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July 02, 2008



Rush is the Tiger Woods of terrestrial talk radio. Only in America can an obese douche-bag get paid a King's ransom to sit on his fat ass and tell lies for fun & profit. Limbaugh will have to make a hell of a lot more than $400M to match the record breaking 5 year deal Howard Stern signed with Sirius Satellite Radio in 2006. Stern earns a mind boggling $850 million in salary & bonuses.


Rush Linmbaugh- can't live with him, can't live without him.

Ron Stevens

Well,i guess that means i can
cancel my Limbaugh charity fundraiser.


I think Iv'e listened to the big fat bloviator a total of fifteen minutes in the last fifteen years.


What if the Fairness Doctrine becomes legislated ? Wouldn't that diminish Limbaugh's value ? His salary is obscene and no way he deserves it. That's 2 X as much money than A-rod gets paid !

Re: Fairness Doctrine - I don't want old Soviet/Commie style speech to be stifled by that kind of legislation, but face it - if Obama gets elected, it will happen. If thats what the reactionary lemmings of the left want, think again - stop being myopic and look at the big picture. Put down the bongs, stop snorting the nose candy, taking prozac or hitting the bottle and sober up and look at the big picture before you cast your vote or just say you voted and don't.

After 1/20/09, there won't be any more Bush to detest, loathe or to label as worse than Hitler any more - it will be time to chill out regardless of who is elected.


I don't think the fairness doctrine is coming back. It gets a lot of talk but I don't hear anybody at the legislative level really making much noise about it.

If they'd just open up the market to smaller local stations, that would solve the problem.

Some people think that Rush gets these listeners all on his own. That's not true. When he's the only one on the air, he gets the numbers.

If there were some competition out there, who knows?

I heard that Stern isn't raking in the numbers to earn his high salary. Anybody know if that is true? Rush could be another Stern if that's the case.


Obama has already stated that he is against the Fairness Doctrine.


What do you think, Sparky? I used to be for it but no longer. I don't think you can put the genie back in the bottle. Civility is out the window and there would be so many ways to squirrel around it.


KS spews: "stop being myopic and look at the big picture. Put down the bongs, stop snorting the nose candy, taking prozac or hitting the bottle and sober up and look at the big picture before you cast your vote or just say you voted and don't."

Uh, we don't have to do any of those things, we have Limbaugh to laugh at when he hits the oxycotin.


I do not trust what Sen. Obama says because he talks out of both sides of his mouth like a typical politician. Obama is only saying he is against the Fairness Doctrine so he can get elected - because he knows that the voting block he is shooting for is mostly against it.

However, I know and you know in your heart of hearts, if he is elected and Nancy Pelosi (who wants the Fairness Doctrine) and Harry Reid (who probably wants it) deliver this bill passed by the Democratically controlled Congress and if Obama was in the position to sign it, he would do it without hesitation and spin it favorably off the teleprompter- in the name of equality and for change that you can believe in...yada, yada, yada.


Sort of like when Bush said he wasn't for nation building.

Puget Sound


Oh what will they do when they can't get go to take a sip of the Bush Derangement Syndrome Kool-aide to quench their thirst...

Worst thing that can happen to 'them' is for Barrack to be elected.


I tend to agree with you joanie. The big media conglomerates are pretty much all owned by conservatives, so even if they were forced to have "balance" we would just end up with more Alan Colmes-types. We cant do much about those who want to believe that Rush and Hannity speak the truth.

Went to Portland yesterday for the Mark Knopfler concert..it was awesome. We got tickets wayyyyy down front and so we had perfect seats. Rode the Max both to and from the hotel..so nice to avoid traffic and parking problems.


I love Portland. They did it right down there. I hope they really do tear down the viaduct and create a really wonderful people place.

I'm listening to a podcast of hour 2 of Dave Ross yesterday. He's going through an article written by a conservative sort of chastising Obama for talking as if America isn't perfect right now and that he's going to make it better.

It is interesting. If you get a chance, listen to it.


The advantage (if you can call it that) over the 2000 campaign is that it is longer and there is more of an opportunity to get to know the candidates. If I would have known Bush better, I would not have voted for him, but would not have voted for Gore either. In this state that Bush clearly lost, not voting for anyone for POTUS was not a big deal.

The nation building lie by Bush is similar to at least one promise that Obama has said because he believed people wanted to hear it. As to the magnitude, it depends which promise is referred.
I have to say that Portland is more visitor friendly, although the Max can be a crime pit late evenings, particularly toward Gresham. Waterfront Park is cool and it is definitely more bicycle friendly.


It is also much smaller. I think we should sort of divide up our city and think of it as smaller villages within a larger area. I can visualize that.

Easier to design and manage than trying to take on the huge area that comprises Seattle currently.


Why would anyone pay that fat fuck 400 mil.

I hope he dies.

Small Words..Slowly Delivered


Duhhhh.......because he earns his affiliates about $1.5 billion per year? It's called...BIDNESS.
The only market where local shows would OUTEARN Rush is in LA, where he's the LOWEST rated part of KFI.

p.s. is McDermott still the Congressman up there?

Small Words..Slowly Delivered

p.s. eventually John, even you will die. I think what you mean is: "I hate Rush's ideas so much that I want him killed." Very Kos-like.
Am I close?


Small Words
No, Jim McDermott is not a congressman here. Although he continues to occupy the office of a congresscritter and people here keep sending him to DC. He is not now, nor has he ever been a congressman.
Fools up here just want to keep him out of town and are willing to waste a valuable seat to do it.


While I certainly would never wish an early death for Rush, and I understand the 'bidness' aspect of his appeal to affiliates....

It still boggles my mind that millions listen....much like the billions served at McDonalds. Doesn't mean its good food....doesn't mean its good or even compelling radio.

The few times I try to listen, all I hear is an angry man, full of hate for ideologies that don't fall in line with his narrow views. Much like the radical wings of Christianity, Islam etc.

I really miss interesting, fun talk radio.

Small Words....Slowly Delivered

It's all about entertainment and information. Either you have it you don't. Luckily (since I parted ways with a certain Seattle radio station) it's no longer my problem. Viva KFI and Los Angeles!! areeeba!


Sounds like Bryan Suits speaking - IF that's the case - good to hear from you and that you are burning up the airwaves in LA ? What do you make of McCain's campaign so far ?


Hmm, that does sound like Scrilla.

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