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July 25, 2008



A lot of people were pissed when NPR uncerimoniously dumped Bob Edwards...that is when i quit listening to Morning Edition.


For those who appreciate Morning Edition and enjoy NPR programming prepare for some truly awful radio. Listener comments have been scathing, mostly ending with "take it away." The hosts have no chemistry. Udoji sounds way over her head and the once stellar Hockenberry is embarassing to listen to. Few stations are carrying this turkey, and with good reason.


Take away 'The Take Away'!

Puget Sound

Hey Duff
The Boards been fairly quiet.


Yep, hear ya Puts...been trying to 'stir-it-up' a bit and have to some extent but apparently lots of folks 'vacationing'?...and of course our favorite ms joanie has skeddaled for a while. Getting close to 'convention' time tho and I would suspect it'll 'pick up'.
Economy blues likely prevailing...

Puget Sound

I'll be gone for awhile starting next week.
Bad news for Chucks. But he's a tough bird and he'll get back on his horse soon enough.

Coils has sure been active, eh?


I don't get up til 7am, just in time for Diane Rehm which is great radio. KXOT's day-time programming is better than KUOW, IMHO, with TOTN and many foreign news services making an appearance.
The cr*p that KIRO serves up just doesn't interest me.

coiler  for employment security

yes, I'm going to help chucks with finding a job, I know duffman will wash his car and Puts, you can call up Sharkansky and see if knows any job opportunities out there.

"convene critical conversations, take live reports from the field, provide a platform for commentary and analysis, and invite listeners to join the discussion."

Fantastic. NPR going the way of cable news in earnest, becoming more legacy and less forward-looking, while setting out to do the opposite.


Bla'm--your podcast link has an extra "s" in the URL.

I guess I'm kinder to this show than most here, as I've posted in past threads, though I'm not a daily listener (hey, when the CBC is local, you listen). Compared with the Byrant Park Project, it is quite listenable. Look at the list of recent live interviews, including Mary Robinson.

It may not be your cup of tea, but I think The Takeaway has a chance of surviving.


I still contend that NPR NW is missing a local angle big-time. Older KCMU did this brilliantly with music until Allen took the reigns (KEXP). Well, many will argue with me, but when the pulled metal content ("Brain Pain" - Sundays, 9-12am), I lost respect for the "all music" college-buy-out.

Note: Nate and his accessories his still on hiatus due to wedding plans. Priorities folks.

Puget Sound

congrats on the wedding nate.

btw, you a penn and teller fan?


So...Puts, when it comes to climate change, you believe what a magician says over what a scientist says.

holy crap, joanie, why do we try so hard to educate people? We should just start quoting Elvis, Brian Baloney and David Copperfield.



....and the CATO Institute..no surprise there that he would be affiliated with that.

"The Cato Institute is a libertarian, quasi-academic think-tank which acts as a mouthpiece for the globalism, corporatism, and neo-liberatarianism of its corporate and conservative funders. Cato is an astroturf organization: there is no significant participation by the tiny libertarian minority. They do not fund it or affect its goals. It is a creature of corporations and foundations.

The major purpose of the Cato Institute is to provide propaganda and soundbites for conservative and libertarian politicians and journalists that is conveniently free of reference to funders such as tobacco, fossil fuel, investment, media, medical, and other regulated industries.

Cato is one of the most blatant examples of "simulated rationality", as described in Phil Agre's The Crisis of Public Reason. Arguments need only be plausibly rational to an uninformed listener. Only a tiny percentage will notice that they are being mislead. That's all that's needed to manage public opinion."

Quite an honor to be a part of an organization famous for paid propaganda. Maybe they buy his magic wands for him.


Remember, KXOT is *rolls eyes and groans* KUOW-HD 2 so we *all* should be able to hear it crystal clear on our affordable, widely available and portable HD radios (HYBRID DIGITAL NOT HIGH DEFINITION, BUT KPLU AND OTHERS CONTINUE TO MAKE THAT ERROR ON AIR...).

KUOW mitigates a lot of signals in my area of the Madison Valley since it's up on that hill a few yards from here... I can't even really get a useable KXOT signal in the car.

It's too bad KEXP couldn't keep KXOT. It really is a perfect signal enhancement to 90.3 as a "translator" for the South Sound.


Why do I hate The Takeaway:

1) Infantile theme music pounding bass distorting my speakers and rattling my teeth. I don't need that at 6AM.
2) Incessant self-promotion.
3) Retarded hosts asking complex questions of intelligent guests, then rudely interrupting after 10 seconds to make more room for 1) and 2) above.

Please bring back Morning Edition!

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