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June 25, 2008


Hall Monitor

AM radio was cool?


Only if narcissism goes mainstream.

Dr. Mortimer J. Steensma D.D.S.

LUKE BURBANK HAS TAUGHT ME WHAT IT MEANS TO BE TRULY COOL AND HAPPENING. I always thougt i was a really cool guy, being a smart dresser, joketeller and Seattle Native(Jesus H. Christ we've had the Space Needle here for half a century) but after listening to TBTL I realized that I wasn't cool at all. Luke revealed to me htat you have to go to New York City to be cool, and if you do come back here you have to maintain ties with NYC so you can look down on the rubes here here after each return from The Big Apple. In February after a few months of Lukes onair Cool School, so to speak, I booked an extended vacation in NYC. WOW NEW !jUST LIKE I PICTURED IT! It makes our whole city look like a SMALL NEIGHBORHOOD. Now i know what the man means when Luke calls Seattle a sleepy little, provicial backwater. hahaa hahaa what a bunch of bumpkins! For three weeks i rode the subways, hung out at the hangouts, learned the lingo and read the city papers. Now when I go to a Queen Anne coffeeshop, I whip out my subscription copy of the mornings Times (New York Times of course) and chat condescendingly with any pathetic local that sits next to me. I take regular weekenders to Manhattan now every month. Thank Christ Luke Burbank has shown me how to be cool. THANKS, DADDIO. YOU'RE ONE COOL CAT.


excellent snark!


I'm sorry but this has to be said, TBTL is like vocal vomit, IMO.
It is the lamest show I've ever heard in Seattle, If it's the future of AM radio, then it's time to move on to satellite or something else. Listening to the Mariners get clobbered nightly would be sweet relief. Let's hope that KIRO gets the M's back and we can put TBTL out of it's misery


I have tried to listen to Burbank, but it is too painful. Over and over I have tuned in almost wishing Wayne Cody or New York Vinnie were back in this time slot. Perhaps, because I am of the baby boom generation and remember when KIRO was an absolute lock on all hours of the day, my time has past.
But if Burbank is the future....HOW BORING!!!!!
KIRO used to be a place you had locked on your radio dial.
Dave Ross was and is a must listen to. Monson used to be such a great guy, but has evolved into a huge prick. Ron and Don.......somedays are okay....THE BIG STORY AT 6 is stupid.
So there it is....Dave Ross and change the channel.
How the mighty KIRO has fallen.

Wild Bill

The article was brilliantly written, like the subject matter...tbtl is the holy shining light....


I have been doing a lot of reading on New Media, reading about coursework that students are taking to learn about this new idea. When it takes hold, shows like TBTL will fade away unless there are some huge changes.

Young people already use texting, satellite radio, and a lot of interactive media. Do a Google of Web2.0 and look at what pops up.
The stations who learn to interact with their listeners will be the successes of the future. Already there are a few hosts who have a live webcam during their shows, and that is just the starting point. The stations that stick with the old format will be dust.


I meant to include that CNN already uses New Media==the interactive board that was used during the primaries. CNN has already ordered another one, and they will come down in price as more corporations come on board.


Who besides Sammy on the sammycam is/was using live video? I loved his show and always watched on sammycam.

And I sure love podcasts. Hate having to pay for them. Prefer the ones with commercials as long as they don't take over like they have on "elder" radio.

Also, I'll check out web 2.0. thanks sparky.


I went. Looks like another layer of the internet and people are reserving space and claliming names but no buildings yet?

Did I miss something?

Love that Webb

Sure miss the nights that Mike Webb would call out Nate to meet him so they could fight and Nate would give an address of the local police station. TBTL is ok but Mike was alot better. By the way Nate, why do i have to learn you are getting married from your MySpace page. Will i be getting an invitation or should I come with you know who? Also am i going to win the bet on this or will i have to payout the cash?


I thought he did that to Styble? You do that to Mike, too? Merci, you are mischievous.


Karel has a webcam, so does Ed Schultz if you pay a subscription.
It is still new,,,but I bet it catches on.


Big Eddie charges for everything! He's a salesman.


I think they named the show "Too Beautiful To Live" so that if it failed they could imply "Seattle isn't ready for this kind of radio" without having to say another word.

Gay Gary

Karel has a webcam, so does Ed Schultz if you pay a subscription.
It is still new,,,but I bet it catches on.

I think it caught on in the 1950s. ... only then they called it television.

But seriously, Bill Handel also has webcams ... so does Armstrong & Getty. Is there really a big audience who want to sit at their computers watching someone sit still and talk into a microphone? It's a neat little novelty but isn't going to change the game. Radio has about ten years of life left in it and the host of the Luke Burbank show isn't going to change that fact. It's time for people in this industry to start planning ahead, learn a skill, a trade, perhaps enroll in some classes, etc.

Gay Gary

oh ... and Art Bell had a webcam back in the late '90's ... yet another example of radio dusting off generation-old trends and technology and calling it "innovative"


I am computer savvy way beyond peers, but, upon questioning a new business' technology's ability to handle our business' needs, I was told I was responding "old". I was told to trust that the youngsters would pick it up in heartbeat.

Imagine my surprise when they didn't.

All that being said, I WAS responding "old". I perked up and rubbed my brain in to the 2008's and said, "Dang. I suppose it's time for me to embrace a future that, as I grow older, may be more and more difficult for me to understand."

TBTL seems to be a popular and growing show. I have been giving it a listen and it's not so bad. I am certainly finding it easier to get used to than Ron and Don were at their beginning.... and I now love Ron and Don... not them personally so much... but they do completely entertain me during those afternoon odd hours of my day... and I appreciate that!

So, take a big breath BWMPers, (BlatherWatchMegaPosters)
and suck in your future.

The good news is, you can still turn it off if you don't like it.


You maY BE RIGHT beebee. this piece of dreck may catch on here. Feminized males liek Luke are all the rage here in Seattle, and most of them probably don't have enough of a pair to stand up for their town when a condescending, arrogant ass like Burbank disses it. It's intersting that the Asian and "other" women here don't demand and expect that you as a male be a feminized type, only the white women. If you want to spice up your social life with a change from cool Asians or "other" and meet a cool white woman, San Diego or Southern Europe is probably a good bet. I'm booking a vacation to SD tis summer.


Tommy, I guess (again) I'll have to be the only one on this piece of shit blog to stand up and speak the truth, since everyone else here is too chicken shit: YOU'RE AN IGNORANT MORON!

Gay Gary

Feminized males liek Luke are all the rage here in Seattle, and most of them probably don't have enough of a pair to stand up for their town when a condescending, arrogant ass like Burbank disses it.

I agree and disagree. Knowing a thing or two about feminized males myself, the host of that show doesn't really - physically speaking - meet the stereotype of a feminized male. He's also a bit more aggressive than normal for a femme (e.g. commenting on this blog that I'm "stupid" or going on air and saying he wishes anyone who criticizes him was sexually molested by an adult as a child). But, it's certainly true that his listeners are highly feminized. For instance, I like Dori and Dave but I don't fawn after them and speak about them in semi-hushed, quasi-religious tones, which seems to be par for the course for the host of the show in question's fans; there may well be an issue of latent or sub-conscious homosexuality at play, honestly.

On a separate topic - KIRO gets a lot of flak for their endorsements but I'd just like to say Don O'Neil's ads for Major Blinds are absolutely fantastic. His delivery is so excellent I almost think he's there in studio doing them live. This contrasts starkly to Kirby Wilbur who sounds like he has a gun to his head anytime he reads an endorsement. If I were in the market for blinds I can absolutely guarantee I would buy from Major Blinds.

Finally - what great news about the Supreme Court today! I'm having the H&K I got for Oculus Bleu for his bday last December engraved with today's date as a special surprise for him and we're going down to the range in Auburn this evening to fire off a few celebratory rounds. I'm walking on the clouds!


Gigi, I liked the sammycam because sammy played to his computer audience. You didn't get the commercials. Instead he continued taking emails, including the computer audience in the internal workings of the show and talking to us. It was kind of neat.

Like watching CSpan televise a radio interview where the guests talk less guardedly to the host during commercials hinking somewhat correctly that they are no long on air and not being heard. But, those few of us who were watching, picked up some very valuable political information during those breaks.

Of course, people are more savvy now and you don't get as much off-the-cuff stuff as you used to.

Dr. Mortimer J. Steensma D.D.S.

Don't you call Tommy names, fellow. I've gone on record as a fan of Cool Daddio Luke (he taught me how small, uncool and provincial our little backwater burg is) , but every one has a righ to their opinion. Tommy is always entertaining whether i agree with him or not.


The funniest thing ever done on KIRO was the paerticular into Webb played a lot where there's a tape of the call from the "fag baiter" who calls Mike a faggot and chalenges him to meet him after work for implied fisticufs. Mike feigns that he misreads the guy as trying to pick him up and the little man (he admits to being 5'6") goes apoplectic. He can barely speak or get a breath. This kind of humor makes Dori Monson's supposed "funnies" on his show absolutley anemic and pathetic. You either have comic timing and intuition or you don't. Mike Webb had it, Alan Prell has it........


Yes, Webb was good. He had a talent for production values rarely seen anymore in radio.


Oh my gosh!

Now, the Italian community is claiming the word "sleazy" for itself.

Right now on 710DORI he's claiming a new and extremely powerful anti-Rossi ad is racist. There is no mention at all of Rossi's Italian heritage but someone is choosing to correlate the word "sleazy" with Italians. I don't believe this.

Absolutely leave that ad in play. It is so powerful.

I worked with a teacher whose dad worked with Rossi. My teacher friend is Polish. His dad said Rossi was sleazy.

Good Lord! Let's not let the Republicans take over the dictionary now. Pleeeeeze!

The video has been taken off You Tube but Goldstein cached it somehow and sent one to Dori who has put it back up on his site. Check it out!


Unsound Politics has the video and lots of comments. Damn the Democrats if they give in on this one! Quit letting everyone else define who we are and what we do. It is about time Democrats grew up and played the game in earnest.

That ad works truthfully.


"It's intersting that the Asian and "other" women here don't demand and expect that you as a male be a feminized type, only the white women. If you want to spice up your social life with a change from cool Asians or "other" and meet a cool white woman, San Diego or Southern Europe is probably a good bet."

Gee Tommy,

This is right up there with your analysis of 'black psyche' from a ways back. Maybe the reason you strike out with women is that instead of a 'feminized male' they are really looking for a mature male. Maybe you should drop the "Tommy008" moniker and change to Tom>16. Good luck down in SD.


I don't know if it's been mentioned; I can't be bothered to read these comment threads, but Luke plugged Blatherwatch and Michael Hood by name on his Wednesday show during the first hour for writing the favorable article about the show. I'm always surprised when that happens considering the viciousness towards all things KIRO outweighs the good by ten to one.

N.Y. Vinnie

Here’s something I don’t understand. I always see posts on this board about radio not being different, radio not moving out of the box, radio not trying new things. So here comes Bonneville…a very conservative company but a company willing to try something different (see Nightside) and it almost seems like people do not appreciate it.
It seems to me like TBTL would be everybody on this boards radio orgasm. Something not like anything else on the air, hosted by someone who is “from here”, live and local when they could go syndicated like almost everybody else and something that tries to deliver across several platforms.

I don’t listen enough to know if the show is good or bad…I’m usually tuned into the Mariner game. It has been hit or miss the times I have listened. But it also takes time to develop a show…to get into a groove to come up with something that is hold your interest night after night and do it while for the most part steering away from politics, war, or all of the other things that traditional talk radio does.

Look with the Mariners on KOMO and a live and local sportstalk show on KJR it did not make sense to do a sports show any more on KIRO. If the M’s go back to KIRO and they have the Hawks then it makes sense but until all of that happens give Burbank a chance. He is doing something that I tried to get them to do in a similar form when I took over doing general talk from Ventrella. It is not an easy slot.

Hope you are all doing well and I hope to talk to you soon!


A lot of people here like TBTL. I think you're seeing a vocal minority. Atleast the arguments for and against it are fair and reasonable. The daring new format is polarizing. It pits people who prefer policital radio against people who prefer pop culture radio.

I hope you get a sports show again soon. Maybe people would be inclined to listen if the Mariners gave them something to be excited about again.

Gay Gary

I haven't listened much, but my problem with the show has been - as I seem to need to breathlessly repeat ad infinitum - that it's neither daring nor new.

It seems the only people peddling the daring & new line are the people who like it. When confronted with criticism of the program we're dismissed as simply not liking "daring & new" radio.

Once again, I dislike the program and I dislike it because I find it neither daring nor new. I dislike it because I find it boring and derivative and I find the host to be an insulting, arrogant ass - and not in a charming or interesting way like Howard Stern or Mancow, but in a nauseating and offensive way like Woody Woodpecker.

And I also, as both I and many others have stated many times previously, don't appreciate the fact that he's very obviously either lying about his age or has been smoking and drinking Scotch since the age of 4.

I also don't appreciate that he likes throwing rocks, as he did when he called me "just stupid", then spastically galumphed away.

But daring and new? I'm all for that. Bring it on!


Funny, awhile back, Dino said he was Tlinget...now he's Italian.


It's new to KIRO if nothing else.


That's funny, Sparky.

I don't know what you all expect from radio. Talk is talk. Rush was new at one time only because he took right-wing radio talk to a new dimension. Well, sort of. Maybe to a lower dimension.

Vinnie, talk is talk. No talk show is going to appeal to everyone. To me, it is fifties radio all over again. Mindless chatter and not much to think about. The friendly background noise when you doing other things. You won't miss anything because there's nothing to miss.

When I'm busy at home, that's fine. The riveting talk keeps me preoccupied and I don't get anything done. Mindless chatter let's me get my work done.

I think we have a lot of mindless overworked and maybe overwhelmed people today. Just look at TV fare. It's god-awful.

So, Luke fits in with the MP3 crowd.

Those of us who grew up reading books and doing politics don't have an ear for it.

Hey, rock and roll was new at one time. My parents didn't get it. So, what do I know? Maybe Luke is the twenty-first century's form of rock and roll.

Is anybody else laughing at this?

BTW, I watched John Yoo in front of Conyer's committee today. I can't believe that guy actually teaches law anywhere much less UCal at Berkeley. He's an embarrassment.


Mungo, blahblahblahblah attackattackblahblahblah hahaa are you one of Seattle's angry unpleasant white women? Sounds like it. Did you know that Hong Kong mothers tell their girl children who have immigrated to Seattle to find a good white man to marry, but they tell their sons who have come over here to find a Japanese-American woman to marry? Even they know their males should stay away from you guys.


I think Tommy is going to treat us to an on-blog internal combustion one of these days. Just waiting...


I think Tommy is going to treat us to an on-blog internal combustion one of these days. Just waiting...


Is duffman dead?



Just tryin to help you out since you can't find one WHITE Seattle area woman who appreciates you...

This one's for you...Queue it up Michael:

"Macho Man" by the Village People

Macho, macho man

Every man wants to be a macho macho man
to have the kind of body, always in demand
Jogging in the mornings, go man go
works out in the health spa, muscles glow
You can best believe that, he's a macho man
ready to get down with, anyone he can ", etc, etc.


Mungo is such a feminine name, I can see how Tommy was confused

(Mungo, you were my favorite character in blazing saddles!)


Duffman's having tea and crumpets with ArtInstituteClaire.


"Mungo is such a feminine name, I can see how Tommy was confused"

Yeah, and then he wonders why he can't get a date.

I heard Duffman was getting a sex change operaton. What was he/she to begin with? So much sexual confusion nowaday.


ok I just spewed lemonade all over the screen.......hah

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