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June 13, 2008



NBC is toast.


Wow..I feel bad he didnt get to witness the election in November..he was pretty excited about it.
58 is too young.


Maybe he should have paid more attention to that tingle.
That aside, I really liked him. He reminded me of my dad at that age. A flaming lib, but an honest man.


One of the only men in media that I trusted.


He was a lib with a funny nose.

Gregory McKie

Post should read 1950-2008.

Tim will be missed.


What a loss! I still stand by my assertion that he was the best active interviewer in the business. When teaching how to interview people, my radio broadcast teacher said to make the questions short, get to the point, and let the interviewee finish without interruption.

At that time, he used Mike Wallace as an example. Mr. Russert filled in that role. He is not much older than I am and his style comes from the same school. It is sad that he did not live long enough to witness this upcoming history making election. R.I.P Tim.


Chucks, just wondering.
What is your definition for "A flaming lib"?

Nader - off the edge
Kucinich - yes
Goldy - Admitedly


I've been a MTP viewer since Russert took the reigns, and Russert was always a down-the-middle hatchet thrower (at both sides). If I detected any bias is was a "check on power" bias - and I'm totally fine with that!

Does one have to throw the hatchet in one direction (toward the left) to even qualify as a moderate to you?

Hope you have some evidence to support your O'Reilly-esque ad-hominem. Or was this another "chuckz sez so" brain-fart?


tingly leg? nuff said about that.
I still liked him, so I am not gonna get drawn in to a slam Tim hassle.
(anybody to the left of me. I see myself as a pretty libral R)


I really enjoyed Tim Russert.
He was fair, with a deep understanding of history, and intellectually honest.


I really enjoyed Tim Russert.
He was fair, with a deep understanding of history, and intellectually honest.


"tingly leg? nuff said about that.

Dearest great lord Chuthulu of the endless abyss: Please tell me that Chucks has just confused Tim Russert and Chris Matthews.

anybody to the left of me. I see myself as a pretty libral R

...and an extraordinary spelling wiz to boot. OHHHH I SEEEEEE, So the Great (up)Chucks is the long-sought-after moderate-of-all-moderates. To the left - a flaming chasm. Boldly, he holds the middle-ground (and rips off hapless seniors).

BTW, thanks for your in-depth evidence in support of your claim. < /sarc>.

One question then: Is speaking truth to power (as a bias) a negative for a media figure?


Yes, I did confuse Russert with Matthews. Moment of stupid was in fact mine. Sorry.
Screw you on the rest of your insults.


C'mon, he acknowledged his mistake.
Which is a lot more than the Joanie types would ever do.


R.I.P Tim Russert. I enjoyed what I could on Sundays.

Gay Gary

I tuned-in to KIRO a few minutes ago as soon as I heard about the Russert passing and they were running a Luke Burbank Show episode about make-up tips and how to pick the perfect outfit.

As flamboyantly gay as I am, I really should like that show more.


From the right side, Brent Bozell of Media Research issued this statement:

A few moments ago, NBC News reported that "Meet the Press" host Tim Russert passed away this afternoon. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Russert family and his extended family at NBC News.

MRC President and NewsBusters Publisher Brent Bozell has issued the following statement:

Whenever I’ve been asked to give examples of a fair, balanced and honest journalist, Tim Russert’s name was the first name that came to mind. This was a view shared by everyone and the ultimate testimony to his professionalism. As a moderator he was in a league of his own, always knowing when to speak and when to let his guests do the talking. As an individual he was an absolute class act, and always a gentleman. The world of journalism is vastly diminished today."


I'm young enough that I can barely remember a national election night where he wasn't punditing and his character was part of what made it fun. I'll definately notice that he's gone in November. Meet the Press was great, I never wake up early enough on Sunday to hear or watch it but I was hoping that I would get around to it someday. Yet again the wrong people die and the wrong people live.


I respected Tim Russert for his tough and fair interviewing and for the person he was. He was instrumental in helping viewers cut through the rhetoric so far in the runup to the November election. What a tremendous loss for NBC, television reporting - he was an institution.

He was a Democrat, as he once worked for Mario Cuomo - it was hard to tell though. Above all, he was a professional journalist with integrity- a much endangered species. Unfortunately, I do not see anyone out there who can come close to filling his shoes on Meet the Press from NBC, MSNBC or any of the other networks in the near future.

joanie hussein

Merci, have you EVER heard chucks come back and intellectually support ANYTHING he's ever said? EVER?

Get real.

...This was a view shared by everyone...

No, not everyone. And Bozell is conservative. He'd think Russert was middle of the road.

You want to see a sample of Russert emphasizing trivial and sensational stuff, watch his interview of Ron Paul.

Russert was overrated. But, seeing as how most of you cannot think for yourselves but follow media sheep, I'm not surprised at your lauditory remarks.

Russert's ego had gotten the best of him, I thought. Apparently, it was his appetite for the good life.

Power corrupts and he's a perfect example.

And, if I see that stupid and overrated dry erase board with Florida written on it one more time, I'll never watch MSNBC again. If he really had any balls, he'd have been looking at the situation in Florida and wondering why suddenly exit polls were inaccurately reflecting the vote.

Come to think of it, giving up MSNBC and Olbermann wouldn't be such a great loss after all, now would it?


Christine Kraft and Savage deserve kudos for exposing Obama as the phony he is, but both showed no class yesterday in criticizing Russert onair within hours of his death, for their perceptions of his political bias. Kraft thought he had been a lackey for Bush on the war when it first started and Savage claimed he was a lackey for the extreme libs. BOTH OF THESE PEOPLE HAD ALL NEXT WEEK TO MAKE THESE COMMENTS. Jesus H. Christ let the man have his night and show some grace an class. Shame, shame, shame.


Spot on Tommy 008.
Lets add Joanie to the list with her ill timed comments above calling Russert overated and on the take.
Cruising over to Daily Kos, Huff Posts, and Dem Underground I was struck not only by some of the mean comments but the Diarist topics -KOS- regarding the death of Russert.
I am sure that there were some ill willed comments on the Newsbusters/Hotair.
But the word on Russert is that he was tough, fair, and a nice man. Strange concept for Joanie: Intellectually Honest. Joanie is neither intellectual nor honest.
Over on Fox they ran a few hours of programming devoted to a man on another network. Britt Hume talked about how thoughtful Russert was when his son Sandy Hume, an award winning journalist, committed suicide at the age of 30. Russert had been there as a source of support for Britt.
Chris Wallace, Brian Wilson, and others had some wonderful stories.
All this on a rival network. Of course, on his own network it was wall to wall coverage.

For many of us this IS a big deal.

super eight

Many of us? sounds like a group of men in an apartment jerking off to Rush Limbaugh and Dr Bill.


The reason why some of you are so resentful of Tim Russert is that he was judged to be fair.
Some of you -like Joanie- want an ideologue that will give you Randi 'the word' sermons.

And Super Eight, your preoccupation with 'jerking off' sounds a lot like one of the regular posters.
Sometimes in an effort to make a smart ass remark we tend to reveal ourselves.


Very profound, Puts, but it wasn't me.

joanie hussein

Hey, super eight. You called it exactly. Haven't you notice putsie gets stimulated every time I post!

I can just picture him and Tommy goin' at it! What power!

And, Tommy, anybody who posts the way you do should wash his mouth out with soap at the mere mention of "class."

joanie whispers over and over: "Hey, putsie, joanie, randi, joanie, randi, joanie, randi...

Feeling good, are we?


Speaking of tiresome.... Putz,your castigations of Joans are pointless and boring. Why does her name appear in so many of your posts regardless of the topic? Your childish vendetta is stifling your attempt to participate in informed blogging...
"Get a life!"-- Desi Arnaz


Shame on Christine Kraft, shame on Savage and shame on Joanie for their classless remarks about Tim Russert.

However, Kraft and Savage are disdained by the Obama-nation for stating figuratively the obvious - that their emperor has no clothes, and note the constant jive talking about what he's gonna do.

 joanie hussein

It's okay, Fremont. Just a teenage crush. Hopefully, he'll grow out of it.

Now, this from the NY Times:
"Charging by the Byte to Curb Internet Traffic"

"...three of the country’s largest Internet service providers are threatening to clamp down on their most active subscribers by placing monthly limits on their online activity."

"Critics of the bandwidth limits say that metering and capping network use could hold back the inevitable convergence of television, computers and the Internet."

My concern is that big business wants to keep the status quo just like the oil companies. They will put roadblocks in front of attempts to merge our access to media just like big oil kept alternative energy research and development constrained.

Personally, I'm just waiting for the day when my computer is my TV. Fewer monitors, wires, outlets, more convenience and both would be HD or whatever's state of the art and any size I want.

Big business in this country literally obstructs progress. Europe will be the place to live in the coming decades. And Canada.

Now, I'm sure Steven will jump on my "socialist" Europe/Canadian reference. Let's try to stick to the subject of tech and big business, shall we boys? Just try. You can do it.

joanie hussein

You know, Klueless, I call you that because you opinionate/bloviate endlessly without anything factual ever.

So, more bloviating?


Hey look
I am using Joanie to illustrate the looney left.
Don't blame me.

Freemont, you do realize that for purposes of this blog you should never assume gender.

I don't.

joanie hussesin

I am using...don't blame me."

Are you laughing yet, Fremont? Don't blame him for what he does. Like the rest of the right-wing crazies, they are just victims. No control whatever over what they do, think or say.

Nor should you "assume" he's a man just because he's married to an Asian woman.

What would we do without his comic relief?


Chalmers on Ring of Fire now.


Joanie, I read about the charging for bandwidth on a media blog. Comcast will be watching Time-Warner very carefully to see how this all comes out. TW wants to charge you according your usage..if you just surf and post on blogs, you will pay the regular amount,,,the more downloading you do, the more you pay. The article I read, though, said that Microsoft, Netflix and other corporations who are counting on using the internet to distribute media will take them to court if they try to do this, as it would impact their business. I hope they are successful..there is already evidence that Comcast has attempted to block certain sites that are critical of them.

joanie hussein

Yes, the NY Times article says all that.

Even the NY Times doesn't really protect consumers. I'm curious how your media site evaluated all that?

It is the manipulation of the so-called free market that I'm concerned about and its consequences and potential for the obstruction of enhanced consumer access to media that has me worried.

Any information on that?


BTW, good for Microsoft and Netflix. The larger entities that have sprung up from all the "new media" may be our saving element.

Sometimes I forget how powerful are all the little guys under the umbrella guys.


"A Minnesota man named Larry Sinclair has been going around the country spreading unfounded rumors about Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL). Among other claims, he alleges that he and Obama used cocaine together and participated in homosexual acts in 1999. Sinclair’s claims are completely without any merit. He even took — and failed — a polygraph test.

Nevertheless, Sinclair will be speaking at the National Press Club in Washington, DC on June 18. Jane Hamsher at Firedoglake has pointed out that an event such as Sinclair’s is in keeping with neither the NPC’s purpose nor its ethics:"

I wonder if the right teaches their kids to play fair? I wonder what that means to them? I wonder if they consider lying to be honest?

I wonder if the word "ethics" has any meaning at all for them.

I wonder when right-wing "values" came to connote smears, lies and attacks?

Oh, my.


Gee Joanie
Smears...? Kind of like what Bill Moyers did when working for LBJ and spreading that crap on Martin Luther King to the Newspapers? I only linked to his Sworn Testimony on it but you still think that ol Saint Bill is above reproach. Well, if he would do that to MLK what makes you think he won't cut a journalistic corner or two?
Would you like me to link to it again?
Probably not. Last time it was a classic 'skedaddle moment.'

Oh wait, that was a 'gotcha moment' which is Joanie-speak for 'oh crap, I've been shown a fact'

I only use you to illustrate the looney followers of ol Randi.


Check out the live feed from Des Moines on the flooding:

Joanie, you gotta email me the linkie code again please.


Gee, everyone, notice how the only case of a Dem smear (according to St. Pea) happened forty years ago?

And you're telling me that Moyers went around the country claiming he and King did cocaine together and performed homosexual acts?

Time warp anyone? or brain warp.



Thank you for illustrating hypocrisy...

This is why the Nevets, Chucks, et al of this blog want to have you around. You make the points for us.

Again, much appreciated. And if you are just a poseur I want to tell you that you are doing an amazing job.


And thank you for illustrating stupidity:

And you're telling me that Moyers went around the country claiming he and King did cocaine together and performed homosexual acts?

yes or no?


What hypocracy? Your post makes no sense to me.

No it was not a good thing that Moyers did for LBJ. He has admitted that he was young, naive and stupid to do so. He has gone on to become a respected journalist.

Larry Sinclair has one item on his resume': rumor monger. Joanie is right..Sinclair and his minions have taken this ballgame to a whole new level. Fortunately, there is the Smear Alert website which allows Obama and his staff an opportunity to address all the garbage that is being spewed.
The GOP is finding out that Obama is not Kerry. He will not ignore the false accusations out there, including the idea that his fist bump with his wife has terrorist meaning, or that he is secretly a Muslim, or is close friends with Rezko.


Puget, why continue with you petty obsession with a particular poster, is it because you can't fight back without looking like a fool? You sound like you have abused women in the past with your vitriol.


Bill Moyers was in his mid 30's when he participated in those nasty tricks.
Not really a 'young man' in that sense of the word. He knew what he was doing and it was damn mean.

Look I don't buy into the stuff being peddled out there about Obama. He is not a Muslim; the 'i got your back boo.' is just a personal remark between a man and his wife on the eve of a historical event; and i doubt that Rezko will turn out to be anything of note.

And I am glad to see that Obama is not Kerry. Of course, Obama isn't being accused by his fellow war vets many of whom actually served alongside of him. Sen. Kerry himself made his Vietnam service a centerpiece for his campaign for the Presidency and many of those he served with took exception to Kerry's claim in 1971 in Congressional Testimony of atrocities committed by Swift Boat sailors. I don't really blame them for paying him back in kind when the opportunity presented itself. No one likes to be falsely labeled as a baby killer.

I wasn't there and nor were you. Those combat serving Swift Boat Vets put there tails on the line and earned the right to also speak their piece when Kerry put their service in disrepute. A few took Kerry's side and the vast majority didn't.

Why did Kerry take so long to respond and when he did it was ineffectual ? Maybe he couldn't come up with a good response. I don't really want to debate it and if you want further information from the combat vets involved I can direct you to the appropriate websites with their testimony.

But that is old news. The Dems will most likely win the Presidency. Can they really screw this one up?


I love it when these one or two time posters come on to throw a little crap then run away.
Instead of using 'Melon' to do your scut work, why don't you post under your normal handle?
It's all pretty much anonymous and no one really believes 'gender' here anyway. Until I see different, I assume it is all pretty much a bunch of dudes some of whom seem to enjoy posting under a 'female' name. Whatever. Doesn't really matter.


Sooner or later with the way Libs are, a gay man or lesbian will become President of this country. Might as well be Hussein, then this election could be doubly historic. Unless Joanie and Sparky, you two have something against a gay man being President.


And since it is not on "Fightthesmears.com. Could it be true.

joanie hussein

Sen. Kerry himself made his Vietnam service a centerpiece

You think Kerry's service shouldn't be honored? Yes or no?

and many of those he served with took exception to Kerry's claim of atrocities committed by Swift Boat sailors.

So lying is okay when you're mad about something.

No one likes to be falsely labeled as a baby killer.

How do you know it was false. Assuming again?

I wasn't there and nor were you.

Oh. So you don't know.

A few took Kerry's side and the vast majority didn't.

Umm, the "few" being the ones on Kerry's boat?

Why did Kerry take so long to respond...

Maybe he thought the American people were smarter.

I don't really want to debate it...

But you did.

But that is old news.

Sort of like Moyers...

Doesn't really matter.

Then why all the assumptions and inconclusive ranting?

Now St. Pea will say something about how this was too much to read and he couldn't understand it anyway so it's another example of how loony I am.

That's why I don't talk to you puts. You can't back up or refrain from contradicting yourself about anything.

joanie hussein for homosexuals

Umm, Steven, no response to my comments about your citation?

You and St. Pea deserve each other.

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