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August 31, 2008



The JFK of the 21st century?

But this from Zogby;

"Among those who said they shop regularly at Wal-Mart - a demographic group that Zogby has found to be both "value" and "values" voters - Obama is getting walloped by McCain. Winning 62% support from weekly Wal-Mart shoppers, McCain wins these voters at a rate similar to what President Bush won in 2004. Obama wins 24% support from these voters."

Looks like McCain does "know" what the people want in a President.


yeah but who would vote for him? Yhis choice for veep is a desperate gamble, which I hope works out. I will vote for McCain, but I see the prize slipping farther and farther away.


Another VP who hunts? Oh my god! I wonder who she'll shoot in the face?

Well, whomever it is, I'm sure they'll all be congenial about it all.

Puget Sound

i can see why joanie would be well at home with biden who looks to have had more than a couple here in this video. jeez, he don't look to be holding up so well on the campaign trail just a week into it. and the look on poor obama's face as he can see a you tube moment is pricell.
(i love the background music)
hat tip to the folks at sp a place where the skedaddler was last scene getting it handed to her by pudge.

Joanie wont watch but maybe you will

Puget Sound

speaking of old people who spew check out former DNC Chairman and Dem Big Wig Don Fowler with fellow Dem Congressman on the plane 'joking' about an upcoming Hurrican Gustav.
God is on our side...

Yeah, this Hurricane could turn out to be reallllll funny.

If this was a Repub it would be all over Daily Kos

Lest anyone think this is isolated, anyone want to hear Michael Moore make the same awful joke on Olberman's show the other night?

howie in seattle

You have deftly combined a ripping good take-down of Palin with your regular Sunday foodie thing!


When picking a candidate for POTUS, do the Dimocrats think of foreign policy, economics or any skillset to become Commander-in-Chief?
Come on Bla'M, your mussings, however wrong, are usually well thought out and reasoned. Your party leaders selected a candidate based on race and speaking ability that has no descernable skills that would qualify him to be President and you not only went with the program as designed, you worked to get the nomination through.
Do you have any idea who balances the check book in the Obambam household? I doubt that it really matters, but who is that man? Beyound a slick Chicago politician, who really knows?


sour grapes demonstration by 'regulars'...probably wishing instead of Biden that it was John Edwards....

bye bye gop

When picking a candidate for VPOTUS, do the scandalpublicans think of foreign policy, economics or any skills to become VP?
Come on Chucks, your musings, however wrong, are usually NOT well thought out and reasoned. Your party leaders selected a candidate based on gender and evangelical beauty queen status that has no discernible skills that would qualify her to be Vice President and you not only went with the program as designed, you worked to get the nomination through.
Do you have any idea who balances the check book in the Palin household? I doubt that it really matters, but who is that woman? Beyond a slick Alaskan politician, who really knows?

bye bye gop

actually putsie wutsie, the Fowler remarks were reported in the MSM If Olbermann names him the worst person in the world, will we hear anything from you? well, will we?


I am damn sure that if our new VP choice shoots a lawyer in a hunting "accident", that son of a bitch is not gonna get back up.
That, my friend, is qualification enough.


Is that Senator Biden in the above post Plagiarizing Chucks.


Women should stay home and cook and clean. There is no place for women in public office.

Having said that, however, if one has to pick between an authentic genuine small town American woman and a Chicago thug whose only shtick is his black face, there is no contest.


Puts, is that video real? If it is, I thought something like this would happen. After Hussein bitched slapped him in the face at the convention it was just a matter of time that Biden got his revenge.

Any odds yet on when Hussein dumps Biden for Hillary.


"Because if you don't have any fresh ideas, then you use stale tactics to scare the voters."

Joanie, you don't listen to good either do you.



Best Title Ever

not to mention

Best Thread Ever.

I will be sending this one around...especially since it makes the Cons perform like circus monkeys!


"Just goes to show god is on our side"

Don Fowler

If he made this statement about Hurrican Gustuv, what was he and the rest of the Liberals praying for when Hurricane Katrina was about to hit New Orleans 3 years ago.


Say what you want Sparky, but I have not seen folks on my side of the isle this excited since Ronald Reagan. People are calling each other like never before. This VP choice has got us excited. She is so much more than a candidate that does not need a pants suit.
She hunts, fishes, cooks, shops at Costco. She stands up to corruption. Speaks her mind. Has real family values. Gov Palin changes diapers while running Alaska's government.
She has my Father-in-Law, who is as much a lib-tard as the rest of you, quiet. He lives in Alaska and the only thing he can say negative about her is that she is a conservative Republican. Says she is honest, trust worthy and works hard. He says that she takes no crap off of the corrupt, Dimocrat or Repub.
You guys should be afraid, very afraid.


Oh God!! She knows how to gut and bleed out deer, moose, elk or bear so the meat does not taste "gamey". She drives a Chevy, but prefers to walk to work. Even in the rain.
She sold the official Alaska jet on Ebay because it was a waste of tax payer money.
She had red high heel shoes on when introduced to the American public. A wonderful choice Mr McCain.
(plus she has a naughty kind of librarian look about her)
This is exciting!!!


Let's all listen to sparky, et al; THEY know how to judge character in an individual, don't they. We can heretofore pretty much discount any comment they may have in regard to POTUS and VPOTUS choice. If it were up to them we'd likely have a John Edwards for President and Bernie Ward for VP...with cabinet positions taken up by all of the left-wing talk show hosts.
Wouldn't that make us all feel secure and protected in this Country. Tooooooo funny!


She hunts, fishes, cooks, shops at Costco. She stands up to corruption.

Make that "She stands up for corruption" chucks. Trying to get your sister's ex fired isn't funny to hard-working people and ex-spouses you know.

Now we know what gets these boys excited, Sparky. Now we know why we've had eight years of brushcutting on Bush's faux ranch.

And you guys are proud of this? Unbelievable!


Duh'fman: If it were up to them we'd likely have a John Edwards for President and Bernie Ward for VP...with cabinet positions taken up by all of the left-wing talk show hosts.

It was up to us. Is that who we have?

See, Duh'f, why you, sputsie, steven and sometimes chucks end up talking to each other and yourselves? Most of the time, you don't make sense.

Jerry M.

"She hunts, fishes, cooks, shops at Costco. She stands up to corruption."

Republicans are finally roused in this election because they have a veep who's at home in Costco? They're admitting the top of their ticket is boring, too old, a terrible campaigner and wrong? They have staked their whole election on this go-go boot wearing governor from a state with more meese than people?

No president has ever been elected by his vice president selection. I don't expect it will this time, either.

Americans are asking: Where's the meat?
Republicans answer: Out hanging in the garage. (As would competent government be if the R's are successful)

This won't quite do it, boys. You're still in trouble.


Why do Republicans have to nominate a religious extremist in order to be viable? Remember last time the Party sold their soul to the evangelicals. George Bush was the result.

Nope To Obama

God has finally made His will plain to see in this election with the introduction of Sarah Palin. You can smear the believers of Jesus Christ all you want to, but a candidate's belief in Him will once again defeat the God-less, socialist Democrats and their baby murdering candidates, Obama and Joe Biden.

frank rich

"The main reason McCain knuckled under to the religious right by picking Palin is that he actually believes there's a large army of embittered Hillary loyalists who will vote for a hard-line conservative simply because she's a woman. That's what happens when you listen to the TV news echo chamber. Not only is the whole premise ludicrous, but it is every bit as sexist as the crude joke McCain notoriously told about Janet Reno, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton."


Nope, you're one of a kind. You're spouting religious propaganda in support of a man who dumped his first wife and kids for a beer heiress?

Excuse me while I get the Kleenex to wipe away the tears in my eyes...

Well, the Lord doth work in mysterious ways.

Bagley Wrong

Hey Nope: God in heaven's retribution on the lying, cheating Republicans is coming in a hurricane that's dismantling their convention.
Sorry, no bounce, no wall-to-wall coverage, no photo ops for "Last Hope" Palin, no endless speculation in sentences by pundits with "Republican" or "McCain" as the subject.

God's will is plain to see all right... and it's name is Gustav.

We're saved, Brother.


Why we sometimes end up talking to ourselves is because you'all get your asses handed to you so many times, you need to rest a re-group. When time after time you're proven wrong it can get pretty disheartening. And, we understand...you'd return John Edwards' calls, wouldn't you joanie?

franklin graham

Amen, brother!


The pro-life movement in America has hijacked the Republican party and has caused it to lose the presidency, numerous governorships, and several senatorial races. Their single issue monopoly over the choice of who gets to run under the Republican banner is that of no choice whatsoever. You can be the most inexperienced candidate for vice president since Dan Quayle at a time our nation needs experience more than any time in our history since the second world war, but according to the Republicans, as long as you are pro-life issues life terrorism, the economy, healthcare, the environment, and the war in Iraq all come a distant second.

Drew Pearson

Tell you the truth, that Bush and Cheney are NOT coming to the Convention is a relief to many Republicans.
I agree that the abortion issue has been a losing one for us . I doubt very seriously if Governor Palin can pull this out. She's got a future in the party if she doesn't get smeared into oblivion like Dan Quayle. He was the victim of a most unfair campaign by the press.


Haxs anybody checked to see if that woman really posseses a vagina?

Senator Sneeze

Obama: "John McCain has voted with George Bush ninety percent of the time. Senator McCain likes to talk about judgment, but really, what does it say about your judgment when you think George Bush has been right more than ninety percent of the time? I don't know about you, but I'm not ready to take a ten percent chance on change."

What does even a cute little anti-choice b-queen who kills her own dinner have that can answer that challenge? That is the question that won't go away.


As I think these dog-and-pony shows (Political Conventions) are a big waste of time and money anyway I'm glad the Republicans have chosen to diminish the pomp and ceremonies in favor of raising funds for the pending hurrican-effected folks. With foresight - that could have also been done with the Dem convention and helped many, but no they had to go the extra mile in expense and grandiose extragravance. Sickening.
Let's all hope that Sen Obama with his wealth of experience will rectify these inequities when he takes over. God may come into play then...big time.
Gay Gary: I'm taking a closer look at Barr and Nader.
Any one for John Edwards as Secy of Health, (Sexual) Education & Welfare. [Sit down sparky, merci & joanie..we already know you support that]
And, merci why did you look so sad on your big day?


Well if Sarah Palin doesn't make it as VP...let's see may be Sports on KING5, along with anchor Sabrina Register. Yeah, that's the ticket!


Finally, I'd like to see Sen Obama's comparative UTube video to this; especially the part with him visiting troops in the hospital. Was someone mentioning 'experience'???
America’s Future?


The Dems had their chance - Obama could have selected Hillary for VP and McCain probably would not have selected Palin.

The Demorats are trying to vilify the selection and also vilify Cindy McCain. The ethically challenged leadership Harry Reid, John Edwards, Howard the Scream Dean and likely pinhead Barbara Boxer will chime in on distortions of the truth about Palin that the lap dogs in the Mainstream media will eat up without verification. The practicing proctologists of the MSM and Bush have something in common - neither of them display curiosity. The MSM knows that and they don't care and to many of them - the truth doesn't matter.

Puget Sound

"actually putsie wutsie, the Fowler remarks were reported in the MSM If Olbermann names him the worst person in the world, will we hear anything from you? well, will we?

Posted by: bye bye gop | August 31, 2008 at 09:16 AM"

Too Easy bye bye gop. Need to call in the second string. I can give you a direct example of why Olberman won't name him the worst person in the world.

He didn't challenge Michael Moore the other day on his show when he said the same thing. Just kind of laughed and giggled.

Don't believe, let your ears hear and your eyes see the smirk.

Here you go

Puget Sound

Chucks, et al
Funny to see how the 'ladies' on this board react to a strong woman.

The DNC blew it by not choosing Hillary. Duff, I think the path is clear as to your choice.

Puget Sound

and it is doubtful that bye bye gop or any of the other 'regulars' that post from the left will say that Olberman or Moore were wrong.
But hey, what do you expect from those pantloads...


The brother-in-law tasered a toddler and drove drunk! he was human scum. Folks, Palin has some extreme views on a few things bu t that's not important here at this time. She's a good person, not an evil one like Bush, and all in all she is a thinking person, NOT an extremist. The important thing now is to stop Obama and his America-hating wife. These two are dangerous, stealth candidates whose aministration would be a dictatorial radical regime, where white males need not apply. As i stated before neither McCain or Palin are going to be able to put wackjob judges through the Senate, the way the new Congress wil be stacked against Repubs. McCain had to pick Palin to energize the base. Last Sunday, Pelosi was smugly talking about the "enthusiasm gap" , saying Obama supporters had enthusiasm and McCain's didn't. The enthusiam gap is now history. Up until this weekend Cactus John hadn't raised over 1 million in 24 hours. In the first day since the announcement he raised 7.

Puget Sound

Tommy, don't forget the brother in law also threatened to make Palin's father eat a bullet.

The base is soooo reved up right now.

Tommy, 'they' like to slam you all the time. Stay strong and just smile the way they excuse their former DNC Chair (Fowler) and media cheerleader (Obama) for those hurtful comments about how good the Hurricane will be for the Dems.
Talk about arrogance! Thy name is Democrat.

Puget Sound

Did I say Obama, I meant to say Olberman/Michael Moore.

the credit fairy

How many ways are there to say boring?


Duh'f, you're the ones trying to sell this twinkly pebble McBush has thrown to his base.

We said it succinctly and we're done with it.

Enjoy the ride while it lasts.

Puget Sound

"Duh'f, you're the ones trying to sell this twinkly pebble McBush has thrown to his base.

We said it succinctly and we're done with it.

Enjoy the ride while it lasts.
Posted by: joanie | September 01, 2008 at 12:44 AM

Can I translate. I speak 'Skedaddler'.
What the above means is that we can't address it cause we ran out of facts and find what is being said about Sarah Palin to be tasteless. However we lack the intellectual honesty to come out and say that so instead we will say 'we are done with it.'

(Please Note that they won't even try to address the links that give Fowler and Olberman/Moore saying those awful comments about Hurricane Gustav.)


Puget Sound, are you equally as disturbed that the Religious Right told people to pray to God to bring rain to Denver on the night of Barak Obama's speech as an indication of His displeasure with the Democrats?

Puget Sound

Are you equating your DNC Big Wig Don Fowler with a few local nut jobs?
Okay...have at it.

Note his apology was more to do with having been caught.

Moore/Olberman, funny isn't how none of the Olby fans care to respond. Skeddadle away...


Dave Ross was sarcastic and smarmy this morning as he was throwing around things related to Sarah Palin and was going through the leftwingnut blather as he might as well have said "our country would be in real danger with her a heartbeat away from McCain." (he didn't say it, but it was apparent that this was going through his mind).

If nothing else, McCain energized the Republican base with this choice that will help voter turnout. (I'm not talking about Rush, Hannity, et. al. excepting Michael Savage - who doesn't see it as a good choice) - those people were not really on board for McCain until he selected his VP, which is shallow on their part.

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