of George Bush, huh?

Bet this puts a crimp in Cheney's Iran War plans. I'd say Putin got the upper hand on this one.


Richard Green on Clout is devoting his whole show to illustrating how all geniuses and risk-taking successful men cheat on their wives.

"It's a byproduct of the creative urge..."

It's hilarious!

BTW, I'm not opposed to a swinging life style. I was and am angry over the way Edwards talked about it and over the baby. I think men cheat. That's life. I don't hold it against them. :)


This may shock you but Georgia is NOT the good guy in this!


"Do you have a clue what I'm talking about?"

Do tell, on the other hand don't - call someone who cares.. you need to stop hitting the sauce while blogging.


Joanie, I forgive you.

"The weak can never forgive.
Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong."

- Gandhi


Retreating are we, klueless? Next time, bring your big guns. That was too easy.

Consider yourself whomever you wish to be, DT.

Makes no matter to me, you see. (insert smiley face)

Someday perhaps I'll have a match befitting me. Where'd you go, chucks? You're the most fun.


That's a matter of opinion, Duff.

And whomever you think the good guy is or isn't doesn't change the fact that Putin is playing with Bush.

I wonder if Bush was the prototype for the original smiley face? Hard to take him seriously anymore isn't it?


It is interesting that the dINOBIAW' signs are MIA in Seattle--the ones that say "don't let Seattle 'steal' this election. Wonder why he felt a republican county judge that agreed with his opponent and King County is ok in displaying these signs?


Haven't we had enough of these Mafioso types in this state? I mean, Mayor N & Chief K put the kibosh on the Colacurcios & their right-wing topless club, and parking spot scandal, and now comes Rossi wanting to take over?

Christine has pure breeding. Rossi does not. Anyone who has seen Dennis Hopper in True Romance knows whereof I speak.


Did you notice that KING5 now has a Jean Enerson clone anchoring on weekend mornings? She is Enerson's daughter, or might as well be. That same homely, Scandihoovian "sensible shoes" type puss. Ugh. They're obviously grooming her to take the anchor chair in primetime, once aging crone Enerson retires. Why not give beauty queen babe Mimi Jung that job? I'm tired of us Seattle males being subjected to this crap when LA., Phoenix and other big city viewers get knockouts to coo their primetime news to them.


Tommy, why dont you Google "naked news" to watch the woman strip down to nothing while she "coos" the news.


HOPEFULLY Sabrina Register will take over for Jean.


I think it will be Lori Matsikawa.


If viewing normal women is so painful, why watch it?


Sabrina Register would be the best choice. Hopefully cronyism at KING5 does not prevail and someone other than Jean Enersen's daughter is selected.


I see some holes in Dino Rossi's campaign and some unanswered questions, but it definitely is desirable over the demagoguery and deception that Queen Christine is trying to breathe into the campaign, IMO.

This is coupled with the fact that a balance of power gives people more of what they want - in other words more accountability. One party or executive is able to hold the other branch's feet to the fire, whereas under total Democrat control or in the case of the Federal Gummint - Republican control, accountability doesn't matter nearly as much until election time after the fiscal damage has been done.


I'm still patiently waiting. I'm waiting for someone direct me to a post BM has done on local politicians who refuse to be interviewed by Dori Monson, and how BM is outraged by that. Thank you.

Sabrina Register' milk engorged breasts

It's true! Babies 0-3 watch more NWCN when I'm on than any other time slot. thank you seattle!

joanie for nevetS

Hey, Steven, since you like to keep tabs on the liberals, listen to this guy and tell me what you think... he served in the air force and then retired as a major in the army.

So, he got cred? Check him out.

BTW, did you retire with an officer's rank?

Scott Dick on Peter B


Something wrong with your link Joanie.

And no, I retired as an E-7. Something wrong with that.


It's working for me steven.


Horry crap
I am listening to some San Franfreakshow lib on the computer while I am reading Daily KOS.
Somebody please water board me.
I am sliping over to the dark side.
(E-7, just thank you for giving to our nation, you are one of the good guys. Don't turn into one of those Murtha like freaks as Joanie,s guy has)


Here's a menu for the discussion:
"Peter B Collins 8/7/08 H2
Scott Dick on Military/Vets issues, Anthrax vaccine, Suskind book; Bolton says Iran attack equals stability, 500 US dead in Afghanistan; Hayes says US did less damage than Saddam; SOFA lite says US leaves Iraq by 10/10; Rummy: "we will bend Iraq to our reality;" Coney Island waterboard ride; $150k bonus for Arab linguists."

You won't like him but he gets guests who know what they're talking about if you want to be informed about liberal sources.


Oh, he's my guy? I supposed you plan to swift boat him too just because he's got more brain cells between his ears and more military than either or Steven.

Yeah, for you guys to be happy, we gotta find you a source with little experience, fewer brain cells, and absolutely no cred with anybody with an IQ over 90.

I'll keep looking but I think Faux News has those guys locked up.


On the other hand, chuck and Steven, I oughta be giving you guys a joanie-style hug for listening to lib point of view for a change.

You don't have to agree with it. We libs are tolerant, peaceful and lovin' - right chuck?


So what the hell do you want woman? I am listening to this guy for the second time, at your recommendation both times while reading todays KOS kids crap and at the same time keeping up on your blather here.
How much energy have you put in to trying to understand the other side?
Is this where you feel comfortable questioning my IQ? Go ahead.


You're right, chuck. Didn't you read my kiss-and-make up post?

Just getting you to listen to my guy for a change makes my day. Surely some of it will stick.

Besides, I listened and posted the link to Larry King who interviewed the Corsi guy defending his book, Obama Nation. Isn't that listening to your side?

I wasn't impressed.

Your side doesn't put on authentic military guys and writers who source their matierial with real people and documents. Tell me who I should listen to to get the real scoop on the right?


chuck, mmmmmmmm, how does that feel?


It's that super secret magic word security thingy that Bla'm makes us do before our post takes. I go to tuck in the kid or some such and come back. I forgot to do it.
Gawd, I hate that thing. Wish we could just log on to the site and post as the bug inspires.
Oh well, I doubt that Michael was thinking of me when he set this up.


To answer your question, I like the Long War Journal and Michael Yon for my daily war news plus a few active duty mil bloggers.


Are those personal bloggers? Where do you get your facts? You know, the stuff that reflects what the gumment is up to? The journal is kind of like a diary of one person's views of the day,isn't it? What's happening on the war front and all?

Where don Michael Yon get his information?

I understand the personal reflections of soldiers and I admire them for writing them down. But, aren't you getting someone's personal opinions there? How do you get your factual information?

BTW, I thought you hadn't really listened the first time because it didn't seem like you took the time to hear it all. Did you this time?

Also, that's why I posted the archives menu of Peter B. You can see he's got a lot of sources that he talks to. All of them in positions to know what's going on on the political side of the war. And other things.

Thanks for listening. Wish you hadn't lost your post. But, if it was just an attack on Dick, I wouldn't be interested. I like substance. You know that.

I like substance in my life in many, many ways. Don't short shrift me, chuck. Nothing less than the best for me. And I give nothing less than the best...

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