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August 19, 2008



Colmes did a good job sticking it back to Hannity but Hannity did make his point which wasn't about adultery but did continue the emotional character assassination of Edwards with his constant hair references and gestures.

Colmes kept some dignity but Hannity came off like an out-of-control emotional brat having a temper tantrum.

But that's what works on the right. You better believe the Fox viewers carried away the picture of Edwards ginned up by Hannity.

I wish somebody would stop motion on his kisser all screwed up and post it. You wouldn't see a choirboy. You'd see the real Hannity - an emotional and evil little creep.

Gay Gary

Wait - Joanie, I thought McCain left his wife because she got fat and ugly? Did he pull an Edwards before the separation? (I honestly don't know, I haven't been following it too closely. I do know, though, that the minute Oculus Bleu gets fat and ugly his ass is out the door! I'm honestly not joking, either.)


McCain was not a good person, and I think he even admits that. Moot any way, as like Edwards he will NOT be our next POTUS. [DNA not needed however, to determine his children.]


'If you thought Edwards fucking a young thing while Elizabeth had cancer was distasteful..'

I guess it's all relative but I would hardly call RH a 'young thing'.

Nope to Obama

Blathering Michael...

You call McCain-Olde McCain....why not call Obama-
Negro Barack?


um..probably because age / color is not an analogy. At least you said Negro.


EE authorized her best friend and brother to be interviewed by People AFTER the Nightline interview. It seems that Mrs. Edwards wasn't too pleased about her husband's comments or demeanor...and in the interview, her friend and bro trash hubby dearest, making clear that the ONLY reason she stayed with him was because she's dying and has two small kids.

Nope to Obama

Bad analysis Sparky....a stereotype is a stereotype.

I would argue that age discrimination is worse than racial discrimination because older people are generally more vulnerable and often do not have the capacity to properly respond.


How many people were told to go to the back of the bus, drink from a different water fountain, enter a building through a separate door, have had taxi drivers refuse to stop, have had crosses burned on their lawns, have been lynched, or bought and sold like a farm animal because they are OLD? Imagine an elderly person walking down the street and someone yells out "Hey oldie!" Doesn't quite measure up to the other epithet.

There are numerous physical and mental capabilities that are diminished by age. It is just a fact. Not all 70 year olds are equal in the diminishing of capacity, of course. But age is just the obvious factor when judging McCain. He has other behavior issues that supercede age.

And if you think elderly people dont have the capacity to respond..you haven't met my mother!


McCain is a pasty,old white dude. he is also shabby, okay?

Nope to Obama


You've made my point. All those examples of racism are in the past and are an ugly part of our history. The bottom line is that they don't exist anymore.

Age discimination however runs rampant and Mr. Hood is a player on the that team.

Nope to Obama

Look at all the old jokes on this blog?

Do you EVER see a racist attack?

Nope! And Nope to Obama!

Marine Vet

What kind of service did you give to this country Hood?

What has Obama bin Laden given to this country?


Gigi, my funny little good-for-notzing gigi:

What's that got to do with a haircut?

Either an attempt at throwing out a red herring, gigi, or you don't read any better than Steven or klueless. I expect better from you.

Dear Nope:

Stereotyping? Age is a fact, fella. As is race.

Do you really think your race has as much impact on your ability to be a powerful and balanced President as age? Especially very, very, very old age?

Waste of time, Sparky.

Nope to Obama

Do you really think your race has as much impact on your ability to be a powerful and balanced President as age?

YES! ...they're equal...CHECKMATE!


Well, enjoy your racism.

Checkmate? Only in your own mind, Nope. And your name says it all, doesn't it?

But, keep trying.

Nope to Obama

Joanie you are a socialist that has no respect for military service and holds shameful feelings to our society's eldery.

Get over yourself. I'm sorry that Obama has peaked. It will hurt many as we contnue to see his campaign fizzle.


Regardless of what's transpired does any one see any reason why John Edwards shouldn't speak at the Dem Convention.


He's a liar and luckily for the party he lost.


What does my "socialism" have to do with racism and respect for military, Nope? Do you respect the two court martials a month for rape in Okinawa? (According to Chalers Johson)

You sound like a "one size fits all" kind of guy. Thinking requires more than that.

Duff, I don't think Edwards comes off as authentic or genuine. It wasn't the adultery. I'm okay with that. It's the clash of his behavior vs. his words.

No, it sort of makes a mockery of all we stand for. To me, adultery is kind of natural and normal. But, don't continue to lie about it after you're caught. Don't try to spin it. And, again, don't be producing two families. None of this recommends to me that he speak at a convention where we should be attacking the corruption that has been in place for the last eight years.

Personally, I think the whole attack on the right should be the constant charge of corruption. That's what I think people are sick and tired of. Edwards came off corrupt. He's the last person to speak to family values and against corruption.

Unfortunately, even the Dems in Congress look corrupt and probably are. Obama had a squeaky clean image. He's losing it fast. I am worried.


But...what about Bill Clinton, Jesse Jackson, Ted Kennedy, etc., et al

Gay Gary

hubby dearest, making clear that the ONLY reason she stayed with him was because she's dying and has two small kids.

Oh boo hoo. As you know I'm no Democrat but I always admired John Edwards. I'm sick of some old woman turning into a total beyoutch and trying to tear down one of the hardest working senators in showbiz just because he has a healthy and active libido. Stop trying to play the sob card, Elizabeth. The good of the party is bigger than your personal problems, honey. Forget stopthesmears.com, can we get a stopthewhining.com website? Democratic women MOSTLY do a really good job of standing by their man like Patterson's wife, McGreevey's wife, Hillary Clinton, and all the others. Is EE secretly a Republican? COME ON!


John Edwards would be a distraction at the convention.
With the Clintons needing their props there will already be too much negativity floating around to give the Messiah the attention he deserves.
The Dem party would like the Edwards situation to go away, vanish from people’s minds.
How would it look if you had Bill Clinton (Adulterer) speak just ahead of John Edwards (Adulterer) and followed up by Hillary (Adulterer Enabler).

Besides that, the Edwards story was never completed, put to bed.
We still don’t know who the father is and just why was he meeting the gal in a motel at 2:00 am recently?

Nope to Obama

Yes court martials are a legal instrument under a military umbrella that needs to be respected. Our military is precisely the reason we enjoy the bounty of freedom. No system is perfect but no system is better than America's...the envy of the world.


'..was never completed, put to bed.'

Oh, good one..Brian

Gay Gary

Good points, Brian. My ONLY complaint about John Edwards is that he needs to celebrate being his baby's daddy. He needs to bring his baby's momma's baby to the convention and show her to the world because she's ADORABLE! (Baby's momma not so much.) In fact, it would be awesome if he made a stage speech about healthcare for children with his baby and his baby's momma right there on the stage with him at the convention. (Elizabeth can stay at home and whine to the television.) Preach it loud and proud, that's what I always say.


I understand what you're saying joanie but it seems to me if JE and EE appeared together at the convention (since she has forgiven him) it would go a long way in showing how accepting and forgiving the Party is.


You know, gigi, I've deteched a mean spiritedness in you before. It is not attractive.


Duff, quite the contrary. Tbey would become the poster family for deceit and dishonesty. I sometimes wonder if you are authentic.


Make that "detected" please. I need to put on my reading glasses! I'm new to reading glasses and hate having to mess with them. Forgive me, please.


I thought this thread was about bomb bomb mc cain being a shabby old dude who dumps his disfigured wife for a future trophy wife he met at a tailhook party?


I sometimes wonder same of you; but I will always give you the benefit of the doubt.
To me - there's no difference between JE and JJ or BC - it's just that it's 'fresher'.


..it is 'bombbomb' (and we know who you are)..and he (McCain) won't be barred from the Convention...he'll be up there speaking and having to answer questions 'bout his past (such as it is).


Our military is precisely the reason we enjoy the bounty of freedom. No system is perfect but no system is better than America's...the envy of the world.

Yes, we are aiming (no pun intended) for empire! And no country on the planet expends so much money for such a luxury either.

I think you live in the past. America hasn't been considered "the best" for several decades now.

But, as I said before, you're a one-szie fits all and you will believe whatever your mind can wrap itself around whether it is supported factually or not.

You know, I thought we enjoyed so many freedoms because our founders had the good sense to write a couple little documents called the Constitution and The Bill of Rights?

The Soviets had a mighty big military. What happened?

Nope to Obama

Refrendum on Obama...Nope.

...No Experience
...No Policies
...No Way

Nope to Obama

America hasn't been considered "the best" for several decades now.

OK...please inform me of any significant contribution to industry, technology, etc by other so-called utopias...

The USA in the past few decades has produced...Microsoft, Google, Boeing, .....

Give me a break Joanie!

Gay Gary

Can we please stop using 2-letter acronyms? It's getting dizzying ...


Well, duff, the fact that you can't see a difference is what makes us different and is what makes me think you are on the right so often.

Dems - authentic Dems - can see a difference. It is nuanced, for sure. But, we are thinkers and can detect subtle differences.

The one-size-fits-all thinking is on the right. If you'll notice, I'm having the same conversation with Nope who is authentically admitting to being on the right.

Now, you've had your oft-desired engagement with me. I'm done for a while. Actually, back to the classroom for my unpaid service to education. Another nuanced stand. I don't know anybody on the right that would give time to serve their country for zero dollars.


Oh, and gigi, go take your beauty rest. You're losing it, dear.

Gay Gary


WHA-?! I'm the only one standing up for JE in this thread!


'..and is what makes me think you are on the right so often.'

Better put your glasses on again ms joanie as I'm sure you probably meant 'in the right'...

John & Elizabeth Edwards need to be at the Dem covention, hand-in-hand. THAT would be a very gracious statement made by the Democratic Party!

Nope to Obama

During a world crisis what country does everyone turn to...the USA!

Georgia's invasion by Russia, Tsunami in Asia, Genocide in Bosnia, Kuwait's invasion by Iraq, the Cold War....

...without the reliability of the USA and our resources which includes the military....the world would fall into anarchy and despair. Can you imageine calling a Western European country to come to the aid of a country in distress...just ask any Eastern European nation!


...not to mention who is Canada's protector?...so they can focus on social issues...you're right on that 'Nope'.

Nope to Obama


The plagarist Joseph Biden will be the VP candidate for Barack Obama.


It IS a waste of time joanie,,,
it always amuses me how white people "know" there is no racism anymore.

So, you get to play in Troll-land by yourself, Im afraid. I'm taking a few days off for a short vacation before school starts. Personally, I think you should just let them all play with themselves, or among themselves, or both, and go see a good movie or two. Good luck!


I hope that's not the case, Nope...as I feel he NEEDS Hillary.

Main Core

I don't think Obama would leave his wife for a another....


...good, you and your 'aliases' need a rest before resumption


The only thing you are breaking is wind. Biden may indeed end up as the VP candidate, but nothing has been announced officially. We are part of the email/text message group that will get the news before the MSM .

someone who knows

During a fucked-up crisis, who does the world point at? The UsA! When the US invaded Iraq, Katrina, bank failures, worst mortgage default in years.

With the reliability of american neo-cons, the world will fall into anarchy and despair. Can you imagine us calling Europe for help when we dissed them after 9/11? Just ask anyone who knows where the Statue of Liberty came from.

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