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July 15, 2008



From what I read on HA, it doesn't sound good. He'd be history if he was working for me. Is he answerable to the Governor?

Wild Bill (back on medicine, much better now)

Well, maybe there's a story here, maybe not. I just read Goldy's blog, and I know what he wants me to think and feel. I would have to read, hear or watch what a credible journalist would make of these various accounts. It's Goldy's Blog and sweat and tears, though, so that's the way it is. I'm not sure that there's some huge story here. It sounds more like an HR issue. Didn't Lowry and Adams admit to their affairs? An affair is surely different than a one-time HR "groping" report. Since, Goldy is featured, I'll take the opportunity to say how little I enjoyed his stints on 710KIRO. It seemed as if he always talked to the same three or four friends and they would make self-knowing references. I never felt invited in, more that I was being lectured to. PLUS, with all due respect, the man just isn't top-notch radio material; he didn't get the concept of a "Radio Show." All the worshipping of the Huffington Post and that Kos one lost me. I've listened to KIRO710 all of my life, and Goldy is one of the few voices that makes me tune out. All the weekend stuff from somewhere else turns me off too; but, I understand the need for cost cutting. Thank goodness for the reruns of the brilliant, life changing, existence affirming tbtl on Saturdays. Anyway, major story? Maybe. I can't tell from Goldy's blather. Is there a good journalist out there who is interested? What we need are expert analysis.


Can you imagine Carleen Johnson at KVI tolerating such behavior...she (& her attorneys) would probably have his pension by now. Even the stuff he acknowledged w/have gotten him fired at my company. We literally have a Zero tolerance policy.

KIRO news

He's an state elected official, a Republican the msm thinks is a nice guy. They have protected him. eeveryone's got the personnel report now thanks to Goldy. An Eastern Washington rancher named Peter Goldmark who ran against Doc Hastings last time is running agaisnt him. This is going to change the race. Sutherland is dead meat.

Wild Bill (back on medicine, much better)

Duff, Ahhhh, a bit off track, but here's what "Zero Tolerance" produces (which is why I long for the days of case by case). Zero Tolerance is Big Brother at his worst:

In Ponchatoula Louisiana, a 12-year-old who had been diagnosed with a hyperactive disorder warned the kids in the lunch line not to eat all the potatoes, or "I'm going to get you." The student, turned in by the lunch monitor, was suspended for two days. He was then referred to police by the principal, and the police charged the boy with making "terroristic threats." He was incarcerated for two weeks while awaiting trial.

Two 10-year-old boys from Arlington, Virginia were suspended for three days for putting soapy water in a teacher's drink. At the teacher's urging, police charged the boys with a felony that carried a maximum sentence of 20 years. The children were formally processed through the juvenile justice system before the case was dismissed months later.

In Denton County, Texas, a 13-year-old was asked to write a "scary" Halloween story for a class assignment. When the child wrote a story that talked about shooting up a school, he both received a passing grade by his teacher and was referred to the school principal's office. The school officials called the police, and the child spent six days in jail before the courts confirmed that no crime had been committed,,,,

So, Duff, you're already convinced, by the "evidence" in Goldys's blog? You're easy. I'd love to hsve the cahnce to sell you something. Where is Goldy's interview with either party, or their representative? Not required for a Blog, but required to try to get to the truth.


Your point in well taken but unwanted touching is a no-no period; and in most companies I'm familar with, simply what he admitted to would get him gone or at the very least transferred to another department, section, branch, etc. Of course details would have to be verified, etc, et al and a complete investigation would have to be done. I agree it wouldn't just be a slam dunk on a she said he said basis, but having said that if it was found valid...he'd be history.

Redmond Dem

Wild Bill on Meds, are you saying that if this story had broken on Sound Politics, you would consider it credible?

Wild Bill (1600 mg Tegretol makes Jack a,,,,,)

Redmond Dem, Honestly, I have never been to Sound Politics, so I don't know. I too call myself a Dem---The Hope Machine has moved me like no other, even Bubba, who I adore. BUT, I am sick and tired and up fed up with the hugely hypocritcal, overly socialist, arrogant, filthy rich folks in the CITY proper who pass of what a good Dem should be, and not be. Goldy, while obviously not rich or arrogant, does believe that he and his know best how a proper socity should function. I say BRaccckkkkk and stick my tongue out. For this reason(s) I tend to dismiss what Goldy has to say, as I know whatever it is, it's agenda driven. The worst of the lot is Mayor McCheese, with his surface street dream as the replacement for the viaduct (now that the sideways hole is out). Mayor McCheese, how much will Climate Control be affected as you detour thousands of semis and cars around in mile long loops and detours. Some Mayor, I'm hurting, my family and friends are feeling it, and he wants to knee me in the balls and collect another 25cents from me for choosing a bag, while Councilman Licata picks out his teal beret for Tuesdays and starts the session with Himilayan literature readings. Sorry, a tangent. Yeah, I attatck this messenger, and yes, it makes me skeptical. Honestly (and I know I'll get assasinated now), I'd believe it if Dori says it. See, I'm open minded, I love Obama, but still love The Big Show, cuz it's very good radio.


If that accusation is true - he is unfit to serve and will vote for his opponent.

However, Goldstein has very questionable credibility so this story needs to verified for sure. If it's a hoax, then Sutherland should sue Goldstein for every red cent to his name. This will be interesting drama, but it may well be, where there's smoke there's fire.


Give me one example, KS, of a story that Goldy has published that hasn't been factual. Maybe you don't like his politics, but he's always had his facts straight. Besides, all he's doing is quoting verbatim from a very damning (for Sutherland) state personnel file. Another Mainstreamer bites the dust.


The only question I have about this is

Who and why was this meeting scheduled on a 3 day weekend?

Wild Bill

Redmond Dem, since I have no idea what Sound Politics is, my answer is no. Now that I know that this public report was handed to Goldy by Sutherland's opposition, my "belief" in his assertions, not the report itself, is not strong. I am a proud Democrat, as well, Seattle born and bred. I am not a socialist, like Goldy, and most of the Elites in Seattle. Mayor McCheese can kick us in the nuts and charge 25 cents for a grocery bag in tough times, and councilman Licata can put on a teal beret for Tree Awaraeness day and start the council meetings with Himilayan Literature readings. They reprent nobody on th street, just theor own obtuse heads and egos. Like I said, I am a proud dem, I have no idea what to classify McCheese, Sims, Licata, Sunny Jim, or folks like Goldy as, certainly not Democrats. I love Obama, I think Murray and Cantwell and Adam Smith and Norm Dicks all do fine work. Gregoire? Well this tribal payoff stinks, but Rossi? I can't go there. Rossi = Bush. McCain = Bush. What criminal charges were filed against Sutherland? What civil actions were filed? What penalty did he face?

Wild Bill

SORRY, about the double-post, due to Homeland Security monitoring on my home computer, the above comment was held in the ether for a long time, and I thought it was lost, so I did like a Momma Robin and barfed it back up. Arriba!


Those momma robins you mentioned, Bill, feed their babies regurgitated worms. They don't open a can of them, as Goldy did when he broke this slimy story. (Sorry...I couldn't help myself.)
And, Bill, cut back on those meds:
"Didn't Lowry and Adams admit to their affairs?" Lowry was charged with sexual harassment and eight women alleged that Brock Adams had committed various acts of sexual misconduct, ranging from sexual harassment to rape. These are NOT "affairs", Bill. No consensual sex was involved in these charges. These are crimes, not "affairs". Got it?

Wila Bill

"CHARGED" and "ALLEGED" and Democrats gone very bad, but a crime requires charges. Losing their high spots all humpety dumpity, but, what were the criminal charges?
Worms? That's funny cuz I just had me some worms last evening.

Wild Bill

Wild Bill, Wila is me sister with the condition.

Wild Bill

I think I mean, a conviction. Though falling from those heights is dizzying.

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