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June 15, 2008



Andrea Mitchell. Now that's a name that fits. In fact, I think she'd be better than Russert. However, anything on the fiscal front might be hard for her because her loyalty to Greenspan could compromise her.

Otherwise, I think she harkens back to excellent journalism when serious analysis of issues was the norm.

Gregory is a performer. Mitchell's a journalist.

I cannot think of one other media person that would get me back to MTP. Not one. Not even Gregory who I will never forgive for his childish defense of media prior to the Iraq war when he was debating/over-talking Helen Thomas on CSpan.

Bryan the moke

Chuck Todd isn't ready for MTP, yet, but he's the next up and coming Tim Russert.

Ann Boleyn

I will never forget Olberman for the mockery of Hillary. Loyal listener turned loyal hater here. I now turn to O'Reilly for the comedy when Keith comes on.


Andrea Mitchell wouldn't be better than Tim. No one can replace Tim. Mindless feminism. Speaking of that, I like the way Hillary blamed her primary debacle on the proverbial "glass cailin" a convenient excuse for her disastrously managed campaign, both financially and strategically. It must be nice being a girl- wen you screw up bigtime , you can always trot out the old "glass ceiling" crapola. Tim represents the best America can produce. On the flip side, I caught the replay last night of Lary King Live, with is interview of Hulk Hogan. This guy and his family, as least his ex-wife and son, are the worst kind of scumbags our society produces. He and his wife gave their 17 year old spoiled punk son a hot race car, and he went out and crashed the ting into a wall, leaving his passenger a young Marine,and Iraqi war veteran, John Graziano, paralyzed for life. Pumped up, aging narcissist, Hulk Hogan, (who wears that stupid skullcap hat thing to hide his baldass head) had the nerve to go on the show and say "everything happens for a reason-this was God's pan to make John a better person, and my son a beter person." In leaked phone tapes between his jaied son and hogan and his wife, aired on other shows, Hogan and his punkass son talk about how the Marine had a bad karma comning to him, for him to wind up like that, and God dropped some "heavy shit" on him for his negative attitude and other mysterious reasons. The rest of the tape is filled with the punk son whining about his jail conditions and being consoled by the airhead bitch mother as he pukes and whimpers about not being able to go out on their yacht or in her EescalAde this summer. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING, evil people.


On a cheerier note, all the experts on the Nancy Grace crime show agree that the son was such a punk that he would almost caertainly violate his probation after he gets out of jail in a few months. Then we will go to a real prison for five years where the tight- buttocksed young thing will meet Bubba, up close and personal.


I think Gregory or Todd would be the best choices, but I think Mathews could do a decent job.

As for Olbermann, I'm happy he's going to stay right where he is. I'm also glad he exposed the cynical GOP like Hillary Clinton campaign for what it really was...a detriment to the party. Keep up the good work Keith.


My preference is Chuck Todd. If it ends up being Gregory, then I assume they will have fill-ins until after the election since he already has the Race to the White House show in the afternoons. After that, he would be free.
Todd understands New Media and could update Meet the Press. Russert was his mentor, so if management wants the show to be mostly similar to what it has been, then probably Chuck Todd would have the clearest idea of what that could be.
If Matthews took it, I bet it would be in addition to Hardball. Matthews would not be happy being on the air just once a week.


Andrea Mitchell, "fact seeking?" Surely you jest. Chuck Todd can well surpass Russert. You have a short memory. Russert played Mr. Coy during the lead up to the Scooter trial. He always played favorites and avoided the truth like a steaming pile.

The only head in the NBC stable who isn't a serial liar or hopelessly compromised is Todd.


Tim Russert on Meet The Press was known for asking hard ball questions. I don't think Andrea Mitchell would or could get in people's faces, but we know Chris Mathews and David Gregory can do it as they have both done so recently. I thought Chris Matchews skewering of the conservative talk show host was legendary and prove that he hold people to their words even if he an eccentric or otherwise unlikable character.


So many of us can agree on the Ass-hat Chris Matthews. Lets sing Kumbaya!

Hey Tommy 008,
"Joanie, Joanie, turn on Meet the Pres on 710 right now they're talking about Tim this is your chance to learn and be inspired to be a better person, a bigger person. Dare to be a bigger woman, Joanie! don't be the Queen of Mean all your life.

Posted by: Tommy008 | June 15, 2008 at 09:27 AM"

Tommy 008, you have to understand that Joanie still holds a grudge against the Dave Ross Show. Evidently a few years ago she kept badgering the Producer, Tina, via email about ways to improve the show. These suggestions were not taken. To this day, Joanie still won't acknowledge what a good producer Tina was for Dave. Since then, Tina has gone on to great success in New York. Meanwhile Joanie has just become meaner as witnessed by her low comments on Tim Russert less than two hours after his death.


How like you, PugetSound, to accuse Joanie of doing something you have spent all weekend doing.


Prove it. Seriously. I've been complimentary towards Tim Russert.


And Redmond Dem
I have always been complimentary towards Tina Noles.
"Sara is right. And in terms of production/guests Dave Ross probably has the best local show in Seattle. Glad to hear he is back and kudos to his Producer Tina. People don't give enough credit at times to the Producers that help bring the production values to a show.
Posted by: pugetSound | July 12, 2007 at 06:25 AM"


I was referring to your name calling of Miss Joanie, whilst commenting, "Meanwhile Joanie has just become meaner" in reference to her.



Gimme a break. WDR, Russert was a gotcha newsman. Can you tell me of a single incident where MTP broke news ..other than at the intent of the guest?

Mathews and he are very similar and I'spect your main problme wiht CM is a lingering loyalty to Clinton.

If one wnats to imagine the show having a REAL journalist ...

Aaron Brown
Christina Arminpour
Ted Koepell
Mike Barnacle

Hell, maybe a few years on MTP might give Couric the skill she obviously lusts after.


How about Candy Crowley? That would brake a lot of new ground .. a fat female professional!

or ?? Clarence Page???


Oooh...Aaron Brown...didn't think about him. I really really like him. I vote yes for Aaron.


Andi Mitchell is a leftist shill and wears her bias on her sleeve - no way I don't care if she's married to Alan Greenspan or not.

An outsider like Kevin Phillips (former Republican, now a critic of Republicans and the progressive left) might work. However, I doubt if someone like him would be considered. Since Russert IMHO is irreplaceable by any one person, it seems like the only way NBC will have a decent product is do it by committee and keep it centrist as much as possible. On a scale from 1 to 10 (1= lowest to 10=highest), my level of confidence in this actually happening is about a 3.5.

joanie hussain

Jew, you and I finally agree. Russert was a gotcha guy. I listened to an awful lot of reminiscencing (sp?) on MSNBC today and I have to admit that I liked him once. He could be sharp. Just got a little too big for his britches.

They said he had no TV experience before being hired. He was a politico. A chief at NBC went to him for advice(?) or something like that and gave him the job. They admitted he was more interested in the politics than the issues.

I also thought of Koppel who was uncontested in his shart analysis and interrogative style during the hostage crisis. I think he was the first and the best. But, he, too, let his ego grow a little too much. By the end, I rarely watched him. But, he always kept an edge.

Aaron Brown or Armapour (sp) both sound great. I'm not sure if Aaron has the political sense to tackle this. But, he'd sure give it a try. I love his style.

Both Koppel and Russert came out of nowhere. Chuck Todd is too milquetoast. Sorry. Smart but a behind the scenes guy who fills in with analysis. Can't carry a show.

How about James Carvel? Now that would be something!

Luke Russert on MSNBC this morning. Yes, I do feel bad for them all. Russert was too young to go like that.

Andrea Mitchell is too old for it. I still think she's the smartest of them all. She gets bored with Matthews. You can tell.

Regarding putsie and his constant rehashing of everything old, who cares. If it makes him happy to be the center of his universe and critic of me, I'm fine with it.

Haven't heard much from Tina Noles lately. Maybe she'll be the new Russert.


Brown is working for PBS the last I heard. I think Russert let Cheney off the hook during their interviews when he could of pressed big Dick over his assertions of Iraq being linked to 9/11, which he mentioned twice in one show. Media Matters has a good interview with Al Franken on MTP in which Franken mentioned the Cheney interview in his book.


Ross Calloway

Chris Matthews take on Tim Russert was apparent within hours of his death.

Essentially, Matthews tried to make a case that it was because of Bush that Tim had a heart attack. Because Russert believed 'Bush's lie'(Matthew's words) about the danger of nuclear weapons, dirty or otherwise, in the hands of terrorists, that it caused him stress. Stress that no other journalist had because, he makes it seem, he was a lone believer. And because of that it ends up Bush's fault.

If NBC wants to kill the show, the'll put Matthews in there.


OFF TOPIC: Check out this super-cute purse Luke Burbank is going to get for himself!


I totally think he should go for it!


CONTINUING OFF TOPIC: Taking into account the content of his show, don't you think Burbank should get a purse a touch more feminine looking?
I mean I'm sure he wouldn't want to be confused for a real man.


I think the best to fill
Tim's chair, will be Tom Brokaw.

America!!! don't even think about Christ Mathews.!!!!


It is true that Hillary Clinton lost the nomination, because MSNBC panel? People say that that panel was horrendous with Hillary, specialy
Christ Mathews, Mika Prisiski (if there is the way to write this funny last name) Mika is in the morning in "Good morning Joe" she is the most digusting person, I think they can be together with Christ. Every body hate them, and
were complaining about the treat the panel was giving to Clinton. People say that it was a conspiracy that MSNBC had against Hillary.Do you think it was right?

We had the good chance to have a good president in
Clinton, to fix our country, and bring it up, but unfortunely it was not possible. I'am a Republican , but I thought senator Cliton was the right one for this powerful job. Obama talks, and talks, and promises lots of things, he knows that he can not do all of that stuff, and he is decieving the American people.


But like most blowhards, you haven't told us who you're voting for.


Unfortunately, Hillary did not need a panel on a cable news show to sink her campaign. I was disappointed that she didnt embrace politics from a different angle rather than the old ways that McCain is also using. She has a wonderful sense of humor, but hardly ever used it.

joanie hussein

Obama will win. He will. I just know it.

Gore stood up and endorsed him today. I don't really think that is so important. Gore's already speaking to the choir.

I do worry about criminal stuff. That election could certainly be stolen. That's how far down we've come.

Anybody hear Michael Reagan or Mike Malloy playing Michael Reagan's comments about blowing up babies?

Sometimes even I'm appalled at the depths to which rightwingers will take it...shit weasels in sandals.

Isn't there a brain to share among the whole lot of you?

Also, I wonder what Bush has on Gordon Brown that Brown came out so heatedly against Iran? If anybody should know about Empire and unwinnable wars, it is the Brits.

I think Brown will pay for such recklessness.


My money is on Tom Brokaw. Can't believe any of you don't see that one coming. Perfect way to stay involved without the pressure of an everynight gig.


Michael Reagan's numbers must be down. Rush and Billo panic and do the same thing when their numbers start to slide.

joanie hussein

You know,J'hova, that's true. Reagan's gotten way more upside out of it. Heard Randi repeating it today.

Don't know which is worse: replaying it over and over giving Reagan free plugs and air time or keeping such words and thoughts obscured and keeping Reagan the tiny speck in radioland that he is.

The more disgusting they are, the more listeners they think they'll attract. A sign of desperation? That's what they think their market wants?

What does that say about the Right?


it says they are too lazy to even do nuthin' Mike Malloy calls that a suspended sentence.


It was announced Tom Brokaw today. Right again.

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