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July 09, 2008


Puget Sound

Dori still reigns supreme on this blog. Love'em or Hate'em he gets the eyeballs here.
Glad to see you back Mr. Duff.
I think you'll find the doings quite interesting here on the Blog in your absence. The usual suspects delighted in throwing you under the bus.
You gonna throw a shout out to Coiler?


Hey chucks, be careful out there. An RV salesman in Fife was hit over the head with a lead pipe by someone trying to rob him at work.


This was getting old. There was kindly Pastor Tim Robson , from the Eastside megachurch, holding that huge Bibe again. Were the two of them more than just spiritual soulmates? The last time I saw him , the two were sitting together in the restaurant booth, in between Star and The Girls. Robson was once again babysitting the two toothless, homeless goons as they joyfully pummelled me about the head and shoulders.Somehow the quartet had followed me on my walk home along the waterfront. They appeared out of nowhere on my arrival at the bottom of the east staircase of the Amgen Helix Bridge, which connects the north waterfront park with Elliot Avenue. I suspect he'd been shadowing me in the Jag on Elliot with his goons in the back, all this time. "The man told you to get out of town and quit attacking him on that radio blog,' Robson boomed cheerfully. "He's the King of Seattle." Suddenly the Jag pulled off of Elliot and screeched to a stop in front of us. He got out and waved off the drunks. The stopped punching me and slouched away. Gesturing toward him, I let out a raucous horselaugh. "I know you Robson," I said, "but who's the midget?"


"We're going to be sorry we dissed Mrs Clinton...BIG mistake!"

Duff - I might agree with that, but it depends on the severity of Obama's implosions and you know and I know there will be more.

I know I would be less nervous about foreign policy with her in there. Everyone over here has written off McCain - last week's London oddsmakers predicted BHO by 66-34%, but there's still 4 months to go and the vaunted October surprise awaits us.


This blog probably contributes a tangible amount to Dori's popularity just by the quantity of conversation about him. I sense some jealousy from some of those who disdain him - whatever. He is not Dennis Miller IMO, but his local schtick seems to work. I know that I am totally with him on Sound Transit - the supreme local ripoff !


"they just listen to laugh at him"

Bingo! -- that is, when they bother to listen to him at all. I quit listening a long time ago--it's not just what he says but he's boring, monotonous and predictable.

Puget Sound

You and I may be the only Dennis Miller fans on this blog. He is quick, witty, and willing to hear the other side in a very conversational manner. Not for the red meat types on both left or right for sure. Miller had an interesting guest who just wrote a book on Barry Goldwater. The conversation steered over to Scoop Jackson and the author described him as one of the original Neo-Cons.
I'll bet that would shake up a few on this blog who have cried out for Scoop Jackson.


Glad to see you're doing your ace reporting there, T-8. (Sorry to see that Dori and Duh-f have reappeared again...)

Puget Sound

What in the heck do you have against Duff?


Back in the days of Scoop Jackson, there were a very small number of moonbats (i.e. so-called progressives) who deplote Neocons. Seemingly, in the blogosphere the moonbats have multiplied like fibbanocci rabbits.

Scoop Jackson had a D beside his name and would be classified as a blue-dog Democrat today - a Democrat that actually acknowledged the Constitution for what it was (not a living breathing document). There are only a few of them left today, like Jim Webb, Heath Shuler, John Breaux of LA and possibly Adam Smith. I could vote for any of these guys now.


that should read...who deplore Neocons. my bad.

Puget Sound

Yep, spot on KS. I know we could use a couple Scoops here representing WA.

Puget Sound

from the Seattle PI (so it MUST be true)

Scoop the NeoCon


I wonder if it had been Imus who had said he wanted to "rip Obamas balls off" (ala Rev. Jackson) that Rev. Sharpton would have responded with "We should deal with the bigger issues" and give him a pass. Probably not.


Me to re Dennis Miller. Enjoy his style and tone. I listened to Dori today. I get the sense that he could swing both ways. R on some issues, D on others.
Of coarse there is hell to pay for that around here. If you are not a flaming liberal D, you must be a moron.

Puget Sound

You know the deal, it's group think.
You and I can disagree and remain agreeable.

I heard the Dori interview with the Gov. I thought it was good radio. Poor Gov Gregoire. For her to call in she must really understand that this will be a tough election for her. Between the Tribe Compact and the Sonics it will be interesting to see if she can beat Rossi.


Speaking of Imus, Dori put himself on the line a few weeks ago and smugly said that the flap over Imus'es comments on PacMan Jones the basketball star would be the end of his career. Enough time has elapsed for the I Man To have been fired. i just checked the WABC website and they're promoting Imus on Demand. I guess he's still on the air. Sorry, Dori. bwaahahahahahaaaaahaahaah

Puget Sound

Hey Chucks
For some reason, this Winnebago Salesman going off makes me think of you. I hope you smile.

Pissed Off RV Salesman


I listened also Puts. They both held their own but Dori did back down on the budget. Maybe didn't have his facts in front of him and didn't want to press the issue with little time. Funniest thing though was that Gregoire thinks the Washington Democratic Party, who she receives money from, keeps seperate accounts to be able to tell where the Indian money goes. She was adamant that not a penny of the $200,000 she received a few months ago from her party was from the Indian tribes.

joanie for Bill (FISA)

Bill, regarding the FISA, the ability to sue the telecoms in civil court should not be terminated. That's not just.

Mostly, though, the new FISA bill gives the government more power than the old one and doesn't provide any more protection to citizens than the old one did.

The new bill - according to two different sources - gives the power to simply ask for the warrant and it will be granted without having to prove probable cause. The old one required probable cause and warrants were denied only five times in its history. The new bill provides that warrants will be issued upon demand. No explanation needed.

Obama could have voted to postpone if nothing else. This was not an either/or situation.

I'm concerned.

As for the reptilian posters above, Gregoire has been a guest on 710DORI's show several times. She doesn't hide.

So, did 710DORI bad-mouth her after she left?


"Senate Approves Bill to Broaden Wiretap Powers

Published: July 10, 2008

WASHINGTON — The Senate gave final approval on Wednesday to a major expansion of the government’s surveillance powers, handing President Bush one more victory in a series of hard-fought clashes with Democrats over national security issues."

Major expansion. We're becoming a police state.


PUTS: Thanks man; yes it's good to be back also. In what I've read herein (in catch-up mode) I see you've continued to be exemplary in handing folks their ass in a dignified and respectful manner, which as I've said must be very painful to the reciepients. And yes I would expect no less of the 'regulars' herein to trash me as best they can both presently and in my absence. Indeed a 'shout-out' to re-coil...we do know about that moniker don't we? haha
As I'm sure you picked up I must be careful not to focus on myself as I've been warned by Herr BlogMeister that that could possibly be interpreted as 'waltzing' and 'hijacking' whatEVER TF that means.


I think of this FISA Bill as just an extension of the "Whistle Blower" law. You don't want someones life being ruined for doing the right thing.

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