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July 23, 2008




Gay Gary

more Johnson & Johnson handiwork


Charlottesville? Thats like 3,000 miles away right? Do they have a powerful enough antenna to reach all the way over here in Seattle.

And B'lam, I see you are having fun with that FOX style photoshops to make Savage look like a vile villain. Didn't your PAL hammer FOX for that not long ago on his blog? Takes you back to your bogey street days huh.

Gay Gary

National Association for Research on "Schizophrenia" and "Depression" (NARSAD) - over 50% of funding comes from "community relations" grants by the outlaw groups Eli Lilly and Glaxo-Smith-Kline:


The Dr. Harry Bailey treatment (the ol' nembutol and vodka special, lmao) is too good for these insects.

However, I disagree with criticism of this blog, which is just reporting the news. It's important information about campaigns of persecution be disseminated, simple information could have stopped the fall-out from the last time Jews had the audacity to interfere in WASP commercial concerns: http://tinyurl.com/4kys96

In proof point, it's only stations in hotbeds of racism, anti-Semitism and Klan activity targeting Mike Savage for the hate mongering being whipped up by the so-called "Autism Advocacy" groups (all financed by drug cartels) -- Mississippi, West Virginia, I'm sure Alabama and South Carolina are next. It's pretty typical Jew-baiting and characterization of the Hebrew as a big-nosed, devilish sub-human. We've seen this all before: http://tinyurl.com/6mouwo

blathering michael

Steven: What is "bogey street days?" Who is my PAL? and what does any of that have to do with the fact that Michael Savage is a vile pig who will say anything to get ratings?


For someone who claims to have sailed the South China Sea in his younger days I am suprised you don't know what or where Bogey Street is. Trying to forget them days I'm sure.

And your photoshops goes to show just how far you will copycat something(FOX) you detest just to be like it.


steven: I'm somewhat baffled at why you would choose to participate herein and yet be so critical of Bla'M - the owner of this site?
To me that smacks of being welcomed into someone's house and then slamming their decor?


This would be like saying that when Rush Limbaugh made fun of Michael J. Fox by imitating his jerky movements cause by Parkinson's, that Rush was just illustrating how Parkinson's sufferers use their symptoms to get drugs.
I can agree with you on cases of overmedication, GG, but I disagree with you that this was Savage's intention. He has succeeded in getting a rise out of people, which was his intention, and he is stringing it along now by suddenly saying he meant overmedication.
I don't buy it.


I thought Savage was the computer rendition of what Kennewick Man would of looked like?

Gay Gary

Sparky - Rush Limbaught's actions were inexcusable, I agree. They were nothing compared to those of Bayer, however. Bayer, one of the companies whose front groups are behind the "spontaneous" outpouring of "outrage" against Mike Savage, made the poison gas used against Mike Savage's relatives in Nazi death chambers. More recently they've been manufacturing psychotropic drugs through their Topsun subsidiary and illegally trading with DR Congo, helping to finance one of the greatest mass slaughters of the last 50 years.

I find it incredulous that there are actually people out there taking the side of Bayer and their "autism advocacy" front groups in their campaign of anti-Semitism, Jew-baiting and genocidal ideation.


GG I said I agree with you about the abuses of the pharma industry. All of those things you have carefully researched are well taken.

The only difference between us is you think Savage was intending to "expose" the pharmas. I don't believe that was his purpose. I don't think he gave any thought to what he said except to say ANYTHING that would get him attention, which it has. We have done what he wants us to do. That is why I compared him to Rush..it was just a mean thing to do, guaranteed to make us all talk about him.


coiler, I haven't seen a picture of kennwick man, but I was thinking more along the lines of Lucy, who is now on exhibit at the Pacific Science Center.

Gay Gary

(1) As has been proven, the outrage is being orchestrated and whipped-up by Big Pharma, which is stirring the pot of Jew-hatred, Anti-Semitism and genocidal ideation with the way they are choosing to phrase their attacks,

(2) Those who participate in the manufactured outrage are responding to a call-to-action initiated by poison gas makers.

(3) Given the choice of supporting Mike Savage - who may or may not have said some things that are "mean" - and gangsters who have verifiably slaughtered thousands in this country alone, I'm happy to say I support the former. Others who feel uncomfortable supporting mean words but are okay with supporting anti-Semitism and mass murder should feel free to do that.

It's wonderful we can all celebrate our diversity of opinion in this country!

BTW - it turns out the latest anti-Semitic Klan Kountry station to drop Savage - WINA - has a host whose son is autistic. What do you want to bet he's one of the "drug 'em and hug 'em" parents who feels emasculated by having his human rights abuses against his own children called-out?


Psychiatrists Kill Kids: http://www.cchr.org/video/current_campaigns/psa_3.html


You have much to add and are very well versed GG, and I don't doubt the excessives and extremes of the pharmaceutical industry (I am currently reading the book SICK), but to blame the world's sins all on them and implying that they've done no good is over the top and quite frankly, simplistic.
[...and, it w/be cool if you learn to 'link']

Gay Gary

but to blame the world's sins all on them

I'm not blaming it all on the pharmaceutical industry.

People who apologize for the pharmaceutical industry and support their front groups like "Autism Speaks" (run by a former Johnson & Johnson Brand Manager) are also to blame.

"When Hitler (and Bayer) attacked the Jews
I was not a Jew, therefore I was not concerned.

And when Hitler (and Bayer) attacked the Catholics,
I was not a Catholic, and therefore, I was not concerned.

And when Hitler (and Bayer) attacked the unions and the industrialists,
I was not a member of the unions and I was not concerned.

Then Hitler (and Bayer) attacked me and the Protestant church --
and there was nobody left to be concerned."

Gay Gary

Anyway, whatever, I'm in Montserrat for the rest of the week so update me as to what happened when I'm back.


Enjoy...take care; are you a diver?


I thought the statement from WINA was the best and most eloquently written from a former affiliate. Question is, why didn't WINA see this about Savage earlier?


Because the threshold wasn't reached yet, evidently it has.


Duff, I generally find B'lams writing style humorous. I am just pointing out the hypocrisy. Check out PAL's (Merci) website "Meet the Stress" and see what he blogged about FOX doing with photoshop pictures. B'lam cannot be oblivious to this can he.


I love the Dave Ramsey show!


I love the Dave Ramsey show!


Depite his periodic fits of nonsense, Savage is the only nonliberal talkhost who dares criticize Bush in any meaningful way. Bushbots, As Savage calls them, Hannity an Rush, are simply paid shills for the Repugs.Who am I going to listen to around here- liberal, FEMINIZED buffoons like Dave Ross whose idea of a hot movie is Mamma Mia?I wouldn't be surprised if he went to Sex and the City WITHOUT his wife or daughters.What an embarrassment to the local male species. By the way , as an alternative to the effeminate Dori Monson, tune into Danny Bonaduce on KLSX over the net from LA 2-3 pm. weekdays radiotime.com has a streamer that usually works as opposed to the worthless station streamer. Bonaduce will fight Howard Stern flunkie, creep and punk Reverend Bob Levy on payforview sept. 13 in a celebrity boxing grudge match. I despise Stern and his fellow degenerate creeps that hang around his RADIO show booth and kiss his ass. Levy sucker- bitchslapped Bonaduce backstage at a celebrity boxing event for no apparent reason other than jealousy and selfhatred. Despite his 50 or 60 pound weight aDvantage over Bonaduce, the much shorter Danny will knock him deservedly on his ass.


OK, Ne'ts, you told us who Bla'M's PAL is...i.e. Nate, so now tell us WTF are "bogey street days"..huh?


Talk radio in Seattle has become noticeably more vanilla since Savage has left the local airwaves. He is still on in Portland, SF and LA.

Peter Beeter

Talk radio in Seattle has become noticeable more vanilla since Mike Webb, Alan Prell, Fred Ebert, Goldy, Lou Pate, Erin Hart, Fred Ebert and Ron Reagan left the local airwaves.


All of them have contributed to the Oprahification/Vanillaization of Seattle talk radio, including Dr. Weiner.

Anna Murphy

I think the image is a bit childish. This Photoshop image is stupid. What makes you any better than Michael with your stupid picture. I'm sick of other people thinking they need censor the airwaves because they just happen to not like what someone else says. I say get over it and let me decide what I want to listen to. Whoever you kids are; nock it off! I'l find Michael somewhere else and still listen to him, so there.


Get a whiff of that political correctness of Seattle permeating. That stench is making me clench.

Coach Factory Store

Think what these principles, and the actions that would follow, would mean to the daily decisions of management, customers, creditors and investors!

diane  ballou

I like Savage and helping myself as much as possible. Please give your autistic or suspected autistic friends and relatives as much attention as possible. It can't hurt.


Whether Micheal Savage is mean about autism, or not -you shouldn't make fun of him for the way he appears in your world. You shouldn't photo-shop to make him ugly. That's cruel. You probably made fun of autism in your youth. If it's that easy for you to make fun of someone normal, how easy is it for you to judge someone abnormal? What a vicious nazi, you are!

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