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June 23, 2008



I think "Obama watch" is supposed to be like "death watch", meaning that when the Obama campaign finally reveals the identity of the Pennsylvania man, who can afford to buy Obama beer but not gas for himself, Dave Bose will personaly demostrate for the man using nothing but some wood and a box of nails how Conservatism could have allowed him to both buy Obama beer AND afford gas, and that this revelation will be so devastating that it will KILL Obama's candidacy on the spot, hence Obama-watch. tick tick tick...


I could plow through it only once, Bla'M...sounds lik a typical rant of someone who "knows" what Obama is thinking, intending, believing, blah blah blah. Beer is a concept his listeners can grasp, so he went with it. Had it been John McCain, the guy would have been an example of selflessness, giving up gas money to buy ol' John a beer.
I wish I had that 3 minutes back.


Gloucester mass-teenage pregnancy story that got the dentures flying from Kirby to Dori.

Ahhhhh yes. Yet another episode of "Conservative Social Depravity Circle-Jerk".

Nate exhibit A: Drudge & Faux Noise and their 24/7 orgasm* Janet Jackson Titty TV

*Note: Mercifurious in no way disparages anyone's Chuthulu-given right to a 24/7 orgasm.

Nate exhibit B: How many Strippers/Pornstars has Falafeloofa the Culture Warrior had on his show?

They hate/cover/love these stories so much, it makes you wonder. hmmmmmmmm. Don't ask, Don't tell.


Nate exhibit-C:

Orbusclimax big news today:
"Naked Cowboy lawsuit vs M&Ms maker to go forward"

Somebody dust-off the psych couch.


Nate exhibit-C:

Orbusclimax big news today:
"Naked Cowboy lawsuit vs M&Ms maker to go forward"

Somebody dust-off the psych couch.

joanie hussein

So funny! I got as far as the explanation about oil prices and how much better it is that we got it quick instead of being treated like frogs dying by slow boil...

Sorry. No way to say it simply. I only lost 30 seconds Sparky.

Dave Ross's first caller this morning was a young man condemning the new Move on ad showing a mom telling McBush he can't can't have her son. The caller called her unpatriotic and that she had no right to determine what her son should do when he was eighteen. He went on for some time.

When Dave asked him if he had served, he said he was considering it but that his wife wasn't letting him.

The last hour was interviewing a guy who wrote a book showing how much happier conservatives are. Sounds very researched and based on reasonable evidence.

But, then he started on about Michelle Obama being a victim and how happiness in other countries can't be quantified in the same way or some other stupid evasionary answers. I think his bias was open for all to see if they were looking.

Currently, talking with Scott McClelland.

joanie hussein

My day is complete. I just heard Happy on Ross predicting that in five years Iraq will be a fully functioning happy democracy reaping the rewards of it's oil supply and that George Bush will finally be recognized as a great President who brought peace to the mideast.

I don't miss Happy on Goldstein.

That's why conservatives are so happy. They are in such denial. Unfortunately, they bring such sadness to so many.

joanie hussein

Another sermon from St. Dave.

Chiding people who don't speak up and stop evildoers.

Remember O'Neill, Clark, Ritter, Jaco, and lots and lots of other lesser voices who weren't given much of a chance to be heard on main-stream media?

When the dishonest outnumber the honest, are in positions of power, control media, and you're one of them, Dave, talk is cheap.

Sometimes Ross' BS is unlistenable.

Beryl B.

box-head? Mexicans? you are just another typical liberal racist, Hood who delights in calling the kettle black.


Just tip-o-the-iceberg with Orbusmax.

Orbi-climax headlines:
"Sports bra saves US hiker in German Alps..."
"High gas prices hurting Nevada brothels..."
"Naked bicyclists? It must be summer in Fremont"
"UPDATE: Naked Cowboy lawsuit vs M&Ms maker to go forward..."

Paging Dr. Freud.
Someone get the Orbusmax editorial board (ie, Jim) laid already!

Attn: other sexless Orbi fans (ie, Dori & Franky). Are you being:
A.) Informed
B.) Entertained
C.) Turned-on


Yes, Gov. Richardson is a Latino-American. Is that better?

Love the quote from the guy whose wife won't let him sign up for the military. Made me laugh out loud. But, maybe he is brave and posts over on Sound Politics!
I still don't understand why any of you still listen to KIRO.


SP is a good place to sharpen one's political wit. However, it should be known there is a low tolerance level for lies and BS by a number of posters, considerably less than here and Horsesass.org for instance. However, the entertainment level here is higher - due to the free for all format.

Not sure when Duffman returns, but he used to receive quite a bit of flack for his raves about Hillary and Gregoire - with little substance to back it up.

Bingo farm

Oh crap, KS. you can lie all you want at SP if they agree with it. I do it all the time under different names sometimes I'm RINO real happy with McCain; othertimes I'm an evangelical quite put out with what's happening in the secular world and the Republican party. I have friends and enemies over there for each "character" I play, but nobody questions my facts, no matter how crazy they are.


Show me an example Bingo Farm of your threads on SP, because I don't buy what you say until you show me some evidence. Talk or in this case the blogging word is cheap.

Bingo farm

Your Klueless


Your'e too original, klownface.

joanie hussein

Thanks for the laugh, merci.


I must defend Stanwood! There are many thinking people here, and our numbers are increasing.
This is the first time I remember seeing a Democratic party office in the middle of town.


The candidate Obama falsified his birth certificate - on his anti-smear site - talk about bonehead stunts...


Another gaffe by Barry O. Wake up a smell the coffee - he may be a smart campaigner, but deep down, this guy is a fraud.

Love that Webb

The birth certificate on D. Kos was a fabrication. First of all, it is a version from 2001, as you can see from the bottom of the document. Documents in 1961 were either handwritten or typed by a Smith Corona, not by laser arial font 12. Obama’s name was not Barack at birth, I think he changed his name in later life.

It is so obvious a recreation of what may be on the document but cannot be trusted till the original is presented without omissions or alterations.
What is Obama hiding from the American people?


Well, the lies and smears admitted to by Brown and the other paid-to-lie-and-smear profiteers have begun. Of course, they would start with you, Klueless.

Why am I not surprised.

Bill Anderson

1. This is not an original birth certificate. Obviously.

2. This is a replacement birth certificate that the Department of Health would issue upon a person requesting one.

3. It's likely that Obama does not have the "original" birth certificate. If it does exist, it may be buried in some file somewhere and/or may be unreadable as it was likely printed (typed) on paper that, unlike today's high tech papers, was not able to stand the ravages of time and would likely be faded or otherwise unreadable, falling apart along any folds, etc.

If you really think this is a fake and you have your original certificate (and are a similar age to Obama), I suggest you order a new copy of your birth certificate from your local state or county, or simply call them and ask them what you'll receive. What you will get, in all or most states (I believe) is something very similar to the actual certificate shown on his webpage.
This will assure you that there is no conspirace at hand on this topic. Unless you're insane (and if you've given this a moment's thought, you may well be).

Articles and blogs and commentaries that are shown on this page are the worst examples of what happens here on the Internet and you should all be embarrassed.

-Bill Anderson


Back at ya, Joanie (Brown eyes):
I question the authenticity and credibility of Obama's Fight the Smears website on anything. For anyone who references it, I strongly recommend that anyone verify from a secondary source like snopes.com or a non-partisan website to verify the trtuh of Fight the Smears - that reflects the candidate, who is a grade A shuck and jive artist.

I did not regard the explanation about the falsified birth certificate to be full disclosure - they never showed the actual certificate, mostly hand waving, but it caters to leftwingers who will accept hand-waving, maximizes feelings and mnimizes critical thinking skills and deductive reasoning in formulating opinions.

Puget Sound

Good stuff. I think it is amazingly poor taste for Obama to preemptively accuse McCain of engaging in racist tactics. Very classy.

Puget Sound

Good stuff. I think it is amazingly poor taste for Obama to preemptively accuse McCain of engaging in racist tactics. Very classy.

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