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June 17, 2008



The funniest thing was that even after the event, Goldy continued to explain why Norquist was being a massive hypocrite about the school voucher thing, and all the brain dead EFF folks were completely unable to grasp it. A few of them just left before the cognitive dissonance gave them a headache.

Seriously, anyone who characterizes their political philosophy as "Leave us alone", yet is less afraid of the party that's spying on its citizens and has championed the highest prison population in world history is either stupid or insane.

howie in seattle

Grover sounds like a real bore. I partially agree with you about "we don't eat in franchised steakhouses." I only do when somebody else (usually from out of town) is paying.


Too bad the left is bored by people like Norquist, he is a dangerous man who has influenced the government in a big way over the years. His dangerous views are more than a little responsible for the mess in DC at the moment.

Bud Dickman

Christ you're just realizing that politics is boring in Seattle. Guess you've never been to Chicago, NYC or Boston where they have real politicians.

BTW, I thought this was once a radio blog?

joanie hussein

Real politicians or political machines?

Since I'm not in it for sport, I'll take the politics we have, thanks.

I don't think Norquist is in it for politics. He's in it for money. Isn't that the driving force behind the right?

So, was it money that brought him here? A book? What got him motivated to even come? I wonder if he expected it to be so small?

And, finally, maybe he doesn't think public education is necessary? Or maybe he thinks that as long as public education is paying people like Neil Bush to sell reading programs, it's okay for now.

If there's a dollar to be made off the public trough, I'm sure he's all for it.

Oh, and this is a media blog. At least, I think so...


norquist looks red-faced, maybe it was the Outback experience?


"the stink of beef"

Thats what you get for sitting around Goldy to long. No wonder KIRO got rid of him. And here I thought it was his girlish voice.


A popular target of disdain from right wing Republicans is the “welfare queens.” They will use her to no end to push for tax cuts, welfare reform and strangling of safety nets. Does anyone recall the stereotypical welfare queen on food stamps putting her taxpayer subsidized groceries in a Cadillac during the Reagan years? I wonder if they were portraying this woman as African-American. So a single mother may have cheated the system out of thousands of dollars but she is not the cause of government financial chaos.

These same right wingers seem to have no qualms in having taxpayers support their fat friends through corporate welfare, especially the bloated military industrial complex whose companies would never survive in a true competitive market. These include Lockheed, Halliburton, SAIC, Northrop-Grumman, Dyncorp and the infamous Blackwater. Their web sites proclaim patriotism and defense of country. In reality they are nothing but whores who do it only for money with guaranteed profits. The outrage from the right is conveniently missing.

Several years ago Michael Medved wrote an op-ed supporting Wal-Mart. In usual conservative fashion, big is good and greed is great. He went on to say (not verbatim) that those who opposed Wal-Mart Supercenters were misguided people who didn’t believe in free market and capitalist system. As usual, Mr. Medved failed to mention low wages Wal-Mart pays, their anti-union activities, decimating of locally owned mom and pop businesses or any issues pertaining to workers or small businesses. Of course many Wal-Mart employees were found to be on publically financed Medicaid or state supported health insurance rolls. As usual outrage from the right was conveniently missing.

Government haters such as Norquist would be nowhere without the government. Much like the stupid comment Cheney made that his wealth was accumulated all in the private sector during one of his debates with Lieberman. Cheney made his wealth from taxpayer subsidized private sector. Cheney is the only man I know where you can put his picture beside Bin-Laden and makes Osama look likeable.


"makes Osama look likeable."

That about says it all about you Rozskat. The WTC is just an AL-Queda memorial for you to those terrorist that smashed the planes into them huh. Keep the faith Cap, and remember to bow to mecca 5 times a day.


I thought the WTC was a memorial to the August 2001 PDB, the one where Condi was forced to admit "binLaden determined to strike US".... I'm just saying what republicans would say if it was a few years earlier.


Steven, have you no shame? Rozskat posts an excellent analysis and all you can do is pounce on a throw-away Bin Laden line which, by the way, is absolutely accurate.

BTW, no response to my accusation that your whole energy argument relies on "guesses?"

Well, keep it up. It continues to reveal right-wing thinking for the sham it is.


What the GOP wants to ignore is that the majority of people on welfare are white. To be specific, the average welfare recipient is a white, single mother in her 30's who works part time in a minimum wage job.


Steven – What the current administration did was cheapen the unfortunate events of 9/11 for their twisted political ideology. These types of terrorist activities have been going on overseas long before 9/11. After 9/11 if you recall we had the world on our side. Then Bush and the neocons used this for unilateral imperialism to spread their perverse ideology of “democracy in the Middle East” after no WMDs were found or evidence of connections between Saddam and Al Qaeda. Meanwhile on the home front, Bush and the Republicans used 9/11 to their advantage to increase the GOP majority in the House and retake the Senate. You must admit that these characters, Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld and Ashcroft along with their right wing radio and television pimps were the best marketers of fear since the Goebbels and the Nazis in 1930’s Germany in their war against Communists and Jews. Except in Republican America the fear was against Muslims and anyone who resembled an Arab and the war they were waging was the preposterous “Global War on Terror.”

I would suggest two books to read. One is the “Al Qaeda Reader” written by Bin Laden and Zawahiri. We are doing exactly what Bin Laden wishes for us to do. Also when you read this book you can separate Muslims from fanatics like Bin Laden and physically see how the Koran was twisted to his liking. Unlike the clowns on right wing radio that pits the entire group (Muslims) aligned with Al Qaeda with their bigoted “Islamo-Facist” labels while they do the same with their bible, picking and choosing statements to cater to their abhorrence. The other book, “The Osama Bin Laden I Know” is written by Peter Bergen. If you read that then you will understand my comment about Bin Laden being likeable compared to Dick Cheney.


I'm puzzled by the use of repetitive obscenities in your blog. As a person of clearly functional reasoning, it detracts from the soundness of your argument and the value of your efforts.

I can't tell for your syntax if you think Norquist should remain silent about his wife and religion or whether you think he should be responding to inquiries.


...from your syntax...


Fuck yeah

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