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July 22, 2008



Lovin it...

Gay Gary

If I'm not mistaken, SuperTalk Mississippi's owner, Davenport's TeleSouth Communications, was involved in some capacity in the Autism Speaks motor city fundraiser 2 or 3 years back. The so-called "Autism Speaks", incidentally, is headed by Peter Bell, most recently a Brand Manager for Johnson & Johnson whose Jansen Pharmaceutica Division is in a multi-year process to secure FDA approval for use of their controversial anti-psychotic Risperidone - which has such benign side effects as male lactation, glandular tumors and diabetes - on autistic children.

We live in A Brave New World

Gay Gary

With thanks to Google ...

The altruistic non-profit "Autism Speaks" actually publishes J&J press releases on their website. What a bunch of angels! It's great the pharmaceutical industry's front groups - er, I mean, spontaneous outpourings from concerned parents - are taking on that thug Savage ...



Hey! his head looks like a...a...a....oh...sort of gives a new meaning to dick-head.


Leave it to sparky...


Wonder if Bonneville will dump him on any of their stations, or are they arms length from the owners? Why a church-owned radio station would carry this guy, I would never know. His local station being KTTH. Too bad SLC or wherever Bonneville is headquartered can't send this guy a message, or will Savage turn on them next?

Gay Gary

Most likely they'll try to silence Savage as well. The Mormon church classifies homosexuality as a mental disease and still uses electro-shock aversion therapy on gays. Big Pharma has a big ally in the LDS / KTTH and I'm sure Bonneville will work overtime to make certain the Big Pharma line is never again questioned on their airwaves.

We can all rest easily knowing all our problems are just a prescription away from being solved! Thanks, Johnson & Johnson!

Gay Gary

Too bad SLC or wherever Bonneville is headquartered can't send this guy a message

Oh let's hope so. The last time a Jew got caught
protesting overdiagnosis of mental illness they interfered with this fun train:


Let's send that hebe a message! Get him off the State's airwaves! Boycott the hebe's business!


GG has been paying close attention to this and understands who has no cajones - like Super Talk Mississippi - will Bonneville follow suit ? Seems like Savage has really exposed what is long overdue, even though tact isn't his long suit. He is knowledgeable on the subject and isn't afraid of controversy (mild understatement)

He has been talking about nothing but this the last two nights. He had Wendy Fournier from the National Assn. for Autism. After reading her comment that he went way over the top, I was surprised that she generally agreed with he said when interviewing her (after she made the quote) and he praised her openness to understanding the message he was sending. He also had Dr. Peter Breggin, who wrote "Medication Madness" and his comments about what doctors and pharmaceutical companies were doing to children is criminal in a good number of cases.

I go along with the message he was trying to send about criminal doctors and pharmaceutical companies. He also said that these comments were intended more for ADD and ADHD than autism. Later he was railing against the scum at Media Matters and deservedly so. When they print a retraction to anything is the day hell freezes over. Their blatant lies only gives the left a bad name and dark days will loom ahead until the light of truth eventually shines on these cockroaches...

Gay Gary

He also had Dr. Peter Breggin

That's fantastic, I wish I had heard that show. As an ICSPP associate member myself I can affirmatively say that what Dr. Breggin has done - and what has been done to him - makes him nothing short of heroic.

that these comments were intended more for ADD and ADHD

I've been pretty restrained on the autism front because I have no doubt that there is a classifiable set of neuroatypicality in the set of autism, my only issue is a slight percentage overdiagnosis and the use of chemation "therapy" (i.e. voodoo, as it has about as sound of a scientific basis as faith healing or leaches) and the recent trend to the use of anti-psychotics against autistic children.

On the question of "ADD" and "ADHD", however, I'm not quite as restrained. It's off topic for this thread but I'll just say that what is going on in the address and "treatment" of those "disorders" is tantamount to mind genocide. I've been involved in the so-called "Anti-Psychiatry" cause for some time but, on the specific question of "ADD" and "ADHD", what really sealed it for me was talking to a former classmate of mine from graduate school who until recently worked at the ad agency retained by [BLANK] pharmaceutical company. I won't get into the details on this blog, because it's part of a larger project being worked on, but it's not an understatement to say Big Pharma are being run by an order of criminals the likes of which the world has never before known. I say that without exaggeration for emphasis.

Gay Gary

er, that should say "chelation", not "chemation" --- I was too worked up for my own good! LOL!

Gay Gary

The coordinated efforts to shut-down Michael Savage (though, frankly, having listened to him a couple of times and found him worse than Kirby Wilbur surprises me the marketplace doesn't silence him) are nothing new. Recall that Vioxx whistelblower Dr. David Graham:

(1) Was the subject of over 100 (!) anonymous phone calls to the Government Accountability Project alluding to various salacious details of Dr. Graham's life,

(2) Prior to Graham's testimony to Congress, a senior FDA official called the editor of the medical journal Lancet and made allegations of scientific misconduct against Graham, which the Lancet investigated and discounted as part of an orchestrated smear campaign,

(3) Additional "anonymous" phone calls were made to Chuck Grassley's office encouraging him to take Graham off the witness testimony list the Senate Finance Committee had prepared,

etc. etc.

No shocker here that Big Pharma has mobilized all their front groups and PR agencies to get Savage pulled from stations and
his sponsors boycotted. Savage's irritable and unrefined delivery style played right into their hands.


Ha, the state wants to revoke the license of Paramount Equity Mortgage, the company with the creepy sounding Hayes Barnard who advertises on KIRO.

I heard this news on KIRO, I didn not here them say "by the way, you may have heard commercials for PARAMOUNT EQUITY MORTGAGE right here on KIRO!

further reading: http://blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com/consumersmarts/archives/144089.asp


I can only wonder what Tony, Dori, Bill, Ron & Don would say if it were Catlin Capitol in this position. Mortgage banks are failing/being investigated left and right. If Catlin Capitol was (or is some time in the future) found to have been reaching into people's pockets I wonder if it would have any effect on their reputations.


"He also said that these comments were intended more for ADD and ADHD than autism."

That's exactly the point! Autism is not an attention deficit and shouldn't be lumped into the same category of disorders because it's alphabetically the same. If "fraudulent diagnosis" was his point, Savage could have used more explicit examples than autism. His ignorance (or bigotry) was inexcusable...

Even the brilliant Ben Gleck, substituting for Larry King, questioned Savage's authority. Now, that is meaningful...


GaGa, does your passion for anti-psychiatry efforts have any personal roots? (Sorry, that's a rude and intrusive question that only the imnpersonal blogosphere allows...)

Chia Pet

Is GG a scientologist?

At least he's not Mormon, or he would have had the lobotomy by now.

Regardless of your affiliation, very interesting info, Gary.


In other news around the watercooler:

* Former CNN Bag'o Hot Air Bob Novak hit a pedestrian in a crosswalk, who was crossing with the walk signal, and then Novak took off in his corvette. He was pursued and stopped by a bicyclist, who blocked his car until police could arrive. The pedestrian was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries, and Novak received a ticket for "failure to yield"...nothing for leaving the scene.

* The MSM is beginning to take notice of McCain's gaffes. Today several networks reported his confusing the Iraq timelines of the Awakening vs. the Surge. Unlike McCain's recollection, the US agreed to pay insurgents money not to attack US soldiers, and the fighting decreased. It was after that time that President Bush decided a "surge" would help decrease fighting. The MSM is also questioning why CBS edited comments McCain made to Katie Couric, and inadvertently spliced the answer to a different question to Couric's original question.

* Oil Falls Below $125 as U.S. Fuel Supplies Gain, Demand Drops

Gasoline supplies rose 2.85 million barrels last week, the Energy Department reported. Stockpiles of distillate fuel, a category that includes heating oil and diesel, climbed 2.42 million barrels. U.S. fuel demand averaged 19.9 million barrels a day, the lowest since January 2007.

``The inventory and demand numbers make it clear that demand is being affected by high prices and the weak economy,'' said Kyle Cooper, an analyst at IAF Advisors in Houston. ``The 19.9 million barrel demand number is incredibly low and has to have the bulls worried.''

Crude oil for September delivery fell $3.98, or 3.1 percent, to settle at $124.44 a barrel at 2:59 p.m. on the New York Mercantile Exchange, the lowest close since June 4. Futures are up 66 percent from a year ago.


Dori had a reporter on from the Enquirer talking abot their story on ohn Ewars being caught seeing his miostress an love chil in a BEVERLY Hills Hotel. Gee wheesus, and Hee Jeesus, that Dori is a sharp one . Not only did he say that Edwards is a "greaseball" but also he added that this story, if true, wouldn't just knock him out of VP consideration but that Edwards "wouldn't even win reelection to the Senate". (UH, Dori? John Edwards hasn't been in the U.S. Senate since BEFORE he ran for Veep in 2004.) Duhhh bwahahaahahahaahahh


Geeeze, I hope that J.E. story is not true. Got any scoop on it Bla'M?


Do your homework, Duh-f (quoting . Sparklina)! Google it!


The Edwards story came up last October, only they added the part that he had gotten her pregnant..the woman went on TV and said that she only knows him through her boyfriend who was a former aide to the Edwards campaign. Even Rush said it was a hoax, for those of you here who count on his wisdom to make it truth.
Now Drudge and the Enquirer are dragging this up again...cant let too many pictures of Obama having a very successful trip in the middle east hog the news.

Gay Gary

Is GG a scientologist?

LOL! No, GG is not a Scientologist - I've noted previously on this blog I'm a Theosophist.

But I say thank God for Scientology and the CCHR. For all their shortcomings, these are the only groups with both the balls and the resources to send a message to some of the individuals and groups being played by Big Pharma in this current event that they'd not likely be soon to forget. The COS and CCHR have well celebrated records of grassroots activism in stopping psychiatrists and their apologists when the legal system fails to make the correct choices.

Here's one of my favorite PSAs from the CCHRs current campaign:


Gay Gary

About "Sarah" and Home Depot - "Sarah" (not her real name), who spammed this and dozens of other blogs with the Home Depot corporate line regarding Michael Savage, is a flak for Home Depot whose PR agency - Manning Selvage & Lee - has a dubious client roster that includes Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Procter & Gamble. From SourceWatch:

Following Dr. Steven Nissen's publication of a study warning that "GlaxoSmithKline's diabetes drug Avandia increased the risk of heart attacks by 43% and death from cardiovascular events by possibly 64%," he was publicly pilloried. "More than one story from ostensibly different sources" derisively referred to him as "St Steven," the "Patron Saint of Drug Safety," and "Saint Steven the Pure,". Among the Nissen attackers was FDA spokesman Douglas Arbesfeld. Arbesfeld previously worked at the PR firm Manning Selvage & Lee (MS&L), helping Glaxo and other "healthcare clients maximize internet-relations."

The internet related division of MS&L, Hass MS&L, has been hired by the Army to provide "exclusive editorial content" to military bloggers as a response to the "mainstream media's" supposed unwillingness to report any of the good news that comes out of Iraq.

Gay Gary

Sorry, I sometimes jump to conclusions and assume you all know who Takeda Pharmaceuticals is ...
TP makes the sleeping pill Rozerem (you've seen the man who can't dream commercials) -- from '06 to present, TP launched a PR campaign "Back to School Tips" that included the suggestion that children ask their doctors if Rozerem was right for them. Rozerem, incidentally, has been linked to suicidal ideation.

That is who is spreading the Home Depot message of cheer and goodwill, the death angel "Sarah".


Fremont/Sparky: took your advice and googled it, and here's what came up on JE. Please tell me there is no creditability on this whatsoever. I simply can't imagine him doing anything like this to his wife and family.


Prominent attorney that he is, I should imagine there will be a forthcoming suit against the Enquirer shortly...don'cha think.


I am more inclined to believe that he is just going to shut up and let it pass (or hope it passes). His biggest hope has to be surviving the wrath of Elizabeth. Guy's a slut and got his butt busted.
What do you say the Enquirer has done much to cover their bases on this one. Very few have won against that rag.


..it gets 'curiouser and curiouser' all the time, eh chuck(s).
Any bets on whether JE is still on (if her ever was) Obama's 'short list'.


No JE for Obambam. He is going to be in deep enough do-do with out a media outed slut on the ticket with him.
He will have his own August, September and October surprises to deal with.


...IF, it's true do you think the lovely Elizabeth will pull a Tammy Wynette?


Or Elaina Bobbitt.


On BTW chuck(s), since my personal belief is that Sen Obama will be our next POTUS, I will reverently refer to him as Dalai Obama - until his Oath of Office, since I now believe he is America's offering of chief priest to the world.


I already explained it to you Duffman. Are running short of ideas to post about today?


So you do agree that he (JE) should be filing a hefty lawsuit sometime soon?

[ya missed the word 'you'...running short on vocab..today?]


I hope that you don't offend Obambam and his Black Liberation Theology Marxism based church by moving him to yet another religion. Some folks get real offended about having their faith "disrespected".
Just understand that there are a lot of people who just will not vote for him, but will not say so. If you are against the chosen one for any reason, you are accused of being racist by many.


No Duffman, I think he should ignore it, like everyone else. To make a big deal about it is to lend credence.

You might find the article in this month's Vanity Fair on Hillary's campaign enlightening.


Thanks sparks, I will try and locate that article from Vanity Fair, as I would indeed reading all that I can on Hillary and/or her campaign.
I HOPE the uproar about JE is rubbish, I really do; and I hope that it becomes obvious soon, but don't you agree that if he was ever being considered as Dalai Obama's running mate...it's all over now?


sparky: Thanks, that was indeed an interesting article. Bottom-line: why oh why didn't she run as a 'woman'. [may be next time around she'll limit the 'pant-suits' ]


Plot seems to be 'thickening' in the JE situation sparks - have you noticed. May not be able to avoid much longer; some comment may be needed?


Here's a more apt name for Michael Weiner's show: SEWAGE NATION...


Savage's latest book; "Trickle up poverty" shows that a number of you are on the wrong side of the argument and you can't even justify why, but what's that to a hyper-partisan ?

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