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June 20, 2008


howie in seattle

Couldn't agree more. Wish he would speak out on FISA, though.


50%, thats about right if you are a Small Business owner. I heard on Bob Brinker that those Small Business owners living in California will be paying as much as 62% of their earnings. Thats steep but how else can one re-distribute the wealth and look like a messiah at the same time.


And still nothing on "Fightthesmears" about that Sinclair guy. Could it be true.


He is in Jail, where he belongs


No need to post anything about Sinclair at that site Steven. He was quite public about his insanity. FighttheSmears is for those insiduous rumors that get passed around in email, and for comments made that are not overt, yet spread suspicion.
It was fairly hilarious to see him get arrested during his "press conference." When you are a wanted felon, how many brain cells does it take to schedule a press conference and call attention to yourself??

joanie hussein

it's neither civil nor discourse. It's just sensational, cynical and avaricious,

No, simply put, it's the profiteering rich exploiting the stupid. (see Steven's post above)

Really good analysis this morning from Jeffers. This oil bargain struck under duress I'm sure with the so-called Iraqi government will put Obama in a bind. I hope the Iraqi people are capable of fighting back and keeping their only resource from the thieving Americans.

Disgusting. We've become a nation of torturers and thieves under the regime of THE BUSH CRIME FAMILY.


Bush is a Rat Bastard, too



Oh well, I guess Obama CHANGED his mind again, supports the FISA bill after all is said and done. Oh, and forget what he originally said about public campaign financing, CHANGED his mind on that one too.

You sure this guy is really what you want? Same old politics but with zero experience. I hope I have some CHANGE left in my pocket if he takes office.




Come on guys. We can not fun with the libs around here. You certainly do not want to rain on their hopey-changy illusions and fantasy's.
The Chicago politician is a dream they can believe in.


Overall, most people don't care about flipflopping except the media, and bloggers who want to play "gotcha." McCain has flipflopped on a variety of things...is it because he got more information and then changed his mind? Is that a bad thing? I would rather have both candidates have the ability to change their minds on things based on new information, than to be like Bush, stubbornly refusing to even listen to another point of view.
Most Americans dont care about campaign financing, so you guys are going to have to get all worked up over something else.


I think more than the media might notice that his much touted 'New Politics" is morphing into the same old thing we've seen for decades. Doing whatever it takes to win is the most important, it doesn't matter who you get in bed with, forget about ethics, honesty, character. Just another politician, you're right, most people will still be too Obamanized to notice.


I personally have no problem with any person learning enough additional information to cause him to change his or her mind.
It is the situational mind changer that drives me nuts. The John Kerry "I was for it before I was against it" kind of crap.
I, like the rest of you do not know enough about the hopey-changey guy to have a handle on it with him.
I just know that I will never vote for one of his kind for POTUS.

Muslims Against Sharia

Senator Obama is NOT a Dirty Muslim!

"What you won't hear from this campaign or this party is the kind of politics that uses religion as a wedge," says Mr. Obama, while denouncing statements of him being a Muslim as a smear. Why is the presidential candidate who claims to be religiously inclusive is treating the word "Muslim" as an insult? Apparently, it is OK for Mr. Obama to be associated with terrorists like William Ayers or racists like Jeremiah Wright, but God forbid somebody would call him a Muslim! No, he won't stand for that kind of smear! We admit that most terrorists are Muslims, but most Muslims are not terrorists and the statement on Mr. Obama's website is insulting to hundreds of millions of people.

How could a man who discards his family heritage in favor of political expediency be even considered for presidency of the United States? Where are all the so-called "Islamic civil rights groups" like CAIR, MPAC, ISNA, MAS, etc. who are quick to defend every Islamic terrorist, but are silent when Muslims in general are being denigrated? Would Mr. Obama have the same reaction if someone claimed that he was raised as a Jew? We sincerely doubt that.

Muslims Against Sharia demand immediate removal of "SMEAR: Barack Obama is a Muslim" statement from the official Barack Obama's website as well as an apology for giving the word "Muslim" a negative connotation.



Like me, Chuck, you're not ready for a black man and the emphasis he would bring to the White House which was named that for good reason. Not that he couldn't do a good job, but the concessions he would have to make every time there was a "civil rights" dispute would be very distracting. Here would be certain people he could not ignore like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. At least one of them would surely be in the cabinet. There will be no end to the "historicness factor." We'd be having appointments all over the place of people of color just because it would be a "first." I'll bet they are lining up right now to sign on. Not ready yet for this and America knows it.


Chucks, we know you're a good american, you should look at something other than the also rans in the GOP for a president. If Barack picks Hagel for VP then it's all over for the GOP and their nuts will be crushed.


Obama will not pick Hagel for Veep - he is too centrist for him.

"FighttheSmears is for those insiduous rumors that get passed around in email, and for comments made that are not overt, yet spread suspicion."

Obama has that website to fight off unsubstantiated rumors and half-truths. Now, if McCain had a similar website, this might be a relatively clean election. However, the progressive 527 groups (i.e. moveon.org, media matters, et.al) will start piling on soon with their unsubstantiated hit pieces and their would be a source for viewing the other and more believable side of the story. The McCain campaign should strongly consider a "Fightthesmears" website soon.

joanie hussein

You tell 'em, klueless.

joanie hussein

Gee, chucks, I thought maybe the little Watts' family had decided they didn't want their start seller turning off the muslim community - some of whom just might be wealthy enough to buy RVs - and they might have fired your booty.

I would have enjoyed hearing your tales of job hunting in your late fifties.

Too bad.


Spoken like one with the failed dreams of a wanna be drama major who shifted to teaching just to pay the bills.

I see by your comments toward Chucks that you're still a mean drunk.

What's wrong Joanie, you forget to stock up on the wine coolers?

Go ahead, crank up the Randi and let fly.

You can rule the net while the adults are getting some rest.

Still haven't taken the Duffman Challenge, eh?
He'll be back soon and will be soooo disappointed.


You were right Joan, he does have a crush on you. Not how I would go about impressing a woman, but, to each his own, I guess.


'I WOULD HAVE ENJOYED READING YOUT TALES OF JOB-HUNTING IN YOUR LATE FIFTIES." Joanie is one of those people Savage talks about who , as he put it, "won't be happy until white males all have rings in their noses and are working on their knees on a plantation in Alabama".

joanie hussein

Only the racists, Tommy. Only people like you.

Besides, chux said himself that all you have to do is go find a new job. You don't believe him? You don't think he can do it?

What a bunch of hypocrites.

But, what else is new.


Oh Redmond Dim

I see that you're still ticked I gave you that nickname.

joanie hussein

RedDan: It has been my observation that putsie's just waiting for an invitation to share one of those wine coolers. They seem to be his favorite.

You know, I could always invite and then send him to the wrong address. Think then he might "get it?"



Poor Redmond Dim you get no respect. The Rodney Dangerfield of this blog.
Such a minor player that even when Joanie tries to boost him she gets his name wrong. Redmond Dem, Redmond Dan, or my favorite, Redmond Dim.
Well, just pop another wine cooler and call it a morning.
Earic Earling runs some threads over at Sound Politics. You'll enjoy the one on Rossi.

joanie hussein

That's funny. I have always called you RedDan...I shall mend my ways, RedDem. An astute and interesting poster such as yourself deserves respect.

I ask your forgiveness for this slight. 'Twas not intentional, I most humbly assure you. (insert happy face)


He drinks heavy water with KGO' Dr Bill, ya know. It's a real hoot on Sat and Sun nights to hear recycled jokes which Dr Stranglove proceeds to fuck up the punch line and regales everyone about how he invented most everything and the bulldozer he drove at 12 and the Superconducting- Super Collider he has in his back yard but "eco-frauds" made him tear it down. Always meat and potatoes issues for those who long for the "good ole days".


Sales jobs are pretty easy to find joanie. Not really a big deal. All a guy needs to do is show the prospective employer your W2's. If they are high enough and consistent, a spot will be created. A good salesperson that can move product without spreading BS and lies is always in demand. In our capitalist society, salespeople rule.


Actually, Pugetsound, nothing you say bothers me very much. You seem to need to call people names and ridicule them to feel like a man, so have at it. So far you have said nothing to prove me wrong about you.


Sales jobs are easy to find but hard to keep if you don't produce.
Joanie's theme of hate towards 'salesmen' leads one to think that she must have gotten a raw deal way long ago. So Joanie lashes out at you.

And RD, being the innocent lamb of Christ that you are, if you want to debate on a topic of interest why don't you post a few salient comments on the blog and we can discuss 'em.

Again, I am sorry that Redmond Dim struck you so close to the heart. You just don't give us much to work with and your eagerness to play the loyal number 2 to Joannie is disconcerting. You seem to think that she doesn't engage in name calling and that her comments are logical. You don't disagree with any of her stuff such as calling Russert 'overrated' and 'corrupt' within a few hours of his sudden death? And lets not forget the stuff she spews towards Chucks, KS, et al.
You onboard with all that?


hey Puts! I have posted several things over on Sound Politics and they have been nothing but nice toward me. They can even disagree with me without any references to being drunk, mean, blah blah blah. They think the idea of a "Duffman Challenge" is rather weird, by the way.

You really should put your anger towards joanie aside. You have really been Mr. Grumpy Pants towards a lot of people here the last week or so.

Chucks, I hope you are right. I think salespeople are really going to be feeling the pinch since prices are going up on everything. Do you have any experience in any other field? I am sure you could sell refrigerators to Eskimos, but in this economy, it has to be hard.



of course they treated you with respect and courtesy.
it is a very well run site.
see, nothing to be scared of dipping your toe in the other side of the pool.
but don't thank me, lets give duffman credit for pointing that out to the people of this blog earlier.
oh by the way, 'duffman challenge' was just shorthand for this blog and nothing else.
they know duffman over there so that term if anything would only engender a chuckle or two.


For those that are reluctant to trod over here would be a sample of the comments and tone over there. In addition to Pudge, I would also take a look at Eric Earling's comment threads. None of it 'typical.' Good engaging stuff.

It is important to get a taste of the other side of the issue otherwise you develop a closed mind. Pretty soon you can't believe anyone would have a different opinion on a topic as you have only been exposed to 'your side' of the argument. It leads to an increase of anger and disdain for those that disagree. Read National Review AND The Nation.

Comment on Entry: Illogic and the Constitution, authored by pudge

1. Oh please dont lump all us Democrats together--especially if it is about something Hillary says.
Obviously something that "stands the test of time" is not something that drastically changes, although our country has added amendments to the Constitution as years have gone by. Most Democrats I know, including, moi, would like to preserve and maintain the Constitution that we have, and not lose pieces of it, as we are afraid might be happening.
So, I can't speak for what Hil was trying to communicate, but please don't paint us all with the same Hillary brush, and I wont believe that you are all like McCain!

Posted by sparky at June 21, 2008 11:43 AM
2. "Most Democrats I know, including, moi, would like to preserve and maintain the Constitution that we have..."
You really need to get out more and meet more of your fellow Democrats then. Many Democrats would have amended the document about 300-500 times by now if given the chance. Luckily, there are safeguards involved to protect it from the likes of Charles Schumer, Carl Levin (Ben Franklin wannabe), Dick Durbin, Chris Dodd, et al.

Posted by Rick D. at June 21, 2008 11:52 AM
3. Well,yes, perhaps. But the words "Most" and "Many" mean differing numbers of people. No doubt there are many people on both sides of the aisle who would change things with abandon. Not a good idea. Including that Defense of Marriage thing y'all like!
Posted by sparky at June 21, 2008 11:57 AM
4. The founding fathers provided for a growing and evolving constitution. They are called it amendments. Hillary and her ilk find this process far to cumbersome and prefer stacking the courts with progressive judges. These judges think they were appointed for their wisdom of life rather than their legal knowledge. They read whatever they want between the lines and make new laws. I don"t have a clue what she means by an organic constitution. I must not have paying attention that day in class.
Posted by ROCKETMAN at June 21, 2008 12:05 PM
5. @ 3 ~ actually, it's the gays trying to redefine the word "marriage", not us.
But, I guess you're not in favor of "the people" deciding overwhelmingly what marriage is......you'll leave that decision to the courts, right?
Posted by Rick D. at June 21, 2008 12:09 PM
6. Jim McDermott, in his June 14 speech to the Washington State Democratic Party convention, weighed in on the issue of the importance of Supreme Court appointments as an issue in the 2008 election.
His speech is available on TVW (toggle to the 1:15 mark).

Here is the transcript:

"What happens in this election will determine what happens in the next 50 years, by who the next appointee is to the Supreme Court. Think about yesterday. On Friday, if we hadn't had five votes, Guantanamo would still be a gulag. But those Supreme Court justices said they had access to the courts and that's what the court really means."

Posted by Steve Beren at June 21, 2008 12:16 PM
7. The link I provided in #6 above is correct, but you have to toggle to the 1:51 mark, not the 1:15 mark. Sorry for the typo.
Posted by Steve Beren at June 21, 2008 12:19 PM
8. Mr. McDermott is correct, at least in part. The next president will get to replace one or two judges on the Supreme Court. I doubt though that this will "determine what will happen in the next 50 years".
It will likely affect decisions for next 10 years maybe. After the first few decisions the electorate will ensure the democrats are back in opposition and unable to select judges incline to evolutionary interpretation.

Posted by deadwood at June 21, 2008 12:56 PM
9. sparky: I don't lump them all together. I said most, not all.
That said, I should have said "most Democratic politicians," not "most Democrats." The Democratic Party is diverse.

However, the people you all elect certainly, by and large, do not respect the plain language of the Constitution, nor the principles behind it. They do not believe in religious freedom from influence by the state. Some do not believe in free speech in any serious way (limits on campaign speech, conservative speech, hate speech, etc.). They do not believe in the right to meaningfully, physically, protect you and your family from the government. They do not believe in the right of local citizens to govern themselves, despite what the federal government wishes.

This last one is, of course, the biggie, and makes me still think it is probably accurate that "most Democrats" is correct. As James Madison said in reference to the usurpation of power at the federal level: "Were the power of Congress to be established in the latitude contended for, it would subvert the very foundations, and transmute the very nature of the limited Government established by the people of America."

Steve Beren: I am still undecided on last week's Gitmo case. I agree with points on both sides (for instance, I have long contended that the lack of a time limit -- in the law, and in practice -- in the MCA/DTA for someone to receive a status determination from the CSRT was perhaps unconstitutional, even if we do NOT grant habeas to alien unlawful enemy combatants, because then anyone could be held indefinitely while awaiting his status determination, and only AFTER the status determination is granted does the right to file an appeal begin).

Of course, however, I disagree that the leftwing justices are more likely to provide us with, well, justice.
Posted by pudge at June 21, 2008 01:17 PM
10. Well, now, Rick, I dont think I said anything about being against the "people" deciding anything. But does it take an amendment for the people to decide? Or is that the government deciding for us? Aren't you against that kind of thing?
As pudge so eloquently put it, the Democratic party is very diverse. Assumptions are not always accurate.

Posted by sparky at June 21, 2008 01:41 PM
11. Sparky(chevy chase?)~
You said @ 3: "No doubt there are many people on both sides of the aisle who would change things with abandon....Including that Defense of Marriage thing y'all like!"
I'm not for a constitutional amendment as I don't believe in changing the document except for rare and extraordinary circumstances.
I said the people of California have overwhelmingly said no to gay marriage with Prop 22 and the senate overturned the will of the people of that state anyway.
I'm for a government that listens to the voters and not go off half cocked like they did on the "gay marriage" thing down in California. I would hope you would agree on that point.

...I would agree that the Democrat party is diverse, but not in the same manner as you would. Many that self identify with the Democrat party simply do so out of ignorance and really haven't seen where this party has strayed from the days of the FDR/JFK Democrats of 30-40 years ago. As Zell Miller pointed out, he didn't leave the Democratic party, it left him....and he's dead on right about that fact."

end of comment thread.


Thanks Sparky
It is being a tough year. I posted about that late last year on this site. Every time we have a presidential election with no incumbent running, the economy goes to crap. No mystery there. The party out of power just slams the party in power and pushes how bad things are daily. After a while, seeing those reports on the news nightly, people start to believe things are bad. People who would buy a new car or furniture decide to wait because things are starting to look bad. Then things really do get bad because people quit buying. Because people quit buying, jobs are lost.
This time is particularly tough because of the growing middle classes in India and China. Their need for oil has grown tremendously and our not doing anything to counter by producing our own has caused fuel to sky rocket.
Oh well, maybe I will go sell solar power systems, Toyota's or Honda's.


Geez, putz
If SP were the AP, you would owe them a fortune.
snicker, snicker


At the very least, Puts, you should send Bla'M a donation for wasting bandwidth by cutting and pasting all that stuff.


I see that you've been reading Malkin's blog on that thread.

I'll make amends by saying off the blog for awhile.

joanie hussein

Hmm, I thought your response to me was sort of deflated sounding.

You know, chucks, I don't want you to have income problems. Peter B. on KTPK tonight said that RV dealers in California (not a poor state) were practically trying to give away RVs with gas prices being so high. He said he was looking at purchasing one with his brother in which to tour the country but that now it would cost $500 to fill it up.

So, he's thinking VW van instead.

Besides, you've got money in safe harbor, a wife that works for the gumment, and a Rolls if things get really bad.

I don't think you're hurting. A little empathy with those that are having a harder time in this economy would help raise the likability meter for me.

Bet you'd welcome a couple shit weasels in sandals right now if they had cash. Hmm?


"in our capitalist society, salespeople rule."

You know, that was true at one time. But with energy prices going through the roof, an employment rate around 10% (if you believe Kevin Phillips who said that's what it is if we use the same criteria we used to use) and middle class wages at a standstill, our neverending capitalist's dream economy may not recover the way it once did.

That's what you guys on the right don't get. If it feels good now, you're happy. You just don't look at the big picture. It's all me, me, me until it isn't. Then what do you do?

You hope you've got a wife working for the gumment to pay your health care. That's what you do.

answer me chucks!

How bad is it?

All the money in the top 1 percent has it's consequences.

How bad is it?


Answer what Joanie? You are not a part of the real world, near as I can tell. Your ideas about the world outside your classroom intrigue me. You do not ever have to worry about a pay check, your job, or your pension. Hell, my brides office convinced the state legislature, The Dept of Retirement Systems and the Governor that school teachers live longer than most everyone else in gummint and got them to set aside extra Ben Franklin's for that extra few years you will be on this earth.
You should get a summer job where you are responsible for hundreds or thousands of families who depend on you to sell the stuff they built so they can build more. Maybe a few months of "if you do not sell something", you get no check will help you learn what it is like on the outside. Remember the old days in corporate America before teaching. Shit, you can strike for more money and whatever else suits your fancy and not lose one dime of income. Not many others in this world have that luxury. Your pay check is guaranteed. You have no stress.
A few factory's from some of my competitors have closed this year. One of them is in Yakima. Several dealers in this region have closed. You are talking about hundreds of families being impacted. I am going to work my butt off to make sure that it does not happen to my company or manufacturers.
But do not you worry your pretty little head. Your check will be there on the 10th and 25th. And you can continue to insult all of us evil capitalist that put bread on your table.


For edification purposes. How many jobs would you say are dependent upon you selling the product?
I am assuming that the manufacturing jobs to put those fancy rigs together are decent wages, the kind that support families. The kind of jobs that we want to keep in America.
I wish you luck. It isn't easy doing what you do.


I would not know where to start on that Puts. Steel and wood products industry's, Plastics, electronics, appliances, light fixtures, furniture, carpets, plumbing, assemblers, craftsmen, parts suppliers, transportation, design teams, publishers, textiles, sales, service, accounting, crap loads of taxes on every aspect, trainers, engineers, bankers, title clerks, lawyers, me (per joanie, the only one I think of), and on and on and on. So I imagine there are thousands. And this is just for the travel trailers we sell.
Ford, Chrysler, GM, Freightliner, Allyson, Cat and all of their employees and suppliers need the stuff sold to for our motor home lines.
But the are all good American jobs for now.
Thanks for asking.
I wonder how many mouths have to rely on Joanie. She just does not get it. We who work at any job in this nation have value. Even the lowly salesman. I need those folks that make, ship and service stuff and they need me. Joanie seems to hope that I fail. I can't fail. Too many folks on my team and their families rely on me and my peers to do our part.


Good stuff Chucks. Nice to get that perspective.

joanie hussein

You are really something, chux. You're the one who doesn't get it.

First of all, you totally missed my point. Who is putting who out of work? Think about it. Then answer if you can.

Again, it is all about you. Oh, you make yourself hugely important by raking in all those other people but it is still about you.

You are mad at me. Why? What did I say that you disagree?

Reread your post and see if you can connect it to a word I said.

As for me getting paid on the 15th and 25 I get one paycheck a month and it covers nine months. The time I put in during the summer maintaining certification and cleaning my room and closing my room and then opening my room is unpaid time.

As for a second job, you bet. I had one for sixteen years. Weekdays teaching 8-10pm most days (new teachers esp work long hours) and weekends 3-1:30 am Sat/Sun. Sixteen years, chux.

And all those little people? They'll continue to find low-pay work just like they have now. And you didn't care about them before so why now?

No Rolls in my garage.

Now, how does your response even come close to my questions/ comments?

Poor chucks. Poor poor chucks. It is always all about you. I'm through feeling sorry for you. You don't deserve it. About time you felt the consequences of your idiot Republican administration although you'll continue to find a a way to blame liberals and feel like a victim.

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