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July 10, 2008



Bryan, with what is apparently starting to happen in Vegas...I don't think it has a healthy future. Priorities will have to be established soon if oil prices continue to rise and I'm betting folks will cut out the extremes like 'casinos' and 'Starbucks', et al. So a certain % of -0- is still what it is. Nice to hear from you...what's the time span now...remember you heard it here on this blog..that you wouldn't last 6-mos at KFI. Peace.

KFI Bryan

Vegas suffers...but local (Indian) Casinos pick up the day gamblers. Oregon has the non-Indian leverage to play. Washington surrendered that forever. Meanwhile, the tribes can buy property ANYWHERE in the state and place it in "Tribal Trust" and stop paying county taxes. Whoo Hoo, must be nice.


Yes Mr Suits
One of the most expensive political pay-offs in the nations history to the beloved Chris Gregoire. That will prove to be one of the most moronic moves by a politician for years to come.
She screwed over the state tax payers and private casinos in order to get re-election money from the tribes.
A couple hundred grand in political payment to the state dimocrat party and "I am honest as can be", "I feel your pain", "I care for the little people" Christine Gregoire.
We have a budget deficit but we don't need any sin money from the Indians. We are better to them than any other state in the nation.
She really is an idiot, but I know that is not nice to say. So I will keep that to myself.

Puget Sound

The KFI Byran interview of Jim McDermott is a classic. After that, it was back to the safe warm waters of Dave Ross for the 'good' congressman.


Charles, maybe you didn't read the article that was posted above:

"The decision to not take a cut, she said, was a bi-partisan legislative decision recommended by the late Republican King Co. prosecutor a Norm Maleng, prosecutors and law enforcement across the state. And the decision was made years before she was in office."
Bi-partisan. That means Republicans voted for that too.


Oh yes, I read it. She signed off on it. It is still one of the most...What I said up above.
There has been plenty of bad legislation by both sides of the isle in this state for years.


Who is the "Decider" in WA?
You need money for poor sick kids here? Go beg to the Tribes. Leave me alone. You need more money for public education, free drug treatment, social engineering programs? Go see the tribes.


Points well taken Sparky. But still it is Gregoire fault by being Governor. Isn't that the rule of thumb the liberals used for NOLA after Katrina. Worked for you then, see no reason why is shouldn't work for you now.

And not to be a know-it-all, but that was meant to be acres, not miles right. I mean, the state of Washington is only 71,000 sq. miles itself.

coiler for Gregoire

It is not her fault 'being' governor. The people elected her and a republican judge feels that way too, ok?


Gregoire is governor. Yep, she sure is. Hell, even I don't dispute that. But signing away all of the rights of our states tax payers to the tribes was stupid. Taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from the tribes in political contributions is very suspect.
But I am sure you have some real good excuses for her and your party, and why it is OK.
But it still stinks. Nothing about it can pass the smell test.
It stinks to the high heavens.

Puget Sound

Put a R by Gregoire's name and then Coiler will be suitably upset. Don't blame Coiler, it's just reflexive.




Tommy, I agree with everything you said down to the "new nigger" line. I'm just as tired of the way these people communicate as you are.

But, look at this blog. Chucks and Steven are regular name callers who seem to hate whole groups of people different from themselves.

"I'm not calling you a racist for this one. It was stupid. Any normal person would have just driven around the traffic circle. And normal people don't return to hit old men.

He shouldn't have sprayed them. That was also stupid. Esp. living where he did, he should have known better.

This society is breeding angry people. Chucks and Steven, you are two of the worst breeders of hate I know.

Puget Sound

Chucks and Steven are not 'breeders of hate.'
Typical creepy/boring post. Can't you do better?

Sheesh, was that Bartles or James typing so late last night?

Puget Sound

Tony Snow passed away. Beloved family man who came across as a genuine nice guy.
If KFI Bryan is still around maybe he'll discuss how helpful Tony Snow was to him while he was in Iraq.


"I miss Jeffers."

Despite his shortcomings, I do too; I miss him a lot.


Tony Snow was one of the biggest shills for this crazy war.

Tony Snow, former press Secretary to President Bush and Fox news anchor, spoke to the Academy of Leadership & Liberty at Oklahoma Christian University last week.October 16th, 2007

The winsome and articulate Snow charmed his audience with wit: “The average Iranian is more Pro-American than virtually any college faculty in this country.” And with serious talk about the war on terror and “the second war in this country, the war on God.”


Some people sit on their rears waiting to be suckered.

I think those kinds of people are desperate for approval.

What else can it be?


"Some people sit on their rears waiting to be suckered."

Look at yourself in the mirror and say those words of truth, J.

Gregoire in this state is more like Bush 43 than you want to believe. Go ahead, vote for her, you myopic suckers !!

Thanks for weighing in with your sobering reality, KFI Bryan


Hey, Klueless, I just looked in the mirror and all I saw was a smart, wise, beautiful woman.

Go figure.


Let's all of us o good will here take a moment to remember James Parolie, R.I.P. a Vietnam veteran longtime Rainier Beach champion of neigborhood safety, beautification and quietude. He also didn't take no crap off of local hoodlums, goons and fascist thugs. Police are looking for a black man in his twenties, 5'10, 160 pounds, last seen wearing a grey top and a black "doorag" on is head, driving a blue or silver sedan. Witnesses said this coward and fascist thug got out of his car, and without saying a word marched over to Paroline and delivered a vicious, brutal and ultimately fatal blow to te 60 year ol man's head. Kudos to neighbors Yonathon and Abraham Kahssi, who rushed to his aid,and supported his head and neck to keep him from choking before paramedics arrived. They didn't circle the fallen man in their car, gawking at him,or hide in their house afraid to get involved.


James Paroline. Not Parolie. Please all bow down and give praise, thankfulness and props to my Queen Anne neighborhood, whic just was named first place in Seattle Magazine's Best Seattle Neighborhoods 2008. Queen Anne rules. I've lived in every region of the city except West Seattle.


I'm real sorry about what happened to James. I hope they catch the guy that did it.

Bow down your neighborhood, Thomas?
I don't think so. If you are trying to make a comparison with Rainier Beach as to not having any violence, I seem to remember that Mike Webb was killed in your neighborhood.


Bow down . Bow down. Every knee shall bow. Queen Anne rules!


Well, if wealth rules, Queen Anne rules. It's not Magnolia, Broadmoor or the Highlands, but a very nice and expensive part of the city.

I grew up there. I loved it. Wish I could afford to move back. I have a much nicer house than I grew up in; but, the house I grew up in, is probably a third to a half more. And I live around Green Lake.

So there you are.

Kahssi - I wonder if they are immigrants? Events like this do affect me, Tommy. And they affect my good nature regarding wanting to help people. I would like to see all three of them punished and that's a fact. Yes, I get tired of the attitude, too.

Nobody's perfect. :) (I am not duffman.)


Queen Anne is too diverse proerty wise too rival Magnolia in total average property value, but I'd wager that the top five houses in the Highland Drive hilltop area consisting of three or four streets, whic have to be hte top 5 $$$ on the hill, add up to more than the total of the top five $$$ houses in Magnolia by a fair amount.


According to an article by Charles Mudede in The Stranger, "The house on Queen Anne Avenue", Queen Anne apparently has alreay surpassed Magnolia. According to his research, The top 3 most expensive neighborhoods in Seattle are 1. Madison Park 2. Capitol Hill 3 Queen Anne, wiht an average house price of $800,000. Thi s would make sense that we have recently crept ahead of Magnolia because of our close proximity and convenience to downtown, which has rapidly been climbing in value and prestige in the best downtowns of America list.


Joanie baloney wrote:
"I just looked in the mirror and all I saw was a smart, wise, beautiful woman. Go figure."

That's in the eye of the beholder - all I am gonna say about that, but you need to know that your comments reflect a deep state of denial am I am not the only one to see this phenomenon. You and only you have the power to transform this.

Puget Sound

Seriously Joanie
KS is correct on this. I am sure Chuck, Nevets, and Duff would join in to say that at a minimum you could use a serious self edit check.
While Sparky and I disagree at times, she seems to be well grounded and someone you respect. Perhaps if you ran your posts through Sparky first you could get the positive feedback necessary to make your posts more coherent. At least until you get back on your feet and can post in a more responsible manner. Until you admit you have a problem you can't really correct it. Right?
So lets get on board. Sparky is off in the summer and I am sure happy to help you get back to the Joanie we all know.


Its called freedom of speech. Joanie is a big girl and doesn't need my help. That would be like me insisting that steven consult Bill Nye the Science Guy before he posts anything remotely to do with science.
How about responding to the content of her message, not the delivery, and without assigning her some vice that "explains" why she writes something? You expressed a desire to model good behavior, so.....


Sparky, that was a cheap shot. Your not mad at me for proving this statement of yours wrong are you.

"This summer, for the first time, there is no ice at the friggin' North Pole."


They didn't take on my delivery, Sparky. You don't have to defend me if you think "my delivery" is poor. Personally, I think sputsie is a stalker. I haven't heard him target my "message" for quite a long time.

So, please, defend somebody else. I think my delivery is fine.

We've got three guys on this blog who can't make a dent with their ideas so they resort to personal attacks. And when sputsie gets called on it, he lies his way out. Except that he doesn't. He just thinks he does.

I know, sputsie, I'm drinking again. And chucks, I had a really good stash tonight. And Klueless, ditto for you since you ditto them most of the time.

Thought I'd save you all the time and effort.

Steven, you aren't really a sputsie dittohead except occasionally. You are sort of earnest in your attempts to speak to issues. I like that. Even though I think you're on the wrong track most of the time. You try.

joanie for tommy

I lived on the top of the hill and went to West Queen Anne. My house was very ordinary. But, one of my best friends in the fourth grade was the daughter of the guy who designed the Space Needle. We would sneak off to her house at lunchtime sometimes. Her parents weren't there a lot but her black maid was.

Also, I babysat at those houses on Highland Drive. I think they are more valuable also because of their views. Magnolia has water views but Queen Anne has combined city/water views. Those views were awesome. You felt like you were on top of the world. And those houses absolutely unbelievable. They were older than the Magnolia houses and the carvings and detail should have been in museums. I will probably never be in such homes again.


steven, your "proof" to refute my comment about the north pole was to say that nobody has read about penguins becoming extinct.

There are no penguins at the north pole.


yes that's what i was thinking . water anc city combined makes for an awesome view. THESE West Highland Drivew houses have a superior view to Magnolia homes in the same league no doubt about it. Also Magnolia just has an odd, cold feel to it, not the same vibes as Queem Anne which could be called magical .I think people are realizing this in a big way that's why Queen Anne has now surpassed Magnolia in average home price numbers.


There you go again Joanie, you seem to have an anger edge besides displaying strong characteristics of a moonbat when posting after midnight in your nuanced manner, which goes for anytime. However, I'm not sure that it's from hitting the bottle or missing your meds.

If you want more documentation of my comments, I'd be glad to supply it. I will say that no one can imitate you because no one can exorcise themselves like you do. Keep following the bouncing ball..


C'mon Sparky, I clearly posted the North Pole camera link refuting your claim about there being no Ice at the North Pole way before I referneced the Penguins going extinct. Did you really think that the North Pole was ice free?


And Sparky, I know there are no Penguins at the North Pole. I was making fun of Joanies remark of...

"I don't recall "extinction" of animal species being discussed when that ice shelf broke away."

Posted by: joanie | July 13, 2008 at 12:03 PM

Y'know, the Ice shelf you posted about...

"Scientists are warning that an Antarctic ice shelf the size of Northern Ireland is on the verge of disintegration"

Posted by: sparky | July 13, 2008 at 08:52 AM

And my penguin remark...

Anyone see anything in the news about penguins going extinct?

Posted by: nevets | July 13, 2008 at 02:10 PM

Look at the times.


Actually, Steven, there have been deaths of penguin colonies due to ice break up. I'm not going to google it for you because I've seen the reports, read them and even seen some videos showing dead penguins trying to breach the breakup and get to the sea.

Going extinct? Well, I don't know when such a thing starts to be a threat. I'm sure the scientists down there will keep it covered.

I was referring to warming in general and polar bears.

Of course, wouldn't expect you to keep track of two of us at once.

Or did a species go extinct with the break-up or occasional break ups you cite?


You tell me? You said it not me.

And why when you think of an Ice Shelf in the Antartic do you think of Polar Bears?


reread the post and figure it out


"I don't recall "extinction" of animal species being discussed when that ice shelf broke away."

Again, why do you think of Polar Bears when the topic is about an Ice Shelf in Antartica?


Did you get the idea from this website.


Maybe you are right Joanie, this Giant Penguin went extinct from Antartica.


Dori's going to EAT Christiane Gregoire's Lunch!!!

Posted by: My Man Dori | December 14, 2010 at 02:10 PM

Christine Gregoire has a way of reducing Dori to a prattling child.

My Man Dori

I sure hope that Dori stands his ground. I'm worried this is going to turn into a love fest.


I heard she was going to be on the Ross and Burbank show, not the Dori.


I just visited Dori’s blog. Bit of puffery on his part. He knows she won’t do his show. He will politely ask and she will politely refuse. It’ll be very telling to hear how he berates and mock her knowing all along it’s exactly why she won’t appear on his show.


Panama City School Board shooting- I just watched the video - big fat guy, birther,tax protestor, spraypaints A V INSIDE A CIRCLE, ON THE WALL, draws a gun and starts rambling after ordering all the audience and female board members out of the room. "I'm Going to die tonight," he drawls in a Johnny Cash deep voice. Some dingbat female board member named Ginger sneaks up behind him and bashes his arm with her purse. Ginger is given a beatdown to the floor and called a stupid bitch by fat boy. She runs out again. Fat boy goes into his rambling speech again, directing his anger at the School District Superintendent over the supposed firing of his wife. Superintendent offers to sacrifice himself in exchange for the other board members being allowed to leave the room unharmed. Finally the fat man starts firing at the board members, missing all of them, as the school security guard hits him with multiple gunshots. Fat man shoots himself, then dies. I don't believe he was trying to hit anyone, because the School Super said to him "I don;t want anyone to get hurt," just before he opened fire, and he responded with what sounded like' "I'm the one going to be hurt. Don't you understand?"


Gregoire should go on with Carlson just to prove a point.

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