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August 19, 2008



This is good news! Congrats Rachel, you deserve it young lady!
Good Luck and knock 'em dead.


I'm grinning, Rachel. You of all people so deserve this. Thanks for being an inspiration to me and my nieces, Clara and Rachael we talk about how great you are all the time. Rachel (14 yrs) is already planning to be a Rhodes scholar so she can get on TV like you.
Thanks to Michael, too. His blog has been singing your praises forever and got me to Tivo Race to the White House. with you and Barack, we've never been so into an election.


Rachel- you go girl!


It will be interesting to see if she can cut in to Hannity & Colmes market share. She is replacing Abrams who on frequent occasion beat Larry King in the 25 to 54 age demo but came in third in over all.
It has been H&C on top averaging double Abrams numbers.
Good for her. I just wish that they would have given her Olberman's spot and put him on Mondays at 3:00 AM.




More agreement than I have seen on this site of late. No name calling either! I have loved Rachel since the unfiltered days.
A once in a lifetime talent!

Nope to Obama

It's amazing that with an entire network dedicated to the victory of Barack Obama he has slipped slightly behind his competitor John McCain a man receives virtual no positive coverage.

Obama is fizzling before our eyes.


Yay too...
I hope no one has to bring up her hair or clothes or any of that other innocuous stuff. This is ground breaking.


Olbermann and Maddow should be a great one one-two punch to counter the lies of Faux New's O'Reilly and Hannity.

It's just too bad Abrams got sacrificed in the process. You know it wouldn't be such a bad idea to have Abrams take Gregory's spot.


I would have LOVED to see Joe "There's a Dead Intern In My Office" Scarborough's face when he learned the news.

As Stephanie said this morning..."I cant wait until Bill Orall has to say the words 'Senator Franken met with President Obama today..."


I really doubt that she will put much of a dent in H&C but maybe she can put Larry King out of our misery.


Abrams is Evening News lite...I'm happy that he has been deemed superfluous and ecstatic that Rachel will follow Olbermann! I'm gay for Rachel, too!

Hey, Chux, King had a great interview with Bill Maher, tonight...he redeems himself with fabulous guests!


"Listening to TALK RADIO so you don't have to."


Molee, molee, molee. Thats all people are going to get from this show as her moles and cleft lip will become too much of a distraction for viewers.


That and the DEAN rhetoric.


MSNBC would have been better served with Joanies new source, political analyst Scott Dick. At least he has some Military experience which could have pulled in the Veteran crowd which seems to be a big issue this election. With Rachel, the Veterans will stay away with her constant attacks at McCain, which will be on the top of the list of DEAN talking points.


Yea, that must be why Paul Rieckhoff from IAVA was on her radio show every week, you know, cuz veterans will stay away from her.

Gay Gary

I'm not sure I remember which one she is but good for her - congrats!

The only question I have is why is there a picture of KIROs engineer "Sean" at the top of this article?

Pince Nez Pierce

You right-wing assholes don't have anyone blooming out on your miserable media. All you got are the same ol' shriveled up old cigar butts who mock or bitch about everything.


lllolollllz @ GG

Toledo Stripper

I'm sure with her impressive ratings track record that has lifted Air America to the financial jackpot this show will be a huge success. She'll have even less time for her radio show which has been a distant second in her mind the past few months and she's only been a guest on a panel.

Hopefully CNN moves Robin Meade to nights as she stares into the camera licking her lips while wearing a tight shirt and short skirt


Rachel said her radio show is still important to her and that if Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity can do both, certainly she can as well.


"She’s an expert on military affairs." OMFG...........you gotta be kidding me.


"She’s an expert on military affairs." -? WTF???

Combing news sources for the most negative stories on Iraq and Afghanistan hardly make her an expert.

I don't see her doing much other than entertaining the hardcore left that is already tuning into MSNBC.

You will probably see H&C's ratings increase as Obama continues to slip on the polls.



--Recife, you owe me a Coke.

Gay Gary

"She was a Rhodes scholar.”

El Presidente got his degree from Harvard and then did graduate school at Yale and that's never earned him any slack so Rachel Rhodes better have more backing her up than just being a Rhodes Scholar and Sean De Torres older brother.


I'm pleased for Rachel. I think she's Meet te Press material. I'll be interested to see how she does at sustaining a whole show night after night and still be herself.

I do like Abrams although I don't get to see him a lot. Wonder why he's losing his spot? I thought he nailed it down pretty well.

Amd. Stevem. Rachel gave more military and Iraq/Afghanistan news on her radio show than you'll find anywhere else in media.

She says she'll keep her radio show. I hope so.

And. gigi, as far as I know, there's no Rhodes Scholar "legacy" preference. You have to actually earn it.

Progressive = truth; truth = Progressive

Get over it.



Not too long ago I heard Rachel Madcow say that Machine Guns (Full Auto Weapons, not Semi-Auto) are illegal. That is untrue, the National Firearms Act of 1934 heavily regulates these and other types of weapons. While not all states allow the private ownership of Title II weapons (Washington DOES NOT, although about 2500 were grandfathered). So she is ethier lying, or does not know what she is talking about. I think it's a little of both. But we know Rhodes Scholars make great liars, cue Bill.........I did not have sex with that woman......


Nobody's perfect. But those of us on the left aim for it. Can you say the same?

Rhodes Scholars make great liars..."

C'mon Recife, I expect better from you.

Perhaps you could say, then, that legacy Harvard/Yale graduates make lousy liars. They're obviously lousy at everything else.

Gay Gary

And. gigi, as far as I know, there's no Rhodes Scholar "legacy" preference. You have to actually earn it.

J - there's always a reason ...

(But that's okay, it's not like conservatives don't come up with them too! It's part of the fun of this back-and-forth interplay!)


That might be true Joanie, but as stated above, that news was hand selected, filtered and then directed at those who still think this war is all about the oil. With 70 percent of this country against the Iraq war, why can't she can't get more than a 2 share in any of the markets she is on. Why is that Joanie?

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