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July 21, 2008



Sean Hannity, at least on his television show which I have watched (don't listen to him on radio) appears to me to be one who does not have an original thought of his own. I would guess he parrots the Republican talking points to a tee and bases all of his comments thereon. Unlike others, he seems to not be able to think on his feet without spewing the party line. He is not someone who appeals to me.


It would be a mistake to equate a large paycheck with quality, BART. Look at Wayne Newton. Come to think of it, it's the same audience.


Say what you want about Hannity - but remember:
Money talks. Bullshit walks. And Hannity's talking loud - 100 million loud.


"it's like how talk hosts around here never mention the unholy name of BlatherWatch, though they read us every day"

Y'know, if you actually read the post and listen to the radio you would be able to define which radio host actively participate on BW.


A litte joke to start everyones week.

--My wife and I were sitting at a table at my high school reunion, and I kept staring at a drunken lady swigging her drink as she sat alone at a nearby table.

--My wife asked "Do you know her?

--'Yes,' I sighed, 'She's my old girlfriend. I understand
she took to drinking right after we split up those many years ago, and I hear she hasn't been sober since.'

--'My God!' says my wife, 'Who would think a person could go on celebrating that long?'

And then the fight started.....


"Money talks. Bullshit walks."

Now, there's a gem of an aphorism...I'll add it to my list of notable quotes, right below John 3:16.

Who are these people who revere Hannity and Wayne Newton??


Who is wayne newton?


He's a fig.


Someday, people will be asking the same question about Hannity and Rush, binky.

Fremont, my mother's cousin listens to Hannity every day. She is in her 80s, and has lived a protected life in a gated community so she and her family have never had to breathe the same air as a minority. She has never been a reader and pretty much stays on Fox News all day, so she has no way to compare viewpoints. Whatever Hannity says is the gospel truth. She has never voted for a Democrat in her life, never will, and sends my mom those endless retarded emails about how Obama is a flag-burning, BinLaden loving Muslim terrorist who will rape your daughters AND sons and will force you to live on the streets. Now that her husband, who thinks he will take his considerable amount of money with him when he dies, needs 24 hour medical care, they are bitching about how little their HMO insurance actually covers. Well, no shit!

We minimize our conversations with her because they are always the same and we are all happier for it.


Thanks for that slice o' real life, Sparkler...my heart goes out to you.

Love your "fig" line, Duh-f! Little things mean a lot....

Puget Sound

Gosh Sparky
Your Mom's cousin managed to hit every stereotype in the playbook.
It sure must be maddening.


With one hand tied behind her back..

I am the heathen liberal from whom she is protecting her granddaughter, who is growing up to be just like Mommy.


Let's see Evian spelled backwards is Naive. Naive Republicans; yep, some of them are.

Obama is also too thin-skined. He needs to get over it and deal with the real world, as he may be finding out.

Schick Shadel

Get over yourselves. These talk radio shows are about entertainment.

Do you really think Michale Savage believes the garbage he spouts day in and day out...?

That sarcastic "Great American" schtick by Hannity is so bogus...the guy would runoff to Thailand with a young girl if they offered him 100 million bucks!

Nobody has changed their vote or philospohy from listening to the god-damn radio...unless you're an absolute dumb-ass.


'These talk radio shows are about entertainment.'

BINGO! Nothing more, nothing less! TBTL offers as much reasoned logic as any of these shows.

Real American

Yall have no idea what your talking about. Your just like all the other left wing democrats who just cant stand a successful republican. He is a good American. It is you democrats who are driving this nation to the ground and Obama is your cab.

oh yeah

obama's mojo is gone.

he's had it all on cruise control all his life.

doesn't know adversity, only false advantage and destroying opponents before they can compete.

forced to face reality

he's going to snap.

the question is: what's he going to do when he does?

play the dissonant chord now


i agree. Obama is getting desperate, and will snap/is snapping a bit alreaDY, AS HE REALIZES HE IS NO LONGER ADORED. He's an affirmative action boy, all the way down the line.....indeed his mojo is gone and he's making speeches at hiphop funraisers talking about the slaves sitting around the fire singing freedom songs....Mr. nose-up-in-the-air meanspirited bully and his arrogant, cold fish wife are heading for defeat in 2012 ...i can't call it certain defeat yet, although that please me, but he seems to be inexorablt movign to just that.


rick Sanchez let Jon Stewart get to him, after Stewart's recent ridiculing of him several times on his show, and exploded into an anti- Jew rant where he all but called Stewart a goddamn jewboy and did call him a bigot. Now Rick has been fired from CNN. rick rick rick, you can't let weasels like Jon Liebowitz get to you. I CAN'T STAND THE MAN MYSELF RICK, BUT IF I HAD A FELLOW LIEK THAT MAKING FUN OF ME I WOULD TAKE CARE NOT TO EXPLODE INTO SELFDESTRUCTIVE, SELFPITYING RANTS. you just handed your enemy (Liebowitz/Stewart) a sword and you gladly allowed him to destroy you.


who knew that Sanchez had this fixation about himself as an oppressed minority who every white felow was sniggering about behind his back because his Daddy was a laborer. He's Cuban-American. and does not look Mexican or Puerto Rican. Does Cameron Diaz (Cuban-Amercan) loo like a minority? no, and neither does Rick Sanchez. Even with his fake tan, he still looks like a rather stupid white man.


I wanted to like Rick. He was passionate. The problem is that he's not very bright. He was like of the Dori Monson of CNN; better off doing sports report or somethere where he's less likely to hurt his head. I think Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC is what Rick Sanchez should have been.


Phil Hendrie was talking about Sanchez last night and he picked up on a key line in the rant. Apparently, and actually you can hear it in his voice, Sanchez is vey angry that a honcho at CNN told him that he was goign to move him to reporter status, although Sanchez makes it sound like a more vague conversation. He is vague on when this conversation happened but it probably happened this week. So Sanchez goes into the interview already mad as hell, knowing his anchor job is soon to be gone. He has no attention og going back to reporter and being " like a John Quinones at ABCNews" type as the mystery honcho told him (highly insulting to Rick). So Sanchez decided to let her rip. Stewart probably is a bigot, besides from being a douchebag, but where Sanchez went off the rails was in lowering himself to the old "Jews run the medis " anti-semitic crap.

Puget Sound

cheer up Dems, Bob Schrum who has masterminded a number of Presidential defeats predicts that the Dems will indeed hold the Senate and the House.

So nothing to worry about.

Puget Sound

By the way, all those snarky comments about the Tea Party have died off. I guess when you see a movement take you off at the knees it ceases to be some quaint - weird dealie anymore.
I'm no Tea Partier but gotta admit that it has been a helluva movement.
Cheer up Dems, once this election is over they'll be holding the Repub party feet to the fire so you'll be able to move back to the center again ala Clinton circa 1994.
Which begs the million dollar question:
What is it about the progressive voices that Americans reject?
Is it the faux elitism? The ph(J)oanie-ness? Maybe the two face snark?
But hey, you got Keith Olberman and he'll be able to pound away at the Republican Congress for years to come.

Puget Sound

here's some of that ph(J)oanie-ness that turns off the center of this country.
congresswoman loretta sanchez racebaiting in her election against the vietnamese-american republican candidate.
you don't see or read anything denouncing this obscene tactic on Rachel or Keith. reverse the parties, and you know they would both have played it up to the hilt.

the same usual suspects that call tommy 008 a racist are strangely silent when it's one of their own...


Feel all cocky & confident now Puget because as soon as Ms Palin allows herself to be interviewed by other than Faux, America will again see how dim witted she is as the de facto leader of the tea-party community. So smugly go about your optimism but remember reality will set in once the voters get down to really paying attention to details.

Puget Sound

well, you won't see me go full Dem mode and scream 'fraud' if the repubs lose.

anywhoo, given that the voter base you are counting on to come out to vote in the off year election tends to have other priorities than the mundane task of 'voting' i feel confident.

my base, they like to vote. especially in off year elections in which legislation has been rammed down their throats with comments by the President such as 'it's over. I won. elections have consequences.'
well, he's about to find out what it's like to be on the other side of those graceless comments.

Puget Sound

my oh my, this shows the lack of consistency that the center of america is tired of.

gloria allred toasted to a tender turn. if you like to see gloria look like a fool then check it out...see if any of the usual suspects can grasp it.



As Bryan Suits said earlier in the week: the issue with Barack Obama is not the color of his skin, its the thickness of his skin.

I'd be willing to bet that those of you taking shots at Fox News seldom and most likely never watch it ! How can you argue with ignorance like that? I know that Fox News gives both sides of the story (no, not on Hannity or Beck, but on other news shows - Bob Beckel, Geraldo Rivera, Kirsten Powers and Mark Lamont Hill - liberals are all on that network. Without watching it first hand, you don't really know what you are talking about when you take shots at it. Did you know that if you try walking your talk for a change you will earn some cred. That's human nature...

Those who think there will be change by reelecting the incumbents epitomize insanity - expecting different results, mainly the left-wingers here. The Republicans can get in trouble here - Like those who support Lisa Murkowski...

Alan Grayson is down by 7 points after doing the hit pieces on his opponent, a la Media Matters - taking what he said out of context and distorting the truth - that a-hole does not deserve to win, and it looks like he won't !


here's some of that ph(J)oanie-ness that turns off the center of this country.
congresswoman loretta sanchez racebaiting in her election against the vietnamese-american republican candidate.
you don't see or read anything denouncing this obscene tactic on Rachel or Keith. reverse the parties, and you know they would both have played it up to the hilt.

the same usual suspects that call tommy 008 a racist are strangely silent when it's one of their own...

Posted by: Puget Sound | October 02, 2010 at 08:47 AM

Rachel is an intellectual who has admitted she never watches Fox news. What a dolt ! She is immersed in her own self-flagellation and left wing bigotry and sounds like she is insane much of the time.

Loretta Sanchez is another a-hole who deserves to lose along with Alan "the bigot" Grayson. All they do is make a sham of the political system. Their narcissism is coming back to bite them in the butt.

The total number of registered Republicans is only 1% less than the total number of registered Democrats - the closest it has been in a long time and those who call themselves independent is only 2% less than the total number of Democrats. The independents dislike Obamacare more than ever before 63% oppose it - which will influence their vote in these midterm elections.

Puget Sound

good point KS
you know, it is telling how scarce the usual suspects are now that the election looks to be bad for them.

after the 2008 election, myself, KS, chucks, nevets, duff, etc all stayed around and wished the best for pres obama and that he would use his power wisely in the best interest of the entire country.

grayson is a loon. the sad part is that he is a very smart man but obviously has issues with reality.
it calls into question his judgement. no doubt he'll be keith olberman's go to fill in host after he gets booted out of office.

Puget Sound

here is congressman grayson taken apart by contessa brewer.
be proud usual supects, be proud.
when you lose a msnbc host, you gotta wonder....


kind of reminds you of pres obama's admin firing that lady without listening to the full tape.


Grayson isn't stupid, but he is a shameless liar who would not hesitate to sell someone a lemon as a used car to line his pockets - a despicable human being. Brewer gets kudos for that interview with Grayson and jackals like Grayson should be fact-checked and/or volunteer to submit to a lie detector test periodically whenever they open their mouth.

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