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July 31, 2008



Finally B'lam has made it to the next level of Blogging. We can now refer to him as a "Shock Blogger". Congrats B'lam.


The proper way to lower your negative Google results is to do good deeds. Help an old lady across the street. Google will take notice.


This guy is really sleazy. I know him well.


How many lawyers does it take to change a light bulb?

Arthur Ruger

Remember the false election claims in 2006 about "Frivolous Lawsuits?"
Marshall's an attorney right?
He makes his living looking for reasons to sue (justifiable or not), right?
Is he a Republican?


I gotta say it Bla'M, and you probably will deny it, right wing blogging bastard that you are, but this is the most piss poor (you lost your pot anyway) excuse for a right wing blog that I have ever read. When it comes to blogging the conservative agenda, you miss the target on every single point. Get your head out of your ass and follow the talking points as the are assigned to you by the McChimpybushcheneymchitler administration and quit adding your own spin. Who the hell do you think you are adding your own opinions to the official talking points?
Get your ass back in line or we will have the fellows in black pick you up and re-educate you.
Additionally, the employees of the Dept of Transportation would appreciate it if you would replace your pot in a timely manner and quit throwing your plastic jugs out of the windows on the freeways. They say "that's gross".


Unfortunately there are so many folks claiming they've been 'damaged' by blogs lately there is a groundswell out there to make them more accountable. If a party can 'reasonably' quantify these damages - judges are starting to interpret law that favors these so called 'victims'. Doubt this particular case would have any legs tho.


OMG how hilarious. Who wants to hire an attorney who doesn't know the difference between slander and liable??????

chuckles, you can be pretty damn funny when you want to be!

Expecting the Shark to appear at any moment and demand that you remove the word "conservative" from your masthead.


did you mean 'libel' sparks


Pelosi on why she has not tried to Impeach President Bush.

"If somebody had a crime that the president had committed, that would be a different story."

She must think Kucinich is a nut also. Oh this so funny.


Don't buckle under to these threats, Mike. You are accountable here on this blog, and have acted without malice. You certainly have written nothing that is not already well established in the public record. This guy is blowing smoke. If he comes after you, we'll see to it you get some pro bono legal help. Nobody in this community will let someone like Bradley Marshall shut you up.


Lawyers like to scare people with offical sounding letters. Try this in the public square, Bl'aM. Put all your communication with him on the blog, and keep it open. Marshall will lose if he's stupid enough to continue.


The old saying is:

A man who represents himself in court, has a idiot for a client.

In this case perhaps, a man who is represented by this attorney has a complete legal team of idiots?


It was a small play on words, Duffman.


Of course, very small...(noun/adjective).
btw: do you actually know the 'legal' (not dictionary) definitions of slander and libel.


We got your back, Mikey. (you know who this is, and that I mean it).

Rich Johnson

Maybe he can get the now-ex judge here in DC who sued a dry cleaners for $58 million over lost pants to represent him.

Perri Nelson

I'm not surprised at anything this "laywer" has to say about you. Well, maybe that's not entirely accurate. I am amazed he'd confuse your blog's positions with conservatism.

Keep your posts up and don't be intimidated. I may not agree with much of what you post, but you do a very good job of articulating your positions, and hacks like this should not be allowed to prevail.


I'd have your back, but being recently unemployed, I gotta go get my $540.00 per week for sitting on my donkey.
Where the hell is my gummint food and medical? How do you get them to pay your house payment?
I may not be able to help with the lawyering, but if you need anybody to write a really annoying letter on your behalf. I am your man. I come with references (about the annoying part. Don't ask any of the teachers 'bout spelling, sentence or paragraph structure).
From what I have found surfing these fine innertubes today, Mr Marshall does not appear to be the brightest member of the bar association around these parts.
He looks like one of those fellows that handles the law with pre-trial motions and delay tactics designed to drive his adversary's bonkers with hourly costs.
Do you suppose he is on of those law school students accepted because of affirmative action lowered entrance requirements? I have no knowledge of said thought. I just wondered.


Just sending the letter to Mike gets him more unwanted exposure. What a dumbshit.


This guy is undoubtedly in the tank for Obama, but don't believe Barry has any previous associations with this dude. Just sayin'


What makes you think he is for Obama??


A "conservative site?" Is he drunk?


A "conservative site?" Is he drunk?


Alright...I've got it: you can countersue him for libeling your site as a 'conservative' site. Easy.


Nothing makes us conservatives more happy than when you greedy libs go aroind suing each other, calling each other names and fighting over little morsels of power and scraps of meat and money. Say what you want about conservatives, but we don't go around stabbing each other in the back and "eating our own" like you do. Mock tradition and repect all you want but it's a more wholesome life than you'll ever know.

blathering michael

yeah, uchitachi, I've been noticing the hearts and flowers you friendly conservative have been sending your presumptive candidate for president since he was nominated. He looks like General Custer.

happy to see him go

The Washington Supreme Court upheld Mr. Marshals disbarment in the Fall of 2009. Look like he may need a new job... Wounder if he would be qualified to work at foot locker? Or Sports Whearhouse... Oh waite a minute, that would require at least a drop of honesty...


I have updated information on Bradley R. Marshall!!!!....


THE MARSHALL'S.....I KNOW VERY WELL!!!....Unfortunately I'm related!...Ask all the questions I will answer!!!!!.........

Toronto mold removal

espite Mr. Webb's demise, you have continued to make disparaging remarks when reminiscing the memory of past times.

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