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July 10, 2008



Governor Gregroire comes across as someone genuine with high values and I believe she has captured the support and trust of most of this State. I don't for a minute believe this election will be anywhere as close as the last, and I believe she will win overwhelmingly. Sir Dino does come across as that 'slick good-ol-boy salesman' type (no offense meant to the fine art of good-salesmanship there chucks) and I believe his recent incoherent views on our transportation issues killed any chance of any ressurection. He will be very surprised. Recent Democratic ad depicting Sir Dino as 'so much like George Bush' is very cleverly done and will leave an indelible imprint in the minds of the voters of what 'we don't want'. This State will continue to be governed by Democrats both Executively and Legislatively.
Again, Dori Monson is indeed 'King' of radio in this area and knows exactly what buttons to push and when. He has the receipe for the consumate ultimate talk radio show.

Idaho Radio Buff

I hope she kicks butt in the primary!!! According to the pol's over at public radio, she has to have a strong showing to receive enough $$$... or it would be doubly delicious and ironic if somehow Rossi were blown off the top two. :)

KIRO Listener

What a surprise. It wasn't enough for him. And, he had to add the caveat about 'prepared' callers. http://www.mynorthwest.com/?nid=76&sid=7278


Dori has whining down to art form


Queen Christine is a kickass, down to earth governor. Wasn't sure about her last time but she's earned my support . Lots of sleaze-factor with the Dino and the jerks he hangs with.


Dave Ross accused man-whore Dory Monson of covering the Miss Washington photo story in order to drive listeners to his website. I'm sure Dave Ross has always known in the back of his mind that he's infinately more sophisticated than Monson but it's nice to hear him admit as much.


Gregoire proved that she's more of a man than Dori several times over again by calling into a belligerent right-wing talk - and Doris had the nerve to complain to her about being caught off gaurd as if he has to do weight training to prepare to take her on over the phone. Gregoire even cut down her oponent by name. I had great respect for her before but now she has proven herself tough enough to subdue a shark.


"battered lip syndrome"

I was trying to think of what that was called because if you watch the new Queen of Radio, Rachel Maddow on MSNBC you'll notice she has the same syndrome. Along with what looks like a vampire bite on the rightside of her neck.


I hope we never ever again think the Indians owe us. Sorry. I just think it is time we put our own houses in order before cutting in on Indian revenues.

I am disappointed in Gregoire's viaduct handling but still think she's the iron lady and I love her.

Principled, ethical and able to confront puerile Limbaugh wannabees behind microphones.


Classy behavior always trumps boorishness.


'Classy behavior always trumps boorishness.'

..ergo Puts's continued success on this board. [smile]


Sorry, Duff, but "Classy behavior" and "Trumps" are two things that don't have anything to do with each other.

Just a reminder.


Well, Dori is now "breaking down" his conversation with the gov. He's "nailing" (his favorite term) her.

So typically Dori. He did acknowledge that yesterday's show is big in the blogosphere. (sp?) But he didn't mention any particular blog.


KIRO has been giving a lot of shout outs to BW lately.


That's what I mean about no class. It's really easy for Dori to get the last word, now that she isnt there to defend and explain. Thom Hartmann has a guest on EVERY day who vehemently disagrees with him, and after the guest is gone, people call in to vet. Thom stops them and says he does not allow callers to attack a guest when the guest is not there to defend him or herself.

The thing I love best about Gov. Gregoire is how approachable she is. There are a lot of politicians who blog on Daily Kos, but they usually just post something and then never comment again. Gov. Gregoire carries on conversations with people from all over the country when she posts a diary, usually done in the evening after she has gone home. She writes in an easy manner and does not put herself "above" any of the other bloggers. When she replies to email, she actually answers the question asked, instead of sending a bulk message asking for money, like Patty Murray does.


Now, that's class.


Umm, I need some feedback. I just called Comcast about adding basic cable to Birch Bay. I don't watch TV much and so was prepared for basic which is $16.00 about a month.

The cheapest I can now get is over $50 a month and was quoted $65 for BB. This is what the new HD system is going to do?

Is everyone aware of that? Forced to take 125 channels whether we watch much TV or not? And paying that kind of price for what I regard as a clear screen?

Does everybody out there pay for full cable? I'm aghast. I guess I'll have to quit cable altogether.

Sorry, Michael. Just had to ask.

coiler for Obama

Yes, we like Gregoire, it is almost a certainty that Dori Rossi will kicked in the nuts even worse than last time.


Before the her bold interveiew against Monson I was like "yeah, where did my money go?" but now I'll vote for her with ease and confidence.


joanie, the digital switch only affects channels that you receive with an antena. Cable companies will still transmit analogue signals through their cable lines and basic analogue cable is much cheaper than the digital option you're looking at.

When I drive around I see a lot of people with HDTVs on their walls now. It's interesting that people are now able or willing to afford expensive cable, $1000 TVs and cell phones when only a decade ago there were no such expenses.


I have digital cable on three TVs AND high speed cable internet access, so I really pay through the nose, but I dont need to go see movies as I have about 20 movie channels. I chose cable over dish because I get Turner Classic Movies, the CBC, BBC in America, a bunch of 24/7 music channels of all genres, 3 HBO channels, 8 Encore movie channels, and a bunch of other movie channels. I love old movies, and the documentary series' on HBO are excellent. I watch very little network TV anymore.
So, it depends how you spend your time in the winter, joanie. I listen to a lot of radio, but old movies are my weakness.

I dont have any HDTV screens...my old JVCs work fine for now. I am waiting for the price to come down, and it will. My parents' first VCR was $700!


What Andrew said. Basic cable with Comcast costs me $13.55 per month plus 10% extreme generous pergressive libral take it in the hinnie again tax.


To me, she will always be the former president of a racist sorority that excluded blacks.

Period. End of story.


You hang on to that thought, DT.


Except Comcast is attempting to move people onto digital cable by moving the channel line-up into the more expensive plan. One of the Cspan's went that way.


So did MSNBC in some Oregon markets.


"Before the her bold interveiew against Monson I was like "yeah, where did my money go?" but now I'll vote for her with ease and confidence.

Posted by: AuthenticAndrew | July 10, 2008 at 02:05"

Hey Andrew, which 'outstanding' Seattle public school did you attend?


Too many Gregoire-oholics on this blog drinking the kool aid. Get real and consider: :

The Queen to Dori: "cannot be bought, cannot be sold, I would not engage in anything illegal, I would not engage in anything unethical" ... or to paraphrase a former politician I AM NOT A CROOK!.

Whenever someone says as she did on at least one occasion in her surprise call to Dori Monson - let me be clear or let me make this clear - it means that they really are trying to do is more confusing for those who doubt their integrity, something of which she has very little of...


When Dori came on Nancy Grace and spoke for the 3 or 4 30-second clips he was allowed with Nancy, it sounded by comparison, like someone in the conversation had a penis and the other person did not. Anyone who saw the interchange knows who appeared to have the penis and their first name didn't start with a D. I've wondered a couple of times why Monson was so exceptionally vicious to Nancy after his evening on the show with her. He went out of his way to ridicule her with a totally uncalled for meanness an nastiness. He even had his bitch boy engineer or producer Phil cut a tape of various clips of her speaking voice on the show to illustrate her supposedly funny pronunciations and way of speaking. I believe Monson was really humiliated by Nancy,knew he sounde like a pathetic, cockless fool up against her,if not consciously then unconsciously. His performance the next day was a DESPERATE, flailing abouit reaction to this.


So, we just take your word for it?


My comment was in answer to KS.


I doubt if you weren't being sarcastic, Sparks but researching it would show you the big picture. Postman's blog isn't a bad place to start.

While your at it, here is more food for thought:
"She spent us into a deficit, just like George Bush.
She stole the election, just like George Bush allegedly did !"


Pudge: nice to see you over here. Folks if you aren't aware, Pudge is a very talented and musically versed individual from SP.


"When Phil told me he had a call from a woman claiming to be the Governor, we first thought we were being "punked" "- Dori Monson today in his post-debate comments, where he as usual tried some psuedo-macho posturing, with bitch boy Phil. That's not possible Dori. You've been a punk since birth.


T008, fess up man...don't you really appreciate the Dori Man? Just look at how much mileage he's given you. BTW, nice to read your posts again. [smile]


Duff: Even though we are on opposing sides in the Guv's race, I concur with your statement about Pudge, and to a lesser extent about Dori - especially about him putting mucho miles on this blog, although I tend to tune in Dennis Miller at that time - he and his sidekick Sal (who is liberal, BTW) make a good team.

double r

this lady looks a awfuly lot like hilary clinton and i dont like hilary clinton. so why am i going to like this other gal that looks like her just because her husband is the govenor when hilarys husband was president? dont even make sense!

Puget Sound

When a couple of the locals here took the 'Duffman Challenge' and went over to SP one of them didn't last too long with Pudge. I'll give you a guess which one was found wanting.

Sparky did much better.

Puget Sound

I have Dennis on podcast ($49 it's a deal).
Did you catch the Vincent Bugliosi interview?
Miller just let him make the case that he is a certified sufferer of Bush Derangement Syndrome. After hearing the interview I know have my doubts that Charlie Manson actually was guilty...
Anyone want, I can post the link. 25 minutes of the best interview I have heard.


Surplus Dec.2005

Projected Deficit 2009

Where did the money go?


Nope, KS, wasn't being sarcastic. It was your opinion, nothing wrong with that. But you guys are always such sticklers for "proof"...just wondering.

As Coiler has pointed out several times on here, a Republican judge in conservative Eastern Washington found that the election, although close, was not stolen.

double r

or i guess shes the govenor but still whatever. give me a break


I noticed that the Projected deficit 2009 page did not exist. Where did the page go ?

According to the Gov., on Monson's show yesterday; she claimed that Dino Rossi left her with a $2.2 million deficit when she took over in 2005, which contradicts the first article about the surplus in 2005. She took a page out of "Goebel's book" - repeat a lie enough times and a significant segment will eventually believe it.


For the record: Based on the evidence shown, the Judge Bridges made the correct call in 2005 and after that I realized how pathetic the Republican party leadership of this state is.

There was proof to be had - so what happened ? The Democrats actually went out and got 5 signed affidavits from convicted felons who voted for Rossi and how many did the Repubicans get from convicted felons who voted for Gregoire ? ZERO !
They looked like idiots...


my laptp has gremlins in it and strange things happen from time to time. WEBPAGES FROM months old searches appear out of nowhere, vidoes start playing unbidden and uninvited. Tonight my Rhapasody suddenly appeared with only one file in my Mixer where there used to be a hundred or more 30 second clips from different songs. Somehow my 30 minute itunes file i had of the Dori Monson hour where he was making fun of Nancy Grace became transplanted over to my Rhapsody Mixer, erasing al thart was on there. the original mONSON file is still over at itunes. I WANT MY SONGS BACK, mONSON. GODDAMNIT.

Puget Sound

We should be careful lest we end up like the losers still contesting the Gore vs Bush of 2000 or the confused souls wailing about the 'machines' that robbed Kerry in 04.
Rossi lost. The Repub party got out-muscled in King County. A Machine that kept finding more and more votes after the election.
Nickels, Seattle City Council, King County Executive, Legislature and Gov all Dem or majority Dem.
Gov Gregoire still can't make a decision on the 'dangerous' Viaduct or the 520 Bridge.
The fact that they have to tout her role in the Tobacco Settlement before she was even Gov says it all about her dismal track record in the Governorship.


The comparison of Gregoire vs. Bush was used primarily to deflect her rather lame attempt to characterize Rossi as being like Bush. Actually, in this state she really has as much in common with Bush as he does in spite of the different party affiliation.

I don't dispute the decision of the judge in Wenatchee in 2005, but right now - beware of the leftist squirrels on the fringe gathering ACORNs (ie. illegal vote registering - dead or alive) for November.

Puget Sound

It'll be interesting. I think this Sonic misplay by Gov Gregoire will come back to bite her. I know of some deep blue Dems who are very upset about the lack of leadership she displayed.
She only carried King County by over a 100 votes.


The Washington economy is still robust, Christine has done her work with the various community and business leaders statewide over the past 4 years, Dino has not. Hers is not a dismal record. All he has is Lou Guzzo and the radical BIAW. I doubt the DINOsaurs/BIAW plan to divide the state vote in a Seattle vs us, two or 3 counties in E. Washington is going to work. It is desperate attempt at avoiding any substance. He will fuck this one up again. If you want to blame anyone Putz, blame the GOP for failing to run anyone but Rossi.


Let's see, Putsie wants to blame the PRIVATE sale of a PRIVATE business on the governor? The "misplay" was between Howard Schultz and slick Okie businessmen.

Is it really the governments responsibility to ensure that overpriced food sales are left intact on certain nights of the week at Key Arena when the bottom of the NBA barrel is playing? Do people really care? Will OKC care or want them in 10 years?

Do people in E Washington who Rossi hopes dislike Gregoire enough, really want to save Ahem!, The Seattle Sonics? I thought it was us against Seattle?

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