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June 13, 2008


joanie hussein

Smears, half-truths and outright lies - the only way the Repugs can win anymore. I'm disgusted by the Fisher family. A local family I grew up respecting along with the Bullitt family.

When it comes to racism, anything goes. ...shit weasels in sandals...

Disgusting. People who listen to this kind of rightwing radio are so propagandized, they wouldn't know the truth if it bit them in the ass.


Mr Brown is a pornographer. His latest ad about Obama heard on Rachel's show is obscene. At least Willie Horton was true. My hope is that Obama will speak out address by name this sleaze and raise he debate to the issues. such as weather or not not Mcain has a black love child.


"Disgusting. People who listen to this kind of rightwing radio are so propagandized, they wouldn't know the truth if it bit them in the ass.

Posted by: joanie hussein | June 13, 2008 at 07:35 AM"

A little perspective for those that read are new to this forum. The comment above is from a person who listens to Mike Malloy for truth and gets 'the word' from Randi.
Now why don't you just skeddadle up to Birch Bay and get to work on those wine coolers. You have another weekend to fritter away before you assume room tempature. Enjoy.


The GOOD news is that Fisher in general and KVI in particular are desperate failing entities that few take seriously. This move further alienates and disgusts all reasonable people. Carleen is a white bread, bigoted, low self esteem self hater who worships overweight redneck men on the radio for a living. Her children must be proud of her.

"KVI... Bigot to Bigot Coverage"


The "Lutheran" form of Christianity...that made me laugh out loud. Obviously meant to be a smear, he has nothing more than that--to mock people who like tuna casserole at church dinners?

Obama's team has set up a "Stop the Smears" website, where we can report emails, tv and radio interviews, newspaper articles, etc. that try to perpetuate this crap, so that the team can publicly
address each one. Obama will not sit by like John Kerry did, hoping for the better angels of the Republican party to step forward and ask them to stop.

joanie hussein

Revealing that when the commentary and posters are talking politics, my favorite fan who begs me to talk to him, is still pleading away for my attention.

"KVI...Bigot to Bigot Coverage"

Good one, balderdash.


Wow, somebody got up on the grumpy side of the bed this morning!


Address the issue don't slip into character assassination. I can't stand Mike or Randi.


How many people know that Obama's father, a radical Muslim with fives wives (he had six, but stoned one to death when she left the house without his permission), was an insurgent in Afghanistan, and died in 2004 fighting along side the Taliban against the Americans?


Is this true DT?
Do you have any sources?
I'd like to read more about it if it's true.


Yes, thats a very serious rumor DT, I too would like that sourced.


We abolished Blood Crimes a long time ago in which you are held accountable for the sins of your forefathers.
I may disagree with Obama on some of his political positions but I have no doubt he is a true and sincere American.
Unless I see some hardcore facts -and even then I wonder if it will be relevant- on this I won't be basing any decisions on this stuff. Reminds me of those on the left who like to make Prescott Bush out to be in league with the Nazi's.


That may all be well and good PS but since this guy has NO experience what do we have to judge him by?

All that is left is to look into his background and the people he has associated himself with over the years in order to get some inkling of who he really might be.

Gay Gary

Screw that - George Noory may run for President in 2012!


But I'm wondering about this:

Noory is a veteran of the U.S. Navy who served nine years in the U.S. Naval Reserve as a full lieutenant.

He spent 9 years as a lieutenant?

Gay Gary

Also I am pretty sure now, about 99%, that Mark is no longer on Kirby and Co. ... on today's edition, where the Co. traditionally "BUHHHYYE" like retards at the end of the show followed by a steam whistle he was not doing it. Combined with the end of his wikitalk commercials and his absence of a couple weeks on the program I think it's safe to say he either left or was laid off?

So now it's just the Kirby & Karleen show or back to just being the Kirby Wilbur Show with Karleen occasionally chiming in?


"Is this true DT?
Do you have any sources?
I'd like to read more about it if it's true."

Gullibility on display for all to see...that James caller sounds like Andrew.



"Disgusting. People who listen to this kind of rightwing radio are so propagandized, they wouldn't know the truth if it bit them in the ass."

I got a different take on this from Joanie, I think she was talking about B'lam being propagandized and turning a blind eye to the truth of what said on "Kirby in the Morning" that day.


"50% of our income if Obama's program is enacted."

This stuff is only for people who want to believe it. Gutter fighters like Brown won't win this time. People want to forget the Bush administration. Religious Christians are feeling used.


The real issue: Floyd stinks on the air.

eastlke newser

Who pays for this guy to operate? that would be a great investigative piece, Michael.
This is surely a sign that the end has come for KVI. It's just neglect. I remember not being able to turn off the station, even though I didn't agree with any of the hosts. It was that exciting, and had the feel of being in the middle of the action. Now it's just sad. I say put it down.


You may be right. Joanie's posts are so poorly written at times it can be difficult to decipher.


Move over Joanie.
Worst Case of Bush Derangement Syndrome:
Vincent Bugliosi.
And I enjoyed his Helter Skelter, JFK, and the one on the 2000 Election regarding the mistakes made by the Supreme Court on the Florida Recount.
I am really looking forward to the Vincent Bugliosi thread coming up. He was on Dave Ross today.
I heard Vince on Dennis Miller the other day. Miller was fairly considerate letting Bugliosi hang himself on his radio show. I was disappointed at first at Dennis’ polite demeanor, but Dennis came through and let Bugliosi reveal himself.
Miller had Bugliosi on for 24 minutes or three segments.
I got the podcast.
You literally hear a man become a parody of himself. Kind of sad.
After that performance, I am starting to have doubts about the guilt of Charles Manson.

Gay Gary

I, too, caught Bugliosi on Dave Ross. Honestly, I thought his argument could have been compelling and convincing - even though I didn't agree with it - but his style of presentation made him sound like Ron Paul and David Goldstein's love child. He had this breathless, high-pitched - at times stuttering, at other times scolding - drumbeat of lines that sounded scripted ... when Dave Ross would ask him a question he would scold Ross for his glibness, then bizarrely backtrack and compliment him for asking tough questions then shriek that Ross was asking good questions but they were distracting questions and not what he wanted to talk about. It was like watching Tom Cruise on Oprah. It was hard to tell any difference between him and also-ran conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, which is unfortunate as Bugliosi obviously has more credibility to his name. All in all, a sad exhibition.

He noted - as a guest on the Dave Ross Show after just having finished an appearance on Dennis Miller - that all media were ignoring him. I felt rather bad for Dave and Dennis that Bugliosi discounts their media credentials so completely.


Tim Russert RIP.


Sad but true - like your favorite uncle. Sunday's will never be the same:

Tim Russert, 1950-2008

G'bye Tim. We'll miss you


This is sad news but I still question whether it rises to the level of warranting the Breaking News tri-tones by KIRO. ALSO:

1 - Why does KIRO use the "Breaking News" tri-tones at the start of a regularly scheduled newscast? At this point they're just using it as a sound effect. If a newscast is regularly scheduled - and they're not interrupting regular programming - it's superfluous to use the tri-tones.

2 - Why does KIRO use the "Breaking News" tri-tones multiple times on the same story? After they've used them once the story has broke and is no longer "Breaking News" (unless there's a very significant update such as Tim Russert miraculously rising from the dead).

3 - Also, a couple days ago they were reporting on a kitchen fire at a Thai restaurant in Queen Anne and used - not just the tri-tones - but QUAD-tones. If a fire at a Thai restaurant merits QUAD-tones, how long will the tones sound when some legitimately breaking news happens (i.e. terrorist attack, earthquake, etc.)?

I also recall that once Luke Burbank used the Breaking News tri-tones to announce a listener had sent him some origami cranes. Now I'm a big TBTL fan so this is not a slight on TBTL, just that I think KIRO needs to print a set of standards of when/where to use the tri-tones and staple that printout wherever the tri-tone button is located.


You scooped it, MF! Sadness...a horrendous loss!

Sparkler, Obama's site, Fight the Smears, is linked here.

"Go, Bills!"

Floyd Brown

According to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, Mr. Obama's new tax would siphon off 0.4% of gross domestic product annually. Combined with Mr. Obama's other tax-hike initiatives, "the total tax on labor would be close to 60 percent. In high-tax states like California and New York, the top rate would be even higher."

From this mornings Wall Street Journal. I underestimated the government take when I was on the air..... Floyd


It's ok..we weren't listening.

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