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July 10, 2008



The Sonics moving is an issue for those who could afford to go to games. That puts the radius eminating across the greater Seattle area, and within that radius, its only the people who could afford the tickets,,,or like basketball.

For the rest of the state, its not a deal breaker.

The cost of gas, food, and meeting the mortgage is more on the minds of most people in this state. Having an increase in taxes to pay for a new arena for multi-millionaire sports figures and their multi-millionaire team owner is not real popular with people who are trying to feed their families.

Puget Sound

Coiler, a lot of the local businesses around the Key Arena will suffer now that the Sonics won't be playing 40 plus dates a year.
I am blaming the Gov for not taking a leadership role when the Balmer group offered to put up $150 million towards a renovation of Key Arena. Seattle came up with $75 million and the remaining $75 million of the $300 million needed was going to come from the revenue tax stream from the Mariner Stadium bonds -taxes on rental cars/hotelsie out of towners- which has been so successful it is paying off early. The Gov refused to call the legislature in session to get it done.
Don't be a 'maroon' Coiler. Whatcha gonna fill the Key Arena with now?

Puget Sound

The only people who would be paying taxes on the stadium are essentially out of towners. Most people who live in King County don't stay at hotels and rarely rent cars. A very small portion of the tax was also coming from restaurants but you would have to eat out quite a bit to even incur anything material.
The benefits of having a sports team are multiple. Part of it is the sense of community that comes from a shared team.
Is there anyone here who would really wish that the Seahawks had left to LA a decade ago and the M's had gone off to Tampa back in 93? What would SODO look like?


Sorry, must have been a space in there

Surplus Dec.2005
Projected Deficit 2009


Puts, how about getting Hussein to come a few more times but only charge them to see the messiah and be cured of the politics that ails them. What, two, maybe three times before everyone will finally see he is just like the rest of politicians. Maybe more if he can get the fainters to return. And just for laughs, book Jesse paired with Bobbitt to open up.

Gay Gary


Off-Topic but Strange and Breaking News (and I have an odd fascination with Nader, as you know, even if BBarr's my boy) ...

Democratic State Legislators and staff indicted on criminal charges by Grand Jury this evening over embezzeling millions to knock Nader off ballot in PA in 2004 -

Staffers were told, “It’s very important to the (Democratic House) leadership that the Green Party not appear on the ballot", and also not to worry about taking vacation time, but to work on government time.




A sense of community for those who like basketball. What percentage of the population is that? I know plenty of people for whom this is not a blip on the screen. It's a case of Need vs. Want. Perhaps you don't face the same financial issues as other people, but sports teams are wayyy down on the list of needs.

Besides, I heard that other teams are already sniffing around Key Arena.


On the news right now is the story and pictures of people in Spokane who might lose their homes tonight because of a large wildfire. Gov. Gregoire is there and just spoke on the phone to the newscast, and she has issued a verbal state of emergency for that area and a couple of others, so the people can get some help first thing in the morning.

It is all about perspective, Puts.
Do you think the people of Spokane, facing the loss of their homes due to fire, or the people of Centralia and Chehalis, who lost their homes during the flood, will think about what she "might" have done to keep a sports team in Seattle, or will they think of how she showed up to see how she could help them during a disaster that affected them personally?



Sparky, if she had budgetted more to mow the grass over there the fires might not have started in the first place. Oh wait, the money for that was used to plow all the snow from the passes this past winter. If her head wasn't into global warming so deep she might of had the forethought to put more money there instead of in some other program that might not start to effect us like (what is the saying going around the liberal blogs about drilling in ANWR and along the coast) ten years from now. I think this is going to look bad in her re-election bid.


Trying to make sense with these guys, Sparky? Give it up.

Better conversation over on Dori's blog about the Sonics. More people posting, too.

Less ponderous and pretentious as well.

Now, about the cable: according to Comcast, they will no longer offer analog boxes. They have stopped already. I, too, have a $16 a month basic cable hook up. That's what I wanted for BB. I used to have extended cable and found out I was just getting a lot more infomercial stations.

I think you're all in for a big surprise. Unless, of course, you really like paying a lot for a TV connection.

Comcast couldn't offer me anything less than a $50+ hookup and said I'd have to move up in February.

I'm just not gong to continue paying so much money for every access cable that comes into the house. It's ridiculous. And that's what I told 'em.

Coiler, I miss book TV although they've been showing some of it on the other CSpan lately. You were right, have to have HD for it. Now that's hard for me.


Why all the hate for Dori? If he is as pathetic as you constantly imply that he is, why has he been able to maintain a succesful moderately conservative talk show in socialist Seattle for over 13 years? Isnt this a cut-throat business where you are out if you dont get ratings? Remember Allen Prell? Or who could forget Brian Maloney? It is obvious by now that Dori speaks to a large group of people in the Puget Sound region who feel that their point of view or political ideology is not represented by most of the media outlets in this area.

Puget Sound

Perspective Sparky?
You really think that Eastern WA is Gregroire country?
It will be the Puget Sound Metro area that will be where her votes are at. And those are the people hit the hardest with the departure of the Sonics.
Sports fans are also voters. You may not like or appreciate professional sports. That's fine. Many of us do. It does provide a sense of common ground for many who may not agree on politics/religion etc.
And when the team is in the playoffs the buzz it creates is something to behold.
I'll ask the same question of you that I asked of Coiler. If the Hawks had moved to LA in 95 and the M's had moved to Tampa in 93 what in the heck do you think the SODO area would look like without Safeco or Quest Stadium?
And how in the heck do you think Key Arena will survive and the small businesses that depend on the 40 plus games a year the Sonics brought to downtown?


And the Raiders moved from Oakland and back again, so what?

two-fingered salute Bush

"George W. Bush: Polluting Like a Rock Star

7/10/08, 1:57 pm EST

A scene from the G8 summit in Japan. We’re not making this up.

The American leader, who has been condemned throughout his presidency for failing to tackle climate change, ended a private meeting with the words: “Goodbye from the world’s biggest polluter.”

He then punched the air while grinning widely, as the rest of those present including Gordon Brown and Nicolas Sarkozy looked on in shock.

Oh, and not making this up either:

Mr Bush also faced criticism at the summit after Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian Prime Minister, was described in the White House press pack given to journalists as one of the “most controversial leaders in the history of a country known for government corruption and vice”.

The White House apologised for what it called “sloppy work” and said an official had simply lifted the characterisation from the internet without reading it."

The Frat Boy does it again. Doesn't he just make everybody proud?


joanie, in case you haven't heard, Mr Bush is the lamest of ducks; can we please move on. Focusing on his latest mis-steps at 01:20 in the a.m. only makes you seem obsessed about the man. You're bigger than that. Re-focus and please consider 'writing-in' Hillary's name on the ballot; she was truly the one and we both know it.


With the coverage of our beloved Governor and her appearance on the Dori Monson show and past topics on Imus, etc., et al I'm somewhat surprised that our blathering meister hasn't posted a topic on the recent Rev Jackson hyperbole.


Duff: Get Over It!


Steven...you think if they had MOWED there wouldn't be any fires?


So Puts, what YOU'RE saying is that it doesn't matter what happens to other people's homes, you are pissed that your have lost your beloved basketball team. The livelihood of some local merchants trumps entire communities? Nice.

Seattle will survive. Chucks explained earlier that people who sell stuff bounce back easily, remember? You will survive, although just barely, I guess, without your basketball "community."

Besides, if she had come forth with the extra money needed for them to stay, she would have just that much less for paying to mow Eastern Washington!!


Thanks for linking that, dc. Seder referenced that article last night on Malloy's show and I meant to read it.

Kinsley is spot on. Obama is nothing if not strategic in his every move. I disagreed with the FISA vote but I'm gong to guess that he's totally committed to obstructing any mention of being weak on security.

He's the smartest guy we've had in a long, long time. Smarter than Bill Clinton for sure.


Sorry Sparky, had a Joanie "Thirteen and Perky" moment there. Spread is what I meant. Many fires can be prevented from spreading far if you keep the shrubs and grasses cut. Less fuel for the fire.


Hey two-finger, where is the video. How can we be sure they are not making it up wthout video. Here's on for you and I'm not making it up either, Hussien Obama can walk on water. Really, I'm not making it up, really.


The homeowners are responsible for mowing their lawns, not the governor, sheesh!




Steven, you really ought to find that yellow brick road. You and scarecrow could be buddy up...

two-fingered salute Bush

In Steven's world, yes, the gov is responsible for mowing lawns.

"...if he only had a brain."


Dave Ross just played a clip of Dori asking the gov if she was ambushing him.

Dave said the gov can call him anytime he wants. Rossi, too.

Now he's discussing the discussion and is straightening out some of the "facts" Dori supplied the next day.

Dave is so classy.


wouldn't you love to be his producer

Puget Sound

"o Puts, what YOU'RE saying is that it doesn't matter what happens to other people's homes, you are pissed that your have lost your beloved basketball team. The livelihood of some local merchants trumps entire communities? Nice.

Seattle will survive. Chucks explained earlier that people who sell stuff bounce back easily, remember? You will survive, although just barely, I guess, without your basketball "community."

Besides, if she had come forth with the extra money needed for them to stay, she would have just that much less for paying to mow Eastern Washington!!

Posted by: sparky | July 11, 2008 at 07:58 AM

Sparky, of course Seattle will survive. And I didn't mention anything about mowing the lawns in Eastern WA and besides it wouldn't have impacted it at all. The tax that they are asking for was specifically designed for the M's and now that the M's bond has paid off early we wanted to use the revenue stream to apply it to the Key Arena.

Now would you please answer the questions that I respectively posed to you above? We have a nice potential 'teaching moment' for Joanie to witness: civil discourse and the exchange of ideas.

Puget Sound

"wouldn't you love to be his producer

Posted by: Duffman | July 11, 2008 at 10:29 AM"

Duff you hit it on the head. Joanie use to have it in for the last Ross Producer -Tina- and she still likes to take shots at the production side with snide comments about how Ross has his MyNorthwest Page all set up. You just 'know' that she 'thinks' if only she could get in there and 'straighten' things out for Ross. All would be well.


putsie, you are a bore and you are boring this blog to death.

And why you need my attention so badly, I'll never know. You are creepy.


duff, yes, it would be a blast. High energy, interesting, and he's clearly like-minded politically.

Wouldn't you?


BTW, he obviously has a great relationship with Libby; but, she could do a better job on his page as well.


Dave just played the tape of Judge Bridges telling the Repugs they had no case in Wenatchee in 2006. But, the BIAW has put up 61 billboards claiming the elections was stolen.

As Dave said just now, to the rightwingers, "facts don't matter."

Great show, Dave.


and sputsie, if you need a reality-check on what a good page looks like, check out Dori's. That's an example of excellence.

You obviously fall short in that department.

Puget Sound

You should have seen how Pudge handed it to Joanie over at SP awhile ago. Very amusing.
'I speak Truth to Power' was my favorite quote.
And then of course the acrid smell of the 'Skedaddle' that we have become so familiar with.


And sputsie, since you continue to post devoid of facts, I handed it to pudge who gave up. And Dave agreed with my characterization of Rossi as smarmy.

A win to you is similar to the one Judge Bridges called stupid in so many words.

That's what makes you so forgettable. Learn to read, comprehend, get your facts, and shut the fuck up.


I did answer your question: Seattle will survive the "loss" of the Sonics. I have no idea what "SoDo" would have been like without the Seahawks and the Mariners in that area. Real estate is very expensive in the downtown core so anything could have happened. It is impossible to predict what. If you are implying we would have urban blight there if not for the teams, I don't agree. That whole waterfront area is so different from what I remember in the 60's because of all the development. The other big landlord down there is Starbucks. Im sure other businesses would have found their way there, or condos. But, like I said, it is impossible to predict.
Again, I feel much worse for people who are losing their homes than for you for losing a recreational outlet. It is about priorities for me.

And my comment about mowing was directed at Steven.

STEVEN!...there is NO cure for 2/3rds of the state being dryer than a popcorn fart except WATER.
Have you ever driven past the agricultural areas around Walla Walla, Yakima, the Tri-cities? Where there is water it is green and lush. 5 feet away, where there has been no water, it is dry as the aforementioned fart. If you go on I-90 to Spokane, the plant life gets even scarcer--greasewood, tumbleweeds, pine trees, grass--all dried out by the heat and lack of rain.
In addition, the forests are burning near Wenatchee. Mowing, clipping bushes, removing fuel is impossible in a dry, desert-like climate when there are hundreds of thousands of square miles of it.

To try to pin all this on Gov. Gregiore is just silly.


Michael, Ross is quoting the "Collin's" NY Times article and discussing it with Jeffers.

I miss Jeffers.

coiler for Gregoire

Indeed, I never mowed cheat grass in Kennewick, too dangerous ya know?

Puget Sound

Sorry, your earlier response was a little broad and I probably was a little too dense to connect it.
But Gregoire is the Gov and is suposed to be our regional Leader. If she doesn't want to take responsibility then I suggest she not run again.
But yeah, the other 'leaders' in WA have their share of the blame. Greg Nickels, Seattle City Council, Frank Chop, among many. I cite mainly Dems because we both know that Dems more or less control both King County and the State.
The SODO area without the economic impact of the 81 M's games and the 8-10 football games -and those beautiful stadiums - would be much the worse for wear. I forgot that you don't get in to Seattle all that much so it is probably not fair to ask you a question on the viability of SODO.


IMO, Puts is right about the economic impact of a high-caliber pro sports franchise. Operative terms 'high-caliber'; which I don't attribute to the now Okie Dokies and many other pro B/Ball franchises. It wouldn't surprise me to find out that our good Governor may in fact get bonus points if indeed credited (correctly or incorrectly) with Sonics exodus. Bring on the MLS Seattle Sounders FC! Spring of '09!


Monson had a discussion today about a death in the Rainier Beach hood, which occurred after an altercation betwen an "old white guy" and a (I assume) younger black man. It turns out the old guy was all of 60 ( the full-sized 60 year old American male of 2008, in good shape, could easily whip Monson's ass), and he was watering a trafiic circle on his street, where he and his neigbors had planted a garden. This fellow apparently always stretched the garden hose across the street and put up a trafic cone. Some girls,( Dori didn't make it clear, but he implied they were black), drove up to the cone and told or asked him to move it so they could drive through legally, and not have to go the wrong way around the traffic circle. The "old guy" refused and an argument ensued which resulted in him spraying the girls with the hose. One of the girls said he slapped her, but that is in doubt. Apparently the girls told a male acquaintance about the "old guy" and he marched over and punched the guy hard enough to send him to the concrete and kill him. If the facts are truly as stated above, then the "old guy" should have moved the cone at the girls insistence, since he doesn't own the road and technically doesnt have the right to make them drive illegally in the wrong direction around the traffic circle. Technicaly, i say. since a normal, sane person wouldn't have a problem with respecting the man's cone for 10 or 15 minutes once a week or so. It wasn't his place to argue with them or spray them. If this guy was a long time resident of that area, he should know that he lives in a "hood" and not a neigborhood, Seattle or not. In a hood, fascist, thuggish "hood rules" reign supreme. In the "hood", a spraying of a man's girl or women friends might have resulted in a shove to te ground, or average punch, 20 years ago. Now it results in a bullet to the chest or head or a punch to the head brutal enough to be lethal. I partially disagree with Dori I don't believe this is a racial incident after the point where the dude sprayed the women. Whether the women would have just chosen to turn and drive drive around the traffic cone if the watering man had been black is open to conjecture. I personally think these girls probably had an attitude because some " uppity white boy" in their hood was blocking half the traffic circle with a cone and a hose. My opinion is that they would almost surely have just laughed it off and gone around the other side of the traffic circle if it had been a "brother" watering the plants. They probably would have waved and told him good job. Remember, in these "hood" areas, a stray white man is the new "nigger' and is punished brutally, usually by a cowardly pack of men or a single much larger man) for the slightest excuse or demonstration of "uppityness" just as blacks in the South would have been in the twenties. In any case, it's a senseless tragedy, and the perp needs to be charged severely for this.


I do not know for sure dude, but I think pissing off a young woman is a capital crime in Seattle. Spraying the bitch with water eliminates the need for a trial or any of that other formal stuff.
Just be grateful the old man was white. If he was a bit more diversified, there would be all hell to pay. The NAACP, ACLU, Police Chief, Mayor and all the preachers would be having press conferences and special investigations.
Just an old white guy, nothing to see. Move along.


chucks, what are we going to do with you...

Tommy, you say you disagree with Dori that it was a racial incident, but then you say the girls resented the "uppity white boy" and that if he had been a "brother" they would have laughed it off.

hmm..which is it?

Im not sure Duffman, who is half black, would appreciate you speaking on behalf of what the girls were thinking, since they are black and you are not. Don't you agree it is a bit awkward?


oh come on. get real. I've lived in the Rainier Valley and I 've seen how white males (me) are treated whether by black women or black males. Let me explain my post because i know it could be confusing. After the spraying of the girls, it can not be truly construed as a racial incident because a black man could just as easily be shot or brutally attacked by another black man for that transgression as a white man could be. The "killing a mosquito with a sledgehammer response, or fascist overreaction is just part of hood life. The difference is, whereas a black man can be expect to be killed for spraying some young black women with a hose, a stray white man living or passing in the hood shouldn't be surprised to be killed over brushing his hand lightly on the paint job of a brother's Mercedes, smiling respectfully at his woman or simply committing a WWW offense (alking While White). The black man watering plants on the traffic island would never have gotten to the point of spraying the girls because it never would have resulted in an argument in the first place. they wouldn't have copped an attitude over his traffic cone to begin with. A white man with a trafic cone is uppity and a challenge to the sisters in the ride, whereas the hose-weilding black man is simply that nice brother tryign to keep the neighborhood looking good.


I remeber the time in the nineties when I was walking downtown and a black man was parked in front of the crosswalk, waiting for the light. When he saw me trying to cross, e immediately pulled the Mercedes into te middel of the crosswalk so that he was completey blocking my way. I lightly brushed his Mercedes with a button of my coat as he passed behind him and as I made my way to the other side of the street i smiled at his woman in the passenger seat The black man in the MERCEDSE STOMPED ON THE GAS JUMPED OVER THE CURB OF THE SIDEWALK AND REVED THE ENGINE AS HE LURCHED THE VEHICLE MENACINGLY TOWARDS ME across the sidewalk. instead of running like a fool down the street, i simply stood my ground and faced him down until he backed off of the sidewalk and shot off down the street. bwahahahaahahaha another wannabe badass.


With all due respect T008...you appear to be demonstrating racist demeanor. This is 2008, the 21st Century my man; that is totally uncalled for. You (we) all of Seattle really don't know the facts yet.

Puget Sound

The sad part is that over a little bit of water and some words a 60 year old man is dead, some young man is on the run and will no doubt be spending some time in jail, and the young women will have the rest of their lives to contemplate their part -if any- in the escalation of the whole event.

So easy to have avoided this with a little patience and tonight the old man would be out tending his traffic circle, the ladies could be out shopping, and the young man out doing what young men do on a Friday night.

Just sad all the way around.


You got it Puts...incredible waste...so very sad.


Here come the accusers One by One 08, you're a racist! One by One It's all part of my Blatherwatch Honesty bwahaahahahaahahahahaaaa Joanie bring it on bwahahaahahahahaahahaaa (my apologies to Rock and Roll Fantasy by Bad Company)

KFI Bryan

I USED to joust at the Injun windmill. But now I live in a state that gets a CUT of the action, so it's no longer my problem. Best of luck Washington, you gave away the Golden Goose. If it WAS bipartisan, then they're all myopic morons.
Ask Oregon or Cali. Or every other state with Indian Gaming.

p.s. tell me how THAT turns out.

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