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July 18, 2008



I knew Tip O'Neil, Tip O'Neil was a friend of mine, and believe me Ms Pelosi you're no Tip O'Neil...and you are NO leader; you should resign for the benefit of your party and America.


I've been wondering for some time what the The Bush Legacy might be. Aaah, yes this clears it up.


Lou Guzzo is gay? I never knew that.

Bla'M, it sounds like you need to take a break and go spend a day in the sunshine! Too much Limbaugh isn't good for ya.


Rinse Repeat

I was blind but now I see,,,

FRIDAY SCHEDULE: Mayor McCheese has a Joint City Cultural Exchange Impact Counci, (JCCEIC) with Shoerline. The main Power Point is entitled, Plastic Grocery Bags and Environmental Impact Fees: how to pull a new tax out of our butts and punch the citizen in the gut.

FRIDAY'S SCHEDULE: Councilman Licata, wear a crimson beret to match the wool ribbons worn today by the Queen Anne Upper Free Tibet Community Counicl.
3:00 declare The Seahawks as culturally significant.

Licata wants to take the Seahawks away,,,,spread the goo, whisper it to a friend

Carry On

Carry On.

WILD bill

Sparky, oh the image! Imagine way too much Limbaugh, all oiled up and high and sweaty and leering on a satin blue nightspread waiting for his love puppet.

Or, maybe not

psssst did you hear Nick Licata, in his crimson beret, is trying to get a new arts and literature enforcement zoning; you get tax breaks for having the things that he finds culturally significant, and you taxed hard for things he doesn't like.
too bad it ain't a joke in seatown

MAYOR MCCHEESE wants to pick your ground round wrapper next, then it's not long before his grubby pork paws are feeling your meats.

Ahhhhh, Seattle Politics, refreshing and affirming,,,

From the Official record:
"Todays poem is "Zick Zick Eooooo" a tone interpretive work by Carl Yebber. We're so fortunate to have him in Chambers today. Now, a moment of enforced silence for the victims of Catastrophic Climate Change. I will ring this prayer bell from our Sister City of Jub Jub, in the upper delta regions. We have our Brothers and Sisters in Jub Jub tio thank for the mint drink we're all enjoying. Now, Carl Yebber"

From the record:

carry on

carry on

OUTSIDE, on the streets, the people were going mad, starved for Leaders...

Speedy Ed

Calling an Italian-American "greasy?" Do you call Jews "big-nosed" or "grasping" as well? I can't wait to see the rest of your bag of ethnic slanders.


Um...I have no idea who you are talking about re: Licata and his beret. I read somewhere that Seattle residents are TOO good about recycling and that there is a problem processing all the plastic.
I will have to go check the PI to find out what your mayor wants to happen. I agree with him on those plastic water bottles...

Speaking of those cloth bags (another thread) Trader Joes puts your name in a drawing when you bring in your cloth bag, good for a 25$ shopping credit.

blathering michael

To be fair, I left the door open to his being slimy... Dino Rossi is an Italian/Tlingit American. While I'm thinking of a cool ethnic slander for that, consider this: what makes Rossi greasy (or slimy) isn't his Italian-ness, it's that he's a Republican/real estate developer-American with evil friends and a lot of money.


He's greasy because his do-gooder act doesn't jive with his day job. He refuses to release his tax returns which would likely show that he pulls down several hundred grand a year by pushing paper around and is probably in the upper one percent, which would make a great button on his jacket ( Upper 1% ).


Ah come on now let's be fair, would you buy a used car from this man?? [Either one?]


OK I listened to the podcast, the fun stuff is at 7:20. Direct quote from Katie, Ron and Dons producer. "I think that's a lot of the reason that people come to Seattle is the vast majority of us compared is because we're tolerant, we're progressive ... and would also say that those tolerant open minded people are almost all white", followed by Ron laughing nervously.


Gee Pelosi sure has room to talk.

What happened to all of the change we supposed to see when the Dems took over congress?

I guess the lowest approval rating in HISTORY is what they must have been talking about.


Yep, Rossi's ma was half Tlingit, probably the Pigeon Clan...

Puget Sound

The approval rating of Congress is a staggering 9%

Gov Gregoire has three big problems.
1) She isn't running against W.

2) Scant accomplishments as Governor to run on
(does anyone consider her an effective Governor?)

3) In 2004, she ran way behind other Statewide Dems ie a substantial number of people that voted Dem for Kerry and for Murray chose not to vote for fellow Dem Christine Gregoire. Just look at those results and ask yourself if Gregoire has improved her chances since then.

Should be an interesting race.


And Brian don't forget that "CHANGE" in gasoline prices at the pump.

Pelosi to Bush:

"give us our oil"

Hey Pelosi, let us drill "OUR" oil off the coast and up in ANWR for "OUR" use.

coiler for Gregoire

Rossi is Bush

In 2003, Dino’s four children asked their father for a dog. After repeatedly telling them no, he said the only way he would agree to a dog is if the President of the United States told him to get one. During a visit to the White House, his oldest daughter Juliauna left a letter for the president asking him to tell her dad that they should get a dog. To everyone’s surprise, Juliauna received a letter back from the President saying they should get a dog. At that point, Dino could no longer refuse and the family rescued a dog from the pound. The Rossi children decided it would only be appropriate to name the dog Dubya, in honor of the President who helped convince their dad to get him.

End of Dino, again


Murray showing her smarts again and leaving out a key fact. She says gas was $1.46 in 2001. Gas in Jan 07 was $2.17. A a $.71 increase in 6 years. Gas today is $4.09. In only 1-1/2 years the Liberals like Murray and Cantwell have let the price of gas climb almost $2.00. The only plan I see the Liberals have now is if you go by thier track record for the last 19 months, is to let gas climb to $8.00 in 2010. Vote these do nothings out of office and get someone in there who will do something and not just blame others for thier mistakes.


Coil, wherever did you find that precious nugget of Rossi lore.. ..perezhilton.com? Do keep us posted...


There's nothing wrong with calling an Italian greasy insomuch as there is nothing wrong with calling a black a nigger.

biggy rat

nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger.nigger
that feels better.
thanks for bringing it up, DT.

WildBilllikes DoriMonson

DT, are you slyly suggesting a double standeard? Biggy rat, what challenging performance art and use of your free speech. I think that I've heard that song before, on a grammy nominated joint; you forgot the quote marks, though. Non-music listeners might misunderstand. If you're not fortunate enough to live here in beautiful Seattle, the double standard here is, I imagine about the same as everywhere else in Amerika---one standard for the Elites, one for Everybody else.

SPARKY, where are you? What market do you compare to the Seattle/Tacoma, tri-county regional marketplace here in Pugetopolis, veeesa veee the radio machine what buzzes, Sir?


Gregoire is Bush - She has spent the State Govt.into oblivion as Bush has done to the Federal Govt. and she also won a controversial initial election just like Bush.

I rest my case.

biggy rat

DT is Dori junior, that's why he likes to shock people with his naughty words. He's hoping someone will wash out his mouth or give him a lecture.


KS, so rOSSI Must be the SPawn of SaTaN..

"it's that he's a Republican/real estate developer-American with evil friends "

Satan's Spawn I tells ya, as it relates to the overall impression of the Seattle/Tacoma talk-radio market. This is an example of the vitrol expressed so far in what is promising to be a dirty tight Gubugduhtorial election, like a constipated dog pooh. Yeah, Washington State! Spread the love!


If this was Sound Politics, DT would be deleted.


I see WB is off his meds, or on the sauce again.


Im not a Sir, and I know nothing about marketing, except for the fact that commercials on the radio don't affect my buying habits. And that probably goes for any of the rest of us who don't live close to Seattle.


Again Sparky, I wont do it.


"[W]hat makes Rossi greasy... isn't his Italian-ness, it's that he's a Republican/real estate developer-American with evil friends and a lot of money."

No, actually, Liberals hate Italians because they're "greasy." It all started when Frank Zappa stood up against Al and Tipper Gore's crusade against music:

"I wrote a song about dental floss but did anyone's teeth get cleaner?"
-- Frank Zappa, Senate Hearing on "Porn Rock", 1985, in response to Tipper Gore's allegations that music incites people towards deviant behavior.


Yes but Zappa was taking the liberal position, and the Gores were taking the conservative one. Most italians are Democrats.

D Glover

Elves Comment wasn't it cannonfire?

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