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July 19, 2008



What Savage said was probably off where he said 99 percent - its probably more like 40% - it was sweeping generalization and should be taken as such. There is truth in what he says and will heed these comments. In this age of Animal Farm and Lord of the Flies coming to life, big brother is rearing his ugly head.

To insinuate that he is talking about Rebecca is ridiculous. The underlying premise of this rant by the HuffPo and Media Matters is ideology. If Savage were a progressive and said this, this would have been ignored. So much for credibility in the media...yawn.


I have a better understanding now of why joanie calls you clueless.


Before you get to sounding too much like Joanie, I'll further explain my position; There is an element to truth in what he said. Can you invalidate his assertions other than the 99% after you read the entire context of his monologue, which is not present here ? No, not unless you downloaded the entire segment with further research and if that was done, I'd listen with an open mind.

The reason I discount the protest is for the reason, as I stated; "If Savage were a progressive and said this, it would have been ignored." If you go back heard the entire context, I'd bet that you would hear that he qualified his statements, which on the face seemed outrageous. I find Savage entertaining, intelligent and a shock jock in instances like this - to get the truth across and emotional and I take some of what he says with a grain of salt.


Media Matters/HuffPo rant? Did you listen to the cut? Did you read the column? Who's the fuck ranting????
Savage is a sick fuck making a lot of dough saying sick things to piss people off. Could anyone be lower than this bottom feeder? Who listens to him? Pissed off garbage men and bitter old businessmen?


Good for him. While it's probably not 99%, it's probably more like 40%, like KS said.

Same goes for ADD. I think ADD is a phony made up condition. I think in most cases the kid's just dumb, but they have to make up this phony condition to make excuses for their kid and why he sucks in school.

And same goes for disabled people. Especially those who park in handicap spots. In most cases, they aren't disabled, they are just lazy.


Savage goes of te deep end from time to time but he is a true intellectual with the goods to back it up (P.H.D. in a real science from Berkeley) unlike our local wannabe , sportscaster Dori "Moose" Monson, who thinks he's all that in the intellect department because he skipped a grade in school, and reads us letters he wrote at age three to impress us, but betrays the falsity of that conceit evey day on his show. Nancy Grace, hardly a Nobel Prize in Physics candidate, made him look like a babbling, errant knave and fool, for Christ sakes.


Actually DT...those who illegally park in a disabled parking space sometimes really are...but mentally.


"Media Matters/HuffPo rant?"

They didn't give you all of the information, just the part that bolsters their case against an ideological enemy, Savage. There is misinformation and dishonest reporting and there's too much of this irresponsible shit going on all in the name of demonizing the other side.

That goes for all of them - Savage is a part this too - he was sharply criticizing how the medical profession deals with autism, but to a greater extent; Media Matters, Arianna Huffington and the HuffPo, and the Daily Kos who will spin, twist facts and outright lie (i.e. slash and burn), and do anything to demonize those who are opposed to their views.

blathering michael

Who's your "media", the Voice of Reason & Intellect, Billo Reilly? Or that Fair & Balanced and towering mind Rush Limbaugh? Maybe it's The Studious One: Dori Monson.
We're watching as they spin out into irrelevance, and the country sheds them as political commentators and casts them into the role of red-faced duffoons and entertainers.
They themselves, with the generous help of George Bush created Media Matters, Kos, and HuffPo (and BlatherWatch, and HorsesAss, and TPM and Raw Story and Barack Obama...) Look for some dark days ahead, my friend.


So this is a quote from The Weiner of what his own father said to him:

"If I behaved like a fool, my father called me a fool. And he said to me, "Don't behave like a fool." The worst thing he said -- "Don't behave like a fool. Don't be anybody's dummy. Don't sound like an idiot."

Too bad he didn't listen to his dad.


"Look for some dark days ahead, my friend."

Yes, espescially with that Democrat controlled House, Senate, and Presidency the Liberals are dreaming about.


"Who's your "media", the Voice of Reason & Intellect, Billo Reilly? "

Anyone who tells the full story (i.e. truth) and not half-truths, which includes quoting sound-bites out of context without the full context of the potentially incriminating sound bites. That pretty much rules out Media Matters, the Huff-Po, Daily Kos and World Net Daily. (The last one is a far right publication)

and O'Reilly and has been guilty of this from time to time.


"They themselves, with the generous help of George Bush created Media Matters, Kos, and HuffPo (and BlatherWatch, and HorsesAss, and TPM and Raw Story and Barack Obama...) Look for some dark days ahead, my friend."

Good partial list - but you forgot the vaunted Sound Politics created by the Queen Christine in 2004. If it gets too dark, the pendulum will swing...


I have worked directly with children for 16 years.If Autism were from a lack of parenting skills, I assure you the rate woule be A LOT higher than 1 in 150. It would be about 1 in 5. My 9 year old son HAS Autism, and I am college educated with a special education concentration. Wiener is unknowledgeable, not to mention hateful. His theory is old, or else EVERY child in EVERY family that has an Autism diagnosis would "act" the same.


High five SK!!
Weiner has no altruistic intentions..he has added the part about pharma after even the Right had a fit about what he said. He even hinted that he meant ADD and ADHD instead of Autism. But, in his world, one is as good as the other.

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While I do not agree with his 99% number or that Autism is a made up illness. I do think the diagnostic tools dont always work as well as they could. But on another note, I frequently see photos or hear stories of parents with not 1 child with autism, but with 3 or 4 children with the disorder. If you have one child with the disorder, perhaps you should not have a second defective child to burden the planet.
If you do roll the dice that your genes will produce a second healthy baby and it's also autistic, why in the hell would you have a 3rd or 4th child?

You can see what your deck is stacked like...STOP REPRODUCING ! We dont much care how special your kids are to you, they are a burden to society. If nature has given you one child with a disorder, I feel for you, but if you keep making more your simply irresponsible. Most of the folks on this planet dont want to have to deal with your defective children you so selfishly created.

Autistic Kid

I have to disagree with your theory..

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