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July 09, 2008



Poor Dori. He still believes people care what he thinks.



He says things like this every day, he's the Hyperbole King of Seattle.

His latest issue is with the 20 cent charge for plastic bags. He wants unecumbered freedom to be wasteful and yet he calls us selfish pigs. Hmmm. Even my cat says he's perplexed by this duality of principle.

The overriding flaw in their pleas is that they talk about individual freedoms being harmed but ignore the cumulative harm of doing nothing. If you don't bill people for waste there will be a million more tons of it than if you do. If you allow people to talk on their phones and drive with one hand many people, some innocent, will die an early death.

Dory promotes the cumulative death of hundreds - maybe thousands of people in exchange for his selfish desires.


I lived in France -- it/s a lot cleaner than Seattle, but Seattle is a lot cleaner than California. China is uncluttered by filth, and they're fucking commies. Japan is a nanny-state country and it's cleaner than any of them except maybe for the socialist countries of Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and Denmark. Holland is a womb-to-tomb place, and it's clean as a whistle. I think Dori is full of shit, or maybe he was thinking of Disneyland which is litter-free, and has few gov't services for its citizens. Mickey's always complaining, the lazy prick.


Do people actually believe this guy? or do they just listen to laugh at him. Great picture, though Michael.


Well, Hello everyone; it's great to be back to modern communication. Did you all miss me? Merci/Joanie/Sparky surely you did, eh? Merci I left specific instructions for you to insure that Mrs Clinton survived and here you go and let me down. Oh well I'm sure you tried...ha. This may be the year that I excerise my right not to vote.
On topic, I see my man Dori is still doing what he does best, getting folks to either love or hate him - either way he takes it to the bank. Love it.
Nice to be back in civilization; I've obviously much catching up to do. Hope you are all doing well with the petrol situation; it was actually cheaper where I was (but also Government-subsidized).


Not to feed the troll, but too late dunceman. You already told us you'd be supporting the DNC nominee. Flip-flop now?


Hi nate/merci. 'flip-floppin' seems to be the order of the day, doncha think? haha [...and f/f w/be from Obama-to-McCain]...easy there big fella...
Please try to stay on topic...and that w/be Dori Monson as best as I can tell.


Here, mierda para sesos. Even did your homework for you again:


"Joanie...please keep up; I've already said herein that yes I would vote for Sen Obama because he (unlike McCain) has promised to focus on a health plan...that's my ultimate priority."

Now just go away


Still the cut-and-paste artist of all time I see...haha too funny!
Dori Monson RULES!


Oh y excremento para los cerebros sea un intensificación para usted.


Monson rules only the idiots Duffman


I sense a high state of jealousy!


Hey, blatherwatch --

Could you explain by what rationale or by what numbers DM is the "highest rated" host in Seattle talk radio, or is it just another one of his delusions?


"Oh y excremento para los cerebros"

Yeah, you know all about shit for brains, Duffbutt.


...and we know about RedD, don't we? You have clearly demonstrated your lack of intrepreting skill. But DO keep trying. hehe


Hooray! Maria Cantwell is arguing against the FISA bill--about the bulk collection of information about US citizens. Says Bush has already said his executive powers trumps any law passed by Congress. Says that Congress should not be granting immunity to the telecoms.

Excellent. At least one of our Senators is against the shredding of the 4th Amendment.

El Duffman duerme con su madre!


Now what the h does that have to do with Dori Monson? PLEASE stay on topic; I see rules have apparently laxed around here.


Hey Duff
Welcome back. Rules? What rules? We don't need no farking rules. We certainly would not be guided in our behavior by any rules.
What time is Dori on? Maybe I should hear what he has to say. Anybody that can get these folks so sideways can't be that bad.


Hey chucks..how's everything. Dori is on just after the noon news and yeah he stirs this crowd up. Little do they realize they are his biggest boosters. haha


If I can listen to the radio after noon, it is Sean Hannity or Dennis Miller. A third choice will just complicate things. Oh well, I shall give him a fair hearing.


It's a shame that KIRO still has Dori on the air. I've given up radio completely and just listen to CDs in my car now. Maybe one day, one day there'll be something interesting and credible on the radio again.



It's Dave Ross, Dori Monson (skip R&D) and TBTL. That's life as we should know it here in the great Pac NW. Sorry 'bout you Cliff...by the ratings I doubt you're missed.

blathering michael

Duffman: do you have to waltz in here and hijack the thread with your prattle that's all about you? This thread had gotten off to a pretty good start until you logged in... jesus.


You expect a dori fan like duffman to be about anything but themselves? Isn't that what monson is all about? Himself?


Dori Monson is a fool who will say anything to get people mad. There is no integrity there. AND, he's funny-looking. You can see why he's in radio.


if you want to talk about yourself, get a MySpace page.


I wish the name of the poster was at the top of their post because I've taken to jumping to the bottom to see if the post was written by someone with a good track record of writing things worth reading. Too often I'll read 50 words in only to realize it's pointless crap written by a pointless person.


Is Dori in that picture wearing head gear to protect himself from seizures? I stopped listening to him after he called all homeless people, and art, garbage. I don't think he believes these things, he just says them because it makes people mad and him like a truth-teller to power and a brave iconoclast. He's a sell-out punk, who does more endorsement ads? He's just sleazy.


...a sell-out punk.

Oh, that's a perfect description! Thanks.

As for litter, another "controlled socialist country that does better than we do is Canada. Anybody seen their beaches up there? They're beautiful. And there's a whole bunch of rules to go with 'em.

Maybe Dori hasn't been to Canada.

Also, Sparky, both Cantwell and Murray support the Feingold...amendment removing immunity from the FISA bill.

Seder did a good show on it yesterday. "On Fisa...Christy Hardin Smith & Glenn Greenwald - listen here"

or check out the senators currently supporting the bill here

I love Seder!


Hey, not a problem BM; this is your blog didn't mean to ruffle your feathers; enjoy the aliases, se ya.


If I can listen to the radio after noon, it is Sean Hannity or Dennis Miller.

Told you. And Dori would be a step-up from those guys, imo. Maybe not much...

Duffman, you know the little kid who is always trying to get attention by being silly or smart alecky? And eventually most people just get tired of him? In most cases, he grows up, gets people-smarter and changes. se ya

What happened?


Dori also apparently has a "thing" for the members of the underage girl's basketball team he coaches.

I have a feeling he's hiding a lot more than just his fat fascist body.


BM, how about some analysis or thoughts to go along with your post? That's what blogging is all about.


Better watch it DT or you too may be ostensibly banned.


I don't like Dori but one thing I must agree with him on is the idiocy of the voters around here who will blindly elect anyone with a "D" behind their name.

There is no consideration for what's best for our state/county/city.

There's no accountability for an incumbent who's doing a lousy job.

Please feel free to let me know what great things Nichols, Sims or Gregoire have done for the region. I can't seem to think of any.


ok I have listened to Dori for the past hour+. It is hard to see what anybody could possibly get cranky about. It is not like he is calling for the federal gumment to take over our health care or anything retarded like that.
He is just a little liberal sounding (sarc) to me, but we enjoy diversity on the air around here. I think that I will give him the rest of the hour.
Brian, they (Nichols, Sims and Gregoire) have been kind enough to spend our money 'till it is all gone, plus future spending as far as the eyes can see. In their expert social engineering, the have regulated the lot sizes for our homes, but told folks on the east side that they can't use all of their property. They are doing everything within their power to manage our entire existence. But that is enough about our great leaders. This is about Dori.


Ok, joanie, I will invite Patty to dinner, but only if she brings Maria with her. Sometimes I think Patty needs an intervention.

Glad to hear they voted for the amendments. I have no faith in the Blue Dogs as they seem to have no interest in preserving the Constitution.

Thanks for the update--I got up early and have been outside all morning doing yard work with the nephew who is here for two weeks to help me. It's hot out now, so I think I am in for a bit. Then we are headed to the dump! My life is too, too exciting.


Duffman, quit pouting and just contribute something to the conversation.


Hi sparky, nice to hear from you; hope your Mom is doing well. Never 'pouting' here but that's enough 'bout me, lets talk about you and what you think 'bout me - lest I get in trouble with da man.


Senator Kennedy took a break from chemo to come to the Senate today to vote on the Medicare bill.


I see the Washington Senators and Hillary voted right on the FISA bill, but Obama voted with Lieberman. Why? I can't see how it helps him politically or why he picked this particular issue to go south on. If he wanted to tack right and look like he wasn't beholden to the lefties, why couldn't he have done it on an issue a little less important?


It was a no-win situation. Either way ,people are pissed at him. At least he took a stand, no matter how popular his decision. McCain didnt have the balls to show up and vote.


yeah but voting for the bill would have helped him, it would have been expected and non-controversial. Who besides Sean Hannity would have complained if Obama had joined Harry Reid,and all the other good libs voting against it?
I still don't get it. Maybe they figure it's helpful to put some distance between him and the netroots.


We're going to be sorry we dissed Mrs Clinton...BIG mistake!


If Obambam becomes POTUS, he knows that he is going to need FISA to successfully prosecute the GWOT. We are winning and he understands that he will not be able to surrender to clowns we are whipping. He does not want to be known as Jimmy Carter light.
Maybe not much, but it is good to see he has some testosterone.


I am still listening to 710 Dori and he has that nitwit Governor of ours on now.
Hold on to your wallets.


I turned on Dori's show for the first time in a VERY long time the other day just out of curiosity. I use to enjoy his show many years ago and was a daily listener. WOW! What I heard was unbelievable. It was really bad right wing radio. He thinks he's Rush Limbaugh, only not as entertaining. He sounded bitter, mean and racist. I couldn't believe this was the same guy I use to really enjoy listening to back in the days of Pat Cashman, Rick Miller, Jim Althoff, etc. I guess when you pander to the lowest common denominator you can make a good chunk of change, but it was like he'd sold his soul to the devil! Very sad and VERY scary.


Obama voted on FISA the way he did to restore WARRANTED wire-tapping. The vote doesn't exempt the telecoms from criminal prosecution. There will be an inspector general who will investigate if laws have been broken and I fully expect there will be a grand jury and indictments within the year.


chucks says "I am still listening to 710 Dori and he has that nitwit Governor of ours on now.
Hold on to your wallets.

OMG it's so hard to take you seriously. You sound like the kind of guy who keeps the neighbor kid's football when it lands in your yard. Am I right?


Heck no, I would give it back. Matter of fact, I pull out the ladder in get stuff off the roof for 'em.
I am usually a pretty nice guy. Just starting to get a little pissed off about politics. Really now, can you blame me? I am a conservative R in western WA.
Last week, I took the boys in to be neutered (7mo old puppy's). They think that I am an asshole at the moment. Seems that ol' Rev. Jackson wants to do that to Obambam. Except he wants to use the ripping off method.
Gotta watch Hannity and Colmes tonight to hear the conversation the Revrund had with Obambam.
In case you can't tell Andrew, I like Democrats but despise liberal Democrats. You know the type.
Just me.
But hey, the Guv did call in to talk to Dori. That was impressive to me.

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