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June 18, 2008




Is the cash flow of Bonneville properties in Seattle large enough to justify a full time executive?

I assume someone like this costs, including bennies ans support staff, more than 300,000.


Its already in the budget, Jewguy. They have always had a full-time exec for the cluster. He is replacing Sutherland.



My point is that the hand rnging over costs/profit at KIRO is suspicious. If they can afford a full time exec then they must be VERY profitable.

Is Bonnevile publicly held?


Don't believe Bonneville has been hand-wringing. We're doing pretty good, I'd say. Bonneville is solely owned by the Church of the Latter Day Saints.



If KIRO is doing so well why has it largely abandoned its tradition of local service?


We seem to be serving the locals pretty well. we're 3rd in the whole market, first in news talk.


just in- quarterly "twerp factor" ratings for Seattle Radio. RATINGS on a 1.0 to 25.0 scale Kirby andthe Christian Woman- twerp facor of 9.9 Glenn Beck- a solid 2.5 on the Twerpometer Rush 2.0 Dave Ross surging higher with a 7.8 Dr. Laura 8.1 Michael Medved soaring into double digits at 11.2 Dori Monson wowee 12.7 David Boze back to a sensible solid 2.1 Sean Hannity 6.6 Mark Levin 6.8 Michael Savage 1.1 and OMG TBTL 25.0

joanie hussein

Hey, KIRO-Gyro, you didn't respond to the "local" in Jew's question. Although, with Ross, Monson, two of the three stooges -well, actually, Monson makes the third - and TBTL, we have a lot of local during the daylight hours.

I miss the late night local. Cannot stand Hendrie.

Surprised Tommy didn't post about Ross this morning. He really was tacky. Kept arguing for off-shore drilling providing Congress makes the right deal.

Where has Dave been the last eight years? Make the right deal? For whom? Congressmen and lobbyists or the American people.

C'mon, Dave. We don't have a Congress that is interested in the American people anymore. I think you might be past your intellectual prime.

Besides, any deals such as you were discussing this morning are perfectly possible right now if we had a Congress with a get-it-done attitude.

But, we don't.

Before Steven starts his pro-energy company rhetoric, remember there is no energy shortage. In the seventies, an energy shortage was manifested by long lines at gas pumps before they ran out. Remember?

The only line I have to join is the ARCO line because it's cheaper!

Ross had a stupid conversation with Gregoire. He's the victim of an over-sized ego these days.

And I see no reason why Indians should pay windfall taxes to the State. They've been screwed enough.

Finally, Monson was interesting during his discussion on the bulldozer incident although he's pretty hard on teenagers. I guess it is because his girls are perfect. Well, except when they're lying to their teachers about attending movies.

But, when he got on Gregoire, I turned him off. Too many half-truths and over-simplified generalizations. But, I'm sure our little club of righter-wingers thought he was right on. Jump on any anti-Gregoire bandwagon whether it makes sense or not.


In case anyone still believes that Dave Ross is liberal...


Also in the news today: Larry Sinclair, the moron who is trying to get people to believe he and Obama had sex, was arrested today in the middle of a "press conference." How stupido do you have to be to hold a press conference when you are a wanted felon? Larry's lawyer had just one comment..he wanted everyone to know he wears a kilt because his genitals are so large, he cannot wear pants.


I don't know if it was Rachel's show or Randi's but someone called in listed all the states that Sinclair has been in and had trouble with the law. I'm laughing just remembering it all. He's a congenital liar.

Does anyone take the Right seriously anymore?

joanie hussein

And Malloy is playing bits of an interview by a Murdoch employee in Britain. The interviewer is nailing Bush. Something our own media - especially David Gregory - fails to do every time.


there was a big, stinky elephant in Dori's studio this afternoon, taking a dump on the little guys loafers. No one has mentioned the elephant in the room, but I will. The diminutive demogogue Monson has been going on for months about how the Indian tribes are buying off Dem state politicians with their filty gambling lucre. This week he raised the ante by basically accusing Gregoire of taking a bribe- reversing a revenue sharing deal in order to give the tribes full taxfree gambling operations in exchange for huge contributions to her campaign. The Governor was on Ross this morning and she was ready for the poltroon's charges. She revealed that she wasn't allowed to take contributions from the tribes over a certian paltry amount, and revealed that her total contribution to her campaign fund by the tribes was 30,000 dollars. Gregoire is a careful lawyer and knows she can't make these claims if they aren't true. Monson was totally knocked off his game and like the coward and poltroon he is , he simply chose to ignore her asswhooping, ballon-deflating refutaion of the bribery charges and spewed out some silly comments about how she's a hypocrite. Gregiore 1, Monson less than zero.

joanie hussein

How can you say she won?

Did he have her on? I turned him off after a few minutes of stupid ranting about it. I didn't seem to me like he thought he lost any points.

Did she call in?


I took issue with his sweeping comments about the WA St lottery and every other piece of so-called gambling in the state and putting them all together in his rant.

So disingenuous.


For the SeattleJew: KIRO is live and local from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday with 4 or 5 local shows on the weekend. Is there any other station news talk or music that is more local in this market? I don't think so. What are you talking about? Maybe you had better going back to being a pediatrician.


I said she was on with Ross- she has too much disdain for the twerp to go live with him. She doesn't need to go one on one with the puke to win. Of course he didn't ACT like anytihing had happened at all and of course he acted like he hadn't lost any points at all when he knew she had just moments ago totally demolished the whole premise of his recent ranting accusations and slanders. There IS no huge money she got from the tribes. He owed her an apology , but wasn't even big enough to acknowledge he was wrong about the money. Only the odious Frank Shires rivals Monson in craven cowardice when it comes to not being able to admit he was wrong.


Quite the contrary. He acted like her words meant nothing.

I don't think she won. He so mixed up the issues and tainted the truth that he made his points with his loyal listeners. That was my take but I didn't listen to the whole show.

I'm wondering if people who called in called him on his rant or did they join in?

What did you think of Ross this morning?


Jew is still mad because they fired the whiny Goldy with the other deadwood. He is a podiatrist, not a pediatrician, btw.


you dont seem to be reading he same posts im writing. 'on the contrary, he acted like her words meant nothing" that's exactly what i wrote. it was all an act, when he knew he'd been beaten, had his ass handed to him actually. Ross seemed to be curiously crotchety with the guy about the oil wells this morning and at one point seemed to laugh contemptuously at the caller. The caller semed confused, sticking up for the Saudis liek they weren't getign their fair share, which is a laffriot. Ross has grown so pompous and precious that he's basically unlistenable now, no matter what he's talking about. He's the new Jim French. He seems pampered and spoiled, and an east coast effete patrician, although he likes to brag about his manly and dangerous adventures abroad, in true, longwinded Major Hoople fashion. He's about as macho as Woody Allen.


What did 710DORI hear from his callers? Did they call him on his errors? If not, then I don't see how he lost. He was aggressively attacking her message. If his listeners saw it his way, then I don't see how you can say he lost and she gained.

I'm not as pejorative as you are about Ross. But he was "precious" this morning on the oil issue. He simply refused to understand the caller's point.

BTW, you obviously didn't read my post above before you posted. Your's is sort of a redux. Your criteria for Dori's influence and win/loss record is different than mine.

Unless his callers called in and supported Gregoire. That's what I keep asking.


no he didn't allow any callers in on the gregoire crap that i remember. i think e was too scared to. i dont think it was even a main topic. anyway he doesnt allow callers on that cellenge him much the point is any decent honest listener knows that he claimed Gregoire was getign big bucks form the tribes and she flat out proved him to be an ass, revealing shes received a mere 30,000 from them. he lost withh any reasonable person who litened to him replay the ross interview with her followedby his total lack of a response oter than vague generalizations about gambling that were a distraction , or a retraction of his accusations. i dont understand YOUR win'loss rationale. who cares about his callers. of course he didnt lose with the morons who call him, who are mostly just peabrained dori buttkissers. and who cares whether he's to small to admit he lost, he still lost and he knows it.


I heard Dori's show, and some of the people here are misrepresenting his views on the bulldozer thing. From what I remember, he was basically saying, go to the kid's Myspace page and make up your own mind on him, and if his mother's claims of her son being a "perfect angel" are accurate.

By the way, I went to that page, and he says "I like to drink with my friends and cause trouble."


You're right about Dori's take on the kid but I did not misrepresent anyone.

Many teens think such a reputation is cool. They grow up.

And I do agree with Dori about the lawsuit thing. The kids death came as a result of drinking and reckless behavior. I just don't like the second-guessing of him based on a stupid facebook page. Dori does that sort of thing a lot.

I was a good kid but even I did some things that could have turned out badly. So don't be so judgmental, DT. Nobody's perfect. Even those of you who think you are.

I think it is pretty common practice to leave keys in machinery at construction sites. Perhaps they should have locked the gate...the kid could have been thirteen or fourteen or even younger. We all should practice basic safety standards.


Actually, I'd like Congress to pass a law that reduces the price of a gallon of gas by a penny everytime a politician or pundit refers to me as "the American people".


>>Is there any other station news talk or music that is more local in this market? I don't think so. <<

Well, with the exception of a couple of hours on Sundays, KOMO is live and local 24/7/365. And yes, Mariners games are live and local too.

Gay Gary

Maybe it's just me but I still don't understand what makes TBTL cross-platform. Dori Monson also has a webpage - which is somewhat more frequently updated and apparently gets more traffic. I don't really consider him cross-platform, though.

I write this at a dreadful hotel in wild and wonderful Seacaucus, NJ having just come from a terribly dull but mind liberating symposium about many truly innovative and future-minded things and to think that KIRO might bill TBTL as something revolutionary or cross-platform because they have a web-page ...

... well I don't want to rain on anyone's parade. Welcome to the 1990's, KIRO!


Money laundering.

Thats what Dori was talking about. The tribe gave the Washington State Lib Party $250,000 which they in turn gave $200,000 to Gregoire. Why was that bit of info not mentioned above. Selective hearing?

Another case of that on Joanies part.

"Perhaps they should have locked the gate..."

There was no fence, hence no gate. I too think that the kid was totally at fault. The parents will claim neglect on the Construction Company and a Lib jury will do what they do best and redistribute the wealth. If they file a suit.


Sort of like the oil companies and big money giving to McCain via donating to the Republican Party.

I'm wondering what you think of that? You for it or against it?

And how do you know if money donated to a party is meant for one person or if it given with the idea that the party can determine where the need is?

Also, on that program, he said they didn't lock the fence - that's what Dori said. Was he wrong?

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