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July 24, 2008



Wow! Fairly extensive coverage. I sort of expected it from KIRO of course but KVI somewhat surprises me...what with their seemingly tenuous situation and at least perceived financial position. But, hey bring 'em all on for these dog and pony shows, which always seem to me to be such a waste of $money for exemplifying a foregone conclusion.


Sure, Duh-f...and why waste the $money on an election when it is merely "exemplifying a foregone conclusion"?

Obama gave the keynote speech at the 2004 convention, and I'm sure his acceptance speech will be electrifying. That's worth tons of "wasted $money"...


...because THAT accomplishes something; what does the glitzy convention accomplish...except to bolster the egos of the participants. A certain amount of celebration is warranted but the extremes to which they take these dog-and-pony shows is a bit much. Just my opinion, if you condone spending like that...that's rather 'telling'.

Vera Smalls

People want to hear what goes on at these things. There's a lot more than what's on the mainstage.


...no need for disguised monikers, we pretty much know who you are.

Dank Donkey

I've always wanted to know, who is Vera Smalls really?


fill me in, duffman, who is Vera Smalls?????


Aaah, come on sparky...be nice! [smiling very contently...]
Please keep us updated on the smear campaign against JE, will ya.


I really do want to know who Vera Smalls is, or who you think it is.

John McCain, in an effort to garner some publicity against Obama's mammoth speech, today spoke at German Village, Ohio at a Bratwurst factory.

No, Im not making that up.


OMG...that's too funny! haha SHAME on his advisors..(i.e., his wife).


Oh come on Duffy
He has a rally at a Bratwurst factory. But his is also running radio spots in three different cities by the name of Berlin, in this country, today. Tomorrow he is running ads in Paris's.
The man does have a little humor in him.


He has a rally at a Bratwurst factory.

Any reports on the size of his "wiener"?



It's 'savage' man you don't wanna know.


The Donkeys convention should be a blast. The protesters are already lining up. I imagine all those who thought that Obama was going to get out of Iraq almost immediatly are already beginning to feel disillusioned. But then the young crowd has been screaming almost 50 years now and what has it got them....not much.


Wake me up when these orchestrated spectacles are over !


Duh-f, who the hell is Vera Smalls or any "disguised monikers"? Is it you in disguise? :~)


Shhhhhhh....I'm sleeping. zzzz..


...Dank Donkey's alter-ego. [smile]


He doesn't know, Fremont.

Fremont, take a look at this:From today's Bob Cesca column--

As we have observed throughout the last several years, the notion of fairness in journalism has been guided by a miscalculated rule that in order to report good news about a liberal or a liberal success, news reporting has to be counterbalanced either with unearned praise for conservatives or trumped up and parroted negative news about the aforementioned liberal or liberal success. Oh, and the reverse doesn't apply. That's the rule.

And so now that Senator Obama's Berlin address is in the can, get ready for the backlash from the very serious corporate media. Get ready for profuse around-the-clock praise of Senator McCain and/or unfair, invented criticism of Senator Obama. Because reporting the news, however accurate, about Senator Obama's successful trip to the Middle East and Europe isn't news. It's obviously biased reporting against the McCain campaign.

.....That's all we've heard from the McBush Republicans this week: griping about the press coverage of Senator Obama's trip, as if such an epic event isn't newsworthy. Although I'm sure the McBush camp would've been thrilled about such wall-to-wall coverage if Reverend Wright had been spazzing out on the wing of the Obama campaign jet, ripping it to shreds Twilight Zone style -- Rezko and Ayers running around in turbans spray-painting "clinging to guns" on the side of General Petraeus' helicopter....

...."Presumptuous" must really be a popular word. Odd that it's being used so often by people who want Senator Obama to win.

AP: "In a speech that risked being seen as presumptuous..."

TIME Magazine: "capable to become the Commander in Chief of a superpower -- without seeming presumptuous..."

The National Journal: "He is well aware voters here at home might see that as presumptuous..."

Washington Post: "Whether by the end of this week he will be seen as presumptuous or overly cocky..."

Chicago Tribune: "That means walking the fine line between looking presidential and appearing arrogant and presumptuous..."

Boston Globe: "plus the growing sense in some quarters that the presumptive Democratic nominee is getting a little presumptuous..."

Can you feel the wanting-Obama-to-win love radiating off your computer screen? No?

The reality is that positive coverage of any Democrat is limited and temporary for fear of networks and newspapers either being accused of liberal bias or being tossed out of the very serious barbeque loop. Regardless of whether the Democrat, in this case Senator Obama, is having a good day, it's somehow unethical to report on such good news for too long without deliberately concocting an antidote to appease the far-right. So rather than standing up as the only industry explicitly named in the Constitution and defending the very basic idea of journalistic integrity, the corporate media is all too quick to capitulate to these specious Republican attacks -- that is, when they're not tossing their ethics aside and taking bribes in the form of barbeque and McBusch beer from a candidate whom they're supposed to be covering objectively.


much ado 'bout nothing.
...so, w/you rather have MSM focus on JE.


..in same vein:

I seriously can't see how there could be any doubts about who will be occupying the White House after yesterday's *stunning speech by Dalai Obama [I'm referring to him as that 'till he's sworn in] as I now believe that he is ostensibly America's highest priest contribution to the world. The Dalai's coattails will indeed support and help many, including our current Governor.
I must say that I'm starting to feel a bit sorry for Sen McCain. I don't doubt he's a good man and has certainly earned the respect of our Country in his devotion and hard work and committment, but he obviously can't compete with all of the attributes of the Dalai. We witnessed yesterday the start of America once again capturing the imagination of the world and, I think (& hope) a new resurgance of respect unfolding. Because of the large amounts of $money to be spent on this campaign this may not be a 'slam-dunk' per se but I believe Dalai Obama's victory will be significantly by a wide margin. Ripple effect will obviously help many otherwise 'close' State races.
Sen McCain I commend you for your efforts and dedication, but sorry sir it ain't gonna happen. Finish out your Senate career and enjoy retirement - you've certainly earned it. BUH-bye!

(*) by stunning speech, I don't mean in any original profound way, but simply in a way that captured people's imagination, much like the speeches that Ronald Reagan gave...so, i.e. 'stunning' relative to Bush and/or McCain speeches.

Redmond Dem

Hey Duffbutt, you are falling down on your job of pretending not to be a Republican.
I know you can do better.


...and, I know 'certain things' too...Redmond Dem hehe...


Good grief Sparky and Duffy
The press is just giving a little spanking to Obambam for how crappy he and his handlers treated them on their Middle East and European vacation. They will fall back in line quickly. No way the press is going to allow the truth out about their candidate. Heck, they no longer even try to hide their libral slant. They will do their part and carry buckets and buckets of water for the Messiah.
But they will have to be diligent in their efforts. There are a few out here that are going to find out the truth about Obambam. It is not going to be pretty.


I'm sure that is how you will see it, chucks.

Joanie boycotting for Hussein

Oh Fremont
Duff thinks that I am 'Vera Smalls.'
Alas, poor Duff is wrong again.
I've been staying off the blog for the past week in protest over my lack of support from 'certain' allies.
All Chucks has to do is make an inane comment and you'll have Putzie and KAOS (KS) yelling 'SPOT ON' like it is a football game.
I produce lucid and well reasoned comments with almost no name calling and I can't get any of my 'allies' to support me or my position.


welcome back...i do not think you're any one in particular...I know better...
You're always missed...at least by me.


Goodness Joanie, You really believe that you produce lucid and well reasoned comments? Gasp!!! That is exactly what I thought that I produced.
We must have a differing opinion.
Don't boycott. Coiler tries hard, but nobody gets to me like you. Not even any of my own ex's.
Sparky is too much like my sister to be mean to. Worst thing Fremont ever did was bring my poor spelling to my attention (thanks, by the way. I'm trying). Nate has a wicked tongue but hasn't time for us. CPP3 ran away. We just need you.


Oh I'm glad I'm off the hook--I'll keep trying. Chucks you're a good american in spite of our boy Obama and all stealing all the attention.


Nobody who sends our boys and girls to die for a legacy and oil is a good American.

Ex-wives? How many you got, chucks?


BTW, I notice you're posting as chuck now instead of chucks. Hmmm. I've pictured you as chucks for so long I'll have to revise my picture of you. Well, maybe.

Can you imagine the picture conjured up by "chucks?"

Thanks for missing me Duff.

Umm, gigi, do you and I have a little secret? Or do I have another guiding angel?


Burbank and the segment of the 18 to 30 sometHing crowd that thinks he's cool actually think it's a sign of savvy intelligence, not ignorance, to talk like valley girls. They actually believe they're superior to us old farts who only use "like" in it's proper manner, not as a moronic, meaningless filler, dropped at will at least once into nearly every sentence, like a small turd plopping into a cup of coffee. wow the completely unearned, extreme high selfesteem of the Burbank types is breathtaking.(When I hear the "likes'flowing freely from these "Valley Nation" TBTL types, i don't think of a hip happening guy or gal. i think of lame, ancient history where the misusage of the word all began- fifties beatniks, Maynard G. Krebs , goatees, bongo drums, black turtle necks, go man go, open mike poetry readings during Ike's last term, Allen Ginsburg, daddios..... lame.) it's like- so lame,man


I seem to be the only Chuck to post here, so what the heck. Yes, I have conjured "up" my own pictures of chucks.
I sent no boys and girls to war. There are plenty of men and women at war. Every one of them volunteering to join the military. No military person that is in danger at this time is there against their will that I am aware of. Every person fighting today either enlisted or re-enlisted after the wars started.
They know what they are doing and why they are doing it. God bless them all. Pretty sure that none of them are fighting for an Exxon or Shell card, so it is not for oil.
Hey joanie, go down to Ft Lewis when you get a chance. Stand in front of the base entrance with a sign. Something like "I am a libral pergressive dimocrat and would like somebody to explain to me why you do what you do". You will probably get treated very well and maybe learn a little.


Dobbie Gillis?
Crap, you are as close to rigormortis as I am.
I did in fact laugh out loud at that Tommy

Puget Sound

Chucks, just wanted to chime in with a "Spot On" !

Joanie, you seem more mellow. Hope the rest has given you a chance to charge up your batteries and return like Duffman, tanned, rested, and ready. Be like Sparky and roll with the punches a bit. After all, your candidate is most likely to win in 2008.

Be nice to GG, he's a good dude. Gotta admit I do like the KAOS monicker for KS. I don't think he'll take exception to it. Better than klueless.


Hussein on the surge. Before and after.

Puget Sound

Spot on Nevets!


either enlisted or re-enlisted after the wars started.

Ever heard of stop-loss? It's called a "back-door" draft by the boys and girls affected. You might check that out.

BTW, chuck, sorry about the job. I'm glad to know that you'll be able to find another so easily. That's what you said so I trust that you will. Still, it's hard to leave a place you feel so comfortable and from which you have earned some respect and status.

Sputs, you're still a stalker. Stay away from me.


"VIDEO: US Troops Give Obama A Standing Ovation in Kuwait!"

Just for you chuck.


"The walls between races and tribes; natives and immigrants; Christian and Muslim and Jew cannot stand. These now are the walls we must tear down."

I wonder if Hussein thought of this as he was attending the "Wailing Wall" the day before. A site that is considered to be Judaism's holiest. Is he saying for peace to take hold in the Middle East that this wall must come down.


Hey Joanie, It is customary and respectful to stand up when a senior official enters the room.


Also Joanie, you might want to check out that Votevets.org site that Sparky is always talking about. There you will find alot of soldiers who were able to get out of the military when thier enlistment ended. As a matter of fact, the new ad from there has one such veteran in it.


So, the ovation was for the officer? You sure? Or another guess? You're good at guessing, Steven. Well, you like guessing, Steven.


I said "Senior Official" Joanie, not Officer. Two different words but I can understand that in your haste to respond negatively you mis-read it.


"official" - "officer" What's the difference?

Steven, are you saying that these kids weren't giving Obama a very gracious and enthusiastic reception?

Speak plainly.


And as an aside, I've seen more troops show up for the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders on the fantail of a Frigate in the middle of the Persian Gulf than Hussein got to greet him in that video. Now maybe when he shows more respect for those serving, more will start showing up, but with his refusal to meet injured war soldiers in Germany will not help that problem and definitly not go un-noticed by the troops themselves.


If it was a senior Officer Joanie, they would have stood at attention until directed to do otherwise and not jumped around graciously and enthusiasticly. That is the difference.


So, what do you think of the enthusiastic reception given Obama by the soldiers which included an ovation which was given in a standing position?

Try not to be negative. :)


BTW, honesty dictates that I reveal that I did not post the item above by "Joanie boycotting for Obama."

The timing was perfect as I got back into town at precisely 6:30 pm and the item was posted at 5:21.

But whoever posted it spoke eloquently indeed.

Sorry Klueless, KAOS is a new one and it's not mine. But clever, don't you think?

And chuck, I never knew...so, tell me, how many wives?

Duffman, did you post it?


yeah, we're ancients all right. It's a good bet that Luke and Jen , the same blissfully ignorant pair who thought that Samuel Clemens was Mark Twain's like "stage name", or something, believe that their precious generation, not a bunch of bongo slapping beatniks in the mid-1950's, was the first to start misusing "like" as a meaningless filler, while teenagers in the late eighties.

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