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June 10, 2008


Fred Stiening

Laura's syndicator is Talk Radio Network, not Salem Radio. Talk Radio Network is owned by Roy Masters and his family. TRN also syndicates Mike Savage, Rusty Humphries, Jerry Doyle, Phil Hendrie, his own program and a few other less well known hosts.

blathering michael

Thanks for the correction, Fred.


I want to have sex with Laura, but I'm afraid.


What is really funny to me is that as much as I get accused of getting all of my information from FOX News, I had no idea that Gibson was gone. Had not seen Laura do a show either.
Guess I had better start paying attention.

joanie hussein

Ingraham has all the credentials needed by the might men on the right: blonde and attractive.

If heard her show once or twice, and it more of the same: innuendos, half-truths, and personal comments. I also saw Brian Lam interview here. Talk about softballs. He was taken with her.

If you want to hear a woman who is also attractive and blonde but has something to say, try Laura Flanders.

joanie hussein

Judging from the errors in that last post, I think I'll go to bed earlier tonight!

Hopefully, you can make it out. (insert smiley face)


Joanie, that sounds like the Randi Rhodes show except on Randi's show, you get no truth.


Hey B'lam, that picture, is that supposed to be what Laura would look like with MO's ass for a head.

joanie hussein

I'm curious, Steven. If you listen to her, why don't you check out her claims?

I know you've called her on something or other over and over. But, is that the only incorrect (according to you) item she's ever said?

Typically, you make a lot of allegations but never back 'em up. How come?


As i came out of my morning nap i was aware of two annoying people nattering away on my radio, the second more annoying than the other. The first was Dave Ross, of course. The second, more annoying voice , which is saying something with Ross as your comparison point, sounded vaguely familiar, but it took Dave's identification of him to realize it was that local prig and priss David Kilnghoffer, from the Discovery Institute, pushing his latest book of errant nonsense He's that fellow who talks in the professorially hushed, soporifically cadenced tones of one who believes himself to be terribly terribly brigHt, but in Klinghoffer's case, he lacks the intellectual heft to back it up. Klingghoffer surfaced a year or so ago with a book or article claiming that among other things Seattle was an amoral city, with terrible values and behavior, as a result of the low church attendance of it's citizens. I did some quick research, picking the city of Miami, to refute his poppycock. I discovered that the city of Miami has about twice the number of churches per capita than Seattle, but with a murder and crime rate that dwarfed ours, per capita. I posted this on Blatherwatch, not only to completely refute his crapola about Seattle, which I did, but also in hopes that the ass would aee it and write into the blog with a prickly letter.hahahaa His latest book is something on the lines of what does the Bible say about our modern times.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Your data is incomplete. Miami might have more churches, but does that automatically equate to more people attending church? They may have more buildings, but they may be just as empty as around Seattle. So don't you need to compare the attendees, rather than the buildings?


You're being too clever by half. The number of churches per 100,000 people is a legitimate way to gauge church attendance.People don't build new churches where there isn't a need, and old church buildings become somethign other than churches when they can't sustain themselves, as their flocks dwindle to nothing. Normally you wouldn't bother to make htis asinine quibble since Klinghoffer and the D.I. are conservatives, but since it's me making the argument you had to give me some fatuous, silly crap.


The church yellow pages i used to count the number of churches churches are only filled with active churches. People don't go to these yellow pages to find an old church building that is now exclusively use for educational seminars or showings of Japanese art films. And the churches we have in Seattle aren't empty. There just aren't very many of them. The small number of churches makes us among the most unchurched cities, not empty churches.


My, my you are a thin-skinned one.
I was merely pointing out that there were holes in your data gathering methods. Combing a phone book is certainly an interesting way to access information though.
So I am to understand that even though we are among the most unchurched cities, our churches are all full? Good thing you didn't have to research church-going folk in Alaska where if someone gets pissed, they open their own church down the road.
Did you count the churches that are held in schools? Did you count the churches that are held in vacant stores in strip malls?
Was your final decision that because Miami has more churches, they would be a more violent city?
Or that Seattle has fewer churches so we are a less-violent city?


haha you're simply being an ass, and a brick. I didn't comb the yellow pages, i used the same online church "yellowpages" directory that lists churches in major U.S. cities for both cities. That gave me a rough estimate of the number of churches in each city, not an exact count. It was a good enough method to make the kind of comparison I wanted to make. The law of averages tells me that the number of "storefront" or similar churches missed by the directory service in one city will be roughly the same as in the other city. But of course you're smart enough to know this, you're just deliberately being a brick. My point was that here was a city , Miami, that according to Klinghoffers simplistic, flawed thinking should have much better morals and citizen behavior than Seattle, with half the number of churches per 100,000. The opposite was found to be true. That tells me that other factors such as education (less than half of Miami residents have high school diplomas, half of Seattle's are college graduates) , income (Seattle is considerably higher) have much more to do with how well-behaved a city is than their religiosity and church attendance.


"Typically, you make a lot of allegations but never back 'em up. How come?

Posted by: joanie hussein | June 11, 2008 at 07:26 AM"

pot calling the kettle black.
how come you don't take the 'duffman challenge?'


Hole in my data? not really.Thelaw ofaverages also tells me that each city will have roughly the same percentage of small, medium and large congregation churches. There is no logical reason to expect that Miami, as you postulated, has a much higher % of churches with very small congregations than Seattle does. You haven't presented any special conditions that would support such a theory.


I wasnt making a theory. I was asking if that was part of yours. And you could have mentioned earlier that you looked online. You said "yellow pages." I shouldn't have had to force this out of you. You finally state that education and poverty levels are the overriding factors. Of course they are. You could have said all that in just once sentence, eh?

You also said "It was a good enough method to make the kind of comparison I wanted to make."
I hope you don't work in the medical field!


Redmond Dem i assume you are a woman, by your lack of logic and argumentative nature- if so, i consider it to be one of life's tender mercies that i am not married or related to you.


C'mon Joanie, everybody except you know that Randi Rhodes makes things up as she goes along. There is nothing that she says that can be substantiated. For instance, Monday she went on a rant about why oil prices go up, she claimed that because an Israeli spokesman said something about Iran on Saturday oil went sky high on Friday. Where is the logic to that. Oh and Monday, the price of oil fell by 4 dollars. And don't forget the "Blackwater started the fires in California" that Puts has put out here for all to listen before.

By the way. Who was she having a feud with at AAR?

Mary Noble  Backstage Wife

nevets, you really need to get over your obsession with the females here.

Bev Sullivan

As a daily radio listener, my mornings are not the same w/o Laura!! Please come back!!!


Steven, just saw your post as of the 11th.

Randi's feud was with Ed Schultz. You didn't know that?

And Randi sources everything. I heard her comments about the fires and Blackwater and she wasn't stating it as fact.

You only take her to task because you don't like what she says. But she sources it. So instead of shooting the messenger, prove her wrong.

And try to do it without so much guesswork. Interesting that after I pointed out all the guesswork in your energy post, you didn't respond. That was telling because you couldn't let go of a little glacier item.

And as for puts, the second post I pasted made short shrift of his "23 swiftboaters..." He needs to occupy my first-grade chair as well.

stephen harris

why was john gibson taken off 5 p. m. slot on fox news channel

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